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by Firebird.

Kylie’s pussy lips quivered. Her whole body was both excited and scared. Laying face down on a fainting couch wasn’t her idea of fun though. The shackles which connected her ankles and wrists behind her buttocks were strong and cold. A ball gag had been roughly pushed in between her teeth when she had heroically tried to fight off her attacker before she was forced into the boot of his car earlier that evening.

She looked around at her surroundings. Lightly lit, it looked like a spare room in someone’s house. Question was, who is the someone who had kidnapped her? She was only covered with a single silk shirt, no panties, no bra, nothing. With nothing else to do, Kylie had enough slack on the chain to reached around to her left nipple and felt it’s stiffness. She heard a noise and tried to look around behind her. A rough hand pushed her head forward again. Oh God, he’s right behind me. I’m totally exposed and can’t do a thing to stop him.

“Get it right, Mr Donaldson, if you want your daughter back alive, leave fifty grand in a suitcase behind the old dumpster in Orange Lane by 12pm tomorrow. No Police, or your daughter’s dead.”

Kylie heard the phone beep as her kidnapper hung up.

“Daddy’s going to pay for your sweet ass tomorrow, but for now … you’re all mine.”

Kylie gulped and hoped he wasn’t going to hurt her. Her cursed body was loving this and she could feel her temperature rising.

Kylie nearly leaped out of her skin when her left foot was grabbed. She involuntarily tried to yank it away and succeeded, only to have her foot snagged again. Pin pricks! Kylie felt pin pricks rolling upwards along her soles. She hated that more than being tickled. She tried to move her foot but the man held her ankle in a vice-like grip. Again and again she felt needle pricks rolling around the sole of her foot. She ground her teeth into her gag and tried in vain to pull away. She succeeded in popping her left leg chain cuff. Would she get in trouble for it?

Oh God, he’s tickling me. The bastard! Kylie threw back her head and again pulled with her feet. But he was simply too strong. She knew if she even succeeded in getting away, he’d simply grab her again. She was his to play with. Finally the tickling stopped and Kylie breathed a sigh of relief into the fainting couch.

The lash of the whip made Kylie yelp and leap forward at the same time. Again her kidnapper smacked the bottom of her feet with his three foot long whip. It was barbed on the end and stung like hell each time Kylie was hit. She screamed into her gag and pulled at her bonds, but Kylie had no relief for the next ten minutes.

Finally, Kylie felt her wrists and ankles being un-cuffed. Was she free? Did the Police arrive? She couldn’t hear anyone talking. Kylie felt fingers encircle her neck and she was roughly lifted up onto her feet. The man stayed behind her and with a movement so quick, easily tore the silk shirt she had on right off her body. She stood completely naked, quivering in the coolness of the room. A hand was placed on her shoulder and she was led backwards to a chair, and made to sit down.

“Put these on,” said the man and a couple of black silk stockings were tossed into Kylie’s lap. “I prefer these on my bitches.”

Kylie was scared, very scared. She nodded her head and, as quickly as she dared, put on the stockings. They only came up past her knees. She sat back in the chair once she finished. The man quickly wrapped a rope around her chest and upper arms. He made sure her boobs were free and available. Four times the rope encircled her luscious body, then the rope was pulled tight and secured behind her. Her ankles were then secured to the back chair legs, followed by her wrists being tied together.

Again, Kylie was caught. She felt the hands on her gag strap and a second later the gag was released. Kylie let the man remove the gag from her mouth. She licked her lips.

“You may talk … and scream if you wish. I love the sound of a woman screaming.”

Kylie decided she wasn’t going to give the man anymore satisfaction, especially by screaming.

“Make me, you coward!”

Kylie’s face snapped to the left as the man backhanded her. He stepped into her line of sight. Kylie looked at his face but it was covered by a ski-mask.

“No worries, bitch, I’ll make you scream,” said the man. Kylie heard faint traces of an Austrian accent in his voice.

The man reached into his back pocket and pulled out a mouse trap. He pulled the spring back and let it snap against the wood. The snap noise made Kylie jump.

“How would you like this on your tit, bitch?!”

Kylie ignored him. The man pulled back the spring and holding it with one hand, used the other to pull Kylie’s left tit outwards. Kylie snarled at the man’s action but could only cringe and yelp as the mouse spring snapped shut capturing a large area of Kylie’s breast.

