Lust and baseball: chapter 1

Character physical description
Colt: a 21 year old who looks like Ashton Kutcher from that 70s show. He is 6’3 178 pounds dark shaggy hair that curls in the back.
Caroline: a 52 year old woman who favors Marisa Tomei. Beautiful legs with a gorgeous face. Sporting brunette hair, icy blue eyes and a captivating smile.

Colt: It was the summer I turned 21. I was tired of college and decided I was done with stressful deadlines and studying. The only reason I Was in college was to continue my love, baseball that is. Up to this point in life, I had been a very successful baseball pitcher. I was different than most pitchers. I didn’t have the overpowering velocity. Still, I had a pitch that was rarely thrown and near impossible to hit. It was the knuckleball. I had drawn attention from professional scouts to my surprise I was drafted to the Atlanta Braves in the 26th round. When I got the call, my mind was made up, I would never take another class. My friends and coaches thought this was stupid to leave college. That the chances of making the league being drafted so low were nearly impossible, but I did not care.

Caroline: My husband and I have struggled with our marriage ever since our honeymoon ended. Our sex was never great, and now after 30 years of marriage, it was as rare as a holiday. My husband and I met in high school, he was the star of the baseball team, and I loved to watch him play. He tried to play in college but was not skilled enough to make the cut. However, his love for baseball never ceased. Living just outside of Atlanta, we were big Braves fans. We joined a group to become a host family for the minor league affiliate. This way, we were able to receive season tickets to all of the Braves games.

Colt: I was signed to a small one year contract, only making 25 thousand for my first summer of rookie ball. But it was better than writing papers. I was given the option to find an apartment or live with a host family. I had heard about these host families before they are usually loaded people with hot kids. I was hoping to land with a host family that had a sexy slutty daughter. So I chose the host family option.

my husband had to spend four days once a month in Vancouver, it was the headquarters of the company he worked for. After struggling without marriage, we decided it was best to take a break for the summer. He would live and work in Vancouver, and we would address our marriage at the end of the summer and see if it was worth salvaging. I had become very fond of the Braves and still wanted to keep our season tickets. Most of the players we hosted did not interact much. They usually used our house as a hotel. They would sleep and shower there, and that was about it. I figured it would not be a big deal to keep it going as the athlete we hosted probably wouldn’t be home much.

Colt: After arriving in Atlanta for rookie ball, I was given a packet from the team manager on the family I was staying with. In the packet was a family bio, their address, and a family picture. Sadly they had no young hot daughter, but I found the wife to be beautiful at 52 years of age. I hoped she had a niece or a younger sister that looked like her. I got in my 1972 ford bronco and drove to meet my host family.

Caroline: Now that my husband and I were separated, I did not have any expectations for the summer. I definitely had never dreamed the summer would unfold the way it did.

Colt: When I first pulled in to the driveway, the landscape and outside of the house was everything I thought it would be. A beautiful front lawn and an enormous mansion. I remember thinking to myself, "who needs this big of a house for only two people." I rang the doorbell, and answering the door was a 5’6 brunette hair beauty. I had found her to be attractive in the picture, but I was amazed at the beauty of her visage in person. She had Icy blue eyes and a heartwarming smile.

Caroline: I opened the door, and there stood a very handsome young man. We have had some decent looking athletes in the past but never like this. This young man was dreamy standing around 6’3 and had a slim athletic physique, probably weighing around 170 or 180 pounds. He had a very appealing muscle tone with veiny arms. His shaggy brown hair curled in the back, and I could have been just fine looking at his hazel eyes. Probably my favorite feature was his chiseled jawline. I thought to myself, "where were you when I was in college," he looked much different than my husband ever did. Even in his best shape, my husband always had a belly and was only 5’9 and had black holes for eyes.

Colt: I extended my hand, "Hi, I am Colt."

Caroline: I shook his hand as I smiled, loving his southern accent, "Come on in Colt, it is nice to meet you. I have to be honest with you. I am sure that you were told you would be staying with a husband and wife, but my husband and I are currently separated. So it will be just you and I. If you are uncomfortable with this, I completely understand if you want to get a new host family."

Colt: Oh, that’s fine. You seem like a lovely person. I appreciate you being upfront with me, and I apologize about your marriage. my immature thoughts started to pour out in my mind as I got excited that I would be spending the summer with a sexy milf all by myself.

Caroline "Well, thank you, Colt, here, let me show you around the house."
As I gave Colt a tour of the house, I began to hope that this experience would be different from the other ballplayers we hosted. Colt had a very intriguing personality and was incredibly easy to talk to. We walked out to the final part of the tour of the patio. This was somewhere I had hoped I spent much time with Colt throughout the summer.

"Colt, I understand your summer will be jam-packed, and you will not be here often, but when you are, feel free to use whatever we have here. Treat the house like it is yours you never have to ask. If you are stressed and ever want to use the hot tub, feel free. If you have a special girl, In your life, have her over as much as you like."

