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Saturday morning arrived and Gary woke around 6:00. Diane was still sleeping as he got out of bed and crept out of the bedroom. Making the coffee he settled into his chair, watching the morning news. The morning was like so many others as he watched the news, checked the E-mails, and just relaxed thinking about how he missed being at the farm. It was the first weekend he was home since spring and he wasn’t looking forward to spending the day clothed and stuck in and around the house. Diane on the other hand was happy to be home as she has many plans to get the house cleaned, windows washed, and generally getting things in order for the change of seasons.

She came downstairs and asked Gary if he wanted to go to the market with her since her arm was sore and she needed help. Gary agreed and, that was that. Little did he know of her plans. Finally around 7:30 Diane called down to him stating that she wanted Gary to come upstairs and get ready for the day. Gary went up, headed to the bathroom for his daily ritual of shaving, brushing his teeth, and showering. He shaved, brushed his teeth and started to run the water for his shower. Diane appeared at the door and asked what he was doing. He replied that he was going to shower to which she replied, I told you that I wanted you to be clean! Confused, he looked at her. She said to turn off the shower and get into the bedroom. He did as she demanded and when he entered the bedroom he was immediately smacked on the ass and told to get up on the bed on his hands and knees. Thinking that a spanking was going to happen, he jumped up on the bed and assumed the position that she instructed. Diane walked over next to him and lightly spanked him for a few moments and then she put her hand on the back of his neck and made him lower his head onto the bed. Just stay still she instructed and she reached for something under the covers. Gary knew something was different but didn’t know what to make of it until he felt something slender being inserted into his butt. He felt the cool rush of fluid being squirted into him. An enema!!!! What are you doing he asked and her reply was, “today we are cleaning and I am starting with cleaning you out first”, was her reply. As Gary knelt there the pressure started and after a few minutes of squirming he begged to go to the bathroom. Not yet, was her response and then he felt more fluid being put into him. After what felt like an eternity he was allowed to go and expel what was in him. When he finally was done he told her that he was ready for his shower. Not yet she said as she approached him with a well lubricated hand. “Bend over”, was her command and he did as he was told. She probed him rather roughly explaining that she wanted to be sure he was completely cleaned out. After a rather thorough exam Diane was satisfied and removed her fingers and sent him to the shower.

After his shower Gary headed for the family room to get dressed for the trip to the market. When he got downstairs he noticed that his clothing was set out for him, something she had never done before. Waiting for him in the chair, she called him over to stand next to her. She roughly took hold of his manhood, pulling his balls downward, he had no choice but to sink to his knees next to her. She looked him square in the eyes and announced that his ass belonged to her today. With that being said, she got up, still holding him and led him to the dressing table. “Bend over”, was the next words he heard her say and he did as he was told. She lubricated his anus and he felt her pushing the clear butt plug into his ass. She deftly tied string through the holes in the plug, pulling the strings up around his waist and tied them off. There you go she uttered, now you will have a reminder of who is in charge today. Next she spun him around and tied up his balls with twine and cut off a piece that left about 3 feet of extra twine hanging. She handed him a pair of shorts and told him to put them on. He did as he was told and the string now dangled out of the pant leg. As Gary put his money in his right pocket it passed through and fell on the floor. Curious as to why, he reached into the pocket only to discover that the bottom of the pocket had been cut open. Diane stood next to him and reached into the pocket pulling the twine up through and let it hang out of the opening giving it a tug as she did. Gary winced as he felt the pull but stood his ground. Diane instructed him to pick up his money and put it in the other pocket. As he bent over to retrieve it he felt another hard smack on his ass. “Now”, she said, “ we are going to the market and it you misbehave, I’ll give that a good hard pull and I don’t care where we are.”

Off to the market they went, Diane smirking at her new found control and Gary feeling the effects of being plugged and bound. On the way there, Gary was driving a little too fast for her pleasure so she reached across and yanked even harder than before, sending waves of pain up from his balls. “Slower Brat or I’ll really pull on them”, she commanded. And so it went for the trip to Park St. Once at he market she put the twine back in his pocket and left just a little end of it hanging out. The pullover he wore concealed it nicely, she thought. While shopping Diane saw a ring she wanted but Gary, always on guard for frivolous spending announced his displeasure at the thought of the purchase. The man at the counter asked her is she liked it and she said she did. Here, I’ll get you the money she said as she reached into Gary’s right pocket as his hands were full of produce. Finding the twine she firmly but subtly pulled the twine more and more. Gary was almost ready to drop to his knees from the pain when Diane giggled and said, “oh, it must be in the other pocket” and released her grip. Gently reaching into his left pocked she extracted the cash for the purchase and handed it over to the vendor. She smirked at Gary and said, “don’t you love shopping with me?” Gary nodded yes and they went on their way. Once back in the car Diane again retrieved the end of the twine, gave it a tug and said, “Be careful on the way home, I’d hate to become alarmed at your driving and really have to hurt you”, knowing secretly that another tug or two would only serve to reinforce her new control over him.

