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The Glazed Donut

It all started when I was 16 years old and working the midnight shift at a restaurant on the Ohio turnpike.

There was usually three of us on duty and this particular night was no exception other than the business was extremely slow.

My position was what they called the porter or janitor, dishwasher, toilet scrubber, garbage can emptier you get the idea.

It was probably one in the morning when I was sitting down in what we called the overflow dining room which was always closed unless we were very busy.

I was sipping on a cola when donna came in, she was thirty five years old five feet and a little change tall, petite around 105 lbs sopping wet. We were friends but this would all change that night.

She came in and pulled a chair out from underneath the table and placed her foot upon the chair to retie her shoe.

The uniforms the women were required to wear came in different lengths and donna had one of the shortest skirts in the selection.

As I was sitting there watching her tie her shoe I could not help but notice that I could see partially up her skirt. And of course a boy at my age I took in as much of the view as I could get. She moved a little and I got a glimpse of panties underneath her pantyhose.

I felt my cock starting to get hard and at first I thought it was just a innocent accident and that she did not mean to give me such a show, I was pleasantly mistaken. A hour or so went by and I had caught up on all my duties so I was back in the overflow dining room sipping on another cola once again, trying to stay awake when Donna came in. The other worker had went to the restroom so Donna was covering for her and the restaurant was basically empty. She waltz in and says hi and proceeds to reach under her skirt and adjust her pantyhose. Inching her skirt up a little at a time she now has her thigh exposed over half way and I can just see the bottom of her panty clad bottom. Needless to say there was a stirring going on in my trousers under the table. I look up only to see Donna looking me straight in the eyes. Busted I thought caught red handed! And then she had the naughtiest smile come across her lips. She just stood there letting me see her beautiful thigh and panty line. A customer came down the line to the register and the show was over that fast. Whew I had to get up and fast!! My first thought was go downstairs to the break room where our lockers were and shoot that load that was starting to build up in my balls. But I thought I better not with just one person on the line at this time. So I went into the dish room and started washing a few pans that I had not gotten to yet. I am in there for just a few minutes when I feel this body up against my back at first I am startled then I realize it is Donna and she has her breast up against my back. She is reaching around to give me some dirty pans. I turn around and look down at her as I am six feet tall she smiles at me again and reaches up and kisses me on the lips. Now I had kissed girls but never a woman. There was something about her lips, they tasted …..So..So warm and wet and she smelled so womanly.

I eagerly kissed her back and as I did my hands naturally fell to her waist and then just dropped down to her backside. When my hands reached her bottom she slid into me pressing her perky breast against me. I thought she has to feel my cock pushing up against her. We kissed for what seemed like ten minutes but I am sure it was just a minute or so. And that fast she was gone again. I looked down at my bulging pants that was sticking straight out.

Thirty minutes or so goes bye and I am back in the dish room when Donna came in for no other reason than tease me some more. I did not mention that we also had a dish machine that was huge, the size of a small car that had a conveyor belt that made a big circle. I ask her to follow me behind the dish machine so I took her by the hand where no one could see us and we sneaked back there. We started passionately kissing with a huge amount of tongue. I was kissing her and she was sucking my tongue. My hands had slid down behind her and I pulled her skirt all the way up past her hips. My hands slid down and under her panties as I touched my first woman’s behind. It was so tight and tiny and warm. How I did not cum on myself I will never know. We were out of sight from our coworker but in all the excitement I had forgotten that we were standing in front of a huge window which ran from a couple feet from the floor to a couple feet from the ceiling. Anyone in the parking lot got quite a show let me tell you.

Soon the make out session was over and she had to go back out on the front line.

A short time later I ran into her in the back of the kitchen. I ask her if she would like to meet me in the basement? This is where we kept a good portion of stock, cups, napkins other dry goods etc. So we agreed to meet in about a hour downstairs in the break room. I thought that hour would never pass.

The time finally came and I went downstairs and waited. Soon I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. As Donna walked into the break room I met her and pulled her into my arms kissing her passionately on the lips. She started kissing back and then slid her warm tongue into my mouth. We stood there tongues swirling in each others mouth, I started backing her up towards a old sofa that the management had provided in the break room. Once we got there I just kind of let the passion take over. I ran my hands up under her skirt and slid my hands into and around the top of her pantyhose. And with one swift move I yanked her hose and panties all the way down to her ankles. I pushed her back onto the couch and as she sat down she kept asking me what I was doing? I then did something that I had only dreamed of. I buried my head between a woman’s legs. I started licking her wet pussy. The scent was overwhelming. It was a strong musky very aromatic and so sexual smelling it was the most awesome scent I had ever experienced. I thought I was going to cum on myself. Donna immediately took hold of my head and ears and started moving my tongue around and guiding me. She was moaning and telling me if I did not stop she would cum. I told her to cum let it go cum on my face. I wanted all of her juices I could get. I spread her lips open and ran my tongue inside of her warm pussy as far as I could get it. Then up and down her vagina. I went from the crack of her bung hole all the way to the top of her clitoris. Her pussy which had so much delicate slick juice oozing out of it. I went back to her clit and began nibbling and sucking on it like a woman does with a mans cock. I slid a finger inside her love tunnel and began rotating it and pulling it back out then pushing my finger back in. Donna started bucking her hips and started saying I am gonna cum I am gonna cum……I am cumming Bob I am cumming!!!!!!!!! Her body became stiff and she was squeezing my head between her thighs. She came over and over. I just kept licking and lapping her hole gathering as much of her nectar as I could. I had cum all over my face it was dripping off my nose my face was entirely coated. My underwear was soaked with pre-cum that was leaking out of the tip of my rock hard penis. This lasted approximately five minutes. She said we needed to go back upstairs and as she stood up I had my face lined up with her now matted hair. I was still kissing her as I reached down and started pulling her panties and panty hose up her legs. As her panties came up to my face I could not help to notice how turned on our making out had made her. Her panties had a huge wet spot right in the crotch and the scent was unbelievable!!! As I stood up and she adjusted her clothes she reached up and kissed me right on the lips slightly licking my lips and tasting her own cum that was all over me. I was so wrapped up in pleasing her that I gave no thought of getting pleased myself. Don’t get me wrong I love pumping out a creamy white load as much as any sixteen year old boy. But for me it was all about taking care of her first. I have been this way all of my life. As we walked back up stairs I ask if I could come over when we got off work and she said absolutely! She gave me her address and said if you are half as good with your dick as you are with your mouth she would not be able to stand it. I smiled and proudly told her she had not seen anything yet. The one thing I forgot to mention was I was a virgin a total virgin. Don’t get me wrong I had made love to hundreds of women (in my mind) while jerking off and looking at Playboy and Penthouse. Once upstairs she went back to work as did I. As the night went on I was mopping the floor in the lobby and I could not believe the scent that had filled my nostrils. My face felt like a glazed donut and I almost hyper ventilated constantly inhaling and enjoying the scent on my face.

