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put your self in my shoes, this is a story that myself and partner wrote together taking in turns to write paragraphs. hope enjoy as much as we did

There is a group of people. Six couples. They have all been eating and drinking in the outdoors as it is hot and sunny. The air is charged with electricity as everyone knows why they are there. To please each other and to be pleased. Genuine couples but don’t know each other. Lots of videos hooked up to screens but no taping equipment so can watch anything there and then but can’t be taped so that no one can walk away with anyones naughty secrets. The women are dressed to impress with undies to match.  There is more than one suggestion of bra,basque, stocking top showing.
You notice a woman putting cream onto her fellas back and you suggest I should go and help her. I walk over and  kneel down. I have to lift long dress up to kneel and so an showing stocking tops to anyone that wants to look. The woman gives me the oil and I help her. She suggests I do her blokes legs and after looking over at you, you nod and smile so I carry on.  I avoid his feet but work the oil into the rest of his legs starting at the ankles. I take my time and have reached his knees. ‘Either your shorts get rolled up, or I take them off’, I say.  He pops his button and says ‘be my guest. I should warn you though, I am commando’. I laugh and look over but you are lost. You are nodding excitedly and I knowyou will approve of anything I do. The woman just holds her hand out towards his fly as if to say.’be my guest’. I kneel te bloke up and look around. Everyone is watching and it is clear that I am going to be the one out of all of us to make the first move. I unzip fly and slip shorts down. At this there is a bit of cat callingandI am being egged on. However, I take my time and as his wife is getting his shorts off I oil my hands some more. ‘hmm, where was I’, I laugh and to everyones suprise I start rubbing the oil onto his thighs. His wife is now behind him and rubbing oil into his bum but is watching all the time making sure she misses nothing. I then have no choice and have to carry on or back out. Good job I have always been a dare devil!!! LOL
I rub through his groin and slowly cup his balls, there is a cheer again and I suspect that the party has just started. I check and you are still watching and I beckon you over. ‘Madam needs oil on her shoulders else she will burn in this heat’. You rub oil into your hnds whilst watching mecup his balls. You go to rub on me but I shake my head, ‘that madam’ and point to his wife. You raise an eyebrow and stand behind her ad rub oil into her shoulders, whilst she rubs oil into her hubbies butt and I am kneeling in front of him. You are both watching over his shoulder whilst I grab his cock and star wanking him.
(Bob) It is very clear from my trousers that I am very turned on watching you wank the man, you are doing it very slow and sensually making sure he is well and truely greased playing with the tip and cupping the balls at the same time. I am not aying too much attention to his wife, who clearly notices this and unbuttons her shirt and lets it fall to the flooe exposing her breast. I think these might need doing too she says and I start masaging her breasts whilst my eyes are firmly fixed still, watching what you are doing. It seems that everyone else is paying no attention to us either as they start to play out their own games. The man leans forward and runs his hand up your thigh and kisses your erect nipples through your shirt. You stop playing so that you can remove your top so that he can get to your skin then you start to wan him again. His wife turns around and says ‘I think it is time to have a look at you’, and starts to undo my trousers letting them slip to the floor. ‘hmm, she says. That has clearly liked someting it has seen, hasn’t it!’ Now I am stood there naked being looked at by several pairs of eyes. She looks at you as if seeking approval and say ‘yours is in my hand, it is only fair you should’. ‘I have no intention of hand dear’, she says and bends down and takes whole length in mouth. Then slowly pulls up licking tip. ‘Nice taste’, she says. ‘How’s yours dear’, she says to her hubbie. He quickly bends down and licks one stroke up your pussy lips. You arch your back and gasp. ‘Tastes damn fine and wanting to me’, he laughs.
