Wife’s Cheating Dilemma – 3 (FFM, nc, bi, voy,drugs, beast)
Chapter 3

As you, dear reader, will recall my Spanish wife had been cheating and was receiving some “special” treatment from a woman who goes by the name of Snake Lady.

Snake Lady has just finished trying to use a huge black dildo on my wife and she has not been able to take more than the head of it.

Snake Lady has been demanding she accept more of the length of the dildo into her stretched gaping red cunt opening.

Snake Lady speaks, “I have not finished with this little woman in the damn least!!

Wild man,” that is what she calls me, “I think your cute little woman has to become a true bitch in heat, and learn to take anything I give her any way I choose.”

I stood, rather dumbfounded, trying to figure out what Snake Lady had in mind.

Snake Lady walked away from my wife and towards the door. She looked somewhat funny with the strap on dangling down in front of her deeply red haired pussy.

She opened the door and turned to my wife laying there legs widely splayed open; Raising her head to watch Snake Lady and shivered all over seeing

that damn huge ass black cock swinging from between Snake Lady’s legs saying to her as she walked away from us.

“What are you going to do?”

Snake Lady imediately stopped and swung her whole body around back at my wife that huge black dick swung so hard about itself it slapped loud as hell against each of her thighs still bouncing about a complete and total mad as hell look on her face her green eyes gleaming with hate and narrowing into eyes filled with terrible hate almost as standing there looking at my wife and put her hands on her hips right over that strap on and walked right back over in front of my wife who now was herself shaking with fear!!

She just stood there looking at my wife and patted her foot to show she was pissed to untold depth now; And just reached her hands down and unhooked

the strap on device and let it fall right to the floor a loud thud sound as it hit and bounced about a couple times on the hardwood floor.

Walked right over to the side of the bed leaned down; And grabbed my little wife by the hair of head pulling her ass up into a sitting position right before

Snake Lady crying out; “Oh please stop ur pulling my hair out!!” Tears of the pain this caused flowing from my wife’s wide open scared as hell eyes.

Snake Lady leaned her head right down into my wife’s face and still clutching a whole hand full of my wife’s beautiful long black hair and pulled back

with her hand making my wife’s little head swing up right into Shake Lady’s as she looked at my wife a moment or two and then said;

“You little brown slut bitch I’m going to do with you damn well what I want to do with your cheating little ass!!”

Now you wouldn’t allow your little pussy to get split wide open by my play toy on your own, you little slutty bitch so now I’m going to leave a moment and come back; And your ol’ man over there is gonna’ see your pent up hidden little secrets come all out in front of us both!!

And just threw my frieghtened as as hell little wife right back down onto the bed.

Turned and looked at me and said; And you my man are going to get more than you bargained for!! Your going to not only watch all this but you get the

special privilage to help and participate as much or as little as I damn want your ass to!! As I sat in my seat going whoa what to hell is with all this?

Snake Lady just walked right straight out the door shut it and locked it from the outside.

Leaving my wife on the bed rubbing the top of her head still sniffling from the pain and being so rudely handled shaking in fear all over!!

I got out of my chair walked over to her to comfort her, only to have her shove me back and say get away from me your the cause of all this shit!!

Now defending myself about this matter I leaned into her face and said; “No your the damn cause of all this!!” “Had you not been fucking around

behind my damnded back this wouldn’t be happening now!!”

My wife jumped up off the bed only to discover her pussy hurt so bad she just fell back onto it reaching for her belly and leaning over as her arms

folded across her belly in pain from the dildo episode just moments earlier, rocking back and forth like this her head down and looking at nothing but

the floor.

I just went back and sat in the chair mind all wondering just what to hell Snake Lady was going to do now!!

Suddenly through the hallway I heard motion of foot steps coming down it and something sounded like it was rolling like wheels on a wood floor

coming right up to the door and stopping.

I could hear Snake Lady right there moving about and saying; “That little mexican bitch is going to get it now!!” As I heard her fumbling around and

heard this and that moving about on what had to be a table of some sort or cart. Her still mumbling shit about my wife hearing “Oh hell yeah a little of this

will fix that little bitch right up!!” as something glass or hard plastic was tossed back onto whatever to hell it was she wheeled to the damn door!!

Then total silence just a moment or two then the bolt slid back and door opened a bit and in come this sure enough cart as Snake Lady apeared dressed

now in a complete and total black leather outfit and damn she looked hot as hell that big bubble butt of hers stretched that outfit tight the shiny leather

gleamed from the rooms lights as in she pushed this strange looking cart bypassing me and stopping and turning and shutting the door reaching up and

now locking it from the inside but way more than that she put a pad lock through it and locked it!!

Her long Red shoulder length hair tied into a pony tail but tied all the across and back like shoe lace tied behind her in a long black leather strap!!

She first turned to me as I saw her beautiful cameltoe pulled tightly and shining bright black leather showed it as good as can be her tits that are much

much bigger than my wife’s tiny little pert ones were standing out proudly her big nipples showing right through that shiny black leather material that fit her

like a damn glove!!

Snake Lady just stood there staring at me her deep green eyes in a completely different look than I’ve ever seen her in and came right over to me and leaned down right to my left ear her hand cupping it as she whispered:: “I’m not mad at you; Yet!! But I’m telling you now; If you don’t obey my every damn

word and command I will be mad:: And get up and come right behind me to your little wife, and we’re going to get this ordeal on the road my man!!”

As she turned and got back to the cart I got right behind her my wife looking up now and seeing Snake Lady dressed as she was pushing this strange looking cart ahead of her all types of wild ass things atop it all heading towards my sitting on the bed naked wife her eyes now huge with fear and shaking

all over trying to get up, but her fear was so that all she could do was stay there watching in complete and total fear that i’ve never seen before!!

As right up beside her Snake Lady halted the cart my wife jumping right up now about to try and run but Snake Lady cought her by the arm

and flung her back onto the bed in one smooth instant my wife tumbling onto it and right over onto her belly arms flailed out!!

Before she could make one single other move: Snake Lady was now on top her legs in an instant pinning them and my tossing and flailing wife tried to get away trying to swing back with her arms reaching nowhere still doing this but she was trapped like a mouse in a trap trapped as Snake Lady

looked at me and said; “Get up there and grab her damn arms and sit on them if you have to as I hopped right up onto the bed my wife’s arms beating

at me but I grabbed them pulled them down above her put my shin over them leaving her head flailing about screaming out Don’t Oh ppplease dddon’t

let me go I’ll stop:: I’ll stop:: I’ll stop screams came from her.

Snake Lady headed her words not one damn little bit while I was on the other hand wanting to turn my wife loose, But Snake Lady looked at me and said; “Don’t you dare!!”

And then and there swung her hand down right on my wife’s little bubble butt ass making the cheeks jiggle as my wife’s head flung up and cried out in


Snake Lady just left her jiggling little butt cheeks And said; “Shut up you little Bitch of a slut!”

My wife now just pleading “No oh please no please no more!”

But it fell on deaf ears of Snake Lady who now was in full charge!! Of Me!! And my Wife!!

Then I could stand no more of helping with this and said; “Let’s just let her go Snake Lady?”

My wife joining in “Oh please listen to him!! Please just let me go!”

Snake Lady wheeled that cart over and before I could make one defensive move bam something knocked me right off my wife a thump and my head

spun for a moment and again and again beatings landed on me like a ball bat or something hitting me as I was thrown off my wife not knowing a thing

until I looked up and way on the other side of my wife I was laid out head all but at the bottom bed rail, Snake Lady putting the bat back into the place on the cart and said; “I told your ass to obey me and now do I have to tie you up?”

