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        A cold wind blew across the plains, and xeno-botanist Shirelle Parsons pulled her jacket tighter around her. She was on an expedition to find a unique plant, as she hunted for what was called the Gorson plant.

     Now that mankind was starting to explore out into the cosmos, the closest star systems to Earth were being investigated, and her science vessel, the S.V. Einstein, had been assigned the task of investigating the star called Epsilon Eridani, at a distance of 10.5 light years, it is the third closest of the individual stars or star systems visible to the naked eye and the closest known star to Earth that contains orbiting planets. In orbit around the star, 5 planets had been discovered, the planet named Epsilon Eridani C, had a Earth like mass. The Einstein quickly moved in to investigate. Once the ship was in a geosynchronous orbit around the planet, a probe confirmed that the planet had a breathable atmosphere similar to Earth, it was quite rich in oxygen, at 40 percent, versus Earth’s 21 percent oxygen in the atmosphere, 4 large land masses, and 5 large seas, the land/water ratio was 40/60, a bit more land than Earth. The day was 25 hours, and weather patterns and temperate climate that would make exploring quite easy. Sensors also detected abundant plant and animal life, and clustered groups of humanoid life, and a small exploration party was chosen to make contact.

     They took a small scout ship down to the surface, bringing the ship in quietly, avoiding passing over any inhabited regions, landing in an uninhabited area, and hiding the ship in a large cave. They had set out for the nearest inhabited area, and discovered a small village, the planet was based on an agrarian society, whose level of technological development was roughly what Earth’s society was in 1650. The humanoid native population had been very friendly and welcoming, when the inhabitants inquired where they were from, they thought it best to remain vague, stating that they were travelers on a vast journey. They were invited to partake of the evening meal, and a large area was set up in the village square for the visitors to dine with the villagers. During the meal, being that the party was composed of various scientists, casual questions yielded intriguing answers of plant, animal and geologic phenomena, that the party was eager to study. Shirelle’s interest was piqued by a mention of a plant that was named the Gorson plant, that was reputed to have superior healing powers, and she inquired where she might find it. The villagers directed her to an area that was about a day’s hike away, set out on the plains that stretched away to the southwest. There was also some old folk tale about a creature that lurked out there, but being scientists, they ignored such superstitious talk.

     Since the natives were so far behind technologically, they couldn’t disturb the planet’s natural development by using the scout ship, and the scientists had to travel on foot to the various locations. Shirelle set out on her hike alone, and when she arrived at the area, she set up camp, and set about exploring. It didn’t take her long to find the plant, it had medicinal properties that were reported to be extraordinary, and she stored what she had, and pulled her jacket tighter around her, the sun was just about to set, and the day was cooling off quickly. She was surveying the area, about a 1/2 mile from her camp, just over the hills. As she decided that it was time to head back to camp for the day, she suddenly had the feeling that something was in the area, something that had seen her, and wanted to see more of her. She spun around, and froze. A large animal, about 15 feet long, reared up above her. She was frozen to the spot, terror gripped her, making her unable to move. It looked like some kind of cross between a snake and a caterpillar, having a smooth, round scaly body, and several pairs of legs for movement. It had come up behind her so silently, and alien eyes regarded her. Tentacles snaked out, gripped her tightly, and pulled her against it. That broke the terror, and her screams of horror echoed through the valley. No humanoids lived in that desolate region, and a part of her mind registered why it was so deserted.

     The animal was called a Nihurdea, and it was eager for something other than food. The animal squirted a weak acid solution over her clothing, and it sizzled as her clothing melted. In the wild, when the animal mated, the acid solution was discharged by the male to uncover the female’s reproductive area, which was covered with a tough membrane. The animal sensed Shirelle’s clothing as a membrane, and did what it would do naturally. It suddenly became very cold, and Shirelle looked down at her body, My God, she thought wildly, no wonder I feel so cold, I’m naked!

     The Nihurdea than bore her down to the ground, and squirted a second liquid over her body. To a female Nihurdea, this liquid acted as a potent aphrodisiac, and Shirelle could feel her terror being displaced by a primitive, animalistic urge to mate. The tentacles wrapped around her legs, spreading them up and apart, the Nihurdea inserted his body in between her spread thighs, a flap of skin opened, and his sexual organ was ready, sixteen inches were poised at her entrance, then was shoved up her creaming center in one stroke. Shirelle howled with a mixture of pain and pleasure as the stunning hugeness filled her, forcing apart her cervix, right up against the back of her womb. The second thrust was all pleasure.

