Sniffing my Sister’s socks Brings Punishment and Cumblasts

This is based on a true story. All the participants in this story are of or over the age of 18. This is intended for adults only. The names have been changed to protect the privacy of the people involved. Some of the scened are dramatized to enhance the story. Enjoy!

“Have you seen my pink socks Jon?” Anna shouted from her bedroom. “Those are my lucky socks, I can’t win without them” She said as she prepared for her track meet.

My sister Anna unintentionally waited for the last minute often before heading out to her track meets. Directly across from hers, I watched from my bedroom as she nervously searched for her lucky pair of nike light pink cotton ankle socks that she hadn’t washed all school year. She owned those socks since Freshman year of high school and started to slightly outgrow them. Anna was 22 years old now and competed in two different track events at her College where she commuted to; the 200 Meter Dash and the 2,000 Meter Run. At 5’3”, shapely and petite, also blonde with gorgeous little size 5 slender high arched feet, it always amazed me that she could do both the sprints and the long distances in her track meets. She wasn’t always able to endure the completely two different running styles from her meets until she started to wear a pair of pink cotton ankle socks. She was religious about these socks, she wore them to almost every track practice and to every meet. After she got them, she would always tell everyone that these socks helped her win. She stopped washing them one week during her Junior year of high school when Anna and her team had to travel to another state for a tournament style track event. During that week she won 1st place in both events which she never had done before. Since then, she decided to always wear those pink socks to when she ran and told my family to never wash them until her seasons would end. Having a huge foot fetish this drove me wild.

“Hurry up, we are going to be late!” I exclaimed before getting the car keys eagerly ready to leave the house.

“Hold on!” Anna yelled back as she looked all around her room struggling for about 10 minutes then finally checking under her bed. “Why are they under here?” She said confused.

“Maybe there is a ghost in your room” I said in a dubious and slightly annoyed tone.

“I put them in my drawer like I always do, did someone go through my room?” She responded holding her socks in front of her and feeling a little insulted.

Little did she know every night after she fell asleep I would sneak into her room and open her sock drawer and sniff those beautiful soft pink ankle socks. Sometimes I would bring them to my room and inhale the 8 years of history my sister’s sweat drenched pink worn socks held. Smelling my sister’s socks felt like heaven flowing through my nostrils especially toward the end of the year. My sister’s scented cotton socks reeked of salted pervasive sweat accompanied by a sweet cheesy coconut aroma. Breathing in lungful after lungful of Anna’s fragrant size 4.5 dry sweat soaked light pink cotton socks would make me hard as a rock. I would try to imagine her beautiful huge arches and her long delicate toes on such a small foot while I sniffed them. Wanking to my sister’s beautiful smelly socks while she slept always made me lose my mind. I nearly came in her room several times while she slept often when her feet would stick out from under the covers. I would eventually orgasm in my room across the hall to avoid being caught. Usually I would sneakily put her socks back into her drawer where she usually had them but last night as I made my way back in her room to return her pink socks I heard movement and threw them under her bed in panic.

“Maybe Mom tried to put them in the wash, like Jesus I can smell them from here!” I said pretending to be disgusted.

“Hmmm” she said pondering the idea yet looked agitated because of how important they were to her. “I’ll ask her when we get back, we are short on time lets go!” Anna said as she grabbed her sports bag and bolted out her room.

Anna put on her lucky pink socks in the hallway and we hurried out the house. As we drove to her track meet I couldn’t help but notice the pungent yet sweet aroma coming from her tightly laced gym shoes sending a bolt of pleasure run through my body. As the smell drove me to glance at her feet, I noticed Anna had two different pairs of running shoes on each foot; her low cut neon yellow sprinting shoes tightly fitted her left foot and her low cut bright pink jogging shoes contoured her right.

“You trying a new style?” I laughed pointing at her unmatched shoes trying to distract her from my half erect penis.

“Oh god, I’m all over the place” She said laughing as she kicked off both shoes. She then grabbed a jar of coconut oil out of her sports bag.

“Whats that for?” I asked, looking at the half filled jar already knowing that she always put coconut oil on her feet before and after track.

The car was gradually filling with my sister’s foot aroma and made its way to my nose making my olfactory senses send a huge jolt of pleasure to my brain and body. The delicious smell of my sister’s foot odor started to drain blood from my brain and directed it to my continuously hardening rod.

