the 2nd time showing my big boobs pt.2 dancing

Hi, my name is Lori and this is another of my stories. This took place a little over 10 years ago while my boyfriend Joe and I were on a vacation.

The previous evening, I had stripped at a club full of men for the first time and I was still shaking a little from adrenaline. It was 6 A.M. and I was wired. I got up and showered, when I got out Joe was up. He got a quick shower and we decided to go for breakfast. I put on a hot pink spaghetti strap top and a pair of white shorts.

For those that haven’t read my other story, I’m 5 foot 6 inches tall with dark hair, blue eyes. I weigh about 135 pounds, I have very well developed thighs, legs, and a tight tush from years of cycling. I have 38DDs boobs that over flow the cup a little, well no, they over flow a lot. I should get bigger bras but I refuse to admit I’m bigger than a DD. My nipples are usually semi hard and about 1/4 inch long but will swell to 1/2 inch, sometimes more, when I’m aroused. It’s hard to hide them in snug clothing. My aureoles are close to 4 inches round. I am not fat or skinny but Joe says I have all the right curves. I have never had children so my belly is still fairly flat, but my large boobs hang and sag just a little.

We went to breakfast and the waiter kept staring at my chest. My response was to pull the top down and my boobs up to show as much cleavage as possible. Joe loved it and kept encouraging me. I even let my aureola peek out a bit. We enjoyed teasing, finished our meal and returned to the room. We began discussing what to do for the day. I suggested a walk on the beach and maybe going to some of the shops on the way back. Joe said sure. I wanted to change my top before leaving. I really wanted to show off my boobs again, but I knew there could be families around.

I put on my hot pink shorts, and a white halter top that was very stretchy. It had a deep u neck on it and showed about half my cleavage. The top was very snug in the chest and I thought it might be able to hold my boobs without a bra. Off came the bra !! I looked in the mirror and it didn’t seem too ob seine. I jumped around a little and shook my chest. Lots of jiggling was obvious. Perfect I thought, I can be under control when needed or I could get my boobs bouncing if desired.

Joe smiled when I came out of the bathroom, I asked if he was ready and out we went. Joe watched as I bounced down the steps. My nipples were hard but not terribly noticeable. We passed a few people on the way to the beach including a family with 2 older teen boys. The boys were lagging back a ways from their parents. I noticed them peeking at me. Once we passed their parents, I put a whole bunch of bounce, jiggle and shaking in my step. I got my boobs into a nice rhythm and the boys just stared as I passed by. Joe just smiled and enjoyed the show.

We got to the beach and walked a while holding hands. We passed a bar selling margarita’s and got 2. As we walked and sipped our drinks Joe and I chatted. He said that I really seemed to be into showing off my big boobs. I could not deny it. I told Joe I wished I was topless now so everyone could see exactly what my they look like. There were way too many children around for that so we headed to the shopping district. We passed a Clothing store that had a beautiful sundress in the widow and I wanted to look at it. It was very nice but poorly made so we browsed.

I soon found a flimsy little black top that I just lusted for. It was very thin, looped around my head and tied in the back. There was a thin sparkling 4″ chain between my boobs that held 2 flaps of fabric about 10 inches wide that went down to my hips. I loved the open back and the fact that you could see all of my cleavage and get peeks of side and under boob! I decided I had to have it.

I kept envisioning dancing with Joe while wearing it, flashing my big swinging tits as we dance. I didn’t show it to Joe and browsed a little more. I found a nice black button up sweater. It had a large holed lace pattern to it and I thought it would go nicely over the black top when we went out that night.

At this point my nipples were hard and impossible to hide. I went to the counter and let the nice young cashier check me out. Check me out he did! He openly stared at my boobs and nipples pushing into the top. I made sure to keep my chest pushed out as he rang my purchases up. Joe loved the attention I was getting.

We eventually finished our shopping and got lunch. We decided to take a nice run for the afternoon. I kept the same outfit on for the jog. I bounced, jiggled and flopped for about 2 miles. It was a little painful, but I loved it. I loved the gawkers and whistles I got as we ran. We were going by a construction site. Some of the guys were watching as we went by.

Joe said, “Flash them your tits”

I looked and not many people were around. It seemed like the whole crew had notice me and was watching now. I smiled at Joe, stopped for a second and took my top completely off. The guys hooted, and then I continued running for a bit with my big boobs out for them to watch. They bounced and flopped all over the place as I jogged. I had never jogged topless before and the girls really moved around with out the restrictions of a top or bra. The guys cheered and whistled. I stopped and faced them, did 3 or 4 jumping jacks and then put my top back on.

Joe said, “Well that was a hell of a flash!”

