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The vision he had now was avision he had dreamed of for avery long time. There she was, as he had always wanted her, naked, of course, bent double over his specialy prepared trestle, tied mercilessly tight, hand and foot, muscalls and, tight little fists straining with all her might , little squeaks and the occassional grunt emmiting from her tightly gagged and filled mouth.
Her head shaking vigorously trying to get rid of her blindfold and gag.

When she had “come to” and realised her position she had “piqued” out and almost succeeded in overturning the trestle. Now he would show her who was in charge.

As the cane landed across her buttocks she visibly arched and writhed with a gutteral shriek emmitting from her lips, a dozen strokes latter and she was shaking her head harder than ever before pleading with every sound she could make. As he touched her for the first time she groaned from somewhere deep inside, her groaning increased in volume as he prised her bottom cheeks apart and oiled her up, as she felt the head of his erection begin to probe her body she wailed in despair, and then he was in her thrusting in to her anal passage causing her untold misery. Her body, tensed to the highest degree could do nothing to stop it. As he reached his climax and pushed harder and faster he felt her body change, suddenly she relaxed, her body sagged and she shook uncontrollably, giving away her last vestige of resistance, the fight had gone out of her, she hung her head and sobbed, tears collecting in a pool beneath her.

Half an hour later she was still crying when he took off her blindfold and her gag, he lifted her head up and looked into her eyes, she looked back at him with a pleading look tears running down her face, and then disbelief as she saw his erection in front of her face, at first she shook her head violently, but when he showed her the cane she slowly opened her mouth, he held her head as he guided his member into her, he started gently allowing her to get used to the idea wispering to her that if she did this well he would be kind to her, she responded and it quickly became obvious that she had done this before, as his erection grew and he came close to his climax he forced it further and further into her throat making her gag and retch, then with one fianal thrust he filled her mouth with his seed, daring her not to swallow.