“I need to keep my luck!” Anna said excited. “It keeps my sock on my foot when I run. These little socks are starting to get too small on me” She explained as she slowly peeled off her left sock.

I couldn’t help but watch her as she removed her sock and flung it to the bottom of the car. Anna removed the cap from the jar and started to apply coconut oil on the little soft feminine contours of her lovely sole. For being an athlete, I appreciated how well she took care of her feet. As I stared at my sisters foot, I could see nothing but soft gentle delicate skin from heel to toe. The toenails on her long sensual toes looked like they had just been filed and polished while her arches were beautifully curved which formed a cleavage just below her toes at the origin of the ball of her foot. I stopped and realized that compared to all the feet I have seen in my life my sister’s were the best. The car now was full of Anna’s stinky sock aroma and combined with the smell of sweet coconut oil glistening over her moist gentle sole made it nearly impossible to hide my raging boner. Realizing we were nearing close to Anna’s track meet I forced my eyes away from my sister’s foot and focused on the road. With all my strength and willpower, I strained my head to stay focused on the road while Anna stripped off her right sock revealing yet more of her magnificent scent into my nostrils. As I tried to ignore my sisters tremendous tease I could feel precum escape from my solid penis pinned inside my jeans.

“Here we are” I said doing the best I could to hide the enormous pleasure in my body. We arrived at her track meet and Anna had finished putting coconut oil on her feet and put her lucky pink socks back on eventually lacing up her neon yellow dash shoes on both feet. “I’ll drop you off here I’ll go find parking” I said anxiously trying not to display my throbbing boner straining against my jeans.

“Ok! Sounds good, wish me luck! Don’t miss me out there!” She said playfully. She got out the car then jogged onto the field to meet with her teammates and warm up.

Parking was hard to find and it gave me enough time to let my boner subside. I eventually found a spot and walked from the parking lot to see my sister race in her events. I had missed her 200 Meter Dash and found a spot in the stands to watch her race the 2,000 Meter Run. As her event started, I imagined how each runners feet looked like. I stared at my sisters pink jogging shoes as she ran the long race and began to recall how beautiful my her feet looked in the car. I imagined how sweaty they must have been while she ran lap after lap on that track. I pictured that with every step, more sweat sapped out of my sister’s foot would add to the months of sweat that accumulated in her pink cotton socks throughout the year. This just made me more excited and I started to become half erect. I saw her win 3rd place which was a big deal because this was her school’s last event and they had worked really hard to get there. I thought about this being her final race of the season and realized this was the last day that her lucky pink cotton socks would marinate in her sweet and sweaty divine foot nectar.

As time passed and she said goodbye’s to her teammates and coaches, she met up with me and gave me a big hug.

“Great job Anna!” I said in excitement, proud that she had made 3rd place. Soon that proud feeling was overcome by a distraction from the overwhelming odor seeping through her pink running shoes. Her sweaty socks filled through her shoes and into the atmosphere. My sister’s socks must have sponged up a cheesy sweet coconut sweaty balm created by the mixture of her foot juices and coconut oil within the cotton fabric of her pink socks, they must have hugged her feet tightly inside her shoes.

“Thanks! I can’t believe its over, I hope next year is better!” She said with joy and a small amount of disappointment.

After a little more small talk with her friends and coaches we finally headed for home. Both of us knew our parents were gone for the night for they told us they were staying late for work earlier that day. When we got home my sister laid her back on the couch out of exhaustion from the track meet. I sat at the other end of the couch, her feet to my right, next to my right leg.

“Ugh, I need a shower! I’m so worn out” She said.

“Those socks are worn out” I said, again pretending to be disgusted. “I can’t believe you haven’t washed them since the start of school” I said in shock.

“190 days to be exact!” she said with a mixture of pride and repugnance. “But hey, they helped me win 3rd place this year!” She continued, feeling more proud. “Honestly, I would have gotten 1st place if I took them out of my drawer today. It’s so odd. Why would they be under my bed?” She continued with curiosity and concern.

Anxiety began creep through me. I didn’t know what to do or say and felt an overwhelming sensation of guilt. I glanced at her shoes that she hadn’t taken off yet and attempted to ignore the familiar smell of my sister’s breathtaking sweat filled stink coming from her sensational cotton pink socks. I turned on the TV so I could distract myself from her beautiful foot aroma.

“Its the ghost” I said trying to play off my anxiety of being caught and the painful attempt to take no notice of her alluring smell radiating through her shoes.