Colt: "wow, I really appreciate your hospitality. However, that is something I hope to find here in Georgia as I have not found that special girl in my life just yet." I said as I gave Caroline a friendly wink

Caroline: "I hear you have a hard to hit knuckleball that I am sure the southern belles will go crazy for "
Colt: "Ya, the ole knuckleball really drops right when it reaches the strike zone, and I have found that it does the same with women."

Caroline: "Oh, it does? How so"
Colt: "the knuckler drops their panties leaving their strike zone vulnerable," I said with a devious grin.
Caroline: I was shocked hearing colts joked and was almost speechless that he said that to me after only knowing me for a half-hour. I began to laugh after all it was funny, "oh my Colt. You don’t seem to lack confidence. I guess you’ll need it to succeed as a professional athlete. "Look, I said you could have a girl over, but you have to be dating her. I am not a fan of players. "

Colt: "Ok, that is a fair rule." I was beaming inside. I knew it was a risky joke, but Caroline seemed to enjoy my humor. I unloaded my bags downstairs in the basement, which had been made into an apartment. But it was nearly as big as the house I grew up in. It had a weight room almost as nice as the one we had in the clubhouse. That night I had a hard time sleeping as I couldn’t help but take my mind off the fact that there was a model of a woman all by herself in the bed above me. I relived myself with my hand thinking of all the things I would love to do to her.

Caroline: I was excited to be hosting Colt. He was a charming young man, and it was nice to have a man around the house if I ever needed him to help me with manly things. He was always happy to lend a hand. over the next few weeks he would get home from his team workouts around 8 he would join me for dinner and get up early in the morning for another long day. After the first week, our friendship had turned into a strong bond if it wasn’t for him having to be up early, we could have stayed up for hours talking and sharing stories. It was a type of bond I had not experienced in years with anyone. I found myself watching the clock waiting for him to get home just to see him. I craved his attention. Then it came down to the last week before the season began. It was starting off with a week-long road trip. I had no plans of filling Colt in on this, but I found myself dreading him being gone for a week. He had been filled a need I did not know I had. It was not a sexual need, but emotional.

Colt: Our manager gave the team the weekend off before the season started most of the guys had plans to hit up all the clubs around Gwinnett county. Still, I wanted to spend my last free weekend with my new friend Caroline. My first attraction to her was physical, but the more I talked to her, the more her looks were not close to being her most attractive asset. In my spare time, I had been helping her fix up things around the house that her husband usually did. As we finally had the hot tub ready to be used. We planned to use it for the first time. I couldn’t wait to hurry home. While I was excited to see what she looked like in a swimsuit, I couldn’t wait to be in her presence. I hated spending up to 12 hours a day away from her and was dreading the long road trip.

Caroline: my husband had failed to meet my sexual needs for the last decade. I found myself watching more and more porn trying to meet that need. It was almost like clockwork. I would get off twice a day once in the morning and again that night. But since Colt came along, I changed up my playtime so I could spend more time with him at night. I found myself watching more pornography of hot mom and a younger guy without even realizing what I was doing. Until one day, I didn’t even need porn anymore. Just the thought of being intimate with Colt was enough for me to climax. Knowing what was coming that night with the hot tub, I couldn’t think straight. I played with myself four times that day, trying to calm my nerves down. I had to change panties twice because I was dripping at just the thought of being alone with him half-naked in a hot tub. I felt very guilty about my desires. As my husband and I are separated, and here I am, dreaming of a 21-year-old kid. But I couldn’t help myself. I had myself a summer crush.

Colt: I had rushed home where Caroline had made a delicious Italian dinner. We ate outside just before sunset. " Caroline, what I do not understand is why your husband would go up and leave with how good of a cook you are. I have a theory that the reason he wanted you to stop working as a chef is that he was afraid you would become a famous chef, and you would become the breadwinner."

Caroline: " You are definitely on to something. He was always really insecure about his masculinity. He wanted the world to know he was alpha, but he doesn’t have the swagger and confidence to be anyone’s alpha." I stood up and walked toward the tub and stuck my hand in it to make sure the temperature was right. I took my top off and slid my skirt down past my ankles as I revealed my new bikini I had purchased that day. It was a revealing two peace I would not have dared worn in front of my husband as he would have slut-shamed Me. "Are you going to join me?" I asked Colt.

Colt: I had on swim shorts and a Hawaiin shirt. And I could feel my crotch start to harden as Caroline nonchalantly took off her clothes. I couldn’t believe at the suit she was wearing as it barely covered up anything. I never had seen Caroline wear anything to show off her body. She usually wore a modest sundress around the house, and she never showed cleavage or wore a short skirt. But there was not much left to the Imagination. I undid my shirt and walked to the hot tub " actually, I all of a sudden have a new theory. I think he left because he couldn’t handle the hotness," I said as I winked at her and joined her in the tub, quickly trying to hide the erection that was growing in my pants.