No No I said shaking the cob webs out of my head a knot of pain on my head now as my wife was really flailing about again with her arms trying to fight Snake Lady off her legs and saying; ” You leave my husband alone dammit!!”

Snake Lady reached back at the cart again and grabbed something and before even knowing what it was My wife screamed bloody murder her whole body shook as she screamed out; “AAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” “NNNNNnnggh nnnnggghhhh” before and limply laying there breathing heavily her head

and body shaking all over!!

As Snake Lady just put this long black carved snake looking thing with a forked like tongue on it back into the spot it came from on the cart and leaned up onto my wife’s back pinning her limp body under Snake Lady’s hands in the middle of her shoulder blades on each side while she leaned her head down

near my wife’s heavily grunting and breathing head up to her ear and gently said;

“That’s it little momma just calm down my little darlin’ and let’s not have “this kind” of pain anymore!”

All my tiny little wife of barely 4’ft. 8″ inches tall could do now was nodd her head yes, And lay there still grunting and breathing heavy labored


Snake Lady just leaned back up and looked at me and said; “Your doing no damn good over there!! Get your ass up off the bed and come over here

on that side of the damn cart and sit on the bed!”

Now as I got up and stumbled over to Snake Lady’s left side and on the bed where she ordered me to be Snake Lady was now using her hands

to rub my wife’s back up and down, rubbing over her shoulders and telling my wife see that’s much much better isn’t it?

While Snake Lady looked over to me as she rubbed my wife’s shoulders and back down into her sides and said;

“I had to sting your little woman a bit, and gave her a little snake bite right between her thighs and we have to wait now till she

awakens to continue!”

I sat there and asked Snake Lady what is this cart all about? She just seemed to snicker in an evil way as still rubbing my wife’s sides

back onto her back and up again into her shoulders and said;

“That cart is from my fraternity of a cult I’m with and I’ve been blessed with really secretive special potions; sauces; tools as you saw

used on her and now how quiet and serene she is from it’s use look up here nearly at her ass and see the two little bumps one on each inner thigh

where it bit her oh don’t worry it’s not poisonious but it sure is a potent calm them down thing as you see here under me now as I’m rubbing her back and shoulders and into her sides to keep it from making her muscles so stiff in this area.

As I leaned over and looked and saw the two little bump like swollen up welts As Snake Lady kept on saying she’ll start shaking and shuddering all over in just a bit and not to worry that’s only because she’s waking back up and one time with the snake is all a woman or man wants anymore so she’ll obey me now a hell of a lot better.

That fiesty attitude of hers will be all but gone!!

She’ll still be damn disagreeable about all she’s going to get and I love that in these fiesty little bitches that come under my spell and Dominance!!

Yes You are my servant:: She is going to be my little sex slave and she will pleasure and be pleasured by all sorts of things and ways oh just wait until

she comes around and speaking of that I feel her trembling as that my wife did then shaking and shuddering came finally her head began move

As Snake merely stopped and leaned back and pushed the cart a bit out of the way and then crawled off my trembling, shaking, shuddering wife

and stood up right where I was sitting and said; Stay with her till she comes completely to and tell her not to move just lay there as she is and I’ll be

back with some other things for her little show tonite just for You And I !!

She just unlocked the lock and went out the door locking it from the outside leaving me there with my wife shivering and shaking all over her mind

seemingly awakening from what to hell ever Snake Lady had used on her as little Whaa Whaaa What happened to me sayings came from my

groggy minded wife as I leaned up to her and said; Don’t move honey just lay there if you can understand me now and don’t move!!

Her mind seemed to be awakened as she said; “Hell I can’t move!!” “Am I tyed down by You and Her?”

I explained no your not tied down or anything but don’t move around if you get feeling back anywhere!! She said for you not to move around!!

At last the door opened and Snake Lady pulled two different things into the room both on casters sliding the almost ottoman looking one into the

center of the room where it stopped and the other stranger looking like a ironing board but only way down nearly to the floor but a slice was

cut down it on the neck end nearly half way up the thing as she used her leg and pushed it out into the room and spun around locking the door again securing the lock shut and saw and heard my wife speaking as she herself was saying what to hell is all that noise in here?

Snake Lady dropped all kinds of thick small comforter like things and fluffy small blankets, thick towels and had two different half gallon pitchers

of different colors full of water or liquids of some sort and came and to the cart setting the pitchers on it.

Then just moved over and reached down and touched my wife’s feet as she flung her head up looking back as best she could over her shoulder raising up onto her elbows but shakily held up by them and said;

“Who the fuck is grabbing my damn feet?”

A smile came upon Snake Lady’s face and said; “I am little woman and glad you have feeling back.”

My wife just said; “Leave my feet alone!” “Hell yes I can feel them!”

Snake Lady just snickered and said; “Still a little fiesty are we little momma?”

My wife blurted out “You damn right I am and what to hell did You do to me?” Just as she pulled her feet from Snake Lady’s grasp who just let them go

and stood back up and went over to the cart::

My wife’s eyes shot wide ass open in an instant knowing that damn cart had to do with what happened to her when she was first fighting all this off.

As she shakily said; “Just what to hell are we here for dammit I want to know and know now!!”

Snake Lady just looked over at her laying there Head turned and wide eyed watching every movement Snake Lady was making still pleading about what we both were here for?

As my wife was trying her best to get up But Snake Lady looked at her still positioning these tiny little bottles of different colors about little rubber tops on them like damn syringe bottles except these little bottles had like hand blown different wild shapes on all of them a few with different animal faces and one with snakes all over it and one had the devils own face of like a glowing red showing with it As my wife was now saying;

“What to hell are you fooling with over there is that those damn little bottles of shit you keep telling me You have been getting?”

Snake Lady just down at her and said; “Yes little woman that’s exactly what I’m fooling with!”

As she then looked a bit down at me and said; “Almost ready my servent; So come here and watch and help!”

My wife on the bed proclaiming at us both; “I don’t know what the hell you two are up to and what game your playing, but this shit has to stop!”

I am up and at the cart now Snake Lady holding one of the little bottles in hand clasping it as she said I must warm the potion for her up

as she slightly opened her gripping hand and I saw this bottle was hand made and little round almost target looking circles of wild colors on each

circle, in a circle, in a circle of bigger size while she whispered to me only we could hear this will prepare her to open, to little of it she won’t open enough

to much of it she will just pass out!

Hand me that really tiny little syringe as I did and she turned the bottle upside down shook it wildly and filled the tiny little syringe not even a quarter full of this really dark colored liquid of thick consistancy as it churned and rolled about inside the syringe as she sat it aside.

Telling me all the while that one will be just before I bring him in so remember that as you see it being given to her at the time it is!

As she sat it back down and rumaged through more of them all the while my wife on the bed was still telling us to stop this and not go any further

All Snake Lady did was smile and looked at me and said that will all change on that bed over there soon and I want you to know that under

any circumstances of it all are you to do anything except exactly as I tell you to no matter what it is, and what’s going on between her and

whatever it is that’s there, for her pleasure and it will be, just that for sure!!

I said nothings going to hurt her is it and Snake Lady said oh no my servent, Oh there will be pain yes! But absolute complete painfull pleasure

as you have never seen!!

