Neighbor affair | Sex Stories Post

Hello this happened back when I was in my early twenties.

My husband and I had just gotten married. I was out sun bathing while my husband was asleep he worked nights at the time.

I noticed my neighbor Jack was out weeding his garden. Watching him I noticed he kept looking my way. Well I was in my swim suit I thought maybe he was checking me out. I lay there half asleep thinking about him checking me out I started getting horny at the thought . Jack is about 50 I guessed at time. Older than my own dad.

I finally got up to go in and I glanced at Jack and he waved at me. I put my towel around my waist and walked over just to talk and see if I could make him uncomfortable his wife had to be somewhere around.

We did small talk and I saw his eyes kept scanning up and down my body.

I asked where his wife was and found she had gotten called into work.

So not to skip over the boring stuff while we were talking he asked if I would like a Pepsi he was heading to house so I followed we set on back deck and chatted some more the entire time he was taking in my tits.

Now I’m not blessed I have small tits but he kept staring. Finally it got so obvious I said you know I can take my top off so you can see better.

He got embarrassed and was laughing nervously . I said no I’m serious let’s go in your house. Now I did not know what he would say or do but I got up and headed to his house and through the back door looking over my shoulder he followed me in. I always been a flirt growing up as soon as he shut the door I took off my top.

He kept saying he didn’t need for me to do that all nervous but I came on to him strong and came up to him feeling his cock through his shorts. Saying I think you want me too. We fucked on the couch. I was disappointed when he came too quick and left me frustrated but I faked a orgasm for him and left because he was all nervous my husband would get up.

I fucked him several times that summer. Yes it was better the second go rounds. But was not really physically attracted to him but more the

Thrill of cheating and fucking a older guy.