Sam wakes up

NOTE: Unlike any other story I’ve written in the past, which were all written while I was masturbating to porn and in a horny state, this story was written after orgasm.


Humans are essentially selfish. They go through their lives looking out for their own interests and even when they do look out for others, it’s only for the limited number of people they are capable of loving. This doesn’t make them bad. That’s just how humans are and that’s just how human society is.

But Sam was one of the few exceptions. A 32 year old mid-level manager at a busy office, he loved everyone and was ostensibly loved by all. Discarding the stereotype of asshole mid-level managers, Sam worked hard for his subordinates and fought for them. He provided to charity and would always help the homeless in his local area find food and employment. He worked tirelessly to put food on the table for his three kids and wife, Joann.

Now Joann was Sam’s goddess. She was 31, and had met Sam at college. She stood 3 inches taller than Sam at 6’1, had wavy blonde hair, big natural 40DD titties, and a curvy firm big ass that Sam, being as ass guy, often got the privilege of worshipping. Three kids had not made a dent in her goddess body.

While Sam had a circumcised penis that was, shamefully, only 3.5 inches long when erect, he more than made up for it by serving Joann with his tongue. He trusted her to be loyal, despite his small penis size. The only thing Joann sometimes got annoyed about was that Sam had a bit of a high sex drive.

It was a Friday evening. Sam was working late at the office alone when he looked up to see an amazing office. Wearing a short skirt in front of him was the new cleaner, Isabel. Sam had heard whispers from other floors in the building about her. And he now knew why. She was the sexiest Latina he had ever seen. She bent over to mop the floor, causing the skirt to ride up over her juicy big ass and just about expose some of her ass cheeks. As she turned around to reveal a busty cleavage and a beautiful face with chubby cheeks and brown eyes, but a slim belly, Sam let out a nervous smile at her smile while shuffling in his seat to manage his erection.

‘Hi, what’s your name? I’m Isabel Pardo.’

‘H-Hi, I’m Sam.’

‘Well, Sam, how come you are here this late?’

‘Oh…um…just some overtime work,’ Sam grinned, subtly changing tabs on his computer.

‘Mind if I see?’ asked Isabel, and sauntered over to Sam without waiting for an answer. Sam’s heart fluttered as he smelled her perfume.

Isabel took a look at Sam’s screen, then before he could do anything, quickly pressed a keyboard shortcut!

Sam looked in horror as now the screen showed a Pornhub video titled ‘Small Penis Humiliation – Jerk off Encouragement!’ He was mortified! What the fuck?!?!

Isabel burst into laughter, ‘Oh wow Sam! Watching porn on your overtime? Were you wanking before I came in here too?’

‘No no no…’ Sam stuttered nervously. He was even more shocked when Isabel shoved her hand onto his crotch!

‘Oh my, I didn’t felt something hard there.’

Sam was getting hornier and more nervous by the minute. ‘Please, Isabel, don’t tell anyone! I’ll be in trouble!’

Isabel appeared to consider this for a moment. ‘Take out your dick, Sam!’



Sam immediately got up, unzipped his trousers and pulled them and his underwear down.

Isabel immediately burst into laughter. ‘Oh my, are you actually hard?’

Sam went beet red at the humiliation, ‘Yes.’

Isabel reaches for a ruler on Sam’s desk and then grabbed his penis!

‘Please! I have a wife!’ Sam protested.

‘Oh really? And should I tell her you were watching porn like a perv in the office?’

‘No, no! Please no!’

‘Then shut up!’ barked Isabel, intimidating Sam. She grabbed his rock hard penis with one hand and measured it out with he ruler.

‘What the actual fuck? It’s only 3.5 inches? You can’t possibly please your wife?’

Sam felt broken. ‘I’m really good with my tongue,’ he muttered.

Isabel laughed out loud, ‘I’m fairly certain, Sam, that your wife cheats on you with bigger men.’

‘Can I put my clothes back on?’ asked Sam, meekly.

Isabel thought for a moment, then reached over and closed the porn tab on Sam’s computer. ‘No, Sam, I want you to wank!’

‘What?!?!’ Sam was bewildered.

‘You nasty hand fucker!’ snapped Isabel, ‘I want to see if your fat ass little pin dick can jizz! You don’t need that porn when you got me in front of you! Now strip off and start stroking!’

Sam couldn’t believe what was happening. But being a bit meek, he stripped off till he was standing buck naked in front of the goddess Isabel.


Sam wrapped his left hand firmly around his small penis – just about – and began stroking.

‘Oh yeah, Sam with the little willie, you like being humiliated don’t you?’

‘Yes goddess!’

This just made Isabel laugh louder. She then took off her blouse, revealing plump breasts to Sam’s delight in a bra that just about held them together.

‘Look at what your little dickie can’t have, Sam!’

But Sam realised he was gonna cum! Unable to control himself, he quickly turned to the right and moaned as jets of spunk shot out on to the floor!

As he turned back to face Isabel, a blinding pain overtook him as her knees made contact with his balls.

‘You pathetic person! You couldn’t even last till I took my blouse off!’

With that she stormed away, leaving Sam to clean up his mess.

Since he would normally have spent longer edging to porn before cumming and going home, Sam felt a bit annoyed as he packed up to leave early.

Getting home, he realised the kids would still take another hour or so to arrive and went looking for Joann. As he made his way up the stairs, however, he heard moans coming from the bedroom.

Sam panicked, thinking Joann might be in danger, and quickly rushed to the master bedroom. Throwing open the door he was faced with a huge shock!

His wife, his sexy goddess, was completely naked on all fours in bed. His best friend, Tyrone, was thrusting in and out of her pussy with a cock that must have been three times bigger and as much thicker compared to Sam’s pathetic penis.

Everyone froze. Five seconds passed by.

‘WHAT THE FUCK?!?!’ screamed Sam, lunging at Tyrone. In one quick step, however, the more muscular and manlier Tyrone flipped Sam on to the floor, leaving the latter breathless and humiliated.

Getting up, Sam looked at his wife. ‘Why?’ he asked.

His wife glared at him coldly, before replying, ‘You got a tiny dick, Sam! You are not man enough for me, but your best friend is!’

‘Yeah, Sam, you fucking sissy!’ laughed Tyrone as he kicked Sam lazily.

Sam was destroyed. He felt his heart rate speeding up, then plateauing.

And suddenly he woke up. The alarm was ringing 6am. Joann, sleeping next to him, reached over and shut it off, ‘Sam, it’s your turn to make breakfast.’

Sam breathed a sigh of relief. Him being cuckolded was just a dream. But as he got out of bed, he looked down to see his bed shorts drenched in semen…

He also realised his wife would be home today. He couldn’t help but wonder if he should sneak back from work early…