Owning The Boss’s Daughter Chap. 03

“Owning The Boss’s Daughter” is a complete work of fiction. All characters and ideas were made my me, the author.

Owning the Boss’s Daughter

By Muhabba

Codes: M/F, Teen, Reluc

Chapter 3.

David loved his wife. She was more than just “Hot”, she was beautiful, graceful, charming, and had the sex drive that young, teen boys dreamt about. So when he woke up with a hard-on after dreaming about Kassy Staff he actually felt guilty like he had cheated on his wife some how. She was still sleeping as he quietly slipped out of bed and padded his way to their bathroom and as he jacked his aching erection he fantasied about his boss’s daughter. Finishing he once again felt guilty about it but he consoled himself that he was sure that Kim must fantasize about men other than him when she masturbated.

Swallowing his shame, David began his morning routine. He stepped into his shower and washed himself and made himself wish that his wife would join him despite actually wanting to live in a reality where Kassy Staff joined him. Even after jacking off his prick started swelling at the though of his boss’s daughter’s dripping wet body pressed up against his own. Shaking the thought out of his head he finished up and then dried off. He padded back into his bedroom and peeked over at his still slumbering wife before smiling to himself. “Must have worn her out,” he chuckled to himself as he silently opened his closet.

Dressed in one of the three business suites he owned he went downstairs to fix himself breakfast. When his wife had originally came up with her financial plan for them she had insisted on buying him more expensive suits for work. He had nearly choked when he saw the price tag on the first suit. And then he had actually swooned while paying for it. And had actually felt nauseous when she had taken him to get it fitted. And that was just the first suit. Kim had then had him open up a bank account just to save money for more suits and an upgrade for a more stylish car. He was up to three suits now but hadn’t yet saved up enough for a car but Kim kept juggling his income and they hoped to buy one by the end of the year. Well, Kim hoped. He was fine with just the SUV.

Kim was still asleep by the time David left the house and forty minutes later he was at work. His cubical shared it’s wall with Tim and he had barely sat down when his friend’s head popped over the top.

“Psst, guess what?” Tim asked.

“You are not telling me you scored with Dick’s daughter,” he said with a chuckle, never looking up at Tim. He booted up his computer and typed in his password.

“I scored with Dick’s daughter,” Tim answered back.

“Bullshit,” David said as he brought up his desktop and clicked on his personal file folder.

“Have I ever lied to you?” Tim asked with a fake pout.

“Repeatedly and with relish,” David said as he highlighted the more than fifty files contained in the folder.

Tim held his phone over the top of the cubical towards David. “Took a pic. Take a look,” he dared.

David sent the highlighted files to the recycling bin before looking up. The files that he had worked so hard on, the business proposal that was supposed to have guaranteed his promotion, the business deal that Dick had stolen out from under him, was now gone. Just like his chance for the promotion. He took Tim’s phone and looked at the screen. “This better not be another pic of your ball-sack,” he warned.

David’s eyes went wide at the pic. It was her. Kassy Staff. Naked and laying in her bed. The picture was dark which meant that Tim had turned the flash off so she probably didn’t even know that he had taken it which, for some reason, turned him on all the more. “How the fuck…” he moaned.

Tim snatched his phone back. “I told you, man. She’s a total slut,” he said gleefully, “I basically just asked her if she wanted to take me up to her room and she did! And that bitch can fuck, let me tell you.”

David basically had no choice but to listen to his friend tell him about his night with the boss’s daughter. It was a unbelievable story but Tim had the pic so intellectually he had no choice but to believe it but for some reason he started to get angry with his friend. Where did he get off on talking about Kassy that way? It was disgusting. But then he began to slowly realize where his anger was coming from. He wasn’t angry with Tim, he was jealous.

He knew that he would never cheat on his wife even if he had the chance but… Did Tim have to be so crude about it? David felt like he was in school again with a schoolboy crush on somebody else’s girlfriend. Shame and embarrassment went through him and he just hoped Tim didn’t notice. He also hoped he wouldn’t have to hear about it for the rest of the day, it was too painful. And a small, dirty, shameful part of him wished that Tim would want to send him the pic without him having to ask. The teenage girl was a goddess and he could feel a sweat break out across his top lip just staring at the dark, blurry, illicit picture. And for some reason the shame he was feeling at staring at a stolen picture of a young girl was just turned him on more.


