My Day Off

<p>&nbsp;I woke up early in the morning after having an amazing sex dream. I could feel the warm between my legs and immediately knew what I had to do.</p><p>&nbsp;I got out of bed and called my mum who had already left for work, &quot;mummy, I feel sick. Can I stay home?&quot;. She gave me her approval and I hung up excited for the day ahead.</p><p>I ran to the bathroom and stripped off my pajamas. I looked at myself in the mirror. My long blonde hair cascading down my back, my deep green eyes that hid my sexy secrets, my perky c cup breasts, my hairless pussy and my perfectly toned and tanned body. I’ve been told that I’m hot on several occasions, so I just work with it. I ran my hands from my neck all down my body to my thighs. I ran them back up to my breasts and pinched my rock hard nipples. I let out a small moan and quickly got into the shower before I went any further. I had a shower and washed my hair, letting the soap suds run don my body and the hot water spray against my c cups. My nipples were so hard and sensitive and the hot water felt so good beating against them. After I had my shower i got out and dried myself off. I dried my hair and curled it into big sexy curls before doing my make-up :big sexy smokey eyes and deep red lips. I then went to get dressed. I got out my school uniform from when i was in 8th grade (being in grade 12 now makes it nice and tight and short).&nbsp;I pulled on a black lace thong and didnt worry about a bra.I pulled on the short plaid skirt that now barely covered my ass, then buttoned up the white dress shirt that was tight around my boobs. I undid a few buttons to let my boobs hang out a little. after I pulled up my knee high white socks and put on a pair of black pumps I looked at myself in the mirror.</p><p>&quot;Perfect&quot; I said to myself. I looked like such a little slut.</p><p>&nbsp;I walked over to my bed and bent down feeling my ass being exposed. I grabbed a box from underneath my bed and opened it up. My eyes lit up with&nbsp;excitement. Inside the box was my secret stash of toys. 4 dildos, 2&nbsp;vibrators,&nbsp;anal beads and a video camera. i set up the video camera and the end of my bed and switched it on. then i lied down on the bed with the box of toys within reach. i spread my legs open and&nbsp;slipped&nbsp;my thong to the side. I was so wet&nbsp;that&nbsp;my thong was already soaking. I lightly touched my clit and let out a gasp. It felt so good to finally get some attention down there. I rubbed my fingers in slow circular motions teasing myself. I began to moan and rhythmically rocked my hips with the motion of my hand. With my other hand i slipped open my shirt and pinched my right nipple. I was moaning louder now. My hand was covered in my juices as I slowly slid one finger into my pussy. I was teasing myself making sure I only moved slowly and gently. I slowly slide one more finger in and then another. With three fingers in my pussy I started to finger fuck myself, slowly at first but gradually getting faster. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was&nbsp;moaning&nbsp;begging myself to give in. I grabbed the biggest dildo out of the box and&nbsp;quickly&nbsp;shoved it all the way into my pussy, all 11 inches of it. I let out a gasp and a deep moan in pleasure. I pulled it almost all the way out nice and slow, feeling the&nbsp;veins&nbsp;on the outside rub against my pussy walls before shoving it hard and fast all the way back in. I moan with even thrust of the dildo. I got faster and faster screaming and moaning in pleasure. I knew I was about to cum so I teased myself and stopped.</p><p>&nbsp;I took the dildo out and licked it clean of my sweet juices before replacing it in the box. I picked up my anal beads and rubbed it along the outside of my slit to get it nice and juiced up. then one by one I slipped each ball into my ass. I moan as I felt each one pop in. Then I leaned over and grabbed my vibrator and turned it on. It was pulsing in my hand and i ran it down between my boobs and along my stomach to rest on the mound above my pussy. I hovered it right above my clit for a few moments before moving it that one final inch. i pushed it onto my clit and rubbed it in circles. I was moaning so loud by now. I pushed the vibrator even further until I reached m pussy. I slid it inside and turned the speed up. I fucked myself hard and fast with the vibrator&nbsp;moaning&nbsp;so loud I’m sure my neighbours could hear. &nbsp;I speed it up to as fast as it could go and brutally fucked myself with it screaming and moaning. I couldn’t take it anymore. My entire body shook as a orgasm took over, cum flooding out over my hand. I lay breathless for a moment before taking out my anal beads and turning off the camera satisfied……..for now at least.</p><p>&nbsp;Let me know what you think.</p><p>&nbsp;Email : [email protected]…. do not add me to msn. I will not accept. EMAIL ONLY!</p>