Isis christens noah | Sex Stories Post

I like to tease my slaves, telling them exactly what I’d do before I do it, letting them toy with their thoughts till they’re nice and hard.  My newest pet, noah, has an ass fetish and I love to rub it in his face, literally.  This is my first encounter with him, the christening of my new pet.  I told him I’d bend over and let him rub his cock on my ass till it made him cum all over it.  He can rub the head along the strap of my thong as it rests against my ass, teasing the little bundle of nerves just below the hood of the head.  And “maybe if you’re extra special good” I told him “I’d allow you to do me anal”.

I could feel his cock get extremely hard in his pants.  With a faint smirk I sat down on his left leg, straddling his legs with my ass near his knee.  I reached down between his legs to feel his growing hardness. He layed back gently, watching me, his hard cock growing by the second, his heart beat begin to beat quickly.  I pushed him back further so he was laying on his back.  Standing up now I turned around and sat on his stomach, closer to his chest so he could watch my ass as I stroked his cock through his pants.  He leaned foward then, pushing his lips against my ass several times, his cock hot and throbbing by now.  “OH YES!! Kiss my ass bitch!!” I exclaimed as I rubbed his hard shaft through the thick denim pants.

I slowly unzipped his pants and pulled his cock from the opening.  I slid down to sit on his lap with his dick behind me.  Holding his hard cock in my hand I rested it so it pressed just below the small of my back, at the start of my crack.  He moved his hips back and fourth so his dick would slide along my crack, an innocent begging look on his face as he looked up at me, his Mistress.  I leaned forward and rested my hands on his knees, slowly rocking back and forth against his rubbing, making his cock press harder into the crack.  “Enjoying this my pet?” I asked him. He moaned softly as he watched my ass, the urge to push his cock into my ass grew inside of him, he nodded then biting down hard on his lower lip, nigh drawing blood.

I sat up erect on his lap and slipped my index finger between my flesh and the thin strap of the black sheer thong, pulling it aside so his cock could rub deeper into my crack, pressing harder against the “V” of flesh.  He looked down at his cock noticing that it was almost in my ass, slowing down his rocking motion, careful so it wouldnt go in without my permission.  “Not today my pet.. I plan to take things slow and pleasureful…” I smirked back at him as I grabbed his cock and teasingly rubbed it along my small puckered hole, rubbing his precum all over it.

He nodded obediently, feeling the warming sensation inside of his dick again, his calf muscles tightly flexed to fight back the sensations.  I moaned faintly, feeling my pussy throb with excitement, because I know how horny he is. Slowly, I stroked his shaft, tugging gently on it as I pressed it to my crack.  Sweat beads formed around noah’s forehead, the warming within his cock growing quickly  He curled his toes to temperarily resist an orgasm again.  “Mistress.. i’m going to cum..”  The silent pleading in his voice excited me even more.  I slipped my hands down to grab his balls, still rocking my hips so his cock grinds against my ass.  “Well then…” I said “I guess you should cum.”

He let out a groan as he shot his hot cum onto my puckered hole, his calf muscles loosening, the white load releasing all over my ass.  I blushed faintly feeling his hot cum squirting against me.  I reached back and rubbed my middle finger down along my crack to rub his cum more evenly over my pale flesh.  noah felt every muscle in his body loosen, extremely exhausted now but he still had a small grin on his face.  “Thank you, Mistress”.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.  Once you’re rested, fetch a towel to clean me off.”  Without hesitation he retrieved a towel from the linen closet, draping it gently over my shoulder.  I leaned forward so my ass would stick out a bit more.  “Wipe it off” I demanded.  He used the towel the wipe his cum out of the crack of my ass, looking up at me then.  “Won’t it be a bit sticky, Mistress?” he asked with genuine concern.  “Well… wet the towel.” I said “Unless you wish to bathe me.”  He looked around the room, I could tell there was something else on his mind.  “Improvise.” I ordered.  He smirked a bit as he leaned foward, using his tongue to dampen my pink asshole.  “Like this, Mistress?”

I laughed softly at the gentle tickling sensation.  “Yes, lick it clean… you’re such a good boy.”  He moved his tongues in circles around my hole, wiping my ass with the towel every so often.  I could feel my pussy and ass both tighten to the sensation, seeing as the nerves are so close together.  He buried his face deep in my crack to get his tongue closer to my pussy, lightly licking over the lips as his nose nuzzled my ass hole.  He pulled his face back, licking his lips clean of her juices.  “Is that good Mistress?” watching me with curiousity, sitting down on all fours as he waited for his next order.