Salesman – Gentleman

Hi Guys,
I’m Manu, I’m here to tell you one of thrilling story of my life.
In initial stage of my life, I was struggling to settle down in my life… tried to do many small jobs like selling books in the street, providing protein bottles for sugar patients, selling kitchen utensils by visiting homes etc… I have done lots of sales work like this. Once one of my friend suggested to visit villages and sell all of these so that women would buy them. So, I thought of visiting one of village nearby with all required items so that my selling would be good, and I can earn better. So, I started with kitchen utensils and interestingly with women’s innerwear (Bra & Panties). I was afraid a bit in the beginning but thought of trying my luck in selling those things as well.
So, my journey started by travelling in bus with a big bag containing all relevant things, as I didn’t have bike and I had to sell everything by walk. So, I started walking and asking everyone whether they want any of items which I had…. Initially I was bit afraid of selling innerwear because when I go for selling…. women, men and kids use to surround me, so I was shy/afraid to open in-front of them. So, I started selling only utensils and I sold some of them. First day itself I was very much tired as I had to roam around everywhere by walk with heavy bag. But the selling and profit was good enough with that, so I thought of continuing it.
One fine day I went to some village which I don’t remember the name as I kept walking for long time, and I was so tired… I was so thirsty and looked to drink water and I found a home little bit far. So, I went and called for help and a lady came out from inside the house. She was beige skin tone women.I asked her to get me some water to drink and she brought water for me. I was so happy after having water and sat there for 10 min and was about to leave. I asked that lady whether she wants to by any utensils for her house. She asked me to show what all items I have, and I started showing one by one with mentioning price for each.
As soon as I opened the bag, she started picking up utensils by her own and started checking each and everything and asked price as well. In the meantime, I started observing her. She was of medium height with beige color but very beautiful village women. I loved her personality and smile and I kept looking into her tummy. She was wearing green sari, bangles, earrings, medium size red bindi… she was a perfect village beauty. When she bended over and started picking up the utensils, I could see her white boobs trying to come out of her blouse. I could see the line between her boobs and color of it… lovely… she was pretty aunty.
I asked, “Aunty are you buying all of them” … she said “no no… I’m just checking, I’ll see what all I can buy”.
I said ok and she kept checking the items which I had brought but I started scanning her beautiful body. She had beautiful body, average size boob… curvy ass… OMG awesome structure she had. After looking at her curvy ass my dick started raising but I controlled as it was a village and if I misbehave, I would be beaten to death. While she was searching, she found a pack of cloths and surprisingly she opened it and it was bra and panties for ladies.
“Do you sell these things also…?” aunty asked, and I said “Yes, aunty… I have that too…” I could see slight smile in her face, and I thought she definitely wants to buy that.
So, I opened package which had panties and opened one panty and showed her and started explaining to her… see aunty this is good brand panty and see the color is good, quality is good, design on top of this panty also good…. And I started stretching the elastic part of the panty and started telling her… see it will be very comfortable as it has got good quality of elastic which will fit in your body nicely and whenever you sit and stand you don’t feel like itching. I was showing her that panty and she got shy as I was turning that panty here and there and pulling the elastic and was describing color and design. She suddenly took that panty from my hand and said, enough you don’t need to explain so deeply with smile. I said, aunty it is required to explain in deep because this goes and sit in deep place. She started laughing for that joke and me also. I continued like looks like its correct size for you aunty, she got surprised and said, how do you know my panty size. I said I’ve seen many aunties and sold many panties so I can guess the size of panties with smile. She got shy and said, looks like you are well experienced with this and I said yes, I’m well experienced with all things with naughty smile. She asked what you mean all things… I said leave it aunty… please see if you can buy this too… she said looks like it’s a correct size for me and I’ll keep this with me.
She said “I want to buy this too (by showing bra), can I wear and try…?” I said “No aunty, if you wear and don’t buy then It would be difficult for me to sell to someone else” and she said “don’t worry I’ll buy but I want to know whether this fits me or not”. I said, “Buy the correct size bra so that it will definitely fit for you”. For that aunty said, “I don’t know my size, I need to try and check only” and continued… “What if I buy and it is tight…. It will hurt later so I want to try”. I was confused a bit because mostly no one will do trial check for innerwear. Aunty continued “if you don’t let me try, then I don’t need any items of yours… you can leave”. I was like “no aunty, looks like you are buying many items so that’s fine you can try and buy”. She took 2 different color bra’s inside and said “I’ll be back soon and went inside with smile”.
