One Night’s back tickle | Sex Stories Post

It happened about 3 months after her 14th birthday. As usual I was saying good night and giving her the traditional back tickle. I would sit next to her on the bed and tickle her smooth skin softly and slowly until goose bumps covered her back. This went on for longer than usual this night, and all of a sudden she stood up saying that she was feeling hot and took off her flannel pyjama bottoms and proceeded to lie down on her stomach again, waiting for me to continue tickling.

It suddenly dawned on me then that she was aroused. After a pause wondering whether I should get up and leave (which is what I should have done), it felt like minutes (but was probably only seconds) before I wrongly decided to continue tickling her back. Of course now I had her slim long legs exposed and included them into my soft slow tickling routine, going from her back to her beautiful legs and back again. After some time I realised that her legs were becoming more and more spread and I had an exquisite peak at her panty covered crotch which was beginning to show a distinct wet patch. I looked at her beautiful face which was turned to the side with a halo of curly ruffled hair around it, and saw her content and pure blissfully innocent face smiling with her eyes closed.

I again fought my conscience which shouted don’t do it, and slowly slid my cupped hand under her wet panty covered crotch until my knuckles were positioned under her clit. I continued to tickle her with my free hand as my other hand slowly massaged her panty covered pleasure button, with my knuckle on the back of my hand. She writhed and rocked gently on my hand softly moaning with pleasure, as I flexed and relaxed my hand underneath her. She reached out to me and touched my leg at one point and I started to quicken my hand movement of flexing and relaxing adding a gentle circular motion. Her hips started slowly bucking up and down as I continued my knuckles attention on her now sodden panty covered swollen clit. Suddenly she stood up with a shocked look on her face and said she needed to pee, and on unsteady feet pulled her pyjama pants back on and ran to the toilet.