My First Time Cyber ;-)

I always thought bad about net sex. You know without web cams and you are just chatting? That kind of sex.

Actually, you see I’m a virgin (girl) and my only encounter with anything sexual is only via web. It’s not that I’m ugly- please. It’s quite opposite of that. I just haven’t found anyone like that. Anyways, I’ll start telling you about my very memorable first chatroom sex.

It happened on Omegle.

I spent many minutes on this site before meeting ‘him’. The first question they asked was ‘asl’ which means ‘age sex and location’ .. Most of my conversational partners were creepy males. The horny-ness of all these guys was crazy. I texted a friend of mine telling him about this crazy site called omegle and how kinky these people were. Jokingly he suggested me to talk kinky back. I told him I’d take a picture of a potentially kinky talk and send it to him. I fired up the omegle app on my phone. I started a conversation with a random stranger. They asked me asl.. I replied ’17.. F.. India’.. Sometimes those people would disconnect, sometimes I would.

And then I was chatting with him.

Stranger : Hi

Me: Heyy

Stranger : Asl?

And then.. I lied.

Me: 19.. Female.. Uk

It did the trick.

Stranger: I’m 20.. Male.. US ..

I’m a ninja

Me: haha XD

Stranger: I’m on your roof now

Me: Hmm.. I knew I heard something. *walks out on the roof*

Stranger: *pees on your roof.* I really needed to.

Me: *sees you pee* eewww! What are you doing?

Stranger: You can’t see me cause I’m a ninja.

Me: okay..

Stranger: I’m in your closet now.

Me: hmm.. How are you finding it?

Stranger: It’s very ‘dirty’.. But it smells really nice.

Me: I assume it would.

Stranger: Oh you dirty girl.You should have a bath. I see a lot of bad things here.

Me: Good bad or bad bad?

Stranger: Good bad, of course princess

Me: Did you find my hand cuffs?

Stranger: Yess. You like being cuffed?

Me: Other way round babe. Though I like being restrained too.

Stranger: ooohhh

Me: Do you like your women restrained? And refusing? Like they’re chained up but still refusing you?

Stranger: Oh yes, that’s so HOT!

Me: hmm.. We can do something about that.. Still in my closet? I’m in my bed, waiting for you

Stranger: Oh, I’m with you in the bad now. I’ve restrained ur hands above your head. I’m tearing your clothes.

Me: I’m turning my head away. Im fighting. I don’t want it.

Stranger: I’m kissing your neck. I’m licking one of your breast and squeezing the other one. Stop fighting baby.

Me: I’m at your mercy.

Stranger: I’m going down princess.

Me: you still want me to fight u?

Stranger: No, now your into it.

Me: hmm.. Ohhh

Stranger: I’m kissing your pussy. I run my tongue over it. Up and down

Me: yeeeeaaaahhhh

Stranger: You touching yourself baby?

Me: Yesss. I’m wet.

Stranger : I insert my finger into you. In, out, in, out. I insert two fingers inside you. I am going fast. Really fast. You like it princess? Im running my toungue over your pussy and finger fucking you. You like baby?

Me: Oh my gooooddddd!! Aaaahh!

Stranger: Cum for me baby.

Me: Oh god, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!

Stranger : I’m smelling your pussy. You smell so good. Yeah babe, cum on my face.

Me: Oh shit! *cums* oh my god!

Stranger: I’m tasting you baby. You taste so well.

Me: Oh…

Stranger: Do you want me IN you babe?

Me: Yesss. Now. Please. I’m begging.

Stranger: Oh yes baby. I’m entering you.

Me: Oohh..

Sranger: I’m going slow baby. Real slow at first.

Me: That feels really … Wow..

Stranger : I’m kissing your throat. One hand on your pussy. I’m rubbing it. One hand on your breast, squeezing.

Me: Kiss me babe.

Stranger: I’m kissing you.

Me: I invade your mouth with my tongue. I attack your tongue with mine. Fuck me harder babe.

Stranger: I’m as fast as I can be princess.

Me: It’s building up again.