So I turn around on all fours and say ‘You are right’, I say, ‘I am damp and wanting and waiting. But take me slowly I want this to take ages’. He lifts up and slides his cock easily into my pussy and really, really fucks me. He takes his cock out and rubs my clit with it, fucks me again, comes out and teases my arse withit and pops back in again. ‘You are soaked’, his whispers, and then takes cock out and movesme round for me to take him in my mouth so I am licking my cum off him and keeping him hard. His misses says ‘I will have some of that’, and starts licking his cock whilst I am cupping his balls. Whilst she is doing that you are fingering her pussy and sshe stops now and then to gasp. She licks his balls and says ‘that is asomething I have never tasted before’. I blush as am embarressed but she says not to besilly. the whole idea of party isto have fun and cum whoever you are with.
All the time I have been watching you, the couple and the people who are parting and the screens. I love watching myself on the screens and really feel like showing off but am not sure what to do.
(Bob) I see you looking around and say, ‘is it time for a differnet taset,lol’. I lift you and kiss you hard. All the time the womanis playing with mine and her hubbies cock. I push my still wet fingers into the side of your mouth,whilst still kissing you, so that you can taste her juices. We then move a little away and I genttly lover you doen onto a blanket on the floor. Alleyes are on you now. Everyone is gathered around in a circle. I kneel between your legs and lift your skirt up and enter you, where I stay still, soaking up your juices. ‘Do you like being watched then?’, I ask and you nod. Then there is a big shout t hough. ‘We can’t see. Take her skirt off!.’ I look at you for approval but before you can give it four men move forward ans start to removeyour clothes, lifting you off floor so they can remove your skirt and nix so you are naked. I just stand watching you in all your glory.

So you have two men holding your top half in the air and two men your legs, but both are supporting your butt so not uncomfortable. You are now ocmpletely naked in the air with your legs apart. I start to lick your open pussy. Thats better the men say now we can see. You star to moan with pleasure as my tongue darts inside . The men at the top arenowplaying with your tits and one sucks nipple hard and bites down.One of the bottom men start to rub your clit whilst I lick you. The other man points to your one leg and asks me to hold it or a minute as he would like to have a feel. I hold your leg whilst he positions himself. Your head is leaning back and you can see the looks of delight on the onlookers faces but can’t see what is going on in front of you. You feel fingers touch your pussy and open your lips and you await the hot tongue to follow. Its hot but it is not his tongue he plunges his hard cock deep into your pussy, he pulls you towards him so you have his full length inside you and then starts to pump you, not too hard but deep.You comeloudly and your muscles contract around his cock at this point and it is too much for him and at that he shoots his load to cheers from the crowd. You go limp and he moves away but before you catch your breath your pussy is filled once again, and again you  cum and so does he. As he draws out I can see cum dripping from you. I ask if your OK and you smile so I take my place in your pussy and your juice, mixed with their cum makes me cum quick and you are then laid on the ground to rest.
‘OK, folks, time to take this pary indoors’ someone says. We all gather our clothes which were ditched and holding hands you and I walk inside. We have no idea why things are being taken inside but just follow everyone else. ‘Men are to strip if not already and women to strip to undies or nked, whatever suits’. Everyone does what they are asked and then we all male our way into a big lounge. There are mats on the floor pushed together, sort of making a massive bed. ‘You are all to sit crossed legged or knelt infront of the mats. It doesn’t matter where so sit, with your partners or without, it is irrelivent who you sit by as it has nothing to do with who you are goingg to be playing with’.
Couples all sit together again and are excited and waiting to see what is happening. Someone comes around and places a token in our hands. The host rolls a dice and calls out a number. We look to see who has the number and this person becomes ‘the boss’. 3 is rolled and a woman is guided onto the floor. You have a choicenow of three itmes. Either a vibe,a blindfold or a pair of stockings.  She choses and item and then are told You now throw a dice and this will decide how many people you are going to play with. She rolls a dice and has the number 3. She isn’t allowed to choose her playmates though. She has to roll until she has three new numbers and that is how the people are chosen. They have fun together with everyone else watching.
