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Julia was at the clinic telling Doctor Gard
“Doctor, doctor  I’ve a piss addiction.  Whenever I see anyone piss – I just want it. I can’t stop myself. My husband Joe says I’m disgusting – he told me he’d leave me if I don’t stop”
“I see you’ve seen a number a of doctors  – it has not worked.”
“They fix me and  – but I go back to this dirty habit – fucking delightful habit”
“For starters I’m  prescribing these medicines, come back after a week and tell how you feel” Doctor Grad says
“I hope it works”  Julia says taking the prescription and leaves.
A week later Julia came back to the clinic. Sits in front of the desk, but was almost lying on it.
“Are you alright?” Gard asks
“Yes, Joe said I was doing ok – but the medicine you gave me worked, but ……”
“…..well not to worry. Go over and lied down on the couch”
Julia her sweater open, revealing a low cut dress. She lies down on the couch.
“I’m going to try some hypno-therapy.  Now I’m going backwards from 10 after that you’ll fall asleep”
Gard  hypnotizes  Julia. She was asleep. She answers his questions.  Gard snaps his fingers. Julia was out of her trance.
“You’ll be fine now”
A year later Julia returns.
“Joe left me,  what should I changed because of him, not what should I do?”
“I see, you will have to meet me at the clinic later – at closing time”
She was there at the time he told her to be. He drives her out to a multi-storey building. They get in the lift and go to tenth floor. There was loud music and dancing in the first room. In the second room was the place where they went in. Everyone in that room was naked.  Gard holds Julia’s wrist and takes to a metal tub.
“Lie down in it” He tells her. She does that. He takes off his clothes and comes back. The tub is surrounded by men and women. They all start pissing on her. She was reeling with joy – she was holding cocks and directing the piss into her mouth. Women were pissing on her. The tub was nearly full of piss. One of the men get in the tub and starts fucking her. Other men take their turns  fucking while women pissing into her mouth.
She is pulled out of the tub and locked in a post. Her mouth was fucked and pissed just as her cunt and asshole were. It was going on over and over, she is released and placed on table. Most of the people there were doctors. She was being checked up.
“I don’t want this, give me your piss – I’m dying for it” Julia shrieks. A woman slaps her.
“You’ll get piss only when we tell you can” she tells Julia firmly
“Please, I’ll do anything for piss” Julia says.
The men start gang banging her for several hours. When they finish – she is
‘rewarded’ with more piss than should could imagine getting. .
She was left there alone in that room. Julia was exhausted. The people return the after some time . They had brought some food for her. She eats it but she dipped in piss before eating it. She is taken for a proper bath cleaned up.. Gard takes her back to his clinic.
“How do you feel?” Gard asks her
“I feel as if I was reborn – piss isn’t that bad after all – do you need to pee?.”
“Yes in fact I do” Gard says. He takes her in the examination room and he pisses all over her and inside her. She leaves quietly before  – knew exactly where to come, when she had a piss craving and gang fucked.