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Road Trip


Brent was happy to finally get the chance to be away for a few days.  His wife had certainly changed over the last few years.  She used to be sexually adventurous but no more…. Straight ‘slam bam thank you ma’am’ and that was even more and more rare lately.  He missed the pure sexual passion he enjoyed with a woman when he was single or even newly married.  He had decided that he would risk an affair if the opportunity presented itself in the next few days. If he resided in a bigger center he probably already would have, but living as he did in a town of 1500 people didn’t really offer the opportunity for secret liaisons – everyone knew everything about everyone.  He even had to take special precautions when he went online to play with women on the internet.  People where he lived are prone to just show up at other people’s homes unannounced. It would appear ‘curious’ if Brent answered the door all flushed with a major hard on…..  Today though, was a chance to get away alone for 3 days. 

He was going to a city about 200 miles away to take some training for work, with any luck one of the women he had been playing online with would get a chance to come to his hotel room…he had brought his laptop to chat when he got there…..  His only concern now was the weather, it was the worst part of the winter, and he hoped that he wouldn’t get snowed in without even making it to the city.

Nothing it seemed could take the joy out of Brent’s heart or the excitement out of his loins. He was due into the city at about 5:30pm.  He’d have a shower and go online and see who was willing to come and play for real.  He was excited and had a difficult time keeping speed down, staying just over the speed limit when ‘BANG’ a horrible sound came out of the engine.  His car drifted to a stop with steam pouring out from under the hood.

Brent’s heart sank. “Damn, I can’t believe it.” He muttered.

His first thought was not of the car but the time he was going to miss in the city.  He wasn’t even going to try to see what he could do about the car.  It was still under warranty so he pulled out his cell phone and called AMA right away.  He told them approximately where he was and reminded them it was 50 miles from nowhere, and that it was very cold out.  They appreciated his predicament but informed him the closest tow truck was over an hour away.  He would have to do his best to stay warm while he waited. Brent put on his coat and settled in for a long cold wait.  Almost no traffic was out on this secondary road today, probably because of the cold.  A few cars went by but nobody even slowed down when they went sailing by him, rocking his car with the wash as they whined by. 

He had been there only about 15 minutes when he started to feel the temperature.  His feet were the first to get cold, and his toes were already starting to ache.  He knew he’d be completely frozen in the hour that he was told it would take the tow truck to get to him.  He decided that he’d have to get a passing vehicle to stop and wait with him or give him a ride to the city.

Brent zipped his coat up tighter, opened the door and stepped out into the frigid air.  Raising the car’s hood  -  the universal trouble signal, he stood beside his car waiting for someone to come down the road.  It was less than five minutes later that he saw a semi truck approaching.  He raised both his hands as a signal and as the truck went by he saw brake lights and the truck moved to the side of the road.  It took about 60 yards for the truck to stop.  Brent ran up to it stepped up to the passenger door and opened it.

 The warmth of the cab was welcome as he quickly climbed in to the heat.  He took his first look at the driver of the truck.  He was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a woman.  A beautiful woman at that.  She was wearing a loose fitting button up shirt, jeans and running shoes.  Her long hair fell down her back in a shower. 

She smiled at him, “Trouble?”

“Yes, damn cold out there I’ll tell you.  My car died about 45 minutes ago and I’m about numb.”

“I would think so”

“I’ve called for a tow truck and it won’t be here for at least a half hour.  Can I get a ride to the city, or have you got time to wait until the tuck gets here?”

“Well I do have a schedule to keep.  I can give you a lift though.  Do you know where they are taking your car?”

“Yeah, they told me the dealership it was going to”

“Ok good, let’s roll then”, she replied as she slipped the truck into gear and started to move ahead.  She was soon up to highway speed.

Once she had finished shifting gears, she turned to Brent, reached out her hand and said, “I’m Kris by the way.”

Brent took her hand, and answered, “Nice to meet you Kris, I’m Brent.”

“Oh, you’re hands are freezing!” she said. “I’ve got the heat turned as high as it will go in this thing; I hope you’re warming up.”

“Yes, it’s great, thanks.  I thought I was going to freeze to death. I’m ok now except my hands and feet.”

“Well take your shoes off, the heat will get to them sooner.”

“Ok, thanks.” Brent replied as he slipped of his shoes and slid his feet into the heat from the blower.

“No problem, make yourself comfortable, we have about an hour and a half to get to the city.”  Kris responded.   To be honest it’s nice to have some company for a change.  I haven’t had anyone to talk to except waitresses for six days.”

“I’ve never picked up a hitchhiker before actually,” she continued glancing at Brent, ” I’ve been warned against it, there’s lots of freaks out there.  You’re not a serial killer or pervert are you?” she giggled.

“Not a serial killer for sure……define pervert” Brent answered with a chuckle.

“Ha ha….. I see”, she smiled to herself.  “So Brent the pervert is it?”