Stranger: I’m close too baby . I’m kissing you harder, squeezing your breast harder, fucking you harder.

Me: oh god oh god oh god

Stranger: Cum with me baby.

Me: yesssssss.. I’m cumming!

Stranger: Fuck!!!

Me: yeah fuck!

Stranger : I came inside you baby.

Me: Unrestrain me baby. Can you take more?

Stranger: yes baby.. *unlocks your cuffs*

Stranger: I want you on top of me.

Me: I wanna touch you babe. I wanna play with you. Will you be my toy babe? Let me restrain you?

Stranger: Yes baby.

Me: hmm.. Good.. *ties your hands together to the bed with your belt* .. Hmm.. Now that I have you, what do I do with you?

Stranger: Get on top of me.

Me: Hmmm.. I have other plans. You are restrained. You cant touch yourself. Your body is my toy. Let me have some fun.

Stranger: I’m all yours baby.

Me: hmm.. I climb off the bed and go stand at the edge of it. I’m at your feet babe. I lean down. My breasts touch your legs. I climb over the bed as I go up, higher. My mouth is near your dick. I kiss it briefly. I go up higher. My boobs touch your dick. I linger there for just a second, but soon, I go higher.. Hmm.. I liked that feeling

Stranger: I love it too.

Me: I plant a tiny kiss on your waiting lips. I grab the bed’s dashboard to support myself and there.. My nipple’s in your mouth.

Stranger: licks.

Me: hmm.. I slide down again, and attack your mouth with mine. Tongue with tongue. I position myself such that my pussy touchs the top of your dick. Oh you getting harder baby? I slide my feet, my toes curled, over your leg, up and down, up and down

Stranger: Oh my god. I love experienced girls like you.

Me: I free your mouth from mine and I slide.. Down there.. For your dick. My boobs meet your dick. Hmm.. Boob fuck baby?

Stranger: Only if your boobs are big..

Me: Rest assured. I grab my C-Cups in my hands, your dicks in between.. Oh yes.. I start moving my breasts.. Up and down, up and down.. Oh I love this. Your dick’s getting harder. I go faster.

Stranger: Oh baby..

Me: hmm.. Wait.. *takes the boobs away*

Stranger: Oh y, I was so close!

Me: I aint gonna let you come so fast babe. Hmm… Or maybe I could be a little generous. Grabs your dick in my hands. Hmmm.. I run my grip up and down. You are hard so fast babe. Hmmm.. Looking at you, I plant a kiss on your dick. I take your dick in my mouth. Hmmn..

Stranger: How do I taste baby?

Me: You taste like yourself, sex and salty.. Hmm.. I like it..

Stranger : ohhh yes baby..

Me: I pull my lips over my teeth, and I start sucking you. In and out.. Deeper everytime. Slowly at first and faster later.

Stranger: Yes baby .. Deeper..

Me: I can feel your dick at the back of my throat now babe. I start going really fast. Everytime I feel u at the back of my throat. Faster baby.. And now, slowly I let my teeth touch your dick.

Stranger: Oh shit!

Me: You came babe?

Stranger: I came. My hand. Oh shit.

Me: Swallows your cum.

Stranger: Baby you need to see the mess done here!

Me: hmmm.. I’m glad I made you cum babe.

Stranger: Yeah ! Shit!!! Holy fuck!!

And that was my first chatroom sex. I never knew who he was. What he looked like. He gave me his kik id. I thought I’d forgotten it. But I could remember something close to it and I kept searching with variations in what I remembered. I found him. He actually looks pretty hot. He could be Indian or Mexican.. I’ve thought about sending him a message on kik. But I can’t bring myself to do it. I never told him who I really was. I wasn’t the 19 year old UK girl he thought. I was just an almost 17 Indian girl. Maybe I could say something like I was in UK when he asked me ‘asl’ ..but it’s the age factor that keeps me from kiking him.. I also thought about starting from scratch, never telling him I was the one who made him cum with my words. Hmmm.. Maybe he’ll never hear from me again. Maybe he’ll forget me.. Maybe he wont.. Because before disconnecting he told me –

Stranger: I’ll never forget you stranger