Caroline: My face turned red, and I couldn’t help but blush as my young crush was saying everything I wanted to hear. " oh, you think so? Truth be told, if I were to have worn a bikini like this when we went to the beach, he would have screamed at me for being a slut."
Instead of sitting across from me, Colt sat right next to me, I was shocked, and my heart started to beat fast.

Colt: "What that actually pisses me off. I have only known you for two weeks, but you are one of the most genuine kindest women I have ever met. You have never worn anything the least bit slutty. Caroline, when we first met, I said I hope you two work things out, but now I hope you are smart enough to know that you do not need him.
Caroline: I had butterflies for the first time since high school. I loved how protective Colt was becoming. I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear. As he sat next to me, I playfully nudged his foot with mine and looked up at Him. I was grinning from ear to ear, "Colt, you are so sweet, but I have not worked in so long that I would not know how to support myself and this monstrosity of a house."
Colt: "well, I don’t know about the house, but I would seriously hire you as my personal chef. If it happens when I am still in the minors, I could help you pay for the house while I live here" I placed my hand on hers in the hot water letting her know I was here for her.

Caroline: "Colt, you have such an amazing heart. I couldn’t ask you to do that."

Colt: " you didn’t ask I offered plus you are hosting me and cooking for me in only exchange for some tickets.

Caroline: I was walking on cloud nine. I was lost in the moment and in his eyes. Feeling out feet rub against each other, and his hand on mine was making me feel like a little girl again. "Colt, the tickets have always been more for my husband. This summer, this is all for me. I am not talking about the tickets. I have been rewarded with your friendship. I did not know I needed a friend like you in my life until I met you. I will be honest with you. I am going to miss you so much next week. I really don’t want you to leave. We have built such a strong bond. You are almost like the son I never had," my stomach dropped. I knew I had completely ruined the moment, referring him to a son. I wanted to go jump off a cliff. I quickly looked away in embarrassment.

Colt: "Caroline would a son do this" I grabbed her face looking her in the eyes and planted a gentle kiss on her lips.

Caroline: the way he held my face made me feel secure. I was shocked that he had kissed me. I did not think that his flirtatious advances meant anything. I kissed him back then pulled away slightly from his lips. I smiled really big then put my smile on his as we shared a deep passionate kiss. I placed my hand on his toned abs as he slid his tongue in my mouth.

Colt: as Caroline kissed my harder, my erection had become fully extended in my shorts. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her toward me.

Caroline: as Colt gave my hips a tug, I let my body go into his control as I straddled across his lap. My fantasy of being intimate with my young summer crush was being fulfilled even better than I imagined.
Colt: she sat right against my cock, and her body fit perfectly on top of me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a warm feeling that I can not put into words. There was a spark on our lips that was quickly turning into a passionate fire.
Caroline: he put both of his firm hands on my mostly bare butt cheeks. I picked this suit to show off but never thought it would lead to this. I loved feeling his hands grip my cheeks. As he began to lift me up and down with his strong arms. It was at this moment when out of nowhere, I felt a moan escape my lips and into his mouth. For the first time, I could feel his throbbing shaft in his shorts pressed tightly against him as he manhandled me, making me grind against him. I was afraid it was going too far but didn’t dare to stop it just yet. He let go of my cheeks, and I knew this was a critical moment. If I continued grinding, the situation could get worse, but If I stopped, we could continue our passion make out with no problem. But once he moved his hands from my cheeks to massage my back, I couldn’t stop myself. His shaft felt so good against me, and I grinder even harder now that he let go. The harder he rocked back into me, the more I moaned into his mouth, he kissed me everywhere. On my cheek, my forehead, my neck, and my collarbones. Something my husband never did.

colt: I ran my fingers up her back and then in her hair. No kiss had ever felt so right. This wasn’t just a fantasy or a fetish; this was a true passion. She worked her hips hard against me. I knew if it kept going, I was going to cum. That was the last thing I wanted. For her to think, I was too fast.

Caroline: I could feel his hands on my back, and I was sure undoing my bikini was next on his agenda. I pulled back and whispered on his lips, " I am offended that you wanted this for dessert and not my chocolate pie.
Colt: "No, Caroline, I love your chocolate pie. I just wanted to give you a piece of my cream pie."
Caroline: again, he used his quick wit, and I couldn’t help but laugh. Something he was very skilled at doing was making me smile. But I wasn’t smiling from his swift remark. But for once in nearly 20 years, I had found a man who genuinely made me happy. I leaned back in and said, "if you can manipulate a baseball as good as you manipulate my hormones, you will be in the big leagues in no time.

to be continued