Midnight Sex

<p>Im new to this, this is my first attempt. please review hard, but fair. i dont feel im too good at this.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Zzzz… Zzzz….</p><p>Lying there asleep i felt a tickling sensation on my legs, it must have been my girlfriend. She had recently been to a sex shop and picked up a few things she said i might like. i pretended not to notice the feather lightly brusing against my legs. i heard a faint giggle as the feather began to rub up and down my inner theigh, it was now heading slowly towards my cock. i could feel the warm air from my girlfriends heavy breathing as she brought herself closer, her &nbsp;hard nipples dragging accross my body, my cock started to rise.</p><p>&quot;Busted&quot; she whispered softly, and without warning the feather was thrown off the bed and i was pushed on my back. &nbsp;slowly and softly we began to kiss as she climbed ontop of me. it didnt take long for her to start kissing my neck. lower and lower she went, starting to use her tounge, i could hear her beginning to moan. &nbsp;each time she got closer to reaching her destination she became slower, and more intense. lower and lower she licked, kissed, sucked and sometimes nibbled at my body untill her chin collided with my throbbing cock. my girlfriend was such a tease.</p><p>By this time i was really getting hard, she giggled as she paused for a moment. gripping my rock hard cock in one hand and holding her breast in the other she thrust what she could &nbsp;into her mouth, underware and all. applying slight pressure to the head with her teeth she gazed into my eyes and grinned as if to say. ‘I own you'</p><p>becoming impatient she tore my underware off of me and began to lick my balls, her soft wet tounge fondling between them in a perfect motion, i couldnt help but lay back and give a loud moan. she began spreading my legs and getting aggresive. the sensations of her tounge on my sac was excelent but i wanted more, i tried to sit up and change positions but before i knew it she took my balls out her mouth and pushed me into the bed.</p><p>&quot;NO!&quot; she yelled as she climbed ontop of me. &quot;We are doing this MY way!&quot; she cupped my balls in one hand. &nbsp;&quot;Do you understand me?&quot; her grip tightened.</p><p>&quot;Yes! of course!&quot; i replied in excitment, i loved it when she took control of me.</p><p>&quot;Good&quot; she looked at me with an evil grin and climbed off the bed. &quot;Dont you dare move from that spot&quot; My heart was racing, i wonder what she was doing. What evil plot had she devised for me tonight. whatever it is im sure it is going to be great.</p><p>moments later she had returned with a black bag, sat it next to the bed and began to unzip it. i was lying there, naked and stiff as a brick. curious to see what was inside that bag, i lent over the side of the bed to try to sneak a peek.</p><p>&quot;What are you doing!?&quot; She pushed me back onto the bed and grabbed hold of my balls. &quot;What did i say about moving?&quot; She gave them a tight squeeze before returning to her bag. I helped in pain. &quot;Well now, its a good thing i have this&quot; Out of the bag she pulled &nbsp;4 seperate ropes, i was given orders to strech myself out as far as i could while she tied my limbs down to the bed one by one, occasionally slapping my cock to keep me in line, and sometimes just because she liked hearing me moan for her.&nbsp;</p>