This one is to get her heated up for action that’s what the red color of the bottle is for and see the little yellow orange flickering flames all around it

that means it is to build a fire inside her so much so she will sweat like inside a hot sauna sweat showing us she’s ready to begin that pleasure and we will

hear your little wife all but talk in tongues swear out to be fucked, licked, played with, fingered, eaten all such things as that!! As she shook it about and had me get yet another tiny little syringe and she then filled it about halfway full saying this must be given in 3 doses one each at different intervals of her

pleasures tonite the first just a mere little bit of it given to stir up her passion and need!! As she red markered it with a permanent marker: Placing each mark of dosage for my wife and the final one way more than the first two combined!! Little etchings already on the syringe but the red marker brought them out clearly to see.

As she looked for yet another bottle looking at each of the characters and symbols etc. as she found the one she looked for picked it up and showed me

bottle that had a hand etching drawn onto it deep blue in color yet the etching was dark nearly black colored and was the shape and form of a womans body the curve of her hips the upper legs together with the little mound v where the pussy mound is and two tits on it’s upper chest with big nipples perfectly etched onto the tits::

She shook it about and said this my servent is to ensure she’s a full woman!! Her mound will swell and blossom, her nipples will become wildly swollen larger, and you will soon see just how it works and damn well up close and personal right there with me as we watch her transformation into a full wanton woman of need!!

As she said this reguires a larger syringe and pointed at the one she needed which I got for her and she filled it almost to capacity as my mind questioned this much of this given to my very tiny small little wife but Snake Lady assured me once again That it two was to be given at different intervals and mainly

right at the time of conception or just before the pleasuring deed or whatever was brought before her and given at that moment it was knowing of her and her of it!! As this one to she used a yellow marker on each of etchings a total of 5 of them::

Snake Lady seemed to know of my questioning the total of 5 different pleasurings of and for my wife but she assured me each and every mate whatever it was was indeed specifically chosen for my wife and her pleasure and her mating needs!! Adding also for the chosen ones!!

I questioned but the chosen ones? Who are the chosen Ones? She said; “Do not worry my servent”; “For this night the chosen ones are to know it all

as well!!” Merely telling me she could not say anything about that as yet to me at all, she would be herself severly punished!!

All this took only a few minutes to complete as Snake Lady now reached over and took two wild looking little goblets and grabbed the red pitcher

and churned it around and around back and forth and poured very pungent smelling dark colored thick liquid into each goblet and handed them to me and


Come forth my servent and lets prepare you and your little spanish wife for the forthcoming festival of pleasure!!

We turned and went to the bed my wife was still laying on all the while still casting her voice of us to stop all this damn ignorance and more so now as

She saw us at the bed before her and she was trying to move which she did just a bit to slow a reaction as Snake Lady Crawled onto the bed grabbed my wife under arms and drug her back to the edge and made her sit there as Snake Lady positioned herself standing up now in front of my sitting wife who was

leaned back on her arms Still proclaming for us to stop this damn nonsense!!

Oh she was trying now to jump up and escape from us but Snake Lady pushed her right back down and said;

“Listen here you little bitch your going to take this or I’m going to whip your ass and tie you to the damn wall and do it!!”

My wife fighting back still saying she wasn’t drinking that shit and Snake Lady told her it was no more than a strong mixed drink

which eased my wife’s fighting back a bit though as she took the goblet from me and smelled and sipped at it she wanted to throw it

but said alright you two I’m going to drink this and then my husband and I are going our ass home and forget all about all this damn

nonsense You two are role playing with..

That said my wife chugged it right down as did I each having our own damn perspective about what was to come!!!

Well went by fairly well as Snake Lady said oh come on little woman relax don’t get up just yet and leave a smile on her

face knowing damn good and well she couldn’t leave if she tried!!

Moments passed each of us seemingly in our own little world of what was to come as suddenly I felt this strong very strong

very unusual twinge of manhood but above that there came this even stranger feeling of absolute aurora of feeling sirene

as if everything was perfect my mind heard Snake Lady speak and dammit I cheerished her damn voice all my bodily functions

were not any problem at all. But damn my mind craved that damn voice of hers!!

I looked down at my little wife sitting there her arms by her side clasping on the edge of the bed with her hands, her eyes

oh my her eyes!!

They were wide open just as if she were scared to death again but it wasn’t that she absolutely had that gleaming

eyed look of Lust her dark pupils dilated as if she was some crack or meth head only hell it wasn’t that at all she just had that

lusty eyed look I’ve seen so many times!!

All that fight was gone!! It had got up and left!! She just sat there like that as her body shivered a bit her looking at both I and

Snake Lady standing right there with me and Snake Lady nudged me and then said;

“So my little woman have you calmed down a bit now?”

“I see your eyes looking up at me and I see that tiny little body squirming, and your mind now filled with my voice, and I want

you to stand up; And go before your husband my little slave; And show him U want obedience to only me and my wants for you!”

As up my wife sprang all her full senses and movements restored and she walked before me standing there her arms

draped at her sides looking directly up into my eyes and mine hers seeing the depth of the passion in them and desires I have

never seen her eyes posess maybe it was what I had drank I didn’t know?

But there she stood calmly and peacefully fully naked before me her breathing heavy and eratic as little twinges of

what had to be pleasure to be right here:: Right like this::

As our Mistress Snake Lady walked right behind my standing wife and reached and grabbed her long flowing

black length of hair and looked at me and said; “Servent go and get your little wife some hair braids on the cart

I have plenty of them laid out!”

I did this absolutely obediently in full and complete wanting to satisfy our Mistresess every request getting them

and returning to see Snake Lady stroking her hands through my wife’s full length of hair pulling it all together

right up to the very spot of head to neck joinure holding thickness in one hand grabbing each of runaway ones

with the other putting them all in with that all the while now telling my beautiful little wife and I how she must

get all of around her neck up into the rest so my wife’s neck was totally free of everything because that area was

going to be a part of her pleasure!!

Snake Lady taking one braid and pushed it way up into the very spot she wanted and tied it there moving down

now pulling more length up into where that one was and pushing it higher and tied it off and wrapped the rest of her

hair into a circle of all that using bobbi pins to pin it up that I also had gotten seeing them with it all and got every bit

of it I knew she’d need it!!

My wife just standing there hands still by her side standing in complete obediance as a perfect princess ball

was formed on the back of my wife’s head now that chore done.

Snake Lady now looking at me over my tiny little wife in front, lip said watch my complete power over her and

You listen to what she says to you!! In fact changing her mind moving from around my wife to stand back in front of

her right beside me and leaned over onto my shoulder and whispered into my ear;

“To show you that she is indeed now ready and wanton of pleasure I’m going to whisper into her ear for her to

look you right into the eyes and tell you she’s ready to be fucked and pleasured by whatever I want her to be so by!”

Snake Lady left my shoulder leaned over just enough her mouth was at my wife’s left ear and I heard every word

of it just as she said she would say!!

My wife standing there being whispered all this and her eyes opened as far as they could her body was

shuddering at Snake Ladies every word her nipples swelled instantly to their little hardness little heavier

breaths came from her as once finished Snake Lady returned back up and saw her little bodies reaction

to her every word and request. As she said; “Tell him my little slave of pleasure!”

As looking right into my eyes my wife said; “I am to be pleasured by all kinds of other beings and I want it!”

“I want to be pleasured by others!” “I must!!”

Snake Lady just looked at us both then said; “Servent lead your hot little wife back over to the bed by holding

her hand leading her to it so we can begin her pleasure journey!”

I reached and grasp her hand into mine and led her obediently to the bed and sat her easily onto it seeing now that

her face was even flush with passion the very thing I myself had caused her to have and having seen that same thing

as she’d returned from her illicit affairs!