After arriving home and putting things away Diane told Gary to remove his clothes and prepare to spend the day inside helping her clean. Gary removed his shirt and shorts and started to untie the twine around his balls. Diane, seeing this, swatted his ass and then his hands. “I didn’t tell you to remove that too”, she said. “You will keep that on and the plug too, until I decide that it is time to come off”. Gary protested that while he didn’t mind the ball restraint, his butt was getting sore from the plug. Diane instructed him to bend over so she coulg get a look at it. As she examined him she noticed that the KY had indeed been absorbed so she removed the plug, got the KY and squeezed a generous amount into his anus. Pushing her finger in, she made sure that he was well lubricated. She examined the plug and noticed that it was nice and clean, secretly congratulating herself on the cleaning out that she had performed earlier in the morning. She then applied a little more KY to the plug, pushed it back in, an secured the harness she made so that it would continue to stay in place. She stood him up and had him turn towards her so that she could get a look at her work. She instructed him to get moving as there was much to do and that he could start downstairs on the windows and work his way up. She told him that just because she was not there supervising, he was supposed to stay on task and not to even think about touching himself. She said, “I can see that you are already dripping so if to get off when I am not looking, I will tie your balls to the vacuum cleaner and make you clean every room in the house”. Gary nodded and uttered, “yes Maam”.

Once done with all of the windows except the big one upstairs, Diane told him that she wanted that one done right, meaning that she didn’t expect to see the little spot that he always says he can’t reach. She allowed him to put on shorts for that task as he had to hang out of the side windows to reach all of the big window. When he put them on Diane reached into his shorts pulling the twine so that it hung over the waistband at the rear of his shorts. Gary was perched on the window ledge doing the best he could but was unable to reach that last spot. As he explained to Diane about not reaching the spot, she reached behind him and pulled the twine firmly, causing his balls to be pulled through the crack of his ass and up the back. Gary winced in pain but to no avail as Diane pulled even more insistently. This action caused him to pull himself up further to avoid more pain and the result was that he was now in a position to reach that last little area. Pleased with her control and the fact that her window was now the way she liked it, Diane eased off on the tension and Gary finally felt some relief. Diane grinned and thought to herself, “ I think I like this Topping stuff”.

When the housework was completed Gary went downstairs to watch the race. As he settled into his chair he thought of how well he had adapted to wearing the plug all day and was not in any discomfort. As the race got underway, Diane appeared at the door and asked what he thought he was doing. “I thought the cleaning was done and I was going to watch the race,”, he said. Diane announced that there was still some things to do and walked over pulled him by her little twine leash. Gary obediently stood and followed her as she went upstairs, still pulling him along, as if he had a choice. She led him to the bathroom and told him to sit on the toilet while she bathed and shaved. Of course, Diane made him shave her and wash her back. Once done with the bath Diane stood and glared at him for a moment and Gary realized that he was supposed to dry her as well. Upon completing that task Diane told him to get into the bedroom and lay on the bed with his head at the foot of the bed. As Gary entered he noticed that most all of the towels that they owned had been laid out on the bed right where his head was supposed to go. Curious but not wanting to rile Diane, he did as he was told. Diane then said that he had two last thing to clean before he was done. That being said, Gary got on the bed and laid as he was told. Diane then climbed up on the bed and squatted over him, bringing her freshly shaved pussy within inches of his face. “Now”, she said’ “I want you to use that tongue of yours to bring me to orgasm while you lick me clean on the inside”. “And as long as you are down there I was my butt cleaned inside and out with your tongue as well” , she instructed. Gary loved doing that anyways so he went right to work. After some teasing and a good rimming of both of her orifices he concentrated on the clitoris and found just the right angle to bring her to a screaming orgasm. Gary felt that he did a great job, not knowing that Diane was so wet and so horny from her day of Domination of him. Diane hunched over, catching her breath and rested like that, keeping Gary pinned beneath her. She thought to herself, “he really pleased me today and even though I really don’t like what I am thinking, I should at least give him a little reward for his obedience. She wanted to do something for him but she also wanted to retain control so she decided to go forward with her plan. She never liked urine play and didn’t really understand why he did and although she didn’t want to, she decided to give him a little treat for the sacrifices he made today. She rose back up on her knees, looked down at him, and told him to lei still. “Open your mouth Brat!” , she commanded. Gary did as he was told and Diane said, “I have to pee and I don’t want it dripping all over me so get your mouth open”. She lowered herself on to his mouth and once she felt that his lips were secure and sealed on her vagina she was ready. “Brat, you will take all that you can and the towels are for the excess”, she said. Gary was ready, mouth open and sealed on her. Diane started to pee and pee she did! Gary tried to keep up but some of the excess ran down either side of his face, which he loved, and was absorbed in the towels. Once relieved Diane told Gary to lick her nice and clean and he gladly did. Diane got off of his face, turned and looked at him laying there naked. “Would you like to get off Brat?”, she asked. Gary was so horny he immediately said, “yes please.” Diane bent over, took him in her mouth and started to suck him. She stopped after a moment, looked at him and said, “good, I’d like you to as well so if you are a good boy, I might let you get off in the morning”. She then gathered her clothes, got dressed and told him, “see you in the morning” She left the room with him still on the bed and called out over her shoulder, “you had better get busy washing the towels!” Diane sat at the table, grinning ear to ear and thinking, I LOVE POWER………

To be continued if we’re lucky….