“Not lately”, Brent answered.  They slipped easily into a conversation of their home lives, each of them disappointing. Brent proceeded to tell her all about his passionless marriage and that this trip was to provide the opportunity for him to experience passion again.  She in turn told him about her present lack of involvement due to her work.  He discovered that she spent twenty five days a month away from home.  Most nights were spent in her rig, which she explained was her ‘true’ home.

“Well it looks comfortable,” Brent noted as he turned to look into the sleeper behind them. 

“It is…go ahead and take a look if you want.”

“Ok”  Brent replied as he slipped out of his seat and through the entrance of the sleeper.  He felt a distinct transition as he moved from the mechanical cab with all its buttons and dials, into this space which was defiantly a woman’s bedroom.  The blankets were a soft pink and the pictures fastened to the walls were defiantly feminine.  There was a small TV/VCR built into the storage rack at the foot of the bed that he imagined she watched chick flicks on.  He noticed a woman’s magazine laying on the nightstand, and then was slightly intrigued when he saw a pair of panties carelessly tossed on the floor.  A strange woman’s panties would interest any man.  Wait, they weren’t panties but on closer inspection – a thong.  He immediately imagined this beautiful woman in a thong…the thought aroused him.

“So, what do you think?’ Kris asked.

“Very nice, you must be quite comfortable in there – TV and everything.” Brent said as he sat back down in the passenger seat.

“Yep, and there’s beer in the little fridge – party central”, she laughed.

Looking ahead down the road Brent noticed brake lights and cars pulled over “What is going on up there?” Brent asked.

Kris started to gear down as they approached the traffic stopped on the road. “Don’t know, accident maybe.”

They came to a stop in the line of cars and trucks.  Kris switched on her CB and keyed the mic.  She asked if anyone knew what was stopping traffic.  The response came back that there was an avalanche on the road ahead about 2 miles.  The best estimate was 4-5 hours before the road would be open again. 

“Great”, Kris moaned.

They happened to be only a couple of hundred yards from a rest area, so Kris slipped the truck into gear and maneuvered her way to the entrance and was able to find a spot to park alongside the other trucks.

“Well,” Kris sighed, “Looks like we’re here for a while.”
“I guess so. So much for my wild night in the city” he replied with a frown.

Kris felt a pang of sympathy for Brent. “Well we aren’t in the city, but remember -This IS ‘Party Central’ she responded with a smile.  “I’ll grab us a beer.”

Kris slipped out of her seat and climbed through the opening into the sleeper.  Brent turned to watch her pass and as she bent over the bed to reach into the little fridge he stared at her tight little ass.  It was gorgeous.  And, he noticed, no panty line. She must be wearing another thong he surmised – her jeans were so tight that had she been wearing panties, he surely would have seen the tell tale lines.

“Here you go” Kris stated as she handed Brent a beer and sitting facing him on the side of her seat.

“Thank-you, and thanks again for picking me up out there.  I wish the damn car hadn’t broken down though – I would have likely made it past where the avalanche is.”

“Hmmm maybe so…..but then I would have been stuck here on my own.  It’s nice to have some company – although you are an admitted pervert…” she laughed.

“Ahhhh like I said though, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to practice – not by choice however.  Besides, you never did define pervert” he added.

“Hmmm true…” she said as her eyes drifted to the ceiling in as she considered his question.  “Not an easy question to answer really……  I suppose ‘pervert’ is subjective.  What some might consider perverted, others consider a turn on.”

“Exactly.  My wife considers all but straight ‘man on top’ sex a perversion.”

“Really!?  Well that’s perverted in its own way”, Kris stated then took a long drink of her beer.

“My sentiments exactly”, Brent answered then took a drink and added, “So what do you consider perverted?  ….. You know……. just to have another woman’s perspective”, he smiled.

Kris seemed reflective, carefully phrasing her answer.  “Well, it depends on my mood actually.  Sometimes, when in the heat of the moment ……you know….when things are getting…..’involved’ …….things seem less perverted”  Kris answered with a shy smirk.

“Ha ha…”, Brent responded with a smile, “Well put….even if it was evasive.”

“Well a lady needs a few secrets”, Kris grinned.

“Hmmmm, I suppose.  Hey are you finding it getting colder in here?”

“Yes actually, but I’m not surprised, when this rig idles it doesn’t give lots of heat.  I’ll put on the electric heater back in the bunk – should help”

“Ok. Boy you’re set up with about everything.  Question though – what about a washroom?”

“Nope – sorry.  There is one over there though”, she pointed at a building on the edge of the rest stop.”

“Ok, I better go out then.  This beer is going right through me.”

“Ok, I’ll try to warm this place up while you are gone”.

Brent slipped out of the cab and into the cold.  He raced across the parking lot to the washroom.  He was back to the truck in a few minutes.

He climbed into the passenger seat, and closed the door.  Kris was no longer in the driver’s seat.  He turned and saw her in the bunk, again reaching into the fridge.  “Another beer?”


“I turned on the electric heater back here.  C’mon back.”

Brent could definitely not refuse that offer. Kris was sitting up on the bed with her pink comforter tucked up to her chin.  She was obviously cold as well. He climbed onto the bed and sat up beside her, there was no other option – thankfully.  Brent took the beer Kris offered.

