Jacob tests his new sitters boundaries

This is side 2 of a 2 sided story.  Jacobs views of events as they took place. All views characters and events in this story are fictional. 

Written by:

C H Marshall 

Jacobs perspective 

The new sitter is supposed to be here no later than 615 and I want you to be on your best behavior for her you hear me young man Jacobs mother scolds. I will mom promise I am going to go shower now so I can make my best first impression ok. Jacob I always thought boys were dirty creatures who had to be forced to wash. But you have to be the cleanest person I’ve ever met. His mother says laughingly. Jacob thinks to himself that’s because no one will ever let you rub your nuts on them if you smell and dirty all the time. But says out loud insted. I don’t wanna be a smelly kid mom as he dashes past his dad and up the stairs. He yells back “HAVE FUN” as he walks into the bathroom.

Jacob grabs the shower stool from the corner of the bathroom and sits a folded towel in the center of it. He reaches in the shower curtain turning on only the cold water with his left hand while grabbing the shower stool with his right hand and pushing it past the shower curtain over the edge of the tub. He pulls the lever activating the shower head and positions the water so it is hitting the towel, pulls the curtain tight and listens for a moment. Yup sounds like water on a person’s back he thinks and quietly slips out of the bathroom to the next room back closest to the stairs. Walking directly to the window he looks up and down the street. Pausing his glance to the right away from the porch roof he sees movement.  But quickly realized that it was some other kids in the neighborhood playing in the vacant lot a few houses away across the street. Glancing back the other direction he now sees a girl walking up his block. That can’t be Karen she looks to young he thinks. As she gets closer he can see she has blonde hair but it also looks pink. He wonders if it’s a dye job or natural. He notices at even at this distance her skin in lightly tanned but silky smooth. He begins to imagine her letting him rub his smooth boy sack against her arms and face. Reaching into his gold silky basketball shorts he grabs his now hardening penis and balls in one smooth motion pulling them over the waistband of his shorts. He pushes his rod which sticks straight out when it’s hard upward with his thumb and wraps his hand around his sack slowly rubbing it against the smooth paint on the wall. He never took his eyes off the girl, assessing her as she approaches. Just maybe 2 inches taller she couldn’t be more then 5 foot 1 she for sure weighed less he was guessing 80 pounds tops. Her tits did not compare to Christinas that was for sure. He looked over to his micro SD card that had the pics he secretly took of Christina in the shower and asleep when he pulled up her shirt. He looks back to the sidewalk to get a good look at the girl before she walked by. Then he realized that was his new sitter as he seen the top of her head as it disappeared under the porch roof. He let go of his nuts but did not tuck them or his hard pecker bobbing and waving as he wanders back into the hall. From his bedroom door all he can hear in low mumbling. He quietly slips down the hall and down 2 stairs for a better listening spot. He leans his head down at an angle and hears his my saying something about terrorists. Geeze my why are you boring the girl with politics he thinks to himself as he quickly moves back towards the bathroom his now softening penis still swaying and bouncing outside his golden shorts. He quietly shuts the bathroom door slowly releasing the handle so it latches. He turns towards the floor to ceiling mirror and gyrates his hips carefully watching his penis bob and wave. Dropping his shorts to his ankles admiring his own nudity he slowly turns his back to the mirror. Bending slowly at the waist until he is looking thru his legs at his bare bottom in the mirror. Reaching back with both hands he spreads his butt cheeks while admiring his muscled ass and dangling balls he focuses on his pink hole just above He is smooth sack. As he reaches thru his legs he bounces his balls and giggles at the tickle sensation it gives him. Tappin lightly on his anus before pushing lightly Inward with his index finger not entering his hole just applying pressure to it. He rubs up and down. Feeling his penis begin to grow he directs his attention back to it. Pulling his finger to his nose to inhale deeply ensuring that his anus is still clean. Just smelling a little sweat he smiles still good and clean he thinks.  His penis now fully erect between looking at himself in the mirror and playing with his butthole he was rock hard. Bending farther and sticking his tongue out as far as he can he barely touches the small slit in the opening of his pink pecker head. If it grows just a little bit more I will be able to suck it he says lowly to himself. He quickly stands looking over his right shoulder smacking he own ass with his right hand. 