As Snake Lady went to the cart and got one of the syringes I thought we’d loaded up in preparation for this but

no! She had an entirely different one a really very tiny one that seemed pre-packaged and walked back to us as she

looked directly at me and told me this one was very, very, very, special and due to the drinks wearing off in a bit

she’d better get it delivered to her now before that happened::

All the while saying and telling me and my wife who wide eyedly listened on and shivering all over at the sight

of that little syringe and needle hearing she was about to get it given to her for even further diving into the

depths of lord only knows what depth of severe depravity this was going to go into began to shake her head

no saying as she did this;

“Oh please no my mistress master oh please don’t giive meeee thhhat!”

Her little lithe body quivering as even her voiced words quivered as she spoke her mouth all quivering

like she was about to cry her eyes showed a complete and total fear again as she stared at that shot

Snake Lady had in her hand;

My quivering little wife’s eyes glued to it in total and absolute fear of it

Yet there she sat obediently but her hands were solidly gripping at the top of the bed her brown little

knuckles turning almost white at them all on both hands at the fingers that were dug in solid into

the side of the matress Still shaking her head no and still pleading not to get it!!

But Snake Lady waited not one damn moment later and looked over at me and said; “Servent grab your

little wife and pull her up off that bed and turn her around and lean her over onto it so her little ass is in the air

and lets get her started!!”

I reached and grab my wife under her arm pits as she was thrashing her head about pleading not be given

this as I had to pry her hands from the mattress her body now really fearfully shaking as I stood her up

she was gasping for air, shaking like leaf in a strong wind all but absolutely crying now as I turned her and

pushed her head and shoulders onto the mattress as her hands shot out and grasp the Mattress pulling

it and sheets up into her coiled up little fist and Shake Lady telling oh no not like that at all I want her laying

on the damn bed and her little ass in the air off the mattress and do it Now!!

I grabbed her hands pulling then once again from the mattress and made her fall onto it with her whole

upper body again she grasp the sheets and mattress and her head turned back and forth in her continous

no, Her now crying mouth saying through that oh pllease no oh pleeease dddon’t!!

Snake Lady now all but satisfied that my wife’s little ass was right off the mattress edge but

still in no way the way she wanted it really up into the air and said it must be this way her belly must

not touch anything “Servent” And my little “Slave” raise that little ass in the air now!!

My crying little wife choking back all her tears now shaking like a leaf still and I alike grabbing under her

lithe tiny little belly and pulled her ass and belly up off the mattress all but having to hold her there

this way her crying pleadings of no and her head flinging back and forth in the total fear of what was

to come.

Snake Lady now right beside us both and said grab just her hips not anywhere near her little

belly and what’s inside that area or it will damn well really hurt “Do you hear me my little slave!”

My wife cryingly saying “Yes mmy mistress master buttt it wwwill be to muuch for me!”

“Oh please not this any any thinnnggg bbbuttt thisssss”

“Now hold tight my little darlin’ your about to go on a magic carpet ride!!

As she leaned down with the syringe my head right there to see this and

my little wife screamed out as Snake Lady pinched her left ass cheeek up

between her fingers and shoved it right in to end of the little needle buried

my wife’s head shot up off that bed throwing her about as slowly Snake Lady began

to inject what was in it into my wife’s wildly shaking little ass and body my wife

screaming out;

“Ohhhh it Burns oh it’s burning mmmy bbutt up!”

And suddenly then she really flung her little head up and really screamed just as her whole body began

to wildly thrash about everything shaking her head thrashing around!!

As ever slowly Snake Lady fed her more; Then pulled the needle out and Said;

“There my little Slave We have your first dose in You!!”

I know it’s so hot and burning your little butt cheek like it’s on fire and soon as I see already it’s starting

to spread into down where it needs to and let’s let that settle into you and make the 2nd dose much

much better for you.

As my wife was still thrashing her head wildly about up as high as she could get it but her once

screams of it’s heat were now turning into wild gasping sounds like it was taking her breath away

as her entire body now really rocked about telling whatever it was and where ever it’s heat was

going was driving my little wife into oblivion and beyond her legs suddenly shot widely open

shaking like she was about to loose all her strength to try and hold herself up wild grunting

was coming from her now sounding like a hog grunting like hell in their pen!

But this was my little wife doing this not some animal!!

Snake Lady had stepped back admiring and watching it all happen as it happened

and was saying

“I know my little now red hot slave it’s getting You really worked up!”

” I hear those pig grunts your blurting out yes U feel it all don’t You?”

My wife settling a bit down was answering with a yes shake of her but her loud

grunting continued as Snake Lady said; “Yes it’s so good isn’t it?”

Only making my wife grunt even louder as her head nodded yes and her

ass was now starting to churn about raising up higher then come crashing

back down her legs opening way wider as if that relieved some of whatever it

was she was feeling

Minutes passed by of this all happening the loud grunting now turned into

ever increasing deep breaths of air nnnnmmmph sounds emanating from her

mouth now as Snake Lady just stood there watching and telling my wife:

“It’s getting better isn’t it my little luv?”

My wife ever increasingly settling down but her ass continued to

jerk about even shoving it backwards and into the air as Snake Lady said;

“Oh yeah it’s about there that is really working it over inside her!”

Servent you can release her hips now she’s all fired up and it’s fine if

her little belly lays down now she’s ready for it!!

I relased my wife’s hips and sides as she just fell flat onto the the

matress now still breathing heavily laden breaths of air her body

only shuddering and shaking now and then.

Snake Lady reached and pulled me away from her and beside where

she was still standing needle and syringe in hand only Mere looking little

thimble full of that whatever it was is all she gave my wife!!

As she said she’ll not need a 2nd dose of this anytime soon but she’s sure

primed and ready for action!!

We’ll have to give her a few more minutes for it all to spread where it needs to

and soon my Servent you will indeed help with her first real pleasure!

That said Snake Lady put the syringe and needle back into it’s package and

went over to the wild looking ironing board like contraption and motioned me

over there and said; “Servent we must move this right near the bed but plenty

of space all around it for the needed things to begin.”

So we moved it right close to the bed Snake Lady walking around it and mowed it

a bit further away saying she needed all the space she could get around it to “perform”

my wife’s first sexual pleasure!!

Now grabbing a pull handle like thing raising the iron board thing up near to just about

between waist and knee high then pulled down legs attached to the split part on the outsides and

into the very back and around that area and satisfied with it we returned over to look onto my

layed out wife her legs widely splayed out and I could her hairy mound little pussy was about soaked

in the hairs and glistened from the lighting Snake Lady looking right there as well and said oh yeah just about

ready now Servent!!

My beautiful mistress what did that shot do to her? What is it’s true purpose? Snake Lady just then and there

stepped back right between my wife’s widely spread open legs hanging off the bed just at her knees and motioned me

over to the same spot and knealt down dragging me as well and scooted ourselves right up to the bed making my wife’s

legs spread out even further only causing another of those loud gruntal hog sounds and grabbed my wife’s left leg and

spread it even wider and made me do the same as we heard 2 of those loud gruntal sounds from my wife and pointed up

nearly right at her pussy and said; “See how it’s all swollen out and wetter than hell now?” Well that’s part of what it does

and secondary is your little wife right now is having one hell of a vision/dream of being pleasured!”