“Thanks.  And it is quite a bit warmer back here.” He added removing his coat. 

“Want to watch a movie or something?” Kris asked.

“Ummm define ‘Something'”, Brent grinned.

“Oh, you’re bad! ….  Oh that’s right you ARE a pervert.” She laughed, “Pick a movie!” she stated in pretend authority.

“Ok, ok….geez…. Where do you keep them?”

“Under the TV in the cupboard”

Brent opened the cupboard and reviewed the titles.  He really didn’t care what they watched; he just wanted to get back onto the bed with Kris.   He grabbed one that sounded interesting and slipped it into the VCR.  He turned back and climbed along the bed back to sit/lay beside Kris. 

“You warm enough now? Kris asked.

“Yeah it’s warm enough in here, but I can’t shake this chill.”

“Here, c’mon”, Kris said as she lifted the blanket for him to climb under with her.”

“MMmmmm nice” Brent sighed as he snuggled under the blanket with Kris.  He could feel the heat radiating from her body.  He was so close to this gorgeous woman, but there had been no real contact between them yet. He was no fool though; no woman would let a man lay on a bed with her without there being a good chance that she would have sex with him. However, until they were being very intimate there was still the chance that she would call it off. He felt that he needed be forward, but not forceful.

Brent was watching, but not paying any attention to the movie, he was getting hornier by the minute as he considered his situation.  He couldn’t resist any longer and subtly moved his arm under the blanket as he took a drink of his beer.  His arm gently lay against Kris’s, which she didn’t move away.  Taking this as a positive sign, Brent reached out his hand and laid it on hers.

“This is very nice”, he told her.

“Mmmmm. It is.” She replied, “You know what?”


“I’m starting to get the ‘things seeming less perverted’ feeling”, she said with a smile, turning her face toward him.

Brent leaned toward Kris and met her lips with his.  They held a passionate kiss, their tongues probing each other’s mouths.  Brent lightly sucked on Kris’s tongue, she fully turned toward him wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him toward her. 

She gently broke her kiss and leaning toward his ear whispered, “How much of a hurry are you to get to the city?  If you want, we could stay here all night….. would that fulfill some of your ‘passionate desires’?”

“Mmmmm, I’d love to, but I have quite a few desires……. Are you wanting to fulfill them?”, he responded.

“If you are willing to fulfill mine…..”, she whispered as she nibbled on his ear.

“I’d love to.” He whispered in response, “Name a desire, and I’ll gladly fulfill it.” 

“Hmmmm……probably a lot like yours.” She continued to nibble his ear and lick his neck.  “You say you miss passion?  You’re tired of ‘wham bam thank-you ma’am’?  The most passionate thing to me is foreplay. I like to build and build first….”

“MMMmmmmmmm, I love that”, Brent responded and then whispered in her ear, “I want to make you so hot you are begging to cum.  I want to tease and tease you….nibble you, caress you, lick you, ….  I want to excite you to the most extreme height of passion you can imagine…..  I want to excite you mentally, visually, physically….in every way…”

Brent’s hands roamed over Kris’s back pulling her to him, his hands gently massaged her shoulders under her long flowing hair, and down her back to the gentle swell of her hips.  He leaned down kissing and lightly licking her neck and throat. 

“Mmmmm”, she moaned and ran her fingers through Brent’s hair, “That feels so good.”

Brent continued kissing, nibbling and licking down Kris’s throat to the top of her chest.  With one hand on her back he used his free hand to start on the buttons of her shirt.  Loosening the first button, his lips touched her chest with soft gentle kisses. Releasing the next button he kissed the top of her breasts, which were still constricted by her lacy white bra.  As he kissed Kris’s chest and partially exposed breasts he felt her heart racing and her breath shortening…. beginning to show her excitement.  He felt his own excitement too.  His quickly rising member struggled to grow in his jeans.

Kris slid down on the bed and Brent followed her – continuing to nibble on her chest and now exposed tummy.   Brent nibbled and licked on her tummy as she started to writhe under him.  Her shirt was now fully open and her breasts were covered only by her bra.  Brent continued down her tummy with kisses. Upon reaching the waistline of her pants, he reached up and unfastened the button. 

Brent loves to undress women, it is one of the sexiest things in the world to him – the joy of exposing more and more soft private flesh with each movement always aroused him. With one hand holding her waistband, he pulled down her zipper very slowly.  Following the opening of the zipper with kisses, he nuzzled the tender flesh of her abdomen and continued down to touch his tongue to her panty line.  
Kris was steadily growing in excitement.  She almost savagely groped at Brent’s pants, feverishly unfastening his belt, button and zipper.  She wanted his cock – now.  Brent felt the relief on his member as she loosened his pants.  As soon as she had his zipper down he feels his cock, now released, growing to its full length.  
Kris reached up, taking Brent’s pants and slides them down his thighs.  He raises one knee, then the other, as Kris slid Brent’s pants over his feet and off of him.  She raised her hips as she removed Brent’s pants as an invitation to him to remove her own.  Hooking his thumbs in her waistband he pushed down. The pants slip over her tight sexy bottom and down her legs.  As her flesh is exposed he again followed with his tongue and lips – kissing and nibbling her hips, her tender thighs, and down until he pushed the pants over her feet. 