After some time, she came out and said, “its little bit tight for me, do you have little bigger one…?” I said, “these are the only different sizes and you have already seen all of them”. With deep exhale she said “ok…. But how much per piece of bra…?” I said “200rs per piece”. She was like “what…. Why so costly… no I don’t like the price you mentioned, it’s normally 100rs per piece only…. Why did you raise the price?” Later I said “Aunty, these are branded one and are costly, I didn’t want to sell cheap quality bras, so I brought good one and 200rs only”. She was bit afraid as she didn’t have much money I guess. She said, “oh no, I don’t have that much money and even my husband has gone to town and he will be late, or else I would have taken money from him and given to you”. I said “its ok aunty, you first try which one will be fit and best for you and then later will think about price” as I didn’t want to go back without selling them.
When I said, I’m happy to reduce the price of a bra she was happy and went inside to try again. I started waiting and after few min she come back and said, “its tight only, it’s not fit for me”. As I knew about the hooks in the back on bra, I suggested her “aunty, why don’t you try to put it to the last hook so that it would be fit”. She asked “how do you know that, about hooks and all…” I said “aunty, I’m selling this since long time, I had to know in order to explain to my customers”. She said, “ok ok, let me try again”. She went again and tried but she felt little bit tight and said from there only “no, it’s still tight and I don’t want this”. I got little worried as I can sell 2 pieces of bra. I said from outside “aunty please try properly as it will fit, if you have difficulty in trying them then I can help by putting the hook into the last button.” She got bit afraid, but she had no option, without saying any word she came out and said “do you really know how to put this …?” I said “yes, I know it very well”. Then she looked around whether someone is looking at us or not because it’s a village and people will talk bad about her. As her house was bit far away from all others, she said “ok come inside but take your complete bag inside our home so that people who will be walking in this road won’t have any doubt”. I said “ok”.
Her house was small, there was a bed room also but it was small too… she removed top of her sari from her shoulder and she opened her blouse by covering her body with sari as she didn’t want me to see her body. Now she put the bra and try to put the hook and it was tight. I said aunty you put it to the last hook, or else let me help you…. I removed the hook from 2nd one to the last one, but it was still tight. I said aunty looks like it’s stuck somewhere that’s why it’s feeling tight for you. She said is it…. Where is it stuck? I said lift your both hands and now I’ll pull the bra and put it to the last hook. When I was putting the hook, I felt the bra which is falling by touching her boobs…. I could feel that she had awesome boobs. Her back was clean, and beige and I could see her beautiful neck and shoulder and my dick started raising while doing that. I acted like it’s still stuck, and I said aunty looks like your boobs are little big for this bra and looks like you have to make your boobs small. I was just kidding as I knew that we can’t make boobs small right away. I thought of trying a trick here, so I said aunty you lift your hand again so that I’ll adjust again. She lifter her hands so I started correcting the bra, but I was trying to see her boobs. I could see her boobs from side and they were amazing, I said looks like it is stuck here and I will correct… by saying that I pressed her boobs in the side… she was shocked and said, hey what are you doing…? I said aunty I am trying to correct it wait you don’t worry I have done this many times, so I know. She said ok and lifted her hands again so I started pressing her side boobs and said, see I’m pushing your boobs little inside so that bra will be fit. While doing that I started rubbing her both boobs and I was standing in the back side. I started rubbing her boobs nicely and slowly and my dick was so hard. I forgot what I’m doing there, and I kept doing that. After rubbing for few min, I started pressing boobs and started rubbing her nipples. She was leaning on me when I was doing that, looks like she never felt such feelings in her lifetime. I started pressing her boobs and rubbing her nipples then I grabbed them completely and started pressing gently. She was taking deep breath while I do that, she started making moaning noise a bit, but I didn’t stop. I started kissing her neck also and she was enjoying that time. I didn’t want to talk or disturb that time, I kept pressing her boobs and slowly I turned towards her and nicely started sucking her one boob. OMG such a nice, smooth boobs she had… she started moaning and pulling me towards her boobs and I started sucking her boobs bit faster. Same time I was pressing another boob of her and sucked another boob and this again. I sucked her boobs for more than 5 min and started kissing her on her lips. I started tasting her mouth juice and it was tasty and I didn’t stop. I pulled her on my body, but she couldn’t stand for long time. I just pulled down on the floor and started sucking her both upper and lower lips nicely and tasted her saliva like ice cream. Lovely taste…. And I kept pressing her boobs… her upper part was naked, and I started kissing her belly part. She was rubbing her legs and her sari had lifted till her knees, I felt nice about the situation and her thighs were very beautiful, white like milky color. Slowly I put my hand on her thighs and started rubbing it slowly in the meantime I was kissing her belly and was pressing her boobs too.