That’s exactly why you had to hold her belly up off the mattress or as this all worked it’s magic on her and vision/dream

coming forth you had to do that so belly adjusted to what was in her mind working and fucking her pussy!! She already knew

this Servent and why she fought us not to take the shot!! And why I said if you remember enjoy the magic carpet ride my little

slave lover!! She’s on that magic carpet ride right now all the action is over fucking wise in her vision/dream but she’s being a bit

soaking it all up way up inside her little belly now!!

And all that weird grunting you and I heard; well that was part of her vision/dream!!

I said my beautiful mistress you mean was what it sounded like?

She just looked square into my eyes and said yes that’s exactly what it was!!

And her very next pleasure will be something exactly of sorts no not the real one yet

but just wait you’ll see here in a bit!!

This will be her first lover visitor coming up are you ready to watch her get what

you know and are thinking she is?

You mean beautiful Mistress she will be pleasured by one?

She said “Servent” no not in reality yet but damn near exactly like one!!

So my beautiful Mistress what did we just set up for her?

That is to put your red hot little latina wife on and we have to strap her into it and stretch her out where you saw

the split in the one end and then we will drop parts of each side down and strap her well into it and leave her on

basically all fours except she’ll be on that and spread open her little ass way up so her first real pleasure can and will

happen and that’s when a couple of the other loads we have for her will be used just before he mounts her and their

pleasure for each other can begin.

He will mount her my mistress will it be a real one or as you said a replica?

Both in way my Servent as i’ll not say as yet due to the surprise of it for you and her, really her especially!!

As we both now heard my wife stirring about on the bed hearing her turn over first and moans of pain

escaping her as we got up and stood there seeing her frontal nakedness her hand on her belly moaning

the pain she felt as her eyes opened to see both Snake Lady and I right there, her eyes glassy and smokey

looking and looking directly at Snake Lady who said; “Welcome back to our world my little pretty slave!”

Now sitting onto the bed right beside my little coming to wife and reached and stroked her cheek and

ask how was her little adventure she just had?

My wife just held to her belly little shooting moaning pains here and again come from her as she

used her other hand and wiped at her eyes now fully open and widened as her dreamy adventure filled her

mind and shakily said;

“Oh it was so so wild Mistress Master I am so glad now that you made me take it!”

Snake Lady still rubbing over her blushed and rubbed a small bit rough cheek that got that way

from her head moving back and forth while plowed into the sheet and matress and her said;

“So my little freshly pleasured slave made you take what?”

“Made me ttake th the sh shot Mistress Master!”

Snake Lady now motioned me onto the bed on the other side of my little wife freshly

coming out of the wild dream she’d just had as she turned back to my laying wife and said;

“My beautiful love slave I want you to look at your husband right there on the other side

and you tell him all about your fresh dream/vision pleasure.”

Her head turned to me her eyes wild with some way down deep passion as she just

explained to me she’d just been fucked and fucked good oh honey he fucked me so

good and deep!! My belly hurts now from it oh he was in so far!!

That wasn’t enough to satisfy Snake Lady at all as she said;

“Now come on my lovely slave tell him what fucked you!”

Those words made my wife shudder all over clutching at her

belly even more and still looking right up at me her eyes now fully

back as was her mind laying before us in silence and shaking her

head back and forth either clearing the cob webs or saying no and seemingly both.

Snake Lady told her move your hand and arm off that your belly

and you hold your husbands hand and you tell him what fucked you

Slave!! I’ll rub your belly for you while you tell him!

She grabbed my hand holding it and said; “Oh please don’t be angry at me if I tell you.”

“Oh he fucked me so hard aannd ffull honey”

Snake Lady again said tell him what fucked you!! You are not obeying me my little love slave

She then closed her eyes as Snake Lady was rubbing over her belly lightly and so skillfully

my wife moaning out oh that feels so good; “Oh I’m sso horny thinking about it Mistress Master!”

As then her eyes opened again looking directly at me again and now said;

“Hooney it wasss aaa it wass a big pig a big male pig ffucked me!”

Now her shame set in as she turned from me closing her eyes and crying now telling us she

was so ashamed she’d gotten fucked and pleasured by big pig!!

Snake Lady broke in and said; “Servent it was no pig that fucked your little wife it was a huge big ass

hog!” “She got fucked by a big ol’ hog!”

My wife all closed eyed and trying to hide her face from us but I stroked her hand as Snake Lady still

rubbed on her little belly as She said oh that was a little twinge in your belly slave it’s still loving what it

got though your all ashamed and embarrased and it need not be.

He fully just helped me set up your next little adventure with gladness and happiness to help you get

pleasured now you two love birds sit right here and Mistress is going back to the cart and getting drinks

so you can rehydrate fully before your next little romp slave!!

My wife just stared at me as I rubbed her hand and she said how glad she was that I was happy and

really glad to see her get pleasured.

Snake Lady returned right back to the bed sat down a big glass of some drink for my wife as she used

her other arm and I on the other side under her shoulders and lifted her up into seating position as she

cringed in a painful feeling in her belly as Snake Lady fed her the drink saying yes my little luv slave drink

it all you will need it every bit real soon!!

The glass now turned up my wife drank the last bit of it and said oh thank you both so much for helping

me in this I am so sorry I was a bitch to you both!! But that was the old me!! I’m a whole new woman now!!

How long do I have to stay here Mistress Master?

Snake Lady just looked at her and then I a suprised look on her face and and showing me a look of Oh wow

now this is more like it! Giving me a thumbs up and then and there raised back up off the bed and looked at

my wife and said; “My darling little love slave you can get up any time you like!”

As we both helped my up off the bed both of us making sure she was stable enough standing as she was and we helped

her walk around a bit and off my wife took just walking about everywhere naked as can be her lovely tiny little ass jiggling

and swishing this way and that Snake Lady looking at me and told me how damn lucky a man I was to have such a hot ass

and pussy woman like I did. How hot is that pussy you ask Servent well here in just a bit we’re going to check it’s little tempterature!!

My wife and her slave was merely just walking around and walked back towards us only to stop dead in her tracks as she

now came face to face with the pleasure board her eyes shot wide open looking at it her body shuddered and she looked up over at us

and back at it and came right before Snake Lady obediantly standing there before her and said how much longer before my next pleasure

Mistress Master?

Right now my little slave if your ready now you go to your husband and let him take you by the hand to right where you were and

we’ll get you all ready and primed for an even better fuck this time!! A real fuck!!

She imediately came to me and took my hand as I led her right over to the pleasure board she was now about to be mounted to and

prepared for her next lover this time a real one in some way anyway!

Snake Lady went right over to that cart grabbed up a syringe or two along with a long thermometer putting all in her side pocket and

returned right back to our standing right there at the pleasure board. She just reached and grabbed her other hand and said sit down on it

then lay over atop it but on belly legs on each of these and use your arms up above you and grag the handles provided for each one and

then we will get all bound and ready for your first real pleasure to begin my slave!!

My wife sat right down on the very padded pleasure board and slipped right up on it on her belly adjusting herself a bit and reached up and took hold

of the handles with each hand her arms above her head now stretched out from her being so short and spread wide apart above her head!

Snake Lady wasted not one moment going directly to her head first and reached under the board and pulled out 2 straps of leather and tied first one hand then over to the other and did the same absolutely securing them not tight but they weren’t loose either now she stooped down and reached way up

under the pleasure board and slid a piece of it out of the way that imediately opened a place for my wife’s face and most of her head to seat into

and brought out a oblong like soft furry cushion and told my wife raise her head up and put that on over her face securing it to her head and then a strap across her chin that cupped up into it like a football helmet chin strap it to was really soft and furry and lowered my wife’s head down and then reached

again and brought a long and wide but still again yet another furry strap of softness and went across the back of my wife’s head and pulled it through a loop tightening her head completely into it.