It was between Chem. Class and Algebra that Kassy finally found Veronica. The slim, dark haired girl was talking to Justin by his locker and obviously flirting with him. Kassy couldn’t stand Justin. No matter what she wore he always stared at her tits and she couldn’t count the number of times he’d hit on her behind Veronica’s back. She’s tried to tell her best friend that she thought the only reason he was going out with the dark haired girl was to get closer to her but she didn’t listen and hadn’t talked to her for a week afterwards. She was Kassy’s only friend so when Veronica finally started talking to her she’d promised not to bring it up again.

“Hey, guys, what’s up?” Kassy chirped merrily. Veronica and Justin looked her up and down before giggling and whispering to each other. Kassy immediately lost her smile and looked down at her outfit but couldn’t find anything wrong with it. She was wearing a black sweater over a white blouse with a pleated skirt and knee high socks with her favorite pair of Mary Jane shoes. “What’s the matter?” she asked, worried about something she couldn’t see being wrong with her clothes but they both just laughed again.

“Nothing, nothing,” Veronica said through her giggle before finally stopping.

“What’s so funny?” the blonde girl asked which caused Justin to snort laughter and Veronica to start giggling again.

“Nothing,” Justin said as his eyes settled on Kassy’s amazing chest.

Kassy tried not to pull back in revulsion as Justin stared at her breasts and licked his lips. “How was your weekend?” she asked, hoping to get in on what they were having such a good time talking about before she had showed up.

“Not much, really,” Veronica said in a snide voice, “We can’t all have fancy dinner parties to go to.”

Kassy shrugged her shoulders non-committedly. “It wasn’t a big deal,” she said, “Just people that work for my dad.” She thought about telling Veronica about what had happened after the party but didn’t want to in front of Justin. Maybe later she’d tell her friend and then Veronica could maybe help her figure out what kind of weird vibe she was constantly sending out to creeps.

“Miss Staff, if I could see you back in here please,” a voice called out drawing Kassy’s attention behind her. Her chemistry teacher, Mr. Vernon was standing in the doorway with a stack of papers in his hand. And he didn’t look happy.

Veronica and Justin broke out into fits of laughter again which made Kassy blush in embarrassment again.

“Uh oh, you have to stay after class,” Justin mocked.

“Better hurry or you’ll be late to Algebra,” Veronica giggled before slipping her arm around Justin’s waist and sauntering away.

“I’ll see you later, guys,” Kassy told her only two friends who didn’t answer back before following her teacher back into the classroom.

“Close the door behind you,” Mr. Vernon said as he walked to his desk.

“Yes, sir,” Kassy obediently said as her teacher sat down.

“Kassy, I want to talk to you about this test,” Mr. Vernon said as he watched the teenage girl approach him. The sexy schoolgirl thing was kind of overdone but Kassy Staff was pulling it off. He watched her long legs scissoring as she walked, her skirt flowing from side to side and her large tits jiggling with every step. It was obvious she knew exactly what she was doing. He couldn’t quite put his finger on what was so sexy about her outfit: The skirt was a modest length just above her knees and her sweater wasn’t particularly tight but he knew that she had worn it for just one reason.

“Can I help you, Mr. Vernon?” Kassy asked. She had studied particularly hard for this test since chemistry wasn’t really one of her strengths. She preferred the writing class but she needed some kind of science class to graduate and since her father owned a pharmaceutical company she thought it would be a good choice. It wasn’t and she had been struggling with it ever since. Without a second chair to sit in, the nervous high school student had to stand and didn’t notice the way her teacher’s eyes crawled up and down her body.

Mr. Vernon threw a sheet of paper onto his desk before setting the rest of the stack down. “This test is a joke,” he said sternly.

Kassy’s eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open in in shock. “But I studied,” she said meekly.

