The Violation and Domination of Valerie Miles: Part IX

     Ramon made a deal with the Zeta drug cartel leader who agreed to finance the third porn film entitled “Lust Crazed Pirates” and even provided a young beauty. In return for financing the feature, the cartel leader would recieve 60% of the film’s profit and would also be allowed to have his way with lovely Valerie for a weekend after the film was completed.

     Ramon brought a famous black porn star from the U.S. who was known as “Buck the Impaler” because of his huge cock. He would pay the lustful Don Pedro a vengeful pirate. 

     The film would star Valerie, the busty Carlotta as her maid, and Martine, the under aged girl whom the cartel had supplied. Although Ramon was hesitant about including the young girl in the film he had no choice if he was to receive the extra funding to make the film. Martine was a slender sensuous girl who looked to be no older than fourteen. She was beautiful with newly budding breasts and a fantastic pale complexion. Her lovely young hips thrust out against the cloth of the shorts she wore when she appeared at the site for the filming. She would play Valerie’s younger virgin sister in the film though Ramon believed she was actually quite experienced sexually the way she swung her lovely ass when she walked. 

      The plot of the film portrayed Valerie as the daughter of a fictitious island who along with her maid and younger sister were traveling to Spain to marry a rich landowner. The pirates, the lusty Black freebooter Don Pedro and his crew of ten sex starved males attack the ship and sink it. They take the three beautiful girls on board the pirate ship where they are to be stripped, raped and tortured.

     The first day of filming Valerie was forced to not only fuck Buck the Impaler but to be gang banged by the entire crew. The rape was very violent as the pirates tied Valerie to the center mast of the ship and stripped her naked and pawed her body, squeezed her tits and lifted her legs and spread them for the large black man to take her with his enormous sixteen inch cock. He impaled her with one thrust and humped her angrily grasping her tits in his hands as he rammed her deeper than she had even been fucked.

     “Nail her harder, Buck. Hump her. Pull her legs out so we can see her pussy being hammered by his big cock, actors. I want you to make her remember this fucking, Buck. You want to destroy her white cunt with your big black man sword. You want to tear her lovely tits off with your bare hands while you impale her with that cock. That’s it. Now, she’s screaming from pleasure and pain. Get closeups of her tits, Camera three. Camera two center in on her pussy as Buck slams into it. God, that’s a great scene. She’s fainted from the onslaught, and you can take her body down pirates and continue to rape her unconscious body. Take her up the ass and pussy two at a time. You won’t hurt her now since she’s fainted.”

      On day two of the filming, the bust Carlotta undergoes similar treatment. Buck imales her with her big breasts mashed against the cabin of the ship and manages to fuck her even more brutally than he had fucked Valerie. Today Valerie is watching the filming as the eleven men manhandle the buxom Carlotta on the deck of the ship. When the have finished ravishing Carlotta, Don Pedro orders two of the crew to tie her naked body with her breasts thrust forward to the prow of the ship. Her arms are pulled behind her and her beautiful tits with their big brown areoles and large firm nipples thrust forward into the waves.

      The third day of filming features the young Martine. She has been watching the rapes of the other two women from the upper deck of the ship where she stands stripped naked and her pale young body writhing in agony as she awaits her rape at the hands of the lustful men. 

      “Okay, Jose cut the ropes on Martine’s wrists and lead her out to the mighty Don Pedro. He is stroking his huge cock in anticipation of taking this young girl’s maidenhead. Martine, you see the size of Don Pedro’s manhood and pull back against the pirate who has your arm. Jose take her arms  and pull them back. Thrust out your tiny tits, Martine. That’s it,” Ramon commands.

     Ramon feels his own cock rising at the sight of the young girls lovely slender body. Her “A” cup tits thrust forward, her young belly with its button navel and below that the most lovely bare pink pussy lips unfolding like rose buds before the coming attack. She wiggles and fights erotically moving her cunt and lovely jutting ass as the pirates all stroke their cocks greedily eyeing the young wench.

     “Now all cameras catch the action from different levels. Move in closer on the lovely viriginal body of Martine. Buck, pick the up and hold her above your cock and then hold her by the hips and thrust her down on your magnicent cock and impale her as deeply as you can. That’s it, Martine, you are becoming aroused now and throw your tiny chest back with its erect nipples and swoon, mouth open as he begins to fuck you harder and harder impaled on his shaft. Pull her asscheeks apart, and camera three move in on her beautiful rectum. Now as you fuck her wildly, Buck, put your middle finger in her virgin ass hole and then two fingers and spread it open for us. That’s it. My god, this is beautiful. Fuck her like you want to split her in two. Scream, Martin. and thrust back into his deep thrusts. Now he’s going to turn you with his back toward him so he can take your rear hole and at the same time you will spread your legs wide open and camera two will move in close up on your plundered bleeding pussy hole and then move slowly up your beautiful young body to your tiny lemon shaped tits. Fuck her asshole, Buck. Fuck her like you want to open her anus up to her flat little belly. We want to imagine your cock ripping open her belly from your deep thrusts into her ass.”

    Then followed the gang rape of the lovely Martine. The entire crew took turns fucking her in every hole, and Ramon joined them in tasting her lovely young body. When they had finished the four hour fuck, the poor girl was exhausted and cum covered from head to toe. Her anus was stretched wide open and filmed as well. She had actually enjoyed the ravishment as much as they. She was insatiable, and both Valerie and Carlotta were amazed that she could take all those cocks and still be smiling. 

     “The little vixen has been well trained from a young age,” said Carlotta.