Rear Tire Poke | Sex Stories Post

I have always fantasized about what it would be like to have a big hot black cock deep inside me. You no, you have seen the pictures like I have, they are huge. the problem is well there are two problems. First I`m a 42 year old white women living in south Ga. and that is frowned upon. You could be run out of town for even thinking things like that. Second I`m married to a great guy, and unfortunatly he has the same mind set. For me I see poeple not for there color or background, just that we are all placed on this planet together to be fruitfull and multiply.

Last summer I went to a swiming party, a girl friend of mine had envited me. It was a all girl day, a birthday event, complete with drinks and no guys. I was sporting my new micro G-string bikini which most of the girls had similar ones to.I was pretty lite when I left, but I knew that I could make it home. I desided to just slip my tee shirt on over my bikini and head out.

I desided to take a short cut down a dirt road, which would save a few miles, and before long I heard a sound. I must to have pickup a nail in my tire, it was flat and I was alone. I eased over as close as I could to the side of the road. I wasn`t completly off the road, and the ditch back droped way off, but it was the best I could do. I got out to begain what I had seen my husband do many times, so I knew that I could change out my on tire and be on my way. Al alone on this dirt road, I said to myself what the heck. I took off my tee shirt, it had been a gift at the party and I didn`t want to get it dirty the very first time that I wore it.

I begain I had the jack out ready to put it under the truck when a car came around the corner. It pulled by, then stoped, and out stepped a older black man. I could tell he was hesitant about coming closer, but I told him my tire was flat, and I was trying to get home from a pool party. After a few words he kindly knelled down to see what I was trying to do, and he took over with the jack. I was thanking him for stoping as he worked away, but I was noticing he would look over at me then turn away quikly. I also noticed that he had a swelling in his pants the size of Georgia. Was it the alcohol in me or my secreet desire, what ever the deal it all had me thinking.

He jacked up the truck a little, and slowly begain to take the lug nuts off. the last nut was kinda hard, and as he sruggled with it the truck shook and the jack sliped. I reached out to hold the jack, and at the same moment he saw what was happening, so he quikly reached over to steady it. This put me a little in front of him and as he reached for the jack his hand caught the edge of my bikini top and my left breast fell out. Even in the mist of what was a problem, I found myself turned on that he had touched me, and now he could see my breast. I saw that he just stared at it, but because I didn`t saw anything, he didn`t respond either. All I could do was hold on to the jack as he made it right and keep working. Once all was ok, I was going to stand up, fix my top and try to laugh it off some how.

 As I stood up I steped backward. My foot went down in kinda a washed out spot, I tryed to stay on my feet, but I soon knew that I was flat on my back, sliding head first down the step dirt ditch bank. My black friend and breast remover hurled around to help. On my way down hill by nature my bikini bottom was sliding right off my rear end. As fate would have it he reaches, grabed my ancle with his left hand, and forward he reaches higher with his right hand. In the swiftness of timing, his hand slides under the tied part of my G-string, and my downward journey made it come untied. Finialy his brute strenght had me stoped, stable, and I was able to crawl back up the hill to safety. I sat there for a moment to catch my breath, then I reilized that my bikini bottom was completly off me, it was half way down the slope, and now he was viewing my private parts between my legs. There was a look in his eye that I did not understand, was it me or was it him, or was any thing like this surpose to happen.

 He made his way back to finishing up my tire change. I made the decision to just leave off my bottom it was dirty now anyway. I noticed my top had a grease marke on it also, so I took it on off so I wouldn`t smear it. Why not, this guy had already seem me, and to top it off I`m horny as hell now. There was no change in the size of his cock, I knew what I saw, and I wanted so much to pull it out of his pants.

 The tire was on now, I`m ready to roll he said. I tod him that I didn`t no how to thank him for all of his help. Then I saw that look again. The only words that I could think of to say was, are you sure that I can`t pay you some how. What a lame thing to say, no it was realy what I ment to say. I`m sure that I was the first white women he had ever seen, naked that is, so this was awkward for us both. My horny state, along with the liqure, had me unzipping his pants, and my mouth fully engauged in pleasure. I glanced up at him, what a look of satisfaction he had, did he want more, could I handle that monster cock deep inside me. I sucked for sometime tasting a bit of sweet juice, then I said would you do me a favor. Nothing else was said. I streched out on my front side over the tail gate of my truck, he gently strocked his cock over my pussy and ass. Don`t tease me I said, at which time he probed that shaft deep inside my pussy. I had never had a man this big before and one that felt so good. Right before his cum reached its exit, he pulled out, teasing my ass. I made many sounds of excitment then he rapped my ass. The first few pushes hurt, but the pain gave way to  a filling of total fullfillment. His hot load of cum warmed my body. This guy had awakened my sexual side, was it his size, was it his color, was it the eventfull afternoon naked with a total stranger from nowhere. It did not matter to me, I wanted somthing that day, and the opputunity came. I`m glad it did, and I just wanted to share it with the world.

 Maybe I will be alowed to have another flat tire, and a rear poke.