Her socks are next.  He slipped them off , then taking each toe in turn he slipped his lips over them, drew them into his mouth and gently sucked on them.  Kris immediately went wild.

“MMmmmmhmm…mmmmMMMMmmMMmm”  she moaned as he sucked her toes and licked her feet.

Leaning up, she pulled her arms out of her shirt as Brent licked and nibbled back up her ankles and calves.  Brent reaches for his own shirt, raises himself up to his knees as he pulls it up and over his head.  He threw it on the growing pile of clothes on the floor.  Kris reached out for him, “Come here”, she says with a smile taking Brent’s arm. She pulled him to the bed beside her – both of them now naked except for their underwear. His fingers traced along her exposed thighs and he feels Kris’s excited response as she unconsciously separated her legs as his fingers proceed up her inner thighs.

“It’s getting warm in here now”, he grinned. 

“mmmhmmm, almost too warm. If you keep teasing me like that I won’t be able to help myself – remember, we have all night….”

They had each expressed their desire to prolong the excitement, and here they were after only fifteen minutes down to their underwear, both hearts racing and excitement growing rapidly in them both.

“I know”, he said , “I love to tease though”, he said as he gave her a light kiss. 

“So it seems”, she replied smiling broadly as he nibbled her neck. “Do you know what I’d like right now?”, Kris asked.

“I can’t imagine”…he smiled……”But whatever it is….. Yes.”

“Hehe… ya nut….Seriously, I’d love a backrub.  Sensual ……..but it’d let me cool down a bit sexually”

“Sure…. I’d love to….roll over gorgeous.” Brent answered sitting up.
Kris immediately rolled onto her tummy.  ‘Mmmmm’ Brent thought ‘I knew she had on a thong. Gorgeous ass…..mmmMMmm’.

Brent’s hands found the small of Kris’s back and he started to gently knead and rub.  Slowly he worked his way up her back to her shoulders, then back down.  This time as he passed the strap of her bra he deftly squeezed the clasp and it released.  As the strap fell away from her back Brent focused a gently rubbing of Kris’s skin where the bra strap had been.  He continued to run his hands down her back to the top strap of her thong.  Slipping over it he continued down to her tailbone.  Kris was quietly moaning in appreciation to Brent’s massage and the moans became subtly higher in pitch
as he ran his hands over the perfect mounds of her bum. 

Brent was an ‘ass’ man and massaging Kris’s bum was, despite her obvious pleasure, more of a turn on for him than her.  He was mesmerized by the sexy swell of her ass and the firm and soft feel of her flesh.  If his cock was hard before it was supremely hard now.  He leaned down and gave Kris’s ass a light kiss and a gentle nibble, first one cheek, then the other.  Then tracing the string of her thong, he first kissed then slid the tip of his tongue from her tailbone down to the cleavage of her cheeks.  Slightly separating them while he massaged, he continued down to lick between the cheeks of her bum.

Kris was thoroughly enjoying this attention and raised her hips presenting her ass to him.  Taking the strings of the thong from her hips, he slipped it down her legs, then as she raised each knee in turn  he slipped the thong off of her.   This was the sexiest sight he could remember, Kris was laid out on the bed, now completely naked with her ass up and inviting him. 

Brent knelt behind her again and as he resumed his backrub on the swell of her hips he lowered his face to her sexy bum.  He licked and sucked down the line of her ass almost to the tightly puckered hole.  Then, after a deliberate pause of 3-4 seconds, he slid his hot wet tongue over her rosebud. Kris jumped and whined in pleasure as he licked then deliberately tickled her sphincter with the tip of his tongue.  She pushed her ass back against his tongue and he slipped just the tip of it through the tight ring of her bum.

“Ahhhhhh MMMMMMmmmmm ah ah AH!”, she moaned as Brent touched ever so little into her tight little bum with his tongue.

Kris reached back and placing her hands on his, spread her ass farther inviting him to slip more of his tongue into her ass.  With a final long wet lick across her ass, Brent gently backed away from her gorgeous bum and proceeded to massage up her back again.

 With a whimper, Kris lowered her bum and relaxed again as Brent massaged up to her shoulders and neck.  He nibbled on her neck and then lowered himself down onto her back.  His cock, fully engorged but still restricted in his underwear, laid neatly between the cheeks of Kris’s ass. 

He nibbled up her neck to her ear and whispered, “Told you I was a pervert.”

“Mmmmm, you are…..and I love it.” She whispered back, squeezing his cock with her ass cheeks.  “Nobody has ever licked my ass before…’s fantastic.   Do it some more? Please?”

“Later….. I promise.  Someone was getting way too excited……”, Brent teased.

“Mmmm, I was wasn’t I?…….And….”, she made a deliberate squeeze with her cheeks on his cock, “so was someone else.”