Everyone is The watchers can play with themselves, and each other, but are not allowed to cum. The only cumming has to be on the mat. There are a couple of goes and then an 8 is chosen which means I have to go and join in with a couple of men where the one chose stockings. I am feeling anxious but aswell, like outside, feel like I want to show off. The chosen bloke is in charge and promptly ties my hands behind my back.  He then pushes and rolls me over so that I am on all fours. ‘Suck me bitch he says and fucks my mouth. He is in charge and tells otherbloke to push his fingers hard into my pussy. I can hardly breathe and as keep cumming on other blokes fingers am starting to feel worn out when the boss suddenly pulls out and shoots all over my face. The other bloke takes his fingers put, smacks my arse and says it is our turn over and time for someone else.
The dice is chosen for the boss.  It is an 8 which means me. I choose the blindfold and throw the dice. It is a three, three playmates. To my pleasure I have thrown, and chosen 2 men and one woman. People are suprised to see that I have chosen to blindfold my self. How I see it though is I won’t be embarressed and maybe will loose inhibition more so.
I ask the gamesmaster to allocate the three people to three different tasks but ask that I don’t know who has which task.  All I know is someone is going to be licked and sucked by me, I am going to be licked and sucked by someone and someone is going to finger me.
I am lay down with my back against the floor, kneesup andwaiting, knowing that someone is about to lick and suck me whilst people are watching and I am not even sure if it will be a man or a woman!!!  Whoever it is knows exactly how to please a woman and have every bit licked and scuked and licked somemore.  I am not sure if I am allowed to cum and although I try not to I cum several times and then someone shouts it is the next persons turn. I have to lick andsuck them. OMG I am so nervouse. I am about to lick and suck someone and have no idea if I am about to have a cock or pussy shoved into my mouth. Right now I am not sure what I want either. I kneel up and think I am slightly please when I have a cock pushed into my mouth. As my hands are free I can now give head to a bloke and play with his balls, wanking and stroking and after awhile I feel him stifen. I am still not sure about rules but am passed caring and bare down on his cock so that I can feel cum shoot to the back of my throat.  To my pleasure the game isn’t stopped (think know it must be when the boss is well satisfied). I am now sat downwith knees apart waitingto be fingered by the other person. It has nowdawned on me that I have either been licked and sucked by a woman or am about to be fingered by one. I am really nervous noe but am very excited too. I feel a long slender finge going into my pussy and then another joining it. Whoever it is has sat behind me to do this and is kissing thee back of my neck at the same time. They are wanking me slowly and with there other hand start wanking my clit. My back is arching as I am torn between thinking only a bloke could make me feel this good and only a woman could wank a clit asgood asthat. Either way I clearly cum a cuple of times and the game is bought to a stop. I wait to take my blindfold off and when I do everyone is sat back down. I look at you and you look totally amazed. As I go and sit  down next to you I ask the all important question.’What did the woman do to me’, but before you answer the dice has been thrown and it is a 10 which means you have been chosen now to be the boss. You throw a 3 and so now you have 3 playmates!!! 
You get three people. So it has to be two women and 1 bloke. And you choose a vibe. You first of all get the one woman to use the toy on the other woman. The other bloke to tell to stick his cock in one of the womens mouths and you do the same with the empty mouth. Play will stop when you cum so you don’t go to far and after a couple of minutes stop. You then sit down on the floor and get the women to lick, suck and play with your cock and balls. Whilst doing that the other bloke is keeping himself hard by wanking himself. You are spoilt by the women and struggling not to cum when someone says you aren’t being fair on the other man. You ahve to do something to entertain and have to decide quick.
You get the bloke to lie on the floor and the one woman rides him, she is almost lying on top of him and he holds her butt cheeks open. You shove your stiffy into her arse and the other woman stands infront of you. So girl is riding bloke, you are riding one girl whilst licking and as soon as you cum off in her arse it is time to roll the dice again.

