My sexy neighbor Cara Part 1

My name is Dan, I’m 25 and my neighbor, Caroline, is 1_

She’s a beutiful girl, pale skin, long blonde hair, beautiful green eyes, 28AA and a the cutest little butt you’ve ever seen. She’s a swimmer and thanks to god, I have a pool.

She usually comes over after school to swim a bit, I don’t mind. But this time… this time was so different. She got here around 16:00 with her school bag and headed directly to the bathroom to get changed… but this time she left the door open. I’m not a perv, I didn’t peek… But I couldn’t help but see her, naked in my bathroom getting into her bikini. I knew she could see me looking at her and I could see her blushing and smiling.

Anyway, she went outside and jumped in the pool, I was in my office finishing some work when I had the urge to pee. I went to the bathroom and I could see her pink panties laying on the floor. I could see they were damp like if she had been sweating. The scent filled the room, it was so intense and erotic it made my cock instantly hard. I picked them up and took them all the way into my nose. As I was sniffing, it almost made me cum.

I took them to my office, where I have a direct view to the pool. I could see her swimming and from time to time I would wave and she would wave back. Of course she didn’t knew I had her dirty undies in my hand and that I was smelling them when she couldn’t see… or that’s what I thought.

I looked to see if she could see me from the pool but she wasn’t there.I heard a noice behind me and there she was, standing wet behind me

“are…are those my undies?” She asked

“w…what?” I asked nervously

“well… you’re holding a pink pair of undies that look just like mine so umm… are those mine?”

I got really nervous, thinking she was gonna call the police or her mom or storm out thinking I’m the biggest perv there is but…

“well… hahaha why are you doing that? I saw you smelling them… do they smell bad? Isn’t it gross?”

I kinda felt releaved that she took it as a joke maybe?

“well… i was gonna take them to the laundry… I just had to send an email really quick”

“ok but… why did you smell them?”

“Umm well.. they smell good so…”

“good? lol but… don’t they smell like my butt?”

“yeah… it uh… it smells good… anyway… are you done swimming? You can watch a movie or anything. I’ll be done in a few minutes and I could join you”

“umm ok? A movie sounds good haha”

She headed out of my office, my heart was racing seeing her dripping wet, so hot still with her panties in my hand. I had to sniff them some more so I did.

“im taking all this to the laundry, ok?” I yelled from the office

I heard she put on a movie while I was heading downstairs to the laundry room, of course, still sniffing her delicious pink panties.

“cough-cough” I heard behind me “w…why are you still sniffing them? And… licking them?!”

I turned around and there she was, again… I swear she’s like a cat, can’t hear her move.

“I… I told you I like the smell”

“then… why don’t you smell directly from the source?” She told me with a devilish look

“what do you mean directly from the source”

“like… why don’t you smell my butthole?” As she said that, she pulled down her bikini bottoms exposing the most beautiful hairless pussy I’ve ever seen. She turned around, bent over and spread her cheeks with both her hands revealing a perfect little pink butthole. It looked so tight, puckered and just… perfect.

“c’mon… if you like the smell so much… why don’t you sniff my butt directly?” She winked it.

“C…Car a.. are you sure?” I was in awe, staring at her beautiful ass and pussy

“yeah… you’ve been so good to me and… you seem to like that lol… so… sure haha” She giggled and shook her hips a bit wiggling her little ass infront of my face. I quickly got on my knees in front of her sweet and innocent body and took a deep breath through the nose. Her scent filling my nostrils, feeling all the warmth of her butthole hit my nose and face that I came right there without touching me. I couldn’t stop sniffing, I got rock hard instantly once again as I saw her winking her anus right infront of my eyes and couldn’t help but to give it a kiss with the lips.

“woah! W…what are you doing?” She gasped

“I’m so sorry Car… I… I wanted to kiss it. I’m sorry”

“…Do it again” She whispered


“Do it again… I… I liked it… It felt good” She moaned

“Well… make it wink some more”

She did, I could see her enjoying winking her anus and me kissing it everytime she did. It was like a one-one kiss session where she would kiss my lips with her winking butthole, and me kissing back everytime. Then I could see her pussy was getting really wet

“You’re enjoying this huh?”

*moan* “yes… i’ve never felt like this before. Please don’t stop”

I stopped for a second

“wh..why did you stop? Please do it again” As she winked her butthole once again

“I umm… I have an idea but you’ll think it’s gross”

“well… hahaha you’re kissing my butt… what could be grosser than that?”

“umm well… what about this?” As i stick my tongue out and give her puckered butthole a long lick

*loud moan* “OH MY GOD WHAT WAS THAT?! Do that again NOW” She demanded

“It was my tongue…” I say as I kiss it with my lips one more time

“Oh my god that is so GROSS! Do it again NOW!” She ordered me

I stick my tongue out and start to make out with her asscrack, making round circles with the tip of my tongue around the outline of her asshole. I could hear her moaning so loud, I could feel her shaking and trembling like she was about to cum… and she did. At this point she was laying on the floor, her hands spreading her buttcheeks with her bikini top still on.

“Wait… I… I feel like I need to pee… but I don’t want you to stop” *moan*

“well…if you really need to… just do it here” Another lick, this time pushing my tongue into the opening of her asshole.

“wh…ooooh… what do you mean just do it? Like… pee here? But I… I will get you wet with my pee, ew…” *moan*

“Yes, so? Baby… I’m licking your butthole, do you think a little pee will gross me out?”

She said nothing and just started peeing. Feeling my shirt getting wet with her warm pee as I was licking her butthole was… Like I was in heaven.

She was moaning like crazy. I could tell she loved getting her ass licked as she peed. I told her to stop so we could change positions.

“Ok, Car. I’m gonna lie on the floor and you’re gonna squat over my face, ok? That way we’ll both be more comfortable.”

She did. Now this beautiful 1_ year old girl is squating over my face, holding her pee so she can now willingly, pee all over my chest. I took off my shirt and told her to keep peeing… I swear she must’ve drank like 10 liters of water, she didn’t stop for a while. Of course, I kept kissing and licking her, sniffing from time to time too and all she did was moan.

She stopped peeing and asked me where she could find some TP to wipe her pussy. I had some in the laundry room, so we stood up, I grabbed a piece and asked her if I could wipe her, so she spread her legs standing up and looked at me, smiling…