“Mmmmm, that’s right…. Your bum is a serious turn on for me.” Brent responded. “I’ll love sliding my tongue way inside it…MMmmmm”, he added with a slight press of his hips sliding his cock along her ass.

“MmmmmMMM.  I can’t wait.” She purred.  “Do you like anal sex?” she asked.
“I’m sure I would If I ever get to do it.   I’m obsessed with the prospect.  A few women have let me try, but I’ve never been able to get it in.” he admitted as he rose off of her to lay beside her.

“Really?”, she said turning to face him, “I’ve done it, a long time ago….I liked it.  But my last boyfriend thought it was “sick – only for queers’, so I haven’t done it for a long time.”

Smiling at Brent she added, “I’d love to let you tonight.” She winked at him, ” The trick is lots of lube and a willing partner…. And baby you’ve got me willing.”

A coy smile spread across Kris’s face, and reached into a bedside closet, “And, in so far as ‘lubricant’, there should be some in here”, she giggled as she handed Brent a shoebox.

Brent looked inside and realized that this was Kris’s ‘toy box’.    He grinned at Kris, who giggled with a look of excitement with a slight blush of embarrassment. 

Brent excitedly rummaged through the box.  He loved toys, but his wife had not allowed them at home for years, much to his displeasure.

“Yep there’s some lubricant in here”, Brent stated with a grin as he withdrew a large tube of flavoured oil from the box. He noticed that about a third of the lubricant was gone.  “And some other ‘interesting’ things.”

“Well…..”, Kris grinned as she blushed, ” …..a girl has needs, you know.”

“I know………I noticed”, he replied with a smile.  “Let’s just leave this handy – we might want to use these things……”

“Well we don’t have use for ‘these’ things”, Kris replied as she tugged on Brent’s underwear.  He was on his knees and as Kris lowered his shorts his penis flopped free against her breasts.  She leaned forward to slide his underwear down further, and as she slipped them his knees she deftly opened her mouth and inhaled his half erect prick. 

As Kris supported herself on her hands and knees in front of him, Brent reached down and took her hanging breasts in his hands.  Brent’s cock was rapidly growing as Kris kept it all in her mouth, manipulating it with her tongue.

“Ahhhhhh mmmMMmm”, Brent groaned as Kris kept her lips locked on the root of Brent’s cock. 

As she tickled it with her tongue, she allowed it to grow inch by inch down her throat. 

Kris raised one hand from the bed and cupped Brent’s balls.  With gentle squeezes and kneading of his scrotum, she expertly sucked and licked on Brent’s now fully erect cock.  She began to slide her lips slowly up and down Brent’s throbbing cock.  With the lubrication of ample saliva, Kris’s lips and tongue were like liquid velvet on Brent’s excited cock.

Moving his hands from Kris’s breasts to her sides he indicated to Kris that he wanted her to lay down. As she lay down she reluctantly released his cock from her mouth.

Kris was laying on her back, Brent, staying on his knees, leaned down and kissed his way down her tummy.  His cock was hanging in Kris’s face and she resumed her manipulations.  Brent continued nibbling and licking his way down her tummy to her pubic swell, lightly covered with will trimmed hair.  As he continued lower with his lips and tongue Kris spread her legs to allow him access to her pussy.  Brent licked down her inner thighs teasing her with his proximity to her itching pussy.  The aroma of her womanhood aroused Brent and unable to delay any longer he slipped his tongue into Kris’s slippery pussy.

“MMMMMMmmmmm”, Kris groaned as she thrust her pussy out to him. 

Her guttural moan on his cock was very exciting to Brent.  He could feel her starting to hump her mound against his face as he licked along her slit, then alternately slid his tongue deep inside and tickled her clit with his tongue.

She was now sucking very hard on his cock and humping against him passionately after only a few minutes of his licking and sucking her pussy.  He raised his hips to remove his cock from her mouth, while slowing his action on her slit. 

“Now, now….” he scolded   “……We’re not getting too excited again, are we?” he teased.

“Oh, Gawd! – Yes!!”

“Don’t we want to ‘build and build’…..?”

“It sounded good then….I’m so hot now…… I need to cum!!”, she whined as she thrust her pussy against him deliberately.

“Well, I love to tease, so I think I’ll hold you off for a bit yet……You haven’t begged enough yet…” he replied

Reaching beside him, he fumbled in the ‘toy box’ and withdrew something that had interested him.  It had a battery pack with two cords coming out of it.  On the end of each cord was a little bullet shaped vibrator about as big around as his thumb, and half it’s length.

He was still on top of her in the ’69’ postion and he slid his elbows into the crook of Kris’s knees, he eased her legs back. Her ass was gently raised from the bed, and as he continued to tease her little pussy with light licks, her asshole was exposed to him.

“Mmmmm” Kris moaned in anticipation knowing Brent would lick her ass now too, as well as her pussy.

Taking slightly longer licks now, Brent slipped his tongue again over her pussy moving closer to her fully exposed

Kris squealed in ecstasy as he finally took a long lick from her clit right down to, and over, her asshole.