What an amazing moment I was having, felt so nice about her body. Slowly I lifted her sari and I could see she was wearing dark blue panty and I slowly went down and started kissing her thighs, she got so tempted and started moaning like ahhh ohhh…. I continued rubbing, kissing her thighs and lifted her sari completely and started kissing her pussy on top of her panty…. I was so hard, and my dick wanted to dive inside of her pussy. I slowly started removing my shirt and pants without making much noise while I was rubbing her thighs and on top of her panty as well. I got naked with no time, I slowly jumped on her body and started kissing her lips, started sucking boobs and pressing nicely and she was moaning like ahh… ohhh… ahhh and I got so tempted listening to her moaning. Again, I came down and kissing her thighs and removed her panty slowly. WOW…. AMAZING… she had beautiful pussy with hairs, and I loved it. I started kissing her thighs and went near to her pussy and I could smell her pussy and the smell was so nice and I thought of start fucking her immediately, but I love to lick girl’s pussy… I love the taste of pussy juice, so I started rubbing her pussy in my finger while I was still kissing her thighs. She started moaning little bit louder as I was rubbing her pussy. Her public hairs had covered her pussy, so I just pushed them aside and started rubbing and while rubbing her pussy I just kissed her pussy once. OMG… I could feel little bit of her pussy juice and it was salty and I didn’t waste time… immediately I started licking her pussy so gently and she got mad. I kept licking her pussy and she was moaning “ahhh.. ohhh.. ahhh… ohhhh… ahhh… do it. do it… don’t stop, don’t stop… OMG…” and loved her pussy and while licking I slowly inserted one of my fingers inside her pussy and she was like ahhh…. OMG… don’t stop, don’t stop…. And I kept moving my finger and continued licking her pussy…. I started getting more juice from her pussy and now I took my finger back, but I kept 2 fingers inside her pussy and started licking again…. She loved it and she was moaning loudly ahhh… ohhh and she kept on saying don’t stop… don’t stop…. i kept licking her pussy for 5 – 10 min and I loved that time. Now I slowly started kissing her belly and then boobs and went to kiss her lips…. I started licking her mouth juice again and I was completely lying on her body. I opened her legs using my legs and I started rubbing my dick on top of her pussy…. It was feeling so amazing…. I rubbed for few min and I slowing inserted my 7inch dick inside her pussy and started moving it up and down. It didn’t go completely inside for a moment… I asked her slowly to open her thighs little bit wide open, she spread her leg little wider and I pushed my dick completely inside and she started moaning like ahhh… ahhh… OMG…. Ahhh… ahh…. And she started pulling me on her and my dick went completely inside of her pussy. Her pussy was little bit tight for my thick dick, so I started fucking her slowly in the beginning but later I fucked her so nicely and forcefully and I kept on sucking her lips for her mouth juice. She grabbed my head and hair as she felt my dick completely inside and later, she started rubbing my back and pulling my hair in one hand and helping me to suck her lips. So amazing time I was having, and I completely forgot the reason I am there…. OMG what a moment. I fucked her nicely for 15 – 20 min and I felt she did cum 2 times before I cum. She enjoyed the time so nicely and me also. After fucking her nicely, hard for a long time I did cum inside her pussy. And I rested for 2 min on top of her body only as her body was non comparable with any bed.
That was a surprise for both of us, but we had nice time without our knowledge, she was so satisfied and me also… I got up and get ready to go back… I took money for home utensils only and I gifted her panty and bra for the best moment she gave. She got happy and I am also happy.
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