Rushing over to the shower he reaches in and turns the hot water on. Stepping on he slides the shower stool to the end of the tub. Wetting his hair he splashes water into his hairless pits and rubbs his hands up and down his arms and across his chest making circles down his stomach to his groin. His cut penis now retracted into his foreskin revealing only the pink tip with a small slit in the very end. He pulls back the skin allowing the water to beat on the head and shaft of his penis and begins splashing water up onto his balls and crack of his ass. Turning his back to the water and spreading his cheeks allowing water to beat in directly onto his anus. While looking down watching his penis grow from it’s soft inch and a half caterpillar into a rock hard 4 inch boner. This was his favorite thing he wished he could put it on YouTube for the whole world to watch. He reaches to the stool pulling it back into the water stream as he steps out and turns the hot water back off.

Now if I am seen I can say I am getting soap he thinks to himself as he wraps the towel around himself. Quietly slipping into the hallway he lets the handle go to soon and the latch makes a loud click. He holds his breath and stands motionless waiting. No other movement he thinks she may not of heard it. He slips quietly down the stairs and peeks around the corner. In the living room she stood with light blonde pinkish hair at this distance he could tell this was her natural hair color. He was looking her up and down and could feel his penis hardening when he noticed she was holding something. He tried to look closer ” that’s my swimming picture” he thinks to himself.  He stares as she puts her hand down the waistband of her rainbow pajama bottoms.  He boner aches and flexes pushing out of the seam where the 2 ends come together. In disbelief he quietly darts back up the stairs. Rushing back into the bathroom dropping his towel his climbs back into the shower his mind racing so fast he cannot even catch his own thoughts. The cold water hits his skin and brings him back from his daze.  Ohhhh damn I forgot the hot water he says out loud as he sits the stool out to the bathroom floor and turns the hot knob back on. His penis now completely soft and smaller than usual from the ice cold water.

He stammers to himself as he begins to soap his body… Was she really…… Naw she must have had an itch.

As he soaps his arms and chest down his stomach to his groin. He quietly makes an announcement to himself ” no matter what it was to me she was touching herself” he begins to lather he soft but pulsing penis rubbing the green and white marbled bar around his shaft and down onto his sack. As his penis begins to harden he rubs the bar up and down the length sideways working around several times. Moving down he circles his sack several times and moves the bar back into his crack pushing the corner of the soap bar into his hole. Running the soap down his left leg lifting his foot to lather it before moving to his right foot and back up his right leg. He returns the soap to his ass rubbing up and down the crack, out and around his balls and pushing the bar back into his anus slightly as he grabs his pulsing hard penis with his left hand.  He lathers as he strokes for a moment as the lather builds his penis and balls Almost disappears in a light green foamy lather. He drops the bar and it slides towards the drain as he reaches back to his crack with his right hand he squeezes and increases his speed with his left hand. Slowly and softly he pushes his index finger slightly and twists it back and fourth. As his balls start to tickle at the bottom Jacob pushes his middle finger in with his index finger twisting and speeding them apart stretching his hole open, as he imagines the young girl down stairs rubbing herself to his picture.  The tickle sensation spreads throughout his balls and penis quickly and his legs begin to weaken. He softly mutters “ohhhh oh oh god” “stop” but continues pushing and spreading his butthole and stroking his penis. He stumbles and lightly drops to his knees with a grunt only pulling his fingers from his ass to steady himself. Jamming both fingers back in all the way as soon as he has steadied himself on the bathtub floor. He hooks his fingers towards his sack inside his ass and spreads them as far as he can. His stroking now stoped he squeezes with the entire strength of his left hand. His whole body now shaking and tickling he slowly releases his grip on his meat but continues to jab in and out of his ass while speeding his fingers 3 or 4 more times. Pulling his fingers from his ass he sits on his knees with his legs spread curled under him facing the front of the tub and shower head water flowing over his head barely touching his hair and hitting the bottoms of his feet.