Finally seven am came and I went home and got cleaned up. While cleaning up I was washing my cock and it felt so good I wanted to just blow a load all over the shower wall but I decided to wait. As I drove to Donna’s house and found the address I pulled into her drive to find a big house that was in somewhat disrepair. She met me at the door and showed me around the lower level of the house. She then took me by the hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom. Once there we quickly started kissing and she wasted no time with slipping her moist wet tongue inside my mouth. Soon we were shedding clothes and sliding into bed. The problem was I had gotten so nervous knowing I was going to have sex for real that I could only get half way hard. She crawled into bed her nipples standing out like pencil erasers oh my gosh they were so sexy. I slipped into bed with my back to her afraid she would see my semi erection. I immediately covered myself and rolled on my side towards her. We started kissing and I then began my descent on her ears nibbling and kissing her lobes. I started licking under her ears and nuzzling her neck. Her hair smelled so good and she wore it short so I was able to just keep kissing my way down her neck until I reached her shoulder. By this time my cock had started to respond to the exquisite feeling of being with such a sexual creature. I slid my hand up to her breast with those beautiful nipples. Donna responded with a long gasp, as I continued circling her nipples and rolling them between my thumb and finger. She was starting to squirm and rotate her small hips. I could once again smell that pungent sexy scent from her womanhood wafting up from underneath the covers. I soon reached her breast and placed my lips on her warm nipples. Another inhaling gasp came from Donna’s lips as I started to nibble and lightly suck on her oh so perky nipples. I slid my hand down towards her pubic mound. Donna was not shaved close and had a wonderful amount of downy hair. I started lightly stroking her now swollen clitoris as her hand found my now swollen cock. She began caressing and stroking me so slowly. She took the pre-cum that was now eagerly flowing out of the tip of my cock and lubricated her hand with it as she stroked me up and down. I had never felt a woman’s hand before on my cock and her hand was unreal. I was hoping that I did not shoot cum all over the inside of the covers before I got to experience my first woman. As I continued swirling my fingers on Donna’s swollen clit I moved my finger down towards her moist hole that was now flowing so copiously with her slippery juice. The only problem was I had gotten so excited that I kind of lost track of where my fingers was. I started looking and feeling for her vagina. I had reached her puckered little brown hole and as I was trying to insert my finger in her tight anus. Donna politely said uh hum I think you are to low lol….. I quickly brought my finger up a little and followed the stream that was trickling out of her well lubricated tunnel. Donna who had not stopped her slow steady stroking motion ask me if I wanted on top or for her to be on top? Looking back I now see how ridiculously stupid I sounded because I did not know if Donna knew I was a virgin. I looked her in the eye and said, you get on top I am always on top ha ha ha she quickly slid over and spread her legs as she slid down on my now slippery shaft. As she slid down onto my shaft I felt a twinge of pain I think I was so tense and afraid I was going to cum that I had pinched the tip close with my muscles. Once inside, her juice and mine began to mingle. She was riding my hard cock slowly and I was reaching up and kneading her breast as she became more aggressive. Soon she was moaning and sliding herself all the way down to the hilt. Our pubic bones and hair was bumping together becoming more and more matted as she was soon riding waves of orgasm. She was moaning and going faster and telling me she was cumming, bob I am cumming oh my gosh I am cumming!!!!!!!!!!!! And with that I too began to cum. I started spewing hot cum deep inside her. Blast after sweet blast I shot my load into this warm wet cavern of hers,

You could hear the sounds of suction and wetness as my cock plunged deep inside her. As we continued our joined union I could feel her cum and mine leaking out and now running down my swollen balls. Once we were both finished she collapsed on top of me her breast slippery with sweat. I reached down and placed my hands on the back of her hips as my spent cock slid out of her. I felt a gush of warm cum as my semen began to flow out of her.

We lay there and kissed for a while before we got up and got dressed.

This story is true and exactly as it happened.

Hope you enjoyed…………………………….

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