(Bob) The die is rolled and it is the man who just got rode that has to be boss. He choses the two and a blindfold.  He rolls an 8 which is you again  and then my number. We are going to be someone elses playmates, together. He first of all tells me to lie down, which I do. He tells you to sit on my face.  You lower your soacking wet pussy onto my face and he puts his cock inside your mouth. You ride my tongue and he gets a gobble and its clear you are cumming although difficult to tell as you have your mouth full. ‘I believe this end has been used enought tonight, so far’, he says and pulls out of your mouth. You look at him waiting for instructions but he kneels between my legs and looks like he is going down on me! He stops and says ‘sit here’ to you and points to my cock. You do as he has instructed and as soon as you sit on me he starts to lick your clit and you start to writhe on my cock. I can’t take it and empty myself into you. We assume the game is overbut he says ‘thats not fair, it is my turn’. He orders you onto all fours and enters you and tells you to suck me clean. You clean your cum off me and he emptys his load into you. He moves away and plays with your with pussy his fingers so everyone can see the cum dripping out of you.
Everyone has a break, showers, chills out, eats, drinks, sucks, plays whatever and after some time it is back to the mats fr the finale. I think you will agree that it is prob only fair that everyone joins in. So pretty muh there is no boss and no holes barred (literally). Props are there if they want to be used. A few people go into the middle and we watch for a while. No holes barred sex, oral, anal, and bi.
You pull me to my feet and take me to the edge of a few bodies. You point to a woman who is on all fours and is giving head to a bloke. You then say ‘your first time on the mat, when you were blindfold it was her that ate your pussy and I would love now for you to return the favour. I swallow hard but know it is a one off so smile and making sure she knows I am approaching her and it is ok with her I lie on my back, at a right angle so that I am under her tummy. I left my hand up towards her pussy and, knowing you are watching, I stroke down her with the flat of my hand a few times and then I curl my finger up through her pubesand the folds of her skin and push one finger inside of her. I work it a little and feeling how wet she is I slip another finger in so that I can wank her with two fingers. She moves her hips too and seems to be enjoying the thythm. I lift my head up to reach her with my tongue and when she realises what I am doing she lowers her self down to meet me half way. You are still watching and can see my tongue dart out and into her flesh. I am lost, licking and sucking her clit and then I feel you move and you say ‘copy me’. I thought I had been doing ok but as soon as you start giving me head and I follow your movements she starts writhing and shudders as she cums.
I move from under her so that she can rest properly and she comes up for air and says thank you. You are fingering me now and the bloke comes over that we had been with before. He says thanks for before and he was sorry he had a bit of a go at you cumming before him and that he was just frustrated.  ‘It is OK’, you say, ‘I got a bit carried away and over excited’.  The bloke asks why particularly and you blush and explain that at one point you thought he was going down on you. He raises an eyebrow and is clearly thinking about it when the woman I have just given oral to says she would like to watch that too. You can tell the bloke is not sure and asI know you are keen to try I suggest that you should give him head instead.  You say you don’t mind and he says he doesn’t mind that way around and so that is settled. He moves to kneel and the other girl and I lean forward at the same time to hold the man. We take turns stroking him and bringing him nice and hard. When he is stiff I lean forward and kiss the tip of his cock and the other one does the same. We movenow so there is one of us behind each of his shoulders so that we can both watch.  You move over and tentively start licking and kissing his cock and just as you start sucking I move for a moment and come back with the blindfold. You look up and I put a finger to my mouth, and you carry on as I blindfold you. Your sucking the bloke, blindfolded, and then feel something being pressed agains your arse. You stiffen but don’t stop sucking the loke and then you feel whatever it is being pushed into you. Whatever it is,  it is damp with lube and so you are fucked, whilst sucking until you come and so does the bloke infront of you. 
So, we are sated and so is everyone else. We start walking back to the car park and you say, we tried it, we don’t have to do it again. What went on in the big house, stays in the big house and we don’t need to talk about it again. I readily agree and we get to the car. ‘So’, you say, ‘what exactly did I take in my arse?’.
‘Babe’, what went on in the big house, stays in the big house’. I really laugh out loud