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This is a true story that happened when I was Back In Middle School, All the guys would hang out on the street corner in our city in front of the local candy store and during horse play I was pushed into the stores front window glass cracking it, when the store owner came out mad as hell he said that window cost $1200 dollars to replace and I have ten days to pay for it, with no job and living with my older sister who can hardly pay her rent and for being on probation for something stupid I did and not wanting to go to juvie jail I don’t know how to get out of this one. A few days later I was walking down the hall at school when I passed Valery, we started to talk and she said she heard of my problem and thinks she can help, she said her click of girl friends that she hangs out with gets together every few weeks and it’s her turn to entertain the group. she said she has an idea, she said that I’m a good looking guy with a great body and if I would model for the group in two sessions my group would pay the store owner, since most of the girls never saw a boy naked except maybe there little brothers they would love that, But you have to model completely nude for the examination. and if you agree I will go to the store and arrange to pay the owner in two installments, since I had No Choice I agreed, she said great my parents are going away for the week end and I have the house to myself, meet me there at five on Friday. Friday came and she let me In and told me the girls will be here at 7:30 so we sat down and had sodas and talked, she then told me to go to the bathroom and take a shower and come out wrapped in a towel we walked in the a large room that had a large table in the center with a mat and sheets on top, she had me get up on the table face up and tied my wrists and ankles spread eagle to the table legs, when I asked her what she was doing she said it’s safer so if the girls get to carried away I won’t fall off and get hurt, she took the towel and covered my mid section so nothing was exposed. a few minutes later I heard girls voices and the door bell rang then the girls walked in, valery greeted them and said girls tonight we have a boy modeling for us and when the nights over we will all know how a boys body works now go on in the other room and get around the table, when I saw the girls ,with me just covered with a towel my dick started to grow hard the girls just giggled and stared with big smiles on there faces, Valery asked Joanne a fat girl to go in the closet and take out the box with the feathers and ticklers so the girls can use them, then valery went to the head of the table and very slowly started to pull up the towel and remove it one girl yelled out “it’s so cute”looking at my dick standing at attention and all I wanted to do was get up and run but being tied spread eagle it was impossible for me to get loose from the bonds when I looked at the girls with big smiles on there faces and there eyes wide open and me red faced and embarrassed completely naked and helpless it was like I was a baby waiting to get diapered, Joanne the fat girl bent down and planted a big kiss on the tip of my dick then came the feathers, the girls tortured me with the feathers the other chubby girl Pat started to suck my dick this went on for hours, the girls slowly edged and masturbated me stopping just before I was to cum the more I struggled the more excited the girls would get. when they got finished Pat sucked my cock and I blew my load in her mouth and on her face. then they untied me and I thought it was over but the girls about ten of them had no trouble turning me over face down and tieing me again spread eagle and placing a cushion under me so my butt was raised up that’s when Joanne started to spank me but after 3 hard smacks valery stopped her then Joanne spread my butt cheeks and planted a big wet kiss on my asshole she said it looks so cute like a perfect star she couldn’t help but kiss it. finally after the girls finished playing with my asshole they slowly started to leave. Valery untied me and told me the girls loved it and can’t wait for the next time. PS I’ll write about what happened in a few weeks.