My Initimate experience with a stranger

When we first met we were total strangers.  I visited a family relative and there you were again lusting after me with your eyes.. I notice your prying eyes stripping me so boldly.. It got to me I asked you if you had a problem? You replied I need to speak to you outside.! I responded ask me now.?

He stepped to the door with slight smerk on your face you answered me softly “dont keep me waiting! ” I was eager to hear what was on his mind so I went..

We walked and walked until we enterred another house on the property and then he openned a door which entered into his bedroom.

He offered me something to drink,  i dranked it while he stripped me again with his eyes. I said to him stop it! What is it?  He smiled! You are beautiful he said!   Is this why you wanted me alone…. He said no and suddenly he pinned me firmly to bed kissing me with authority,  i tried resisting him he hold me firml with his body.. He whispered in my ear you smell nice!  Not giving me a chance to respond he filled my mouth again with his tongue… His touch was soft and his smell was breath taking.. He teased my body with his hands spreading my thighs with one hand search my inner thigh for conformation of his touch.

He then kissed me with control he knew had me,  he used his mouth to exposed my breast he gentlely allowed my body to reacted to his every movement.. I lost control of my body,  my body arched more towards him as his hands and lips tease me.

He entered me,  he was hard and long,  he felt good no he felt great, i gripped his back tightly as he stroke me gently over and over he kiss me.. He pulled me into him tightly he said I tastes sweet.. My body lost control and I screamed uncontrollable.  He kissed me and said my turn. At that very moment i was flipped over as if i was a pillow.

His strokes became more firmly as he hold me in place he pushed my back down and he even went deeper and deeper.   He told me i was warm,  tight,  and really wet… It made me moan more for him!  I told him stroke me hard and he did,  i begged for it harder and he did and then i felt a viberation,  he then laid beside me and ask if i wanted more but all i wanted to do was scream some more because out of no wear my body lost control and he watched me lose control. 

My first intimate moment with my stranger…!