“Hmmm… whatever. All I know is that I need a shower” She said nonchalantly as she immediately got up and went to her room.

I felt a huge relief as she left the couch, I then continued to watch TV. After about 20 minutes my sister came out of the shower and was wearing a big grey T-shirt and black leggings. She sat back on the couch in the position she was in before, once again, her feet by my right leg but this time she exposed her bare soft and supple little arched feet . With her tiny cute bare feet so close to me I couldn’t help but glance at Anna’s smooth soles. Looking at her size 5 feet, all I could do was admire how round her arches were. The cleavage just below her long gentle toes made me want to bury my face in them right then and there. As I stared deeply into her small curvy luscious feet I began to feel blood rushing to my cock and felt a deep sense of pleasure all over my body. I felt a tingling in my balls and realized precum was trickling out of my penis and made a small wet spot in my boxers. My jeans pressed against my hard erection and made it difficult to move. My gaze upon my older sisters succulent little feet was broken when she looked at me and said:

“I need to do some laundry” With a reluctant look she turned on her side and went into fetus position trying to get more comfortable.

“Me too” Responding a little too willingly. “How about I put your laundry in with mine” I said in hopes I could finally get a hold of those still wet sweat soaked pink socks for one last time before they washed.

“Uh… Okay… That would be great. Everything is in the hamper” She replied not sure why I was excited.

I got up trying so hard to hide my stiff hard on. I couldn’t believe how hard I was just from looking at my sister’s clean delicate feet. As I got up, my fully erect penis tried so hard to burst through my pants but the thick jeans compressed my meat in a painful resistance. Once I got to her room, I looked at her hamper and saw her beautifully worn stinky socks rested on the top of her clothes. Those entrancing 8 year worn sweat infused pink cotton socks made me excited to know that they hadn’t been washed for a little over 6 months. The thought of this drove me insane. The precum in my pants now flowed out of my solid steel erection and pushed against my jeans so tightly it formed a tent at my crotch and displayed a wet spot on my pants. I immediately grabbed both socks and put them right to my face. They were still wet from the track meet and had a buttery feel inside them from the coconut oil she had put on earlier. With each whiff, I inhaled as much of her buttery coconut cheesy sweat balm as I could, breathing in the fumes like they were more important than oxygen. I felt a rush of hormones flow all through my brain and body. I let the smell engulf all my senses. I closed my eyes and used all I could to take in every sweat drop that ever landed inside the fabric of my sister’s amazing Goddess-like socks which revealed yet another jolt of pleasure through my body. I felt like my cock was going to rip through my jeans. I couldn’t hold it any longer! The accumulation of 6 months worth of the sweat drenched cotton made it feel like the socks seeped of my sister’s pungent foot marinade. I unzipped my jeans and quickly began to stroke my cock, my penis had precum readily flowing out my tip and I didn’t care. Since my precum nearly hit the floor in my sister’s room I quickly wrapped her balmy sweat foot-buttered soaked sock on my rod and put her other sock directly in my mouth. Shivers ran all throughout my body as I furiously fucked my sister’s smooth rich and whipped viscous foot nectar seeping from each strand of her cotton socks. The taste of Anna’s sock in my mouth was the most astonishing flavor in the world. While I fucked her sock vigorously, I did the best I could to taste all of her foot juices. I devoured that small sugary yet tangy thin cotton sock like it was my last meal. The creamy combination of her coconut oil mixed with her cheesy foot-sweat syrup filled my mouth and poured into my tastebuds with profound magnificence. I was in bliss, finally able to fuck and suck my sisters beautiful well worn soft sweat drenched socks that had marinated in her deliciously sweaty foot fluids for over 6 months. I couldn’t hold much longer, the feeling of an extremely enormous eruption was about to take place and I had no where to go. As I brought myself to the brink of orgasm I heard my sister stomp in the room right behind me.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” She yelled completely horrified and disgusted.

I opened my eyes and turned around to see my sister furious and repulsed by me. I hunched over, had her pink sock wrapped around my cock with precum oozing out the top and the other sock in my mouth. I stood there motionless, deeply ashamed, and speechless.

“I… I…” I had nothing to say. I was caught red handed and felt an intense sadness build up inside me. “I’m sorry… I just…” And before I could finish, she closed and locked the door.

“What are you doing?” I asked her, still ashamed of being caught red handed.