Kylie gasped and then yelped, “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God .. take it off, please!”

The man ignored her. Instead he responded by removing a pair of pliers from his other back pocket. He knelt down in front of Kylie and positioned her right teat between the pliers’ grips. Slowly but surely he depressed the handle and the pliers came together. Kylie’s teat became tighter and tighter until she could bear it no longer and pleaded with the man the stop.

To her surprise, he did … only to turn the pliers 180-degree upwards. Kylie screamed. Her breast felt like it was being torn off. The man tugged it a few times and Kylie sobbed for his amusement. Then he removed the pliers from her tit.

“Like that, slut?! … How about this?”

Kylie didn’t want to know. Tears welled up in her eyes. This maniac of a man was torturing her for his pleasure. She watched as the pliers slowly descended towards her pubic area.

Kylie gasped, “Please, Sir, don’t hurt me, please.”

The pliers were gripping her left labia. The man slowly pulled the pussy lip upwards and Kylie gasped louder. “Oh God, please don’t do it, Mister. Please don’t hurt me.”

Kylie was surprised when the man stopped and put the pliers to one side. He walked behind her and grabbed a bag. Kylie watched as he returned to his kneeling position in front of her.

“Don’t think for one moment I’ve given up on you, bitch.”

Over the next quarter hour Kylie’s tits were subjected to numerous clothes-pegs and a nipple screw. Kylie quivered at each one. Her body seemed to be getting more and more turned on. The man’s trouser bulge was getting bigger and bigger. Kylie wondered if he would fuck her before the night was out.

“Have a look at this, bitch!” said the man.

Kylie felt her stomach drop as the man was holding a huge pair of black hand-held pliers. Big mothers, too. Without even waiting for Kylie to plead for him to stop, the man seized on her left breast with the pliers. Kylie screamed as pain shot up through her body. Her boobs were already sore and aching from their past treatment, this was nothing more than an attempt to make her suffer.

“Oh God. Please, what have I done to deserve this?” pleaded Kylie.

The man let go of the pliers and they retained their grip on her tortured breast. The very weight of them caused agony to Kylie’s tortured body.

“Done?! Done?! … Why the fuck should you have done something for me to torture you? You’re just a cunt to me, bitch. Something to use, abuse and fuck anytime I feel like it.”

“What?! I don’t even know you! What could I have done to make you do this?”

The man walked off. Kylie felt concerned she had really angered him. If he was just hurting her for pleasure, what would he do if he was pissed off?

Kylie looked down at the pliers on her breast. Man, it hurt, her breast was throbbing but she was bearing it okay. She breathed deeply to try and alleviate her soreness but she was distracted when the man returned.

“Don’t like my pliers, huh?! Try these,” said the man, and without even unclipping the black pliers, he simply pulled them off her tit. Kylie shrieked in pain. Her chest felt like it was on fire. Unfortunately she wasn’t allowed to recover from the brutal tit pull as another pair of tighter and stronger pliers was secured to her breast. This one was spring loaded to close. Tears rolled down Kylie’s cheeks.

I wish I was home, she thought.

Kylie endured the pliers for a good five minutes before the man decided to remove them. He did it slowly of course, but only to reattach them onto her right pussy lip. Her kidnapper pulled on her pussy lip and she moaned in pain. She didn’t bother to plead with him anymore, he didn’t deserve to hear her pleas.

“How about a bit of dancing?” said her kidnapper.

Kylie sighed with relief as all the pegs and the pliers were removed from her tortured torso. She felt blood moving back into her private areas and wished that the man would rub them better. No luck there.

Instead, the man took out a large whip with many tendrils. He smacked Kylie’s back, chest, belly and tits for the next ten minutes. Kylie gasped at each strike and begged for the man to stop. The pain was immense, her body was sore. She longed for a hot bath and heaps of ointment. She needed a break.

“Code Red! Code Red!” she screamed.

And the man stopped.

“So soon, honey?” he asked, removing his ski-mask showing a look of concern. He wondered if he had hurt her, he didn’t want to hurt his wife, ever.

Kylie smiled, “Yeah, that was fantastic. I loved it. But now I need a good fuck and a hot bath, honey. I want you to fuck me as hard as you can with your cock. Up for the challenge?”

“You’re on, and then tomorrow … it’s my turn to play the hostage.”