My mom’s affair with another man

Hello guys. This is Aditya. I am about to narrate stories of my mommy’s relationship with my best friend’s dad. Me and Tariq were in final year of engineering and he often used to live with me and my mom. My mom treated him as a son and we all were in good bond. I lived in a flat having a room and a hall along with balcony, kitchen and washroom. Me and Tariq often slept in hall and mommy used to sleep inside the room.

My mom was in her mid 40’s and was a very beautiful north Indian lady. As we lived in Bangalore, she looked odd with her fair skin. She used to wear old ethnic and western outfit. At home she used to wear tops with shorts and sleep in nighties. Since she was a bit shy minded, she always liked talking to us only in hall and not in room. She used to keep privacy with herself. I knew Tariq called her aunty but had cozy feelings for her from inside. Once, he told me that my mom is much hotter and younger than her’s. We even used to watch mature porn. I knew he had fantasies for her.

Once, he invited us to his place for dinner. We all got together. My mom and his mom became friends and slowly started meeting regularly. His dad too became friend’s with my mom. He used to visit our place for evening snacks and leave along with Tariq at night. He was in his early 60’s and almost 15 years elder to my mom. He was bald, kept a big white beard and was very fair. Both Tariq and his dad were body builders and so had a muscular body. And both were 6 feet in height. His dad was more bulky than him though. I was a bit shorter than Tariq and my mom was around 5’6″. And 65 kg weight.

Tariq’s family was a rich Bangalore family and had a big bungalow in a posh locality. Tariq’s dad was a smoker and looked deadly in white beard and bald head with aviator sunglasses and a thick gold chain around his neck. He even occasionally drank and was a very exciting person to talk to. My mom was reserved and talked less.

Tariq had an internship in Mumbai and left for a fortnight. Me and mom were sad because both of us missed him. Me and mom planned for a movie during the weekend. We both had some quality time together and then returned back. My mom wasn’t fully happy as it looked. As we returned, I found tariq’s dad was waiting outside. He got some fruits for us from his orchard and then started to leave. My mom told him to wait as she wanted him to join for dessert which she had cooked during day. She looked happy in tauseef uncle’s company. We then together started going out manyatimes in his car. We went to parks for outings, movies, shopping etc. I knew uncle liked my mom. He once gifted mom with an expensive necklace too. My dad never did. My mom too liked tariq’s dad. Although he was 15 years elder than her.

I should mention one thing that my mom was devoid of sex life as she used to have it only when we went to our native. She wasn’t happy with that too as I noticed my dad couldn’t last long and their door used to open up in minutes.

Tariq’s dad once got a classic music show ticket for us. I wasn’t interested in going so I denied. They both left in his car in the evening. I got jinxed with whether leaving mommy alone with uncle wasn’t a great idea but at the same time she needed some time out without parenthood and live her personal life. Both uncle and mommy looked like a couple that time really with uncle in jeans and a tshirt and my mom in a blue capry and a formal white shirt. She looked gorgeous. Both left for the show and I slept for a while as I was tired of collegework.

Mom returned around 11 pm and went to sleep. She looked a bit tired. I also slept as next day was college. I left in the morning and went to college . That day there was an early dispersal because of some strike and returned early. When I returned I saw tariq’s dad’s car downstairs. I also went upstairs.

I opened up the gate and I was a bit surprised to see my mom’s room locked from inside. I doubted a bit. I really thought what was going on. I sneaked in from the keyhole and I was shocked.

I saw uncle in underwear and mom was completely naked. They thought I wasn’t going to come early. A porn movie was going on in the desktop screen too. Uncle started to lick mommy’s toes. He licked her neck and stomach. My mom was fully excited. I was finding it an odd situation though my dick too started to erect. Uncle liplocked mummy with his bald head and white beard. My mom’s tongue was repeatedly being licked by uncle.

Mommy then started touching uncle’s penis. She put her hand inside his underwear. She took it out. It was huge. Maybe thrice my size. Uncle too with his muscular body lifted mommy upside down and now went behind the back part. He first kissed her legs then started licking her asshole. He went hard with this. I could hear my mom’s moans. Uncle was a big dirty horny guy. Now he lifted mommy with his hand with her arms on his shoulders and inserted his dick in her hairy pussy. He started banging her hard now. Mom with her screams was having a time of her life. Uncle’s rod was so big that it wasn’t going inside the pussy properly. Mom was ripped with his monster dick. They started to ease up a bit as both had cummed by now. Both then went to the toilet together.

Meantime, I got time to hide under the almirah and did so. Both returned back with mom’s happy face and she looked ready for more. Now both went on bed in 69 position with mom on top. I fantasized it earlier but I was witnessing it in real. Uncle then went on top and but his huge clock in mom’s mouth and began licking her pussy. He then started milking her boobs and vigorously licking it. I was amazed to see my mom’s boobs. They were sexy boobs.

Mom cummed again as uncle licked her pussy badly. He was still going hard with his dick in her mouth. Mom tried to resist a bit. But he didn’t stop. He then took her dick out without cumming.

Mom was aware by now that she was being fucked by an insane sex addict. She told her to stop for a while. Uncle stopped and lighted up his smoke. Mommy was down and out.

Now he put his penis in her asshole. When mom took it out, he held her completely so that she couldn’t move. He again inserted it in her asshole. Now I could hear my mommy’s real painful scream. She was down but again got energised and began loosening her ass. She liked it by now. Uncle went berserk and cummed in her asshole. I could see the sperm coming out of mommy’s asshole. Both were completely wet in sweat. Mom was completely done and uncle too after cleaning up a bit left too.

I never really talked about this to mom. But told to Tariq when he returned. He replied that he too doubted all this from the starting.

After some days, uncle took us to a forest lodge in his car. It was his own lodge and we four went there. I told Tariq to stay with me and give the elder couple their time. Around midnight after dinner, he took mom to a backyard place in the lodge. Me and Tariq too followed hiding ourselves. He made my mom lay in a dog’s position in naked. I could see my friend tariq’s horny stairs at my mom and also saw his dick peeping out of his boxers. Tariq told his dad was very horny and was going to go dirty with my mom.

Uncle pissed on mom and told her to shit. He wanted a clean asshole. Mommy farted a bit but couldn’t poop. Uncle then started licking her asshole and then put his rod inside her asshole. They went with this for a long time as mommy by now loved ass fucking more. I guess they observed some presence, maybe ours. So slowly with his dick inserted inside her ass, he lifted her straight to the bedroom. After that we couldn’t observe