Mr. Vernon smirked at the smart-ass young girl. “I don’t know what you studied but it wasn’t chemistry,” he told her, “I know who your father is and that one of the companies he owns is a pharmaceutical company but if you think that will allow you to skate by…”

“I don’t…” she started defensively.

“…you’ve got another thing coming,” he continued, “But you no doubt knew that.” Mr. Vernon shook Kassy’s test in front of her face. “I graded your test first, just in case,” he went on.

“In case of what?” Kassy asked meekly.

“Don’t play the coy school girl with me,” the teacher snorted, “There’s only one reason to dress like that in my classroom…”

Kassy once again looked down at her outfit. “What’s wrong with…”

“…and then turn this in,” The chemistry snorted, “Half of these answers were nonsensical.”

“I tried my best,” she said, barely above a whisper, her bottom lip starting to tremble.

Mr. Vernon once again looked the young girl up and down. “At first I was just going to flunk you,” he sneered, “But I have to tell you those clothes did the trick.”

“They’re just clothes,” she whined quietly.

“But don’t think I’ll be making this a regular thing, young lady,” he said, his voice softening, “But I think a quick blow-job for a passing grade won’t hurt anything. But only this one time, got it?”

Kassy looked at her teacher as his stood up, her beautiful face clouded in confusion. “I… I don’t…” she stuttered. She wasn’t sure how but it felt like there was a conversation that she had missed. As Mr. Vernon slowly pushed her down to her knees in front of him she was too confused to resist. Once again she couldn’t figure out what was going on and wondered how she had ended up here.

The middle aged Chem. Teacher unzipped himself and pulled his semi-hard cock out with one hand while wagging his finger at the sexy young girl with the other. “Don’t think this is going to happen again, Miss Staff. I fully expect you to be prepared for the next test,” he chided

“I… I… Yes, sir?” Kassy said, stumbling over her words. She wasn’t sure what had happened but once again she found herself on her knees with a strange dick in front of her face. It was by far not the first time this had happened, middle school had been hell on her knees, but she couldn’t wrap her brain around how it kept happening. Her mind was a whirlwind and while her teacher’s prick came to life in front of her she realized that this was the only way to pass the test. It wasn’t fair. She had studied so hard. But if she flunked she’d be held back another year. Again.

Sitting up straighter, with no other choice she could think of, Kassy reached up and grasped the base of her teacher’s hardening cock with one hand and his dangling balls with the other. The teacher’s prick immediately sprung to life in her soft, delicate hand as she began tugging on it. She rolled his heavy sack with her other hand as she bent forward and licked one dangling orb and then the other. Holding his dick up out of her face she continued using her hand to massage his balls as she licked his sack until both it and her palm were gleaming. Continuing to jack him off she then licked up the under side of his shaft until she reached the top and swirled her tongue around it.

“Sure glad I took you up on the blow-job, Miss Staff,” Mr. Vernon groaned, “You are just all sorts of talented. With skills like yours, who needs chemistry?”

As she licked down the side of her teacher’s shaft, Kassy wasn’t quite sure if he had given her an actual compliment or not but she was kind of glad he didn’t try to pat her head like a puppy or something. She licked back up the other side of his smooth shaft until she reached the tip and once again swirled her moist, pink tongue around it. She kept her touch light, just moving her tongue around without to much force, dreading what was probably going to happen once she took him into her mouth but it was getting late for her next class and she didn’t want to find out what she would have to do for a hall pass.

Kassy sucked her teacher’s soft, sensitive head passed her pink lips and kept her tongue braced against is as his shaft slowly slid farther into her mouth. And that was when Mr. Vernon gripped the sides of her head and thrust himself forward, just as she had expected.

Her tongue kept the horny old teacher’s cock from slipping down her throat and choking her but it was a struggle. He thrust himself back and forth, fucking her beautiful face and groaning above her. He didn’t have the longest prick that she had ever had in her mouth so he was able to push in far enough that his pubic hair was tickling her nose. Kassy fought with herself to keep from sneezing as she sucked on his shaft as hard as she could. She didn’t bother to participate much, it was obvious he just wanted to cum and go which she was okay with since she had to hurry and get across the campus for Algebra.