“You’re in deep shit” my sister said in an angry tone. “I’m gonna tell Mom and Dad, I might just call the police!” She said plainly as she looked deeply into my eyes and crushing my soul.

“Anna please don’t! Please I beg you! I am truly sorry, I can’t help myself I just have a huge foot fetish!” I said doing the best I could to make things right. “Please! Anna”

“On your SISTER?!” Anna yelled still disgusted. “You have a foot fetish for your own sister!? Thats fucked up Jon! How could you?”

I didn’t know what to say. There I was, completely naked with one pink sock in my mouth and another cloaking my penis. I looked so dumb. I felt horrible and had no idea how to fix this. I looked down in torment, felt as if my world was over and prepared myself for endless misery.

“You’re going to pay for this!” She continued as she reached in her closet for something. “I will make sure you pay for this!” Anna yelled.

She pulled out four handcuffs placed them all around her knuckles and punched me in the face. The punch pushed me backwards and everything went immediately black. I woke up to find myself completely naked with my legs and arms handcuffed to each post of my sister’s bed. My sister was standing next to me and took photos of me on her phone.

“What are you…” I was immediately interrupted.

“Shut up! You’re fucked now pervert!” She said still in her grey T-shirt and black leggings but now with her unwashed lucky pink socks on. “I’m going to make you wish you never did this. If this is what your perverted fucking lowlife mind wants, I will make sure you will never want it again” She said with teary eyes and stared at me with pure rage.

As I laid there helpless and ashamed I watched my sister jump onto the bed.

“Why are you…” I started.

“SHUT UP!” She interrupted as she jammed her still damp reeking pink sock in my mouth. “This is what you wanted!” She said horrified by what she was doing. “If you say one word, I will ruin your life forever” She poked her foot out of my mouth and made sure I didn’t say anything.

I tried to break free from the handcuffs but could do nothing. I found a deep shame crawl upon me and realized that I was helpless. My sister had full control over me, and had revenge in her eyes. As I watched her peer over me, endless questions ran through my mind. Was she going to tell our parents? The police? Why did she take pictures? Why is she doing this?

On the bed, Anna took off her big grey T-shirt and revealed her ample curves. Her petite body was gorgeous and her breast looked like perfectly shaped C cups, with her nipples pointing straight ahead. Her luscious long blonde hair fell on her shoulders and around the sides of her breasts. She grabbed her breast and squeezed them together, knelt down on the bed and hovered my slowly filling penis. She did not once touch my penis yet and just continued to hover over my body while she exposed her flawless boobs. With a tear running down her cheek she then walked up to the top of the bed until she stood right over my face. As I squirmed and desperately looked to escape this trap, my sister slowly pulled down her black leggings. None of us saying a word she hovered her bare bulbous ass over my face and then walked back over to the end of the bed to sit in-between my legs, not once touching my cock or body yet. She sat, faced away from me, brought her ass within inches of my twitting penis and started to rock back and forth. She wore nothing but her lucky pink socks and continued to rock back and forth until my whole body was shaking with pleasure. Tingling sensations sprouted all throughout my body making my cock dribble precum onto my stomach.

“You fucking worthless lowlife sick excuse for a brother” my sister muttered as she saw how aroused I became.

My cock twitched repeatedly and dripped more precum as my sister continued to rock back and forth

just inches from my penis. I squirmed in a helpless effort to make any contact I could with my sister but as I got close enough Anna would push away. After 10 long minutes in this agony my penis now was suspended over a small pool of precum on my stomach, then my sister stood up once again and hovered her left foot right above my face. The sight of moist pink cotton that pressed against my sister’s immaculate foot-while it hovered over my face-filled my body with immense arousal that overcame the guilt and shame I felt earlier. My sister’s hovering foot sent wonderful fragrances into my nose which made me transfixed upon her beautiful contoured arches. Her long thin toes peeked through the cotton fabric and her high arches beautifully hugged the scented wet stink. Seeing how mesmerized I was by her stunning little feet, Anna began to wiggle her toes up and down. Her big toe tugged so tightly on the light pink fabric as she stretched up. her little toes followed in unison and flexed up to create a rhythm of pure sensuality. With precum still trickling down my shaft my sister then began to wiggle her slender toes like a wave. Starting with her big toe, her other toes followed and curled in and out masterfully like the ripple effect of dominoes falling on after another. Again I tried so hard to make contact with Anna and moved my face into her foot’s direction desperately trying to feel any sort of stimuli but she knew too well and drew back after every attempt.