Then went to one side and motioned me to the other as she showed me each strap as mine went to her and hers to me and we both pulled the wide furry soft straps snugly through those loops moving down to her waist and yet again 2 more furry soft straps each went across her back and and Snake Lady made sure we criss crossed the making an x and secured those and down to her waist now.

This time altogether different thing as Snake Lady reached under pulled yet another part free of the board and grabbed once again a really soft almost pool noodle thicknessed soft furry pillow of sort tucked it right under my wife’s side all the way to her waist and gave me the other to do the same as I did

then pointed down and she squatted and I squatted down and there my wife’s belly and face were Snake Lady saying; “Are you comfortable my little pleasure slave?”

My wife’s face bit quisical about all this and Snake Lady assured her it all was for a very specific purpose for her to be done this way and she reached up again and pulled yet another board free and my wife’s little tiny breast dropped right through it as I looked and found the one on my side and slide it out and that little tiny breast dropped right through.

Snake Lady now raised back up as did I as she reached and rubbed my wife’s up perked ass and rubbed both cheeks with her hands and said; Is that feeling

alright for you little love slave?” My was moaning just a tiny bit but stopped and said; “Oh yess my Mistress Master” that one cheek is sore from that shot you gave me earlier!! Snake Lady just replied Oh yes my little love slave I know that’s why I’m kneading them now to make them really soft and pliable

Looking the whole time over at me and winking as my wife was again moaning just a bit as now down onto her legs she rubbed and pointed over to me

to do the same as now we both messaged and rubbed my wife’s thighs and over into the area they met and back out again all the way to her knees we did this and heard now my wife had fallen asleep her breathing slightly heavy but nothing showing any sort of discomfort or pleasure either for that matter

Then Snake Lady grabbed another of those really soft furry but extra wide straps this time and tossed them up onto my wife’s thigh as I did the same on my side.

Now she walked to the very end where my wife’s feet weren’t even off the board and reached under and pulled something and back up she came and grabbed the end of her padded soft board and pulled it out to her making my wife’s left leg spread way out and she pulled it out even more as I did the same to the leg on my side until we had her legs splayed widely open as far open as we could get them without hurting her at the hips.

Now this brought my wife back to full attention now saying; “ You pulled my legs to far out oh it’s uncomfortable I’m spread to far open!”

As she tried move her legs back but Snake Lady grabbed her leg on her side and moved it right back as did I And then and there told my wife leave your legs alone They must stay this way it’ll get better soon my little love slave I assure you it will!!

Then Snake Lady again reached up under her side and pulled yet another pin like thing as I reached under felt for mine and pulled it and she said no just one at a time now and come over here this is where I need your help as I reached up and slid my pin back into place and went around to her side as she said hold this and as I pull the last pin you keep your boad up as mine goes down as I held it and she moved up to my wife’s hip and reached under and pulled a pin and slowly the long long went down for her as I kept up with her making mine stay flat until now we had her thigh board dropped against

the back of a braces across right there.

As Snaked lady grabbed the extra wide soft strap and threw it across the back of the upper part of her thigh and wrapped it around the board and back over my wife’s thigh again then secured really snug not digging into her skin but sure firmly tight and she did the other strap right at her knee but up just barely above it and double wrapped and secured it just a bit tighter than all the others we had done and then got on her knee right with me where I held the board her shin and below her knee here her weight not even on her knee as you’d expect it would be but she wrapped another straped right across the

muscle right there and double wrapped it and secured it tightly.

Then onto my side as the same exact procedure was followed until now my wife was dropped down at the legs on knees and up against right where her hips were and Snake Lady slid a pin into two sides of each leg making them totally inmovable now my wife spread wide open at her pussy her ass perfectly lifted up her pussy was flat outright Poked out into the full open her lips forced openly out from each other and damn it made you want to just jump right in there and eat her pussy!!

My wife this whole time complaining her hips hurt from her legs being pulled so damn far apart pleading for us to lessen the pain in them but Snake Lady once again said; “Hang on my little luv pet it’ll be really better soon for you!” My Wife asking when oh when will you make it better?

Snake Lady just flat out said; “Shut up my little luv pet or I won’t make it better at all”

That shut my wife up but grunts and groans of pain came from her as she said oh please hurry pleeease hurry

As Snake Lady now stood right at my wife’s upturned ass cheeks reached into her pocket and pulled out that extra long thermometer Leaned right

over my wife’s ass and shoved it right up into her pussy;  “

My wife shook all over crying out oh what diiddd you just put in meeee?”

Snake Lady just blurted out well took your little mind off your hips didn’t it and just hang on it’s about done in there

My wife still crying wwhat iss itt oh whats inside me but heard nothing now in return from Snake Lady as she was steady looking at a small

pull out chain watch and then satisfied with the time she reached and extracted the long thermometer and called me over and showed me

my wife’s pussy was right at 100 degrees inside her as Snake Lady yeah she’s a hot one alright I knew she was!!

And now told my wife that she had just taken her pussy temperature and she was indeed hot alright a 100 degrees hot

Then Snake Lady pointed the thermometer to my lips and I sucked the tasty little tidbit of juices off it savoring my wife’s

always tasty pussy juices. As she just walked right on by me now and put it on the cart and came back over to wife’s pointed right up

into the air ass cheeks and reached back into her pocket and now pulled out the Red markered syringe pointed it up into the air working

air out as she pressed the plunger slightly and looked at the marks again!!

Now looking at first me standing there and pointed the syringe at me and said what color I said red she said and what does that mean I said fire it’s for heating her up making her hot she said Good Servent as now she grabbed my wife’s ass cheek pinching it up wards my wife saying your pinching my ass

Snake Lady said yes my little luv pet and your about to feel much better Mistress is about to make you much better my wife trying to shudder and shake all over but she was to secured to this table as Snake Lady said; “O.K. little one are you ready it’s going to burn like that other did at first so be ready up there?” My wife was all but nearly crying under this table, Her head trying to move but to secure to move her legs trying to kick but to secure to kick on shivers up and down her body were seen her little ass jiggled just a bit as she did all this!!

Snake Lady said here goes and then and there shoved that whole needle into my wife’s pinched up ass cheek my wife screaming out, her whole body could only shiver As Snake Lady said relax my precious little luv pet it’s all done But hell it wasn’t done hell it was just not even started yet she just had that needled deep into her shaking quivering butt cheek the only thing that could even more a single bit and that wasn’t much!!

Then she pushed on the plunger sending it into my wife’s ass cheek my wife screaming out it to damn hot her butt cheek was getting on fire screaming it burned and not even a moment later all that stopped to complete halt and now loud “NNNNNNGGhhhh” sounds were coming from her with gluttural grunts her body really shivered now her ass cheeks trying to do a dance as ever so slowly Snake Lady sent this into her burning ass cheek and them bam

like somebody had poured water on her my wife’s ass, legs, back, all beaded up sweat now really beggining to do it soaking wet head to foot she was now!!!

Snake Lady hang on my precious little pet almost done for you now oh your so hot now soon there will be this intense heat right where we need it to be!! Right up in the very deepest depths of your little pussy my little pet grunt for me if it’s starting to get hot and my little wife was grunting loudly out all but crying it out as now Snake Lady said there My precious hot little luvr it’s all done as she pulled the needle out and Told me go up and tell her what my wife’s

face looked like!!