     “Ah, ahh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh” were all the sounds of pleasure she could make as the Nihurdea rammed his hugeness in and out, brutally, rhythmically he drove his hugeness into her, over and over. Shirelle was caught up in a lust fueled frenzy, the mating liquid that she was covered with drove her body to an animalistic mating rage, and she exploded, her body shaking wildly as she was fucked, over and over. Her body flew into another orgasm, then she was into multi-orgasms, one right after the other, her howls of pleasure filled the valley as her overheated cunt swallowed the entire 16 inches, again and again. The Nihudea started to make a strange sound, something like a keening wail, and she felt the explosion deep inside her as his huge organ pumped what felt like gallons of his sperm deep inside her womb, her cunt overflowing with the combined volume of mingled juices, and Shirelle passed out from the overwhelming pleasure.

     Shirelle awoke suddenly, she was asleep on her cot at her camp. She was disoriented, thinking what a crazy dream she had, then she felt the stickiness of the mating liquid, saw the mingled streams of cum and a bit of blood mixed with it down her thighs, felt the soreness of her center, having been forced open, and she realized it wasn’t a dream. She struggled to recall what happened after her massive orgasmic frenzy, she knew she passed out, but how did she get here? It was fortunate she did, she could have frozen to death out on the cold plain. She had a dim recollection, of being picked up and carried along. No humanoids lived out on the plains, did the Nihurdea carry her back? He must have, she was startled to realize that the animal knew she would have died out in the cold, and brought her back to her camp, and placed her in her heated tent. She remembered the heated frenzy, the manic desire to mate after she had been covered with the liquid, and the mind blowing pleasure as his stunning hugeness had rammed in right to the back of her womb.

     She had a portable shower unit, and she rinsed off the sticky goo, she had a job to do, and she needed to get back to the task at hand.

     Back out on the plains, it was warmer today, and she took the opportunity to enjoy the heat, she left her bulky clothes behind, and dressed in a thin T shirt, tight jean shorts and tennis shoes, she took her collection jars and collected more of the plants, taking a note of the inventory, then sending them up to the Einstein. Looked good, just another day or two, and she should be done. It was late afternoon, and a thought intruded. She was startled, it sounded like her mind ordered her to strip naked, and walk back to where she was last night. Desperately, she tried to not obey, but it was almost like she was in a trance, her T shirt, shorts, panties and socks were left in a heap, and she left her camp, and quickly went to where she had been last night.

     Shirelle did not know, but the Nihurdea were not just lower animals with minor brains. They could cast their thoughts to any creature that was sensitive enough to receive it, and make that creature do exactly what they wanted. The Nihurdea that had taken her last night was eager for another mating, the feel of this strange creature around his sex organ had been very different and highly pleasurable, he wanted her again. He cast out his demand, and was pleased to see that she had followed his mental orders to the letter.

     Shirelle stood rooted to the spot, naked to the alien eyes regarding her. He gave her mind a little latitude, to see what she would do, and was pleased when she moved closer, and ran her hand gently over his scales. Shirelle was remembering the frenzied pleasure of last night, the fear started to leave her mind, and she could feel her juices start to flow. The Nihurdea smelled that scent, recognizing it instantly, and he brought his tentacles forward, Shirelle stood still, waiting for them, and the Nihurdea tenderly wrapped his tentacles around her, and put her very gently on the ground. The Nihurdea recognized that the female creature had no hard covering, the weak acid solution was not required. Shirelle eagerly spread her legs, he caught her scent, full on, and sprayed her body down with his aphrodisiac mating liquid. Shirelle felt the lust driven boost, and her blood was surging again, caught up in the frenzy to mate, and between her legs, the Nihurdea penetrated her, Shirelle’s scream of pleasure filled the valley, as his massive hugeness surged into her, splitting her cervix, bumping against the back of her womb. The Nihurdea rammed his organ in and out, rhythmically driving that huge instrument of pleasure into her, over and over. Shirelle was caught up in her lust fueled frenzy, making grunting, howling, animalistic noises of lust, in the grip of the mating rage, her body shaking as she was pounded, over and over.

     She screamed again, a long wailing howl, as her throbbing cunt exploded, her body felt like she was turning inside out, another climax slammed her pussy immediately, and she was on the joy ride of multi-orgasms, one right after the other, her animalistic howls of pleasure filling the valley as her burning lust pit clenched and spasmed crazily against that 16 inches jammed deep inside her. The Nihurdea felt the tight clamping around his cock, he let loose an animalistic growl of pleasure, and Shirelle felt the explosion deep inside her as his huge organ blew off, pouring his heated sperm in, quickly flooding her womb, her cunt, it felt like a fountain of cum was being splashed into her, her cunt overflowing with the combined volume of mingled juices, and Shirelle gave one last scream of pleasure as her last climax ripped through her, then she passed out from the overwhelming pleasure.