“I can’t believe you are still hard from this, sicko” She said in anger.

Anna sat down to my left and then started to hover her sweaty saturated sock over my entire body until my cock twitched again. Less sad and more vexed she then hovered both her big toes over my sensitive penis. Her left foot hovered over the underside of my shaft while her right foot hovered over the other side of my extremely hard erection which dripped more precum. Anna then proceeded to go up and down inches from my robustly throbbed penis. As she kept going up and down, not once did my sister touch my penis. Bursts of pleasure ran all through my body. I started to breath heavy and couldn’t take the sight of my sister’s socked feet going up and down, faster and faster, so close to my cock that continued to ooze. I was dying of pleasure and humped the air like there was no tomorrow. I tried so hard to feel the slightest touch but my sister was so good at avoiding it. This torment was drove me insane, my heart pounded out of my chest, my head felt so light I started to see stars. Staring at my sister’s pink smelly socks going up and down had me flowing so much precum It looked like I was cumming. My body shook all over and I panted like a wild dog.

Anna kept torturing me like this for another 20 minutes and lividly screamed “FUCK THE AIR YOU PUSSY BITCH! Imagine your sister’s perfect little feet wrapped around your fucking dick! CUM ON THESE SOCKS LIKE YOU’VE ALWAYS DREAMED OF!

“MMMGGGRUmmpff” I panted louder and louder, I writhed and rattled like a crazed animal.

“GOD YOUR SO PATHETIC” She continued to yell. She tortured my penis like it was her lifes mission.

“AAAgghhhrrhmmmpf” I was so close to cumming bucket loads of hot white roped semen all over her bed! I just needed the slightest stimulation to touch my body.

And then she stopped completely. My whole stomach, pooled in precum, the slightest touch to my body would have helped me climax but my sister sat there and watched me squirm for a few minutes then left the room. She came back an hour later chuckling with an evil laugh at my flaccid penis.

“WHY” I screamed.

“I told you you were going to pay for this” My sister said with a firm tone and hatred in her eyes. “I told Mom and Dad that you ran away to our Aunt and Uncles house” She said. “They’ll be gone for 4 day looking for you up there. I will punish you until they come back” She stated as she had no doubt in her eyes that I was helpless.

Every hour my sister continued her tormenting hover technique exactly this way over my tired helpless body. For 3 consecutive days she never once touched my body. All the while she took pictures of my torturous agony. My body ached with pain and pleasure, my balls had swelled up and my precum had spilled over to parts of her bed. My sister continued to wear her pink cotton socks and tease me like this for what seemed like an eternity. On the fourth day, dehydrated, starving, and sleep deprived I deliriously looked at my sister still naked handcuffed and sprawled across the bed. She took off her clothes once more and left nothing on but her stinky pink socks. When she entered her room the oder of her socks aroused me so much I leaked precum before getting hard. My sister sat beside me once more and placed her socked toes into my nostrils. This was the first stimulation since she jammed her foot in my mouth 3 days ago. It made cock immediately stand up like a flag pole. Anna then placed her other stenched sock into my mouth. My cock was now trembling with enormous pleasure and was flowing precum eagerly because of the stimulation overload.

“Take off this sock with your teeth” My sister said fuming with darkness.

As I placed my teeth on her left sock my penis felt like it was going to burst. The pain and pleasure was making me convulse like I was having a seizure. It felt like I could feel nerves in my teeth, the fabric was so lovely. The pink cotton socks I once used to sniff felt like it merged with the very core of my DNA. She yanked her left foot from out of her sock making it dangle in between my teeth exposing her bare impeccably smooth feet. I marveled at her wondrous contours in her arches and traced my sisters flawless lines going along her soles to the cleavage of the ball of her foot. Her slim toes so close to my face revealed the tender touch of perfection I longed for. Without warning she used her toes on her right foot to take off her other stinky pink sock still on her left foot. This sent my whole body to have uncontrollable vibrations making me squirm like crazy. I humped and jiggled on the bed until my wrist were bruised and started to bleed. I panted through my nose, barely able to understand reality, I studied the beauty of my sisters bare feet hovering over my face with one sock that hung from my mouth. My penis quivered many times and felt harder than diamond. My balls ached to eject all that I had and wanted to shoot a masterful load for my sister: Goddess of feet.

“Time for your final punishment” She said as she stared deeply into my into my soul with raging emotion.