We could hear the guys cheer for some time as we jogged back to the hotel. When we got to our room, Joe was all over me. He had me stand in front of the window and stripped me. I heard him take his shorts off, and he stood behind me. I was dripping in anticipation. He slowly put his hard cock against my pussy lips, I moaned. He popped the tip in and paused to grabbed my tits. I looked out the window as he pushed his cock slowly into me. Traffic was going by but it was going to fast for them to see us. Joe groped my tits like a teenager playing with boobs for the first time. I close my eyes as he started pounding me.

Joe took his hands from my tits and grabbed my elbows, he knows I love this position. It forces me to stick my chest out. Our room was on the 2nd floor and had a big picture window that overlooked the road. I opened my eyes to find I was making eye contact with a guy that was walking by. His mouth was slightly open, and I could feel my big tits slapping against me as they bounced up and down from Joe’s pounding. I then noticed traffic had stopped For the light. Many people were right in front of us. I moaned as I had a huge orgasm. When I looked again traffic was moving but the guy was watching us in the window. That was a little too much for Joe, he pulled out. He closed the blinds a little and I bent over and took him in my mouth.

The curtain only closed enough to hide Joe, I could still be seen in the window. I put my hand on Joe’s hips and fucked him with my mouth. My boobs dangled and jiggled around nicely. I looked to see if I still the man was still watching. He was and traffic was stopped again. I started to make my boobs flop around then and sucked hard.

Joe groaned as he came in my mouth, I did my best to take it like all. I continued to gently suck him for a while after he came. After a bit I closed the curtains all the way. Pushing Joe on the bed, I mounted him and rode him until he burst inside me.

We fell asleep on the bed for quite awhile. It was 6:30 or so when I woke up. Joe had showered, he came over and kissed me deeply as he squeezed my boobs. I asked about supper, he told me to get a shower and he would make reservations. I showered and touched up my pubes to be sure there was no hair and got dressed.

I wore a thin white top, no bra and a black skirt for supper. We ate and had a few drinks and Joe asked what my plan was for the night. I told him I felt like dancing for a while. I told Joe I needed to change my clothes to go dancing. We went back to the hotel and changed.

I got out my new top and sweater followed by a pink mini skirt and black fishnets. I absolutely loved the black top, I never knew when I might flop a boob out! I put the sweater on, checked my hair and makeup and out we went. Joe said I looked stunning and he knew I was braless, but he couldn’t make out the top underneath the sweater.

We stopped at a few bars on the way and ended up going past the strip clip I danced at last night. Joe went to the bouncer and talked for a moment. Then he was back and we were off. He said he asked the bouncer where a good dance club might be. Unknown to me Joe actually asked him if there was a dance club around that would let me go a little wild.

The bouncer told him of a swing club that was normal dancing until 10:30, then they shut the outside lights off and close the blinds. After 10:30 the swing club opened and people could go wild. We got to the club and it looked normal to me. We got some drinks and found an empty table to put them on. We drank and danced and were having a great time.

I was just thinking about taking off my sweater when the dj came on. He said something like “Ok ladies and gents, the time has come for the club to change. If your not here to play then you might want to leave.”

I gave Joe a confused look. He smiled. I then noticed several women taking their tops off and flaunting skimpy bra’s. Some guys took their shirts off too. I was speechless. Couples started getting on the dance floor in various states of undress. Joe asked if I’d like to go dance some more.

“Hell yes,” I replied, “But hold on I want to take off my sweater.”

Joe was shocked when he saw my new top. I was sure I flashed when I took the sweater off. Joe took my hand and led me to the floor. We started on a slow song, but some faster ones soon came on. I bounced, shook and flopped my boobs around as we danced. It felt wonderful as my boobs moved around. I was getting lots of looks and flashing a lot of skin.

We danced for several dances and then took a break. Joe and I chatted and he told me it was a swing club. We both agreed we were not here looking for other people, it was just a place for me to let loose. Shortly after a man came up and refreshed our drinks. We chatted for a bit and he asked me to dance. Joe smiled, and I said sure.

His name was Ron, he said he was here for a work conference. He was a good dancer. The Bengals song “We got the beat” came on. We both got into it. I looked towards Joe he was watching and smiling. I put my hands over my head and jumped around to the beat. Both Joe and Ron got eyefuls of my dancing tits. I even saw my aureola a couple time.

A slower song came on, Ron and I continued to dance. He started brushing my tits, and pushing on my side boob. I told him I wasn’t here for sex and he seemed disappointed. I put my hands around Ron’s neck.

“You can touch them if you want to,” I said.

I looked at Joe as Ron’s hands moved up to my breasts. He squeezed. I moaned. He grabbed handful after handful as we slow danced. A faster number came on and Ron kept holding and groping my boobs.

“I love how they jiggle in my hands,” he said.

When the song ended we went back to the table. Joe was smiling……..

Part 3 coming soon. I go a little wild!