My cousin sister and her friend banged

Hi readers, I’m a regular visiter of sex stories and I’m a huge fan of these.
I’m ananth, 27 living in Bangalore. I’m a lecturer working in a premier institute in bengaluru.
Today I would like to write a true story of my life happened during lockdown..before I begin, please excuse me for any spelling mistakes or way of narration. This is a new experience for me.
Females, you will be wet by reading this story and guys I’m sure your penis would definitely throw sperm out.

Coming to story, I’m ananth (Real name) and I’m not that good looking, but pretty sure that I can seduce girls with my extraordinary skills.

The heroins of my story are my cousin sister rashmi and her friend deepa. (real names only).

Since I’m not a resident of Bangalore, I stay in a well furnished flat in a lexury apartment. It was a day where almost the 2nd phase of lockdown got over and at the beginning of 3rd phase there was an incident took place with my heroins.

I stay in JP nagar and my cousin sister and her friend stays in BTM layout in a PG.

I’m very much sex hunger in nature so was watching some porn clips. Since I stay alone in entire home I will be having complete privacy. My phone rang on Saturday evening around 4:00PM.

Me: Hello.

R: Ani since there is a power cut in our area, there is no provision for us to work through laptop and power backup system is not available at PG. thought of checking with you for any adjustments at your home today.

Me: Ok no problem, come ho


R: but listen I have another friend of mine. The won whom you met in ABC restaurant. Should I bring her?

Me: ya sure NP.

Rashmi and deepa are just 24 years old and they are working in a well reputed IT company. Since it was around 4:30 I had a cup of Tea and asked maid to cleaned entire home before they arrive.

Me and rashmi were close enough and we use to talk about girl friends and romance but not much about sexual aspects, so I thought I can try to have something. I was eager to fuck her because of her alluring beauty.

Deepa is not that handsome because of her fatness and little more extra weight. But it was fine for me. Finally they reached at 6:00PM and entered home.

It is a 2BHK home so I kept a room vacant for them.

Rashmi gave a long hug and kisses since we met after a month. I greeted deepa with a firm shake hand.

Both of them entered their room and settled down with their laptops since there was workload was heavy.

This side, I was in hall with various sexual desire in my mind but was not finding ways to get those wishes come true.

The time was 8:00PM and I asked them about their food choice since I was all set to order from zomato and we ordered starters and delicious rice items.

Food arrived by 8:45 and we all 3 of us settled on dining table. Rashmi was sitting on right front direction and deepa was occupied the left front seat. I was staring at deepa’s boobs. Those huge melons were well shaped and were looking tight in her short tShirt.

Somehow, after 5 minutes rashmi gave me a hard look, that was a moment I realized that she observed my staring. I winked and concentrated on my filled plate.

Me: It seems deepa is too silent.

Rashmi: oh my goodness, she is one of a biggest chatterbox of our room.

Me: is it so? Then we may openly talk something.

Rashmi: deepa, Ani has huge group of girls. He’ll be always behind girls.

Deepa: oh, then how many girl friends u r handling?

Me: Nothing much, may be around 4.

Deepa was shocked hearing those numbers.

After 2 minutes rashmi asked deepa to get some sugar from kitchen and immediately after her departure from table she kissed and feeded a sppon.

Me: thank you.

Rashmi: there is lot more things to give you. I saw your observation on her boobs. I was shocked to hear this in her mouth.

Me: Sorry

Rashmi: it’s alright. She is very friendly and don’t mind about those.

It was a penis booster for me. Deepa returned and the conversation was going on but my eyes were keen on her boobs.

After dinner, I freshed up and returned to hall with a slim boxer where as my erected penis could be easily seen.

Thing were going like this and we were watching TV.

Deepa: Did you had any couple yesterday at your place?

Me: No. why so?

Rashmi: relax man, if not then you are the one who used condom then.

In fact, I had sex with my colleague before 2 days. (will tell you about it in the next story). And I missed to take out the comdom packet from that cubbard.

I said yes, I had with my friend.

Immediately deepa’s reaction was changed and her smile gave me a courage.

Rashmi: so would you mind joining us tonight?

I was in 2 situations for that statement. 1. I was really shocked and thanked god for making my dream come true. 2. I was unable to react and show the excitement on my face.

Imagine guys, an unexpected question always make us go lost. I was thrilled. Immediately rashmi hugged me and gave her long tongue in my mouth. I gave a long smooch for about 3 minutes and exchanged our saliva each other.

Soon after deepa invited me to kiss her and we 3 of us together started kissing with our tongues. They were already turned on. I was not known about it.

Without much adoo, rashmi pulled my boxer down and started massaging my thys and pelvic region. Another side my tongue was fighting with deepa’s mouth and she was producing huge amount of saliva .

I was rolling like a rolling machine by these girls horny. I hugged both of them with both arms and took them to my bedroom and made them to lay topless.