Jacob watches his throbbing boner twitch and wiggle for a moment the slides back in the tub until the water is hitting his stomach and groin. The sensation caused by the water hitting his penis and stomach is almost to much to bear as Jacob struggles to climb to his feet. Shakealtly he rubs his hands around his groin rinsing the soap away pulling his foreskin to get all the creases rinsed before pulling at his sack and splashing water onto his balls and I to his crack. He turns spreading his cheeks for the water to rinse away the soap rubbing his fingers on his pulsing hole and spreading it to rinse away the soap. He gently slips his finger just in side which makes him shudder and tingle. Repeating these motions several times before he is satisfied that he has rinsed thoroughly. Shutting off the water and grabbing his towel wrapping it loosely around him he walks into his bedroom his knees still weak and trembling he lays back across his bed to relax. After several minutes he begins to feel normal again. Standing and walking to the dresser he grabs the baggiest pair of shorts he has. They are 2 sizes to big and shorter then the rest but that makes sliding his nuts out easier. He slides his shorts on pulling them up to his waist. He has not wore underwear in nearly 2 years.

Rubbing his hair with the towel he heads to the hall. Throwing it in the hamper as he walks past heading down the stairs.

He quietly looks around before slipping off the bottom step. Seeing Karen’s face up close for the first time Jacob thinks to himself “she’s definitely not Christina…. She’s way hotter” he notices her blonde hair still has a pink hue even in this light. He slips over to where she seems to have dozed off on the middle cushion. Placing his palm on the sofa next to her he leans in closely inspecting her hair. Inhaling deeply smelling a grapeish fruit smell He is sure this is her hairs natural color he’s never seen a color like it before but it’s beautiful and her milky soft skin is so inviting.  Lifting his leg and placing on the other side of her beautiful thin frame he leans in closer. He reaches in his shorts lightly rubbing his soft elastic skin on his balls. Retracting his hand from his shorts he lightly traces her face with his index finger. Considering lifting himself fully onto the couch to rub his balls on her face he lifts his hand from the sofa cushion to stabilize himself he decided he will take advantage of her current vulnerable state. As his hand lifts he thinks he sees her move. His heart starts slamming in his chest. In a panic he Rushes back to the bottom of the stairs. Spinning quickly to observe the small girl on his couch. He tries to catch the slightest movement and change in her breathing.

“Oh you must be Karen” he says in a raised voice. Guess you fell asleep while I showered.

He moves towards her not taking his eyes off of her. Sooo… I guess your a hard sleeper huh. He says in just a little louder voice. Thinking to himself what’s the worst that can happen she calls my mom…. I’ll cry and say it’s not true.

That was all the encouragement he needed.

Bounding onto the couch with a foot on either side of the girl facing the wall he uses his right hand and swiftly pulling his shorts up exposing his penis and balls in one swift move while stepping onto the couch. His penis hardening nearly faster than his body movements nearly slapping the girls chin. He catches his hard penis just in time. Softly touching the tip to her chin he quivers and shakes with excitement as he softly begins to draw on her face with the tip of his boner. Circling her mouth a couple times he manages to fight the urge to shove his boyhood past her lips into her mouth.  As he slides it up the cleft of her lips he catches his sack with his pinky hooking it forward causing his sack to caress her chin and lips. Shaking he slides his boner upward to the tip of her nose. Letting go a bit too soon the tip hooks the young girls nosteral pulling it slightly. Fear rushes thru Jacobs body as he pulls he penis from her nose.  Too far in to this to stop now he thinks dropping his hard penis on the girls face along side he nose. Now steady in his stance he removes his left hand from the wall and down to her chin massaging and pushing down to open her mouth, while pushing forward with his right fingers slowly working his balls into her mouth pulling back lightly several times across her lips before letting them completely slide into her mouth resting on her tongue. He feels her tongue flip upward bouncing his testicles to the roof of her mouth rubbing across the length of his sack as it thrusts up. Near paralyzed with fear he wants to run but don’t want the sensation to stop. He feels her tongue again but now her lips are closing around his ballsack. Fear over takes him. All that Jacob can think is that this beautiful slim girl is going to bite his baby makers right off. She must be pissed. He pulls back feeling a tug on the base of his balls he fears that it’s her teeth about to tear thru his soft thin skin. This situation had never crossed his mind. He thinks about screaming for help… But what will he scream. More importantly who would hear. He slowly looks down to her face trying to get a read on how bad the situation truly is.  His eyes meet hers. He can’t tell if it is lust, anger blood lust or a little of all 3. He pulls away, he had not noticed her hands on his ass cheeks before now. Had they been there the whole time… Was it just for leverag to castrate him with his feet. He feels his eyes begin to water as his fate hangs in the balance his penis starting to wilt slowly in fear.