As I hurried up to there sat down on my knees leaned under and saw my wife’s face all contorted her whole face flushed with total heat her mouth wide open little tiny grunting sounds coming from her the sweat covered her face dropping in drops down onto the floor And said; “Mistress her face is fiery hot and she’s sweating like crazy her mouths wide open and she’s gasping for breath

Snake Lady just said that’s absolutely fantastic she’s fully in heat now for damn sure!! As my wife suddenly gasped in a loud breath knowing Snake Lady had to have done something back there and she had that alright that same thermometer was buried up into her pussy I could see Snake Ladies hand go down

there with it and shove it right in and I saw my wife’s little hanging down tits now sweat soaked her nipples hard as rocks her breast the only thing swinging

about and her belly was quivering way up around her navel the insides squirming wildly up into her skin sweat poured from this area now!!

As Snake Lady called me back again as I stood up I could see her now licking the juices of my wife off the thermometer much much much wetter than when I had the honors as she said oh yeah she’s up there it’s about 103 in her now she’ll be ready in just a bit for sure!!!

And now Snake Lady said; “It’s time now for me to go things ready for her Now you keep a good eye on your little red hot wife and soon We both shall

see just how well she fucks!! As she turned and left out the door locking it again from the outside leaving alone with my totally heated up wife who

was just perfectly still as could be heated gasping sounds of breath coming from under the head of the pleasure board and I went right back over!

Walked up to the head and dropped to my knees checking out how her face now was still flushed as hell sweat still coming from all over her face and looked down to see her tits had been soaking wet and beads of sweat rolling down then and then dripping right off her really swelled out nipples her belly was churning up storm all over her navel area and even now far lower into lower abdomen even her mound of hair atop her cunt was swaying back and forth now totally soaked and continious dripps fell from her soaked hair bush!!

Damn whatever this was Snake Lady had just given her it damn sure had her hotter than I had ever ever seen my little wife as a loud gruntal sound came from my little wife making me jump from the suddeness of it. her tits rising and falling from her sucking such hard heated breaths of air her eyes closed as

she is when sleeping but she wasn’t sleeping oh hell no she was absolutely in feiry ass heated lust it had to be that!!

I began to hear her getting better breaths now her tits not nearly as jumpy as just a moment ago and her eye lids were flickering I could her eyes moving

about in them now her mouth closed and opened as more grunting began to come from her and she was awakening from such heated battle Snake Lady

had given into her ass as that made me get out from looking under and got up and walked back and behind her and slowly crept up where she was spread out and tied into a on her knees way her ass was jerking and jumping now the only thing besides her titties that had any movement at all as I heard my wife begining to come more around she was smacking her lips now and little echoes of nnnnnghhhh nnnnggghhh come from under the table now as I saw my

wife’s pussy flowered out at her lips they swollen way bigger than i’d ever seen them juices leaking from within her depths onto tightly streched out clit that was swelled out way further than I’d ever seen it juices dripping off of it her ass trying to churn wildly about but only slighty shaking and moving around!!

She was damn sure indeed in full heated lustfull passion no damn doubt about that as I wondered just what was going to happen next What and who and what kind of cock was she going to get just as I hear steps in the hallway now the fevered excitement even getting to me now as I waited anxiously yes

anxiously to see what or who came through that door as the lock no moved and the door opened just a slight bit and Snake Lady poked her head in and looked about as she screamed at me to get away from where I was that was not my privaliged area unless ask to be there

I said Yes Mistress I was just making sure she was o.k. I didn’t touch her or anything I just looked!

Well she just came right on in now and said if you want to look at something look at this as she shoved her hips out and there tied to mound area in another

smaller strap on was swinging this really long dark pink colored Pig Cock yes it was a damn pig cock the tip exactly like one all corkscrewed about a third way down the really long and I mean long shaft that hung damn near to Snake Ladies knees!! she put some cover back over the dick and there hanging between her damn legs was these huge ass sack of balls so damn big it made her walk bow legged into the room and right up to me and said impressive isn’t it!!

As she went on walking like a cowboy fresh off a damn horse those huge ass balls swinging back and forth when she stopped beside the pleasure table

looking at my wife and hearing her trying to come around and looked at me and said if You touched my little pet sex slave I will beat your ass no to make that even worse I’ll fuck your little wife’s As she leaned over my wife’s ass and looked at her pussy and said oh hell yeah it’s damn sure ready for this!!

My wife now coming around even better sounds of her echeoing out NNNN oh NNNNNN was far more plain now as Snake Lady walked up to the head of the pleasure table leaned her down and looked at my wife’s face and then said; “You coming around are you my little pet slave that’s good!”

Now you just make yourself comfortable and laughed and get to waking your little ass up so we can get you fucked!! As an louder far more strange sound hmmmmmmphhhhhh came from under the table my wife’s ass jerked and jiggled at the very words telling that her mind heard everything and her body reacted!!

her feet shuddered and up her whole body it went to her outstreched arms and hands tied to the handles as again Snake Lady peeked under and watched a moment or two then walked down just a bit leaned over and looked and reached her hand out and that instant my wife tried to move everything and a loud gruntal painfull sound came from under the table as her ass shot up as high as it could and swung about as Snake Lady moved back out and said oh yeah those little titties is swelled with lust I pinched her nipple and caused all that!!

As she stepped away and motioned me to come back over there which I did and she said you get on your hands and knees at her head and watch and You tell me if I don’t already know that’s she’s fully awake and I mean talking awake!!

I did as I was told seeing Snake Lady now walking back and saw her now get right up behind my wife’s pussy and ass standing there as I saw my wife’s eyes

flutter open and closed her head trying to shake but no such luck tied down as she was and I hear a low Oh mmmmmnnghghghg Ohhh come from her as her eyes opened up a bit to foggy to see clearly as yet as I said she’s trying to open her eyes And Snake Lady said oh hell yeah won’t be long now!!

As a slump occured of maybe a minute or so and here comes her eyes open her mouth shutting and quivering as she blinked her eyes wildly and then they stayed open now glancing about trying their damndest as was her mind because her head was shaking and as soon as she was all but fully to she flung her mouth open and cried out; “My my bbbeeelies onnnn fire oh so hott to damned hot!!” She was awake!!

And Snake Lady standing back there behind her ass said oh hell yeah come on around my little pet your luvr awaites your awakeness!!

My wife’s eyes shot wide ass open now and she again cried out Toooo hoootttt innnn meee it’s tooo hotttt in meee!!

Snake Lady now said; “Do you hear me my little red hot pet?”

My wife just blurted out Yeesssssss Yessssss III heear but it soooo hot in me oh i’m fire in there ssooo hottt i’m so hottt

Snake Lady walked back up to us leaned her head down and said; “Yes my little red hot pet your pussy is on fire and we all

know that!” And your little titties are swollen a whole lot to and your nipples are twice their size u feel that my little pretty pretty pretty

Ohhhhhh yyyesssssss I I I fffeeel it alll on fire oh my face is so hottt oh I nnneeeed air oh please give me some air!!

O.K. my little luv pet I’ll get you a fan and we’ll cool the outside down but nothings going to cool all the heat in your

pussy darlin’ except a really good fucking!!” “And we’re soon going to fix that problem!”

As Snake Lady got back out and left and went and got a fan returning fast as she could be with it plugged it right

into the outlet by the head of the table my wife much more relieved now and far more attentive to all that she could

see now being mainly me as she said; “I love you”

Snake Lady now know my wife damn sure was wide ass awake and ready now to get fucked as she stood right there

beside me but was turned away from us and said; “Can U see really good now my little red hot pet?”

