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After the summer jaunt last month i can now tell you how my training course went last week.
S and i had gone to warrington for a 3 day course on managment training and after a very boring first day had gone back to our respective rooms for to get changed before going out for a meal and a few drinks together, i dont know wether we were just a bit nervouse but after a nice evening in the hotel bar we went back to our rooms and apart from a brief kiss good night nothing happened.
I awoke the following morning with a the thought of how dull the next 2 days were going to be and how unlucky i was not to be going over that body with a fine tooth combe again.
After a long winded morning we broke for lunch and i talked to S for the first time of the day and asked her how she was and how she was finding the course, she replied that she was also bored and that she needed perking up a bit. I was thinking about this when we were called back into the meeting room for the afternoons tuition and all thru the afternoon was thinking about those legs and how lovely they would looked wraped around my head. S was sitting next to me and i was looking over at her when i noticed that she was also not paying any attention to our tutor and had her hands on her skirt rubbing slowly between her legs. 
I could feel my cock standing to attention inside my trousers and leaned over to her and whispered to her to stop it as i can t concentrate. She answered me by crossing her legs so that she had easier access to her pussy and carried on rubbing away. I waited until our coffee break and got up straight away and went back to my room and sat down on my bed and dropped my trousers and started wanking away while thinking again of those shaven lips again. I was moments away from coming when a hand grabbed my cock and slowed me down and someone kissed me deeply on the lips. i opened my eyes and S was there, i had left my room door open in the rush and she had followed me to my room to help me concentrate on the task in hand.
She pushed me down onto the bed and wrapped her lips round my cock and started to suck me off, slowly at first but buildind speed as she went she then used my precome to lube her finger up and started to finger my arse while still sucking me off, seconds later and i was holding her head while i exploded into her mouth, she sucked long past me finishing and only once i was completly spent did she pull her finger out of my arse and let my cock flop back on to my groin. She then motioned that we needed to get back down to the course but while i was making my self presentable she crouched down and removed her knickers and gave them to me to keep for the last 2 hours of the course. we rushed back downstairs and made sure that we sat where nobody else could see her apart from me and i was treated to 2 hours of waching her mastribating while in a meeting room full of men and women in suits. it was the biggest turn on imaginable and we couldnt wait for the end of the session to come.
we were asked at the end of the second days course to meet up afterwards in the bar for drinks and we went there hand in hand looking to all intentions like a couple. we got chating with various people including a couple of young trainee managers from MOD EDIT who were staying in the same hotel as us and we asked the girls if they wanted to come back to my room at the end of the night for a few drinks.
T and C were both 21 and said they had been on so many boring courses that to say that they were surprised when they saw S playing with herself in the main room was an understatment. S and I looked at each other in shock as we thought she had been so carefull but T said that that was why they had come over to chat to us as they were despratly in need of something to spice the day up and if S was thinking about me then i must be worth a look at and would i like to be involved in a 4some. I tried to sound all nonchelant but just blurted out of course and with that T pulled her skirt down and revealed the pertest bum i have everseen along with a full set of pussy lips like i had never seen before, with just a small bush she was indeed something worth exploring with my tounge which i proceeded to do straight away, laying her on her back and getting straight down between her legs and liking slowly at those lovely lips.
S was standing next to C and out of the corner of my eye i could see them kissing and feeling each others bodies thru thier clothes, then they were pulling them off each ither and getting on the bed next to us, completely naked and tounges locked together i reached across and slipped my hand between ther crothes and felt the combined heat of 2 horny women. 
I stoppped licking T and she told me to turn over and lie on my back she then lowered her allready wet pussy over my cock and slowley pushed her lips over my cock and down its shaft till i was all the way inside her she then told C to sit on my face and let me lick her out. T then took charge of us all and told S to stand inbetween her and C so that they could take it in turns to tounge her clit and arse while fingering her. i was oblivious of this till S told me later as i was being fucked at both ends by her 2 human dildos. 
We spent 4 hours being fucked so royaly that by the time T and C left i could do no more than turn to S kiss her goodnight and hope that i would wake up in the moring in time for the last day of the course.
Ill tell you about that another time though