Still trying to pull away he gets his answer but not as he was expecting.  He feels her finger deeply shoved into his anus shoving him forward feeling his balls being sucked back fully into her mouth. His boner hardening again instantly and beginning to twitch and bounce off the girls face. He thought it might hit her in her sky blue eye.

His boyhood looking bigger now to him than it ever had before. His mind started spinning unable to catch his own thoughts. He feels her pull back on his butthole but not trying to pull out of it but moving his whole body back.  His body so full of lust and passion his mind racing he feel he may fall over to the floor. He leans forward wrapping around her head for balance pushing his balls deeper in her mouth. Balance now gained notices bare skin showing on her lower back. He reaches to touch the milky sliver of flesh, as he touches the warm exposed flesh he decides to see if she will stop him from playing with her boob. He pulls the fabric it slides with ease Revealing her palm sized breast her nipple covering a good portion of the small boob. Tracing around the entire circle of pink flesh before He grabs the light pink nib sticking out of the very center of the rest of the nipple.

Pinching lightly on her nipple he feels her pulling back on his butt again. Pushing another finger into his boy hole as she does maybe even 2 he is unsure he had been so focused on her noon he had forgotten about what was going on at his waist.  The sensations caused by her extra stimulation of his anus weaken his ability to resist her pulling. His balls fall from her mouth slapping his leg. She quickly sucked his penis up into her mouth causing an instant tickle to form in his groin. He latches back on to her nipple trying to block out the tickle overtaking his loins. As he pinches down she moans and hums, nearly overloading his senses. He feels her hand slightly tugging and feels her sliding a finger from his ass. He thought that might slow the tingle and tickling over taking his body.

Jacob sees Karen’s hand slide into her pants her sucking increasing causing the tickle to grow stronger. He begins to moan as he feels his penis and anus flex every slight movement with her tongue and finger causing tickle to race from his loins out to his head and down to his feet, with dizzying effect. Just as he starts to think the overwhelming sensation may cause him to pass out she releases suction on his trembling and shaking boner. He is greatful and saddened at the same time, that this experience might be over. Moving his leg between her thighs trying to become more stable from the tingle and tickling his legs feel like rubber bands. He feels her lift slightly, just as he feels a little sadness he feels her settle back in. He grabs his sack pushing it back towards her mouth hoping to make the moment last a little longer. She sucks his balls right into her mouth almost eagerly. Jacob looks down wanting to see his balls in her mouth and wet penis laying on her face. His eye catching that her pants are now down and she is bawling them slightly.  He forgets all about the tingle, tickle and weakness lifting his foot and placing between her pants and the patch of hair that looks to match the hair on her head. Testing his luck he rubs his foot down thru the patch of hair pinching skin as it touches his toes with silky soft wetness. As his touch the fabric of the sofa a tickle slams thru his leg up to his groin and head and back down his other leg. She had grabbed his foot pressing it into her soft wet skin. Her crotch felt like it was a million degrees on the soft flesh of his foot. He fingers pushing on the bottom of his foot and toes was causing tickle sensations thru his whole body that while feeling awesome were near painful. She pulls again at his ass. Stretching his butthole as she pulled the tickle waves thru again not painful this time. This feeling he never had before. Everything he knew and loved could be on fire and he wouldn’t have noticed because of this feeling he felt. He feels his penis fall back into her mouth and his head begins to spin. He don’t know how long he would be able to take this pleasure but he never wanted it to end.