Kris was instantly moaning and bucking against Brent’s tongue.  He allowed her only a few licks before he backed off yet again, against Kris’s obvious objections.

Brent took one of the little bullets and squeezed some of the lubricant onto it.  He also squeezed some onto Kris’s puckered little asshole and massaged it, to her vocal appreciation.

Lowering his cock to Kris’s eager mouth again and she swallowed it completely.  As Kris sucked on his cock, Brent rested the little bullet against her slippery little hole.  Taking Kris’s clit between his lips he sucked and she again began to moan.  Sensing her growing anticipation, he started the tip of the toy into her ass, then with a hard suck on her clit, slipped the little toy in.  It slid in easily, only the little string of a cord showed out of her tight little bum.  

Brent now eased Kris’s excitement by moving from her sensitive clit and began to lightly lick her pussy. 

While he playfully ran his tongue along her very wet slit he realized that Kris was following his lead with the toy. 

He felt her fingers gently slide over his tight hole as she took long deep sucks on his rigid cock.  Her fingers were slick and cool with lubricant as she erotically smeared it over his anus.  He felt her finger move away from his excited tight ring, soon replaced by what he knew was the other little bullet.

 He instinctively pressed back against it and Kris, with a light scrape with her teeth, dragged her mouth off of his twitching cock, then, with a pause, she swallowed it again as she slipped the toy into his ass. 

He could barely feel the little toy in his ass, but the eroticism of it was extremely exciting to him – he began hump his cock eagerly between Kris’s hungry lips.  Kris too began to hump her pussy against Brent’s now very eager tongue, matching his thrusting into her mouth.  They were both getting more and more aroused and the foreplay was going to have to end – they were too eager now to hold back any longer.  They were both desperate to fuck.

With a last long deep lick along Kris’s pussy, Brent raised himself up from Kris, simultaneously drawing his cock from between her eager lips as she lowered her legs from behind his arms.  Brent turned and laid beside Kris, and with the passion he almost forgot he had, drew her close to him as they kissed in supreme arousal. 

Kris, eager to feel Brent’s cock inside her, rolled over and climbed onto of him.  Holding their kiss, Kris maneuvered her pussy down his tummy until she felt the tip of his cock touch the sensitive skin of her pussy lips.  She sucked his tongue into her mouth as she simultaneously lifted up and back – sitting down forcefully on his cock. 

A deep moan escaped both of them as Kris’s pussy swallowed Brent’s hard cock.  She gyrated on it for a few seconds as they tagged their tongues in each other’s mouth,  then Kris began to rhythmically ride up and down on Brent’s cock with long sure movements. 

Brent reached for Kris’s ass, and as she rode him with increasing tempo his hands found her cheeks. With eager squeezes and firm clutches, he assisted her in riding her slick pussy along his twitching cock.

Kris, now nearly oblivious to anything except the sexual pleasure and tension building in her loins, raised herself to her hands and knees, almost savagely driving her pussy down onto Brent’s cock with frantic thrusts of her hips – a sporadic and steady groaning escaped her throat as she drove herself desperately toward orgasm.

Brent sensed her nearing release and fumbled on the bed for the control for the toys that were in his and Kris’s ass. 

Clutching the control, he made it ready in his hand as he thrust his cock hard and deep into Kris as she met his strokes with her own.  Brent sensed Kris getting closer and closer to orgasm – her breath was getting quick and was punctuated with sharp squeals of  excitement.  He knew he was too nearing orgasm. He lifted his ass off the bed to give them both the utmost pleasure and penetration – Kris screamed in excitement as she felt the tip of Brent’s cock thrust hard against her womb. 

Brent was almost at the point of no return, the physical pleasure that Kris’s pussy was exerting on his cock was nearly matched by the erotic view that Kris presented. Her eyes were closed in pleasure and concentration and her face was drawn into the tension of sexual pleasure – her breasts bounced in rhythm with her now frantic gyrations.

Brent knew this was the time. 

He flicked the switch on the control of the toys.  Instantly he felt the warm buzzing in his ass.  Instantly too, Kris gasped in pleasure.

“AHHhhhh, uh uh uhhhhhhh”, escaped her as she ground her ass down on Brent.

Kris felt the vibration of the toy in her ass, coupled with the same vibration of Brent’s cock in her now dripping wet pussy. That was it!!!! Her orgasm arrived with a furry.

“I’ M cuumMMMMING!!!” she squealed as she humped less frantically and more deliberately on Brent’s cock. With hard sure thrusts, her wet twitching pussy swallowed his cock again and again.

“Cum for me, cover me with your juices” Brent managed to say just as his own orgasm hit. 

“I’m gonna CUM!” he moaned.

“Yyyesss” cum in me, cu-um in me…I wa-ant to feel your cum”, Kris whispered in broken response.
“MMMmmmm, YESSssss,” she continued, “I can feel your cock squirting inside me – fill my pussy with your cum…”

Waves of pleasure rolled over Kris as spurt after spurt of cum gushed into her from Brent’s twitching cock. 