Came near deepa’s boobs and started sucking her nipples. They were really huge. Her belley was shaking and entire body was reciprocating to my action.

Another end, rashmi was shouting at me for a kiss and she was almost out of control.

To be noted readers: Rashmi was virgin and deepa had sex with her X boy friend once before.

The moment I was kissing deepa’s neck and armpits, rashmi took my innerwear down and my long and fatty penis jumped in front of her eyes. It was really a greatest fun to look at her face at that time. She was shocked and decided to not get fucked because she was scared by penis size.

Deepa had knowledge about sex and soon she bent down and started sucking my penis. My 1 3rd of penis was in her juicy mouth. This side, rashmi gave me a face sitting experience, her nice smelling pussy was in my mouth and I was licking it so hard. Her pussy was poring juice and it was smelling so nice but during the sex even a dirty thing makes us to feel great.

I was in heaven with these heroins. My right hand was squeezing deepa’s boobs and left hand was fingering into her pussy. Guys when our hands and penis work simultaneously together, girl get turned on so high. The same was her reaction. She pleaded to fuck her but I was waiting for her some more horny feel. rashmi is pushing her pussy on my mouth and deepa was too excited and sat over my penis. Wow!. Can never explain that experience in words.

Deepa rushed to cubbard and came back with condom packet and fixed one to my penis and started riding on me. Here rashmi and deepa were facing together and they were kissing and spitting each other. I asked both girls to spit and make my face covered with saliva. And wow!. It was a nice dirty sex. I was enjoying there spit and kisses one by one.

After 5 minutes deepa relieved me and allowdd me to wake up. I hugged rashmi and locked her lips for 1 minute and deepa held my penis and started incerting my penis into rashmi’s pussy. It was so tight, her area was too short to pass my penis. I slowly started pushing in side but she was in pain. Her tears started rolling.

Rashmi: Please bro, it’s paining, show some empathy towards your sister, fuck me slowly.

Me: Ok baby, u relax. I will fuck you smooth.

Deepa asked me to give her some breathing relaxation and after a minute I rushed my penis hard into her pussy and she screemed out loud and started crying in pain. Made her relaxed for sometime and she was all set after 5 minutes.

Till then, deepa was very high for sex so we both started banging hard, looking at our action, rashmi turned on and jumped on me and took my penis and started incerting into her pussy. It went smoothly after 2 attempts and started reciprocating to my fast and furious fucking mode.

R: Please bro. fuck me hard, I want your completely energy. I want to lose myself today.

Me: yes sister. I’lll fuck u hard rashu.

My speed was increasing and entire bed was jumping with our rhythm fuck. Deepa was spitting and sucking my tongue thi side. Oh god, these 2 girls made me completely lost and I forgot myself for sometime that I’m in this world.

Soon after I was at the end of capacity and released huge cum and laid on rashmi.

Deepa jumped out of bed and dragged me to edge and took the condom out and started licking my sperm and took my penis in her mouth and tasted my cum. Rashmi was keen to taste it, so quickly she grabbed my penis from deepa’s mouth and took it in her mouth like a hungry dog.

Me: Rashu hold on, it is my penis, not a piece of perk.

Rashmi: Bro Please leak your sperm again, I wanna suck it and taste it.

both of them dragged me on bed and locked me in center and started licking my cheeks and we all 3 togethher sucked each other tongue.

I went down to rashmi’s pussy and started licking her wet juicy pussy so hard and made her go mad for sex, she pulled my hairs and forcing me to go deep tongue in her pussy and I literally touched her internal skin of pussy. It was a competition between both the girls since they were very horny. Deepa dropped around 3 to 4 drops of urin and I swallowed completely with lot of keenness.

It was around 1100PM and we continued to fuck throughout night whenever we feel horny. By the end of the night I had climax around 6 times.

We all slept on same bed with compete naked and next day morning woke up at 700AM. Both beauties were sleeping naked, started sucking their pussy one by one. Deepa woke up and we both started fucking, started fucking speed and deepa was loud y moaning in with her sexy voice. Rashmi woke up and stared at us. She went to bathroom and came back in 2 minutes, till then my session with deepa was almost at climax, deepa gave a huge orgasm.

Rashmi: Anna ninu sikkapatte strong kano. (Bro u r too strong to handle girls)

Me: yes baby, come I will handle you now.

I hugged and kissed. Remember we 3 of us were un rushed in the morning. It was really a kinky sex.

We both smooched and made her to bend for doggy style. She thoroughly enjoyed the sex.

This continued for about 1 HR between us.

Later we had breakfast at home and both of them left to their PG.

Till today, we 3 of us enjoy together and we are very happy triples.

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I will come up with another incident with my colleague aged 42 and also with one of my student (25) . It will be posted soon.

Thank you.