Karen rubs his big toe tickle shoots thru his foot but his mind don’t let it get any farther as he feels he tight wet hole closing around his big toe creating a suction on it the tickle causing him to curle his toes. As his toes curl his big toe is pulled farther into her vagina which seems to him to be getting hotter by the second. She pushes and hard with the hand on his ass, jamming her finger deep into his anus.  He feels like his penis hit the back of her mouth. She tenses and gags he thinks she make puke on him for a second. That thought made him push a little himself. If she pukes from my boner that makes it a cock he thought. He feels something rub his toe from inside the girl he tries to focus on that. Just as he realized that it was her finger but some thing in between. Was she playing with her butthole too he thought. Slam she pulls him deep again gagging Loudly this time. Jacob feels her entire pussy throbbing on his foot, Nearly massaging it. Trying not to fall over from weakness and nearly dull to most of the sensations he notices his foot and leg are feeling soaked. Her gagging getting louder and lasting longer her looks down on his foot and leg as she pushes him deep into her mouth. Fluid hit his leg splashing every where as she pulls deeper gagging harder a heavy stream flows out soaking them both. The stream slows and the girl puss him hard again. The flow picks back up. He feels her start to pull again but pulls away twisting to remove her grasp on his ass cheek. He think to himself this was a setup just to piss on me, I bet Christina put her up to this for payback. His left foot hits the floor and he tries to spring forward off of it to run. His legs so weak he can’t lift his left leg any higher it hooks her pajama bottoms causing him to fall to the floor, he manages to spin while falling to look back to her. He wants to make sure she don’t stand and finish pissing on he while he’s down. He screams at her. “You pissed on me!” He lands on the floor with a thud feeling his eyes start to water up. Not from the pain of falling but from embarrassment.

His eyes focus thru his tears from the jolt. She is still sitting as his vision clears. Seeing her crotch for the first time from this angle even with his embarrassment he’s drawn to it. There is a small triangular shape patch of thick pinkish blonde hair touching the top of a bright pink nearly red slit with a pink teardrop nib sticking out of the folds of skin it seems to be pulsing. As is the rest of the way down her bright pink slit. The outer flaps of skin more milky white being pushed out by pink inner leading to a hole which at this time looks dark inside like looking down a dark hall. Her hole is flexing from smaller then a pencil to the size of a quarter. With very little hair on the surrounding area.  This glorious sight nearly makes him forget his anger and embarrassment. He just notices she has 2 fingers pushed into her ass as she jumps to her feet and shouts back “no I didn’t”. Karen now standing over Jacob he stares at her losing his train of thought as he watches juices dripping from her entire crotch running around her hand and arm running down her legs and dripping onto him as well. Her shirt has dropped back over her breast but her flat stomach is still showing, sparkling with wetness. Her shallow bellybutton filled with liquid. She pulls her fingers from her ass they make a low suction noise as they released. As she pulls her hand away a small splash of fluid falls onto Jacob he barely notices being mesmerized by her out flap of her vagina sticking to her inner arm pulling her vagina open allowing him to look inside her pink hole which seems to be a little bumpy by other layers of skin looks to be pink all the way in. As her skin flap drops back in closing his view up her hole a small spurt of fluid comes out landing on his belly bringing him back to his anger and embarrassment. He jumps to his feet running up the stairs he shouts down yes you did look at your clothes you pissed on yourself too.

He darts in his room and flops on his back onto his bed. She pissed on me he hisses to himself. I promise I did not pee on you. He hears Karen call up the stairs.  She can’t tell her friends cause she peed on herself to he thinks. He feels a stirring in his shorts thinking about why she would have pissed on him he raises his head looking down.  His penis hardening at the thought of Karen peeing on him. He closes his eyes asking himself why her peeing on him would make him hard. All he can see is her standing over him with a stream flowing from her slit onto him. He sits up shaking the image from his head. His penis throbbing again. He lifts his left foot to his face, smelling the wetness on his foot. It smelled like sweat and airhead candy to him. Smells nothing like piss. Lowering his foot from his nose he licks the wetness. Tasted like wildberry to him. But slightly different.  His penis now throbbing again he pulls his shorts down and grabs his hard throbbing boyrod. Shivers and tickles flood his body his legs shooting out straight and curling his neck forward he flops back on the bed letting go his penis softens instantly.

He grabs his phone and types girl spraying from vagina while touching it. A list of information appears on his screen several sites describe it as female ejaculation but most just call it squirt. As he reads some info his penis rehardens. His thoughts turn to the girl down stairs. He begins to feel bad he was mean to her. He has a panicked thought what if she is calling his mom she probably wants to quit. Oh god he utters out loud. He sits up and straight to his feet. He dashes to the office across his simi hard penis bouncing off his balls as he quickly moves to the desk to check the display of the cordless phone. If she called she was quick he mutters. His cell in his hand he slowly and quietly moves down the stairs. His shorts slipping back over his softening penis as he moves down from step to step.

