Love my Daddy-Anna’s First Time

“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time my little dove,” Paul whispered
to his daughter Anna.

“All you had to do was ask, I would have let you and I thought
you knew that,” she responded pulling her father’s mouth to her
tingling nipple.

“Nibble it Daddy, make it get all achy like it does when I pull on them.”

Paul slid his hand down over the flat surface of her tummy as he
wound his fingertips through the dark thatch of her pubic hair.

His fingers traced the slender crease of her sex and he could feel
the dampness gathering between her folds as he used  a fingertip
to circle her swelling clit.

“Take me in your mouth and suck on me, put those soft lips around
my prick and slick me up so I can go inside you,” Paul groaned
as he felt the gentle touch of her hand cup his balls.

As if in a trance Anna sunk to her knees upon the bed and pulled
her father’s penis inside the warm wet hollow of her mouth.

With her tongue Anna lashed around the dome and wedged itself
within the tiny piss slit searching for the sugary droplets of his pre cum.

Her delicate hands cupped his scrotum and began rolling the seed
laden eggs within their tensing sack as she buried her mouth over
the swelling root of his manhood.

“I’ve got to put it inside you right now honey, I don’t want to cum
in your mouth this time, I want to feel you work the juices up my
prick so I can spill it the right way,” Paul groaned.

Grasping Anna’s shoulders Paul pressed her down upon the bed while
he began to spread the tender lips of her cunt; his finger lingering
over the swollen knot of her clit as he wiped his cock between the bright
pink sheath of her pussy.

“Stick it in me Daddy, put it deep up inside me, please!!!”

Without any further urging Paul used his legs to hold Anna’s apart
and pressed the heated cock crown between her velvety  lips.

With one smooth motion he thrust his erection inside her, the thin
membrane of her hymen shredding as tiny trickles of blood served to
lubricate his stalk.

Anna bit down upon her lip and grunted as she felt her father tear
through that most intimate of places, her tender barrier now broken that held
her virginity intact for these many years.

Paul kissed her lips and remained motionless as he allowed her to
adjust to the girth of his penis and waited for the stinging sensation
to abate.

Slowly he felt Anna’s hips begin to undulate beneath him, her
feet locking over his to entwine him to her and urge him to move
within her.

As he traced his lips over her neck and shoulders Paul began a slow
yet steady motion of withdrawing his cock until only the head remained
lodged inside Anna’s young cunt.

As he pulled back with his erection he would slowly slide himself forward
again and bury himself within the warm slick wetness of her delicately
weeping channel.

Coupled with the warm wondrous grip of her pussy, Paul was fighting
against his climax with each plunge and withdraw.

As he looked down between her thighs  he could see his cock coated with
thin tears of blood mixed with Anna’s own cunt cream and the mere sight
of it alone made his own blood boil and his semen race within his
tightening sack.

“Oh shit, I’m going to cum if I don’t pull it out soon baby,” Paul moaned
as he thrust his tongue into Anna’s hungry mouth.

Catching her breath after returning his kiss Anna clung all the tighter
to her father’s shoulders, her legs now locked tightly around his firm

“Honey please, I can’t hold it back much longer,” Paul groaned as he
tried to pull his cock from the seductive seal of her young cunt.

“Maybe I should do it in your ass this time around, just like we use
to do before we decided to go all the way.”

“NO, not this time Daddy, I want you to cum inside me, I want to
feel you shoot it deep in me because I gave it to you for the first
time and it’s right,” Anna pleaded.

Paul kept struggling to pull his penis free as he worried that
it could only take the one time without protection to impregnate
his own daughter.

It was a struggle that he knew he should maintain control over but
yet at the same time the feel of being so deep within Anna had
taken all rationale away.

Bucking her hips against his groin Anna sought to make him spill his
seed within her, there was no question what she wanted and Paul
was helpless to do anything but comply to her desire and his own.

With his hands sweeping through her hair Paul began to pump back
to establish a rhythm with his daughter.
Their hips moving in time with each other as they kissed and bit
one another’s lips as that delicious sensation raced over their loins.

Attempting to slow their orgasms Paul cupped Anna’s bottom and
wrestled her atop him so she sat straddling his groin, her legs
now resting over his and  his hands supporting her as they clutched
the warm flesh of her hips..

“Now just move your bottom up and down real slow over me, let it
just slip in and out a little at a time,” Paul gasped as he watched
his engorged prick still smeared in his daughter’s blood disappear
between her puffy lips.

He could feel the tip of his penis punching against the roof of
Anna’s slick channel and watched as her ass began  to raise
and lower at an increasing pace.  
Listening to her breath become rapid and shallow he knew she
was starting  to peak toward her own climax.

Her dark hair spun about her shoulders  as Anna continued to
push down upon her father’s cock with increasing force.
Her ass slapping against the  top of his thighs as she started to
moan and  her legs began to tremble as the muscles within them

Clutching his chest Anna’s nails dug into the flesh above his nipples
as Paul thrust back to match her movement for movement.
Anna’s supple breasts jiggled above him as he watched the faint red
rash of  sexual intoxication spread above them.

“I’m going to cum Daddy, I can’t stop now, it’s happening,” Anna
whimpered as she  continued to impale herself on her father’s penis.

Sensing they both could not maintain this pace much longer before their
sexual flood gates broke free, Paul once more spun Anna on to her back
and  kept his cock firmly in place as he lay atop her.

He now took the lead back from his daughter and  began to
drive his sex slick erection within her until he could go no further with
each stab into her inviting orifice.

Grinding his balls against the soft curve of her ass  Paul gripped her
shoulders and  allowed himself to fully swell as he felt his semen
begin to coarse up his stalk and  bloat the  head.

“No holding back now honey, I’m right there with you, I’m going
to shoot off in you.”

“Cum in me Daddy, let go, squirt it in me,” Anna whimpered as
she bit down hard on Paul’s shoulder and her own climax smashed
into her belly and sent shivers down to her toes.

With a final thrust Paul buried himself until his balls rested against
the warm sticky crease of Anna’s ass and began to spill himself within

Clutching her breasts he pulled at the stiff nipples with his fingertips
and twisted them as he let his penis shower the slick walls of Anna’s

Each stream making his cock glide deeper with the lubrication he
was spilling within her and was now pooling at the back of her cervix.

Anna’s cunt muscles gripped the slick stalk and kneaded the expulsions
out like tiny hands squeezing each and every drop from within his being.

Anna’s eyes rolled back within her lids as she felt her toes curl into the
sheets beneath them and allowed herself to ride on each languid wave
of her orgasm.

As Paul began to lose pressure behind his ejaculations he lay atop
Anna and began kissing her cheeks, his mouth trailing over her
earlobes as he told her how much he loved her and how wonderful she
made him feel.

His penis now wedged tightly within her he could feel his own seed
warming the softening member and serving as  a plug to hold their
carnal secretions within her feminine chalice.

Her hands brushing the hair from his eyes Anna kissed her father deeply.

“I wanted this Daddy, more than you’ll ever know,” Anna said.

“Now when you rest up a little if you still want my butt, you know you
can have that too,” she giggled as she kissed him on the lips and
drew him to her breast to let her heart beat in time with his.