My wife replied; “Yessss I cann seee good” my puussy is on fire way up in me oh something churning inn there

Snake Lady just said; ” Your luvrs here now honey are you ready to see him and fuck him?”

My wife just wide eyed open now fear in then but deep lust still showed as she said; “Ohhhh I d d don’t knowww if I

cannn sstand it ttto seeee himmm Mistress!”

“But You are ready to fuck him?” Snake Lady added

My wife just gave a wild groan out then and there as her eyes turned to me

and said oh please oh please forgive meee honey “Yessssssss oh Yessssss!!!”

Snake Lady said; ” I think you need to see him first my hot little pussy!”

“Now you just keep those eyes wide open and he’s about to show to you”

As Snake Lady turned back to us and walked right up to the table and shoved

that long ass corkscrew pig cock now into my little wife’s full view

My wife first screamed; her eyes totally ablaze at seeing this true to damn life

cock her words escaped her but her mouth was wide open her eyes glued to it’s

long corkscrew tip As Snake Lady said; “Now look further up and what do you see?”

My wife’s eyes really were wide ass open now her head shivering at the sight her

titties doing a little bounce about dance As at last she said; “Oh thheirrr tttooooo BBBiigggg!”

“Ittt’s ttto lllonnggg ffforrr me!!” “Oh their ttooo bbiiggg aaanddd fffulll!!!””

Snake Lady said; “Their to Full of what my hot little pet?”

“Come on tell us!!” “Their to full of what?”

“Their ttooo fffulll offff cummm oh to much cumm!!!”

“It’lll buuust meeee opeeennn!!” Oh pleeease forgive meeee honey bbutt he’s goinng to

fill me up tooo mucchhh oh my belly oh my belly can’t take it all!!

Snake Lady then just backed it out walked back to where she was so exposed as she

was saying oh it’sss ggoinnggg ttoo beee to much for my belly honey oh please dddon’ttt

wwwatch ttthisss and Snake Lady heard all this and said;

“ He’s going to damn well watch you fuck this hog cock my little darlin’!!”

“And more than that He’s going hold it and start it into your little steamy hot pussy!”

“Oh plleease nnno dddon’t ddddo itttt!!”

But Snake Lady headed her plea’s to no avail!! And said come on my Servent get your ass

back here and let’s get started fucking your little woman and my slave with this hog cock

So you can see clear and upfront just how she’s gets her little belly swelled out with

this hot and I mean it’s hot hog cum!!

As I got Up and walked back to Snake Lady my wife crying out to us oh no pllleeease ddonn’t mmmake him dddooo it

She stepped back and said get on up in there my Servent and take it in your hand and line it right up to hot juicy

pussy of hers and watch and hear your little wife as it screws up into her pussy oh it’s wild oh hell yes it is!!

As forwards she steps now me on my knees right between my wife’s knees the cock in my hand guiding it

forward my wife screaming out oh no pppleaaaaaaseee dddon’tttt ddddo that and we get it right up to her

swollen pussy lips barely the very tip at her lips Hearing my wife’s plea’s but then just as she cried out oh that’s to

hottt the tips tttooo damn hotttt her ass jerked up and back as wildly as it could making the tip dance around her lips

And Snake Lady says; “Here it goes as she shoved forward the corkscrew cock screwing up into her pussy as she cried out

it was spinning inside her oh spinnning she screamed as it sank deeper and deeper and finally came to a complete stop my wife

screaming out it was deep and hot to hot andddd deep fffor meee

Snake Lady then and there said; “It’s hit bottom!” “Should we leave it there and work it?” “or come on back out

and listen to her screams of how it’s spinning back out from her pussy’s depths?”

My wife steadly screaming out the tip was to hot against her in there and having ahold of it it damned sure

was pretty damn hott!!

Snake Lady said; get your mouth up there Servent and I want you to licked every drop of that juice of

your wife’s hot pussy off his hog cock that really made my wife plead her no’s oh no dddon’t plleeasse dddon’t

but Snake Lady cut all right off as she pulled back and I got my mouth right at her pussy and the cocks spinning

back out as my wife was screammmed oh AAAAhhhhhhhhhhh oh itttt’ss ssspinnninng bbbaccck out as the tip came

out her juices all over it I got as much as I could but it was just to damn much juice

I Aimed it back and Snake Lady shoved my wife go way beyond bezerk now as slam it hit against her bottom

and shoved even more cock up into her pussy folded over into it now and right back out she brought it I licked as

best I can the all the juics her ass twitching, jerking, shaking, my wife screaming out it was hurting when it slammed

against her bottom and now Snake Lady left it right there and just short jabbed at her pussy my wife going crazy

crying out ohhhh ittt’s ooopppening meeeee oh it’s screwwwing into myyyyyyy womb oh shit oh shit oh shit!!

As sink it it went and juices gushed from my wife’s pussy

A total orgasm in just 2 corkscrew in and outs and now screwed up into her womb that

caused this instant gushing orgasm

My wife’s ass swing about as much as it could making that corkscrew work itself even deeper now

oh hell yeah she was loving the shit out of it!!

Snake Lady just set to short jab into and out of her pussy now making that corkscrew screw into and out of

her damn cervix into her womb my wife screaming bloody as murder but she was still gushing that juice out

as each drive and pull got faster and faster and faster my wife a totall damn wreck of screams and gushings

and Snake Lady shoved it forward again this time shoving way over 5 to 7 inches further into her and now

it stopped bent and folded and those shoved into her pussy my wife now really screamed out saying oh nooooo mooorrreee oh

sssshiiiitttt it’s against mmmmy wwwwwommmbbbbb wallll

Snake Lady tortured the shit out of her making that cock spin inside her womb twisting and bouncing against the end wall of it driving her

to all but pass out from the intensity of it as her pussy was clearly milking and squeezing on that hog cock as

As Snake Lady said Here it comes our little woman as I felt squirt after squirt of cum move through that and cock making it even hotter in my

hand and suddenly my little wife really screamed out toooo hottttt tttooo hootttttt oh it’s shooting in me so hhhharddddd ahhhhhhhhhh

and that’s all we heard she had totally lost her frigging mind as still squirt after squirt come through that cock going up into her pussy shooting

into her womb no damn doubt Snake Lady loaded them balls up with hot cum and going to make my wife’s little womb swell out and take every damn

squirt of it!!! And she did!! Her pussy gushing like crazy her ass still jerking and twitching as each hot squirt of that cum made it do this in unison to it all!!

Snake Lady had finally finished her deed and now pull that long ass cock back out my wife just loudly grunted as it started and out that cock

finally pulled out Snake Lady saying see what I’m saying about your little woman she loves this shit!! This is what’s she’s been cheating on you with!!

Now let me get this contraption off and we’re going to go right up under your little womans belly and I want you to see how swollen ass out she is

and that pussy is still damn well coming and see it and it was as we got up a pool of juice all over the damn floor as under her we crawled and damn

if her belly wasn’t swollen out like she was 5 to 6 damn months pregnant her womb stretched that damn much!! How can such a little woman take

so damn much cock.

Snake Lady had returned right up under there with me saying see how she likes it and this little bitch is sound ass asleep while a big ass belly full of cum

is churning hotly in that womb and I sealed the hell out of it for days!!

It took hours for my little wife and big ol ballooned out belly to wake up her total damn distress of it causing her to moan and grab that belly even days after the event!! finally she was showering and it brook loose and flooded the shower floor as she screamed a wild cry of it all shooting right back

through that pussy of hers!!