He pauses 2 steps from the bottom, Karen is in the living room,  he watches her as she smells the wetness on her old navy tee shirt.  She seems to say something but Jacob did not hear only sees her lips move. He pushes the icon on his phone opening the camera on his phone. She lowers her shirt to her lips and sucks the juices from it. Jacobs knees weaken at the sight his penis jumps to erect once again. He steadied himself on the wall and raises his phone as the girl pulls her shirt over her head he snaps a pic then a couple more as she pushes her pants to the floor. Lifting her leg to grab her pants that are hooked to her foot he gets a good look at her pussy. It’s not as puffy now but still glistening with wetness.  As she put her foot back down Jacob scolds himself for not getting a pic of her crotch. She moves back towards the couch and Jacob steps down into the room to watch her nude body cross the room. She bends down sticking her butt in the air. Her cheeks spread open allowing him to see her asshole it’s open slightly still and he can see where the outer skin is Darker than the inner skin. Her anus is only a half inch or so from her pink vagina hole. He takes several pictures before sitting his phone on the table behind his swimming picture which he is now certain he had seen her touching herself to earlier. He sees she has goosebumps on her entire body he wonders if its due to cold or fear. He watches closely as she leans closer he wonders if she is going to lick the cushion.  He hears her say “I hope it dries before noon tomorrow.”

I’ve got a fan we can put on it He says to her. She jumps and spins towards him covering her tits first then grabbing her shirt to cover her vagina.

It’s not piss by the way I googled it, it’s called squirt it means you really liked what we did and I must be pretty good at it too. He says as he feels his smile take over his face. She responds with i see your not shy.  Nodding towards his crotch. He hadn’t hardly noticed his penis had hardened again pushing the silky fabric out. Glancing his eyes down slightly he notices you can perfectly see the shape of his penis head thru the blue mesh fabric.  He quickly moves his hands cupping his crotch.  As he suggests a peace offering to her “why don’t you put your clothes in the washing machine I’ll put a fan on the couch and we can forget about what happened earlier” he holds his breath. Regretting the words as they slipped from his mouth. He turns slowly following her with his gaze as she moves to the armchair. The silky shorts rubbing gently across his penis head causing a throbbing tickle with his movement.  As she reached down onto the chair his gaze moves from her exposed buttocks to her left nipple which has just appeared as her pajama bottoms moved from the absence of her arm which had been holding them in place. Karen recovered her breast but Jacobs eyes were still fixed on it. In his mind the milky white flesh with the soft pink circle covering a good part of it was still looking back at him. As Karen’s voice breaks the silence it startles Jacob causing him to jump a little. How about we order pizza and forget about the very end of what happened earlier she said. Jacob cannot even find words he is stunned. She really liked it too he thinks as he excitedly nods his head. She drops her arms removing all coverage of her self she is now fully exposed to him. His penis begins to throb gently rubbing the fabric it’s pushed against.  Instantly causing tickle tingle surges thru his body, he grabs the head of it squeezing in unison with the throbbing trying to control the sensations.  He sees her lips moving but don’t understand her words. He tries to direct his minds focus to making sense of the noises coming from her mouth. He can’t figure it out. She had just mentioned pizza, stupid. He thinks to himself.  I’ll run with that.  Uhhh pepperoni is fine. He manages to utter out. And maybe some squirt for dessert. The words that followed were probably the clearest words he had spoken all day. Why did he say that out loud that was supposed to be his thought.  He feels as if he might die all of a sudden. With his mind racing he notices Karen raising her hand. She’s gonna hit me he thinks. Her hand stops I front of his face. His nosterals are over come with the sweet fruity sweaty smell of her juices. She shakes her wet clothing in his face sprinkling his chest neck and face with her squirt drenched clothes. Her lips moving but the ringing in Jacob’s ears from excitement drowns out any of her words. She turns and trots away her tiny butt cheeks bouncing slightly then pulling apart with every step. Jacob standing there squeezing the head of his penis, ears ringing body twitching.  He thinks to himself there has never been a better day.

C H Marshall 

Jacob tests his new sitters boundaries

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