Wiggling her warm, moist tongue, Kassy tried to bob her head back and forth but her chemistry teacher had too hard of a grip on her head as he fucked her mouth. She could feel a small stream of drool escaping from the corner of her mouth and tried to wipe it away before it dripped down and stained her sweater. She braced her hands against Mr. Vernon’s hips to try and hold him back from relentlessly fucking her face but he was too strong and picking up steam. His balls swung wildly and slapped against her face and he rammed his dick in and out of her mouth, her cheeks hollowing as she continued sucking on his shaft as hard as she could.

Thinking to herself, Kassy tried to remember if she had put her completed homework in her folder or not. She hoped so. She wouldn’t have time to stop at her locker to pick it up and she’d hate to see what her algebra teacher would want her to do if she missed it.

“God you’re good at this,” Mr. Vernon groaned as he fucked the schoolgirl’s innocent face. She may look innocent but the feel of his cock in her mouth proved she was just a hot blooded slut trying to get by. And why shouldn’t he take advantage of it? It wasn’t like he was abusing his position as a teacher or anything. It had all been her idea and technically she was an adult so what was the harm? Besides, her little schoolgirl thing was hot as hell, all the teachers thought so. Hell, even some of the female teachers had admitted that the Staff girl was their bi-curious pick if they ever got the chance.

Mr. Vernon could feel his balls bubbling over and knew what was coming next. He didn’t know if the hot little piece of ass usually swallowed but she would today. And who knew, if she didn’t miss any he’d bump her grade up to a C+.

Kassy could feel Mr. Vernon’s cock throbbing in her mouth and knew what was coming next. She angled her head up and opened her throat just as he exploded. His thick, warm cum quickly filled her mouth and with unfortunate years of experience she managed to suck down every drop. He cursed out above her, holding her tightly to him as he emptied his balls into her mouth.

“Negggurah…” Mr. Vernon grunted in delight as he pumped the last of his load into Kassy’ face. He released his hold and she pulled back from him and he saw that she had indeed not missed a single drop. “Good fuck girl,” he groaned as he leaned against his desk for support, his spent dick dangling from his pants, “That deserves a capital C+!”

Kassy wiped her drool from her chin with the back of her hand. “Thank you?”


As David milked the last of him cum from his dick into the toilet bowl, waves of shame washed through him. He couldn’t get the sight of Kassy Staff naked out of his mind and he had just jacked off into the toilet at work. “I’m pathetic,” he grumbled to himself.

He flushed the toilet, sat down and held his head in his hands. Jerking off at work to a out of focus picture of the boss’s daughter that fucked his best friend and made him feel jealous of him… Was anyone on the face of the Earth more pathetic?

Until meeting Kim he had always felt insecure. He wasn’t athletic, wasn’t the smartest, wasn’t the most charming, wasn’t the most handsome. By any metric he wasn’t in Kim’s league but she had made him feel special none the less. So why was he shame-masturbating in the bathroom at work? Dick Staff was why.

When Dick had yanked the project that he had worked so hard on it was just like being a kid again. It had made him feel worthless. It had hit him personally but there was nothing he could do about it. Nothing Kim could say or do to give him back what was taken from him. He felt like less of a man. Less of a man because of what Dick had done and less of a man because Tim had scored with the young girl that he had a crush on.

David sat on the toilet and thought about everything he had, everything he could have gotten before the deal had been stolen, and everything that Dick had. He might not have Dick Staff’s resource or money but he did have determination. And if there was no way for him to take back the deal he had worked so hard on there was maybe a way to take something else from Dick. Maybe something the old man cared more about Then his money.

Heading back to his cubicle with his head held high, David thought about all the ways he could meet young Kassy Staff. He looked around almost defensively, waiting for someone to some how know what he was planning and confront him. Sure, the boss’s daughter was just a kid but according to Tim she knew the score and had no problems playing the game. But this was going to be his game and his rules. He’s show Dick who was boss and use Kassy to do it.

To be continued…