How I lost my anal v-card (u wont believe who/what it was to)

<p>I was taking my shower n thinking of my dog. I had just gotten him. a perfect big golden retriever n i called him duke. when i was rubbing soap on my legs i had a thought. i wondered what it would feel like if i stuck a finger up my ass. i slowly started to finger my ass with my pinky. i didnt feel much since i had small hands when i was 11. i moved up to putting 2 fingers in; my thumb n index finger. it felt soo good. i started to moan n jack off at the same time. i allmost came right then n there when my mom came in n told me that i was using to much water n to hurry the fuck up. so i finished rinsing n turned the water off.</p><p>as i heard the final drops from the shower head hit the bottom of the tub, i heard panting outside the bathroom door. i knew it was duke but i didnt know what he was waiting for. i pulled the towel off the rack n started to dry off. i spent some extra time drying my dick too. (hehehe).</p><p>when i came out of the bathroom, duke instantly jumped off the ground n started trying to climb up my leg. i swatted him away n went into my room. little did i know that the door didnt latch when i shut it.</p><p>i heard the creak of the door opening…but i didnt think anything of it. then all of a sudden, my dog hops up on my back n starts shoving his huge cock up my tight ass as hard as he can. i screamed in pain n fell forward on my belly. he continued thrusting for about 3 minutes i guess. i dont really remember. i could feel his balls tapping on mine with every thrust. </p><p>when he finally took his dick out of my ass…i looked down n saw his dick dripping of cum. i squeesed the cum he pumped in my ass out n dipped my finger in it. it tasted better than my cum. it was sweeter than mine. mine was a little salty. </p><p>n every day since then, i fuck my dog duke every chance i get. hes very nice n rough. plus he’s got nice soft fur. thnx for reading my story. i hope u liked it even tough its a little short.</p><p /><p>KELLI!!!! (aka. master aka. mommi) I &lt;3 U!!!!</p>