She squeezed her pussy down on him as her orgasm rolled on and on…relishing the sensation of Brent’s pulsing vibrating cock in her as her ass was gently warmed by the vibrator.

Slowly the sensations subsided to warmth in their loins.  Brent still clutching the control slowed down vibration of the toys, then turned them off.


“That was fantastic!”, he managed to say after Kris lay back down on him, the skin of her breasts damp with sweat from exertion and excitement.

“Mmmmmm, I came so HARD!”, she told him as she laid her head on his chest.

“I know… It put me over the top…..You cum good!…. And you look so sexy when you cum….”

“Hehe…really? …

“Mmmhmm…… , very”, Brent replied and then kissed the top of her head, in response she turned her head and gave Brent a light kiss on his chest.

They laid quietly in the afterglow, regaining their breath and composure for a few long moments. 

Kris, gently stirring, broke the silence,  “I think it’s my turn to head over to the bathroom” she commented as she gently rose off of Brent. 
“I’ll be right back…..”, she smiled as she stood.  “Hehe….I guess I won’t need this”, she giggled as she reached back and taking firm hold of its cord, slipped the little bullet out of her bum.

She quickly slipped into a pair of jogging pants and shoes then threw a coat around her.  She zipped the coat up to her chin and slipped out of the cab.

As the cold air from the open door hit Brent naked on the bed, the urge his him as well.  He too stood and slipped the toy out of his ass.  Throwing on his clothes, he also slipped out and headed to the washroom.

After racing to and from the washroom, Brent returned to the truck, quickly opened the passenger door, and slipped through it to get out of the cold.  He shed his clothes and slipped under the covers of the still warm bed.  

Kris was not far behind him and as she came through the door of the truck, she promptly got undressed and joined Brent under the covers.

“Man its so cold out there….Warm me up” she said as she snuggled into Brent.

“I know, …. Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.”  Brent replied, pulling Kris close.

“Well,” she grinned, “It seems that you’re not a monkey, not a brass one anyway” she giggled as she reached out and began to fondle Brent’s privates.

“MMMmmm, nope….guess not” he replied.  “But keeping with the animal analogies – Wanna fuck like bunnies?”

“MMmmHmmm, lets…..” she agreed, already feeling Brent’s cock starting to grow in her hand. 

Having Brent becoming aroused in her hand relights the passion that is residing within her. She begins to subtly rub her pubic mound against Brent’s leg in rhythm with her stroking of his swelling cock. His cock is growing quickly, a reflection of Kris’s skill at stroking his cock.  She too is showing physical signs of her arousal.  Brent can feel the wetness of her juices on his leg as she humps firmly against it.

“When was the last time you masturbated?” she asks bluntly.

“Ummmm……….a few days ago”, he answers, surprised at the question.  “You?”

“The day before yesterday”, she replies.  “Does your wife know you jerk off”

“No, and she wouldn’t like it”

“The she probably wouldn’t like me jerking you off then either….” She giggles.

“No, probably not.  Do you use your toys most of the time when you play?”

“Mmmhmmm…… “

“I’d love to see you play.  Would you let me watch for a bit?” he asks, feeling his cock twitch at the prospect.  Watching a woman play with herself is one of Brent’s favorite sexual turn-ons.

“Hmmm…..would you like that?”

“mmmhmmm, I’d love to watch you use your toys”

“Well…ok, if you’d like to watch.” Kris responds as she flips the covers off, and moves to the side of the bed. 

Taking a long pink toy from the box she smiles at Brent and proceeds to give him the show he desires. Kris turns her back to him and keeping herself propped on her knees, lowers her head and shoulders onto the bed.  She is presenting her ass and pussy to Brent from only 2 feet away.  He can smell the musky fragrance of her sex, and it is a huge turn on for him. 

She plays at teasing him.  Her sexy ass raised in the air, she wiggles it seductively and slides her fingers over her glistening slit.  Kris can feel Brent’s eyes riveted on her ass and she hears his excited breathing as she slides the toy slowly over her clit and lips….then as a special treat for Brent she teases the little brown rosebud of her ass with the tip of the toy. 

Brent is overcome with the pure eroticism of her play and can’t help but to take his cock in his hand.  His stroking is almost an unconscious reflex as he is riveted on Kris’s play.  He watches in pure sexual excitement as Kris turns the base of the vibrator causing it to emit a slight buzz then slides the tip of it slowly along the lips of her pussy. 

Up and down her pussy she runs the tip of the vibrator, then she maneuvers the toy so the tip is spreading her lips.  She pauses, then, with a sure practiced stroke slips the toy deep into her wet pussy.

“mmmMMmm” escapes her lips as the vibrator slips into her.  She begins to ride the toy in her hand and Brent can hear the wet sexy sounds of Kris’s play over the light buzz of the toy and her light moans.

Brent has a fantastic view and is becoming very aroused.  He reaches for the lubricant and squeezes some onto his hand.  Again taking his cock in his hand he begins to stroke it again.  His hand, now covered in lubricant feels even better on his now raging cock as he strokes totally enthralled by Kris’s show. 