     As she swam back to consciousness, she saw the Nihurdea bending close to her, the eyes seemed to be filled with a mixture of curiosity and concern, the Nihurdea was indeed wondering why she lost consciousness, and concerned that she was injured. She reached up to stroke his scaly skin, and tentacles reached down, and she was picked up gently, and carried back to her camp. She felt the tentacles lifting her, and setting her down gently on her bed. She felt the tentacles stroke her, before he was gone, and she pulled up her covers, and plunged into a dark, dreamless sleep. 

     The next day, the Nihurdea sensed when she was eager to mate, and he sent out his mental request as more of a suggestion. Shirelle received it, and stripped naked and out on the plain, she eagerly awaited her animalistic lover. Her breath caught, her heart beat faster, her cunt pulsed with heat when she saw him approaching, she virtually ran to him, caressing his scaly body, hearing him make a hissing noise that sounded like pleasure. He put his tentacles together like a bed, and Shirelle eagerly climbed on, she could see the heat of his passion in his eyes, and the animalistic urge to mate as he positioned his organ at her entrance. She felt her body covered as he squirted the mating liquid all over her, and in 30 seconds, she was a lust fueled, mate or die animal, needing nothing more in the universe than the feel of his organ jammed deep, and the Nihurdea was eager to satisfy her lust and his, and he slammed his organ in, in one bold thrust. Her scream of pleasure rang out, as she was split open again, she was stretched to the absolute max, and she urged him on.

     “Fuck, fuck, fuck, yes, fuck me you brute, slam my cunt, FUCK ME!” she howled.

     Whether or not the Nihurdea understood what she was saying didn’t matter, the animal sensed her arousal, smelled the lust fueled scent, and he was as lust driven as she was. His organ started to pump in and out, filling up her cunt, her cervix, hitting at the very back of her womb, her body shaking and jerking wildly, pleasure flooding her brain, in the grip of her animalistic mating urge, to just fuck, fuck, fuck. His cock was now ramming in, jackhammering her burning core, and her brain lit up as her climax crashed into her, she let out piercing screams of pleasure, the spiral of multi-orgasms grabbing her, her cunt wrenching, spasming and clenching wildly, dimly she could hear her lover let out a growl of pleasure, and his organ exploded, his hard jetting flesh pole gushing wildly, the feel of his heated load filling her insides to overflowing sent her into a last climax, and her consciousness drifted away as she again passed out from the massive pleasure rush. She came to as she was carried back to her camp, the tentacles once again placing her gently on her bed.

     Next day, she found she could send her thoughts telepathically with the Nihurdea, and she imagined the plain, her nudity, and his massive organ, and he was eager and waiting for her, and again she got the fucking of her life, a lust driven frenzy of being split open, huge cock pumping, screams of pleasure filling the plain, being filled to overflowing with thick streams of beast cum, and peaking in pleasure, and passing out.

     When she awoke the next day in her bed, she was startled to realize that the scout ship was to pick her up today, how could she leave? She felt a completeness that she had never known, and to leave that behind would be awful. But how could she run away with the Nihurdea? That couldn’t work, either. The ship’s sensors would be able to pick her out on the planet, no matter where she was. She packed up her camp, her mind working away at the problem. Then her communicator cracked, and she thumbed the button.    

     “Captain Moreson, Botanist Parsons here, I am packed up and ready to go.”

     “Parsons, I am wondering if you would like to stay longer, the Gorson plant has been analyzed by our lab team, and it has shown amazing properties, and we would like to get as much of the plant as we can.”

     Hardly able to believe her luck, she replied, “I can certainly do that Captain.”

     “Splendid, the scout ship will be there in an hour, and we will deliver a more permanent camp, a replicator, and a portable fusion generator. We will leave a drone ship in orbit, that you can beam the plants up to, it will be relayed to fleet headquarters, and we will be back every 4 months to check on you. If anything happens in the interim, that needs immediate help, just press the red console button, and the closest ship will make the hyperspace jump to Eridani. I’m proud of you, Parsons. Captain out.”

     An hour later, the scout ship landed, and a more permanent camp was quickly set up, the replicator would supply her food, and the portable fusion generator would supply all the power she needed.

     The scout ship returned to the S.V. Einstein, and after farewells from the crew by communicator, the ship entered hyperspace, and she was ready, and eager, to share the good news with her lover. She sent out mental images of her staying there, and visualized herself in the grip of his tentacles, howling with pleasure as his huge organ filled her. She quickly stripped naked, and at their mating spot, he was waiting for her, she ran to him, caressing his scaly body as he hissed in pleasure, he covered her with his mating liquid, and the afternoon flew by in a frenzy of animalistic driving lust, as he plunged deep, her screams of pleasure filling the valley, as he exploded his thick load deep inside her eager cunt. As she shuddered and moaned through her orgasm spiral, she was overjoyed that she could continue with her beast lover, the best lover she’d ever had.