My sister sat by my side and used her her naked and arousing foot to shove her stinky sweat filled balmy pink cotton sock in my mouth. The flooding of my my sister’s savory tangy dried sweat filled sock flooded my tastebuds sending me instantly into violent orgasm. She watched me orgasm with her sock in my mouth, astonished at the site of cum shooting out my diamond-hard penis. My sister couldn’t believe thats all it took, she hadn’t even touched my penis yet. After 6 huge shots of semen continued to hit her ceiling, she lowered her gentle foot and with the slightest touch, placed her left big toe on the underside of my shaft near my aching balls. This stimulation led me to another powerful orgasm that squirted faster through the air painting her ceiling with rich white streams of cum. I never screamed louder in my entire life, as our naked bodes were covered by the dense milk of my abusive orgasms. My sister began to apply more stimulation. She drew her right foot closer to my spasming and erupting penis, placed it on the opposite side of her left foot near the base of my cock. She held my shooting cock with just her two lovely thin big toes until 15 loads hit her ceiling. As I screamed louder she then began to use both big toes to stroke my penis still barely touching it. The euphoria was too much to bear and made me see black for a few seconds. I exploded buckets of my cream all over us and over her dominating feet. As my sister started to see my orgasming cock spewing less semen into the air, she quickly grabbed my penis with all 10 of her long wondrous toes and held them there firmly without moving. Loads of cum started to increase again and shoot higher. I ravaged those toes making my cock erupt more into another savage orgasm while she still did not move or wiggle her toes around my shooting penis. My orgasm continued to cover her bed with tons of milky cream. Some streams landed on my face and eventually died down again. Just as I thought my orgasm was over, my sister used my semen as lube and finally wiggled her ten toes up and down my bursting cock, pushing forceful flows of cum out. The pain and pleasure was unbearable. I screeched and hollered for my sister to stop, but this only motivated her to use her slender toes faster. I didn’t know I was capable of orgasming this long or cumming this much. Just as I thought she would stop, with the cumshots getting less intense, her fast gliding toes still rubbed my popping cock. She let go of my still orgasming penis only to swiftly wrap her silky smooth soles around it again. The tight motionless grasp of my sister’s soles made my orgasm shoot hard and high into the sky again. Her angelic slimy and soft soles brought me immense pleasure and pain which sent me into a new realm of reality. Watching my sister’s soles enveloped over my exploding cock and witnessing floods of semen soar into the air gave me an out of body experience. The plentiful rivers of white sperm ejaculated from my body nearly hitting the ceiling again. Feeling like I flew back into my body I felt numb to the world but stuck in this tremendous episode of pure orgasmic bliss. My sister still had not moved her soles from her still and tight grip and waited for my orgasm to die down. After 10 more shots ejected from my loaded cock onto her soles of perfection it still remained bolting out of me just as strong as before. The splendiferous sensation of her bare soles gripping my cock made it impossible to stop shooting, so, bored and without warning she started to pump her slippery soles up and down my cock anyway. With each and every pump my balls drained twice as fast and spouted out cumshots with such force it made a smacking sound when it slapped the ceiling. My sister kept using her masterful soles to go up and down my shaft jetting semen shot after shot destroying her whole room. The sensation became too much and I blacked out for a few seconds, when I woke up, I saw my sister forcefully pumping my spraying cock with her high arched soles twice as fast as before. Her fast slippery angelic feet worked my cock so good I came like a water hose. As the semen jet stream remained constant my arms and legs were growing pale and I was hyperventilating. I passed out a second time waking up to my orgasm dying down but still hitting the ceiling with my cumblasts. My sister’s goddess soles still jerked me faster and faster until my orgasm eventually subsided. After what felt like a a 20 minute orgasm, my sister played with my cock with both her feet using her slender long toes to tickle my balls and her soles to rub my penis. Looking at the my sister with her petite size 5 feet covered in my cream made me cry out of utter beauty and admiration.

Coming back to my senses my body felt broken, my mind shattered, my family ruined. I laid back extremely fatigued, needing water and food. I couldn’t speak, I was so spent it felt like I was going to die from exhaustion. Shortly after the fourth day I woke up naked and crusty from my dried semen. Trying to free myself of the handcuffs I looked up and saw my parents looking at me in complete shock. My sister came in shortly after and pretended to be shocked as well. Once again caught, with a sock on my face, dried cum everywhere and tied to my sisters bed, I sure was truly fucked.