Kris, while continuing to slide the toy in and out of her pussy with one hand, has found the lubricant with the other.  As Brent watches, mesmerized, she raises the tube of lubricant over her ass and squeezes out a long stream between her cheeks.  Now dropping the tube on the bed, she runs her fingers through it over the tight ring of her asshole. 

Kris turns little circles inside her pussy with the toy with one hand, the fingers of the other continue to caress her bum.  She wiggles the tip of a finger on her puckered hole, and then deliberately slides the finger into her ass.

“MMmmmm” they both moan, Kris from the sensation, Brent from the view.

This, happening only inches from Brent’s stare excites him greatly, and Kris knows it.  She can hear his excited breathing and the increased ‘slap slap’ of his hand on his cock.

She is aroused by her own actions and by knowing how aroused she is making Brent, she has the desire to feel his cock and her toy inside her at the same time.

She starts to slide her finger in and out of her bum and looks over her shoulder at Brent. She urges him, “Come fuck my ass”.

“MMmmmm, Gladly.”

He squeezes a bit more lube onto his cock and then places himself behind Kris on his knees. 

Taking his cock in his hand he slides the tip of it down the crack of her bum, until he feels it touch the little pucker of Kris’s asshole.

 He holds his cock there as Kris ever so slightly wiggles her ass against him. 

Kris, leaving the toy buzzing inside her pussy, reaches back and taking a cheek in each hand spreads her ass, and starts to push her ass back on Brent’s cock.

Brent can feel the pressure of Kris’s well lubricated ass against his also slippery cock.  He feels the tightness of her ass start to open up for him.  He can feel the tight ring as it dilates allowing the first half of his cockhead inside her.  Kris steadily and slowly continues to push back. Brent feels the tight ring of her ass slowly, surely, accepting the head of his cock.  Then, with a quick sure push from Kris, they feel the head of his cock slip past her sphincter muscle – into her ass.

Kris pauses for a moment, to get accustomed to the feeling of Brent’s cock in her bum, then with a sure steady motion pushes back and swallows the full length of Brent’s cock inside her.

Brent is in ecstasy.  As Kris’s tight ass snuggly grips his entire cock he feels the toy, still buried in her pussy, erotically buzzing along the length of his excited hard cock. Kris holds her ass still growing accustomed to Brent’s cock.

She takes the toy in her hand again, and as she holds his cock tightly in her ass, she begins to stroke the toy in and out and out of her quivering pussy.

After only a few moments of Kris’s play with her toy, Brent feels her begin to relax and her grip on his throbbing cock softens.  He has resisted the urge to withdraw and thrust into her ass over and over as long as he can stand. 

As she becomes more involved with her toy he slowly starts to slide his cock, inch by inch, out of her ass.  He stops with just the head of his throbbing member inside her and then begins to stroke his lubricated tool back inside Kris’s tight ass.  He feels her tense up from the pressure of his hard thick cock slipping into her ass again, but he also feels her begin to push back against him – welcoming the sensation of having both her holes filled.

“Ahhhh”, she moans in pain and pleasure as he fills her ass with his hard cock.  The pain, although real, is not a totally unpleasant sensation.  She feels it slowly give way to the pleasure deep inside her, and as Brent now thrusts more forcefully into her, she bucks harder against him – matching his thrusts with her own.

She presses the toy deep inside herself now, as deep as Brent’s cock is thrusting into her ass.  Taking one of the pillows from the bed above her head, she places it under her hips and lowers herself unto it.   She has relinquished all control of the situation and begins to relish the feeling of Brent now strongly pounding his cock over and over into her ass.  She is a willing if less active participant and as Brent’s balls slap against her on each stroke, she turns small circles with the toy inside her excited pussy. 

Kris hears Brent’s excited breathing behind her.  She senses from his excited quickening humping of her ass, that he is near cumming.  She raises her ass slightly and presses back.  Brent’s hands take her ass and spread her cheeks, providing incredible, deep, penetration. 

“Cu-um for me”, she urges as his excited fucking of her ass breaks her speech, “Cum dee-eep in my a-ass”.

“Aa-ahhh…. I’m gunna cum….cum in your ass”, he manages to say between clenched teeth. 

With a deep thrust, he slams his cock deep into Kris’s ass and releases a strong spurt of cum up inside her.  She feels Brent abruptly stop his movements and then the pulse of his cock as it releases wad after wad of cum inside her ass. 

The pure sexual eroticism of it sends her over the top, and she feels her own orgasm come crashing down on her.  Waves of pleasure and release wash over her. 

“AHhhhhHHH, ughhh, uh uh”  she squeals.

The twitching squeezes of her orgasm on Brent’s cock is the most fantastic sensation he has ever experienced, and as Kris moans in pleasure he holds his cock deep deep inside her as she continues to rock against her toy and his cock. 

Completely spent from their climaxes, they crash onto the bed in a tangle of arms, legs, sweat and cum.  Not a word escapes either one of them for several minutes as they regain their breath and lay exhausted in the afterglow.