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Halloween Surprise-

Lauren stood on her porch watching her husband drive up the driveway on what she considered a death machine. For him the motorcycle was the freedom he was always wanted one, and now after a year of saving he finale got one. She took in a deep breath as dread filled her while steeping off the porch slowly, putting on a cheerful smile. She had to admit the machine was a work of art, its body black as night, the chrome shining as the sun hit it.

John took off his helmet smiling back at his wife he knew her all of concern and worries but he hoping to change all that. “Hi ya sweetie, you want to go for a ride?” He gave her a wink. “Have a Halloween surprise.”

“Hell no,” Lauren replied, “you know I’m not getting on that thing.”

“Oh come on, I promise to go slow, I got you a helmet right here,” lifting a green helmet that she hadn’t seen til now. “And there’s a big surprise at the end of the ride.”

“What’s the surprise?”

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you now would it,” John said in a teasing manner. “So you’re going to have to go for a ride.”

“Fine give me the helmet then,” she said, as she took the helmet from him and put it on. She stood there a moment trying figure out how it get on the motorcycle. John motioned her to the right of him as he put his helmet on. She walked to the other side, gently put her hand on his shoulder, and swung her leg over the machine. She wasn’t sure where to put her hands so she ran them down his arms placing them on his ribs.

John took her hands firmly in his, placing them around his middle, just below his chest. As he did this it brought her body closer to his, her arms wrap loosely around which brought her breasts, crotch, and legs snug against the back of him. Pushing back a little John wiggled, making her sigh a bit.

She loved being this close to her husband, then the bike moved and she clung to him tightly. It swayed as they turned out of the drive, then rumbled thru the neighborhood. Lauren could feel the air rush over them, and she loved the feeling. John backed off, then goosed the throttle making the bike pause then jolt forward as she felt the sudden motion she squeezed him with her arms and legs, fear and excitement running through her.

“Do you want to back home?” John asked.

“No, lets keep going,” she shouted back, as the bike lunged forward again.

Laughing she clung to him as they rounded the corner and they roared down the
road. Wasn’t long and he turned on to a country road, lined with trees, forming an arch, filled with multi-colored autumn leaves. The leaves drifted down on them like confetti as they drove under the arch. Like a speedboat the bike kicked up a colorful wake as it hurtled onward.
They drove a while on the beautiful quiet country road till they made final turn onto a driveway. Before them sat an old plantation style house, paint faded and peeling, windows broken, front door hanging off a hinge. There was no yard, just tufts of grass here or there, raised flowerbeds long dead and chocked with weeds.

Lauren swung her leg off the bike as John shut it down. She took off her helmet, staring at the old house not believing the state it was in.

John stood behind placing his hands on her shoulders, nuzzling her ear. “Do you remember the last time we were here?”

“How could I forget your truck run out of gas,” she shivered, “it was raining hard, and we ran to this house to see if could use the phone, but no one as around.”

“Um-hum,” John kissed her neck, then gave it a bite, “and we made love for the first time.”

Smiling Lauren turned to him, placing her hands on his face and kissed him deeply. Breaking the kiss John took her hand and led her in the house. The air inside was stale, and dusty cob weds clung to every corner. Neither cared as they walked in to the room where they had been some fifteen years before.

Lauren entered the room first, finding it different from the rest of house, the air fresh, smelling of roses. In middle of the room was an antique four-poster bed, made with new linens and pillows, beside it a nigthstand with a vase of red roses on it. She turned to her husband with a thousand questions racing thru her mind, but before she could ask one he pulled her to him.

His lips caressed hers, his tongue slipping into her mouth, their tongues danced together. He unbuttoned her shirt, slipping it off her shoulder, letting it fall softly to the floor. She struggled to undo his pants as he undid her bra. He broke the kiss only to trail kisses and bites down to her breast.

He cupped both of her breast taking one into his mouth, the other he twisted and pulled at the hard nipple. She moaned deeply looking lovely down at him threading her fingers thru his hair. His hands skimmed over her tummy, his mouth followed his hands, as he undid her jeans pushing them to the floor. He kissed her panty-covered mound, then slipped them off her.

She placed her hands on his shoulders, stepping out of her jeans and panties. He ran his hands up her bare legs and back around to cup her bottom. He bit the inside of her thigh, tracing the outside of her slit with a finger before his tongue plunged deep in to her. She groaned deeply, her hands grip his hair tightly, pulling him up to kiss him, loving the taste of her on him.

As they kiss she finishes unbuttoning his shirt, then undid his pants. She knelt and took his hard dick into her mouth, giving it a hard long suck. She stood pulling him to the bed, climbing on together kissing. She lay down on the bed and he knelt before her,
pulling her hips to him.

Smiling down on her he placed her legs on his shoulders then plunged deep inside her wet pussy. They moan together, as he began thrusting slowly into her, as she raised her hips to meet each thrust. She looked deeply in to his eyes as she played with her breast. He lowered her legs, as she bucked wildly under him as played with her clit and bite her nipple. She pulled him to her mouth, kissing him deeply, cumming hard, as her juices flooded his crotch.

He kissed her softly, then withdrew, getting her to raise up trying to maintain contact with his lips. Him kissing her chest forces her to give up, laying back to enjoy the tender caresses, as he kisses his way down to her pussy. After flicking his tongue across her clit he ever so slowly lapped up her juices. His tongue found its way deep into her, before tracing it’s way down to her rosebud.

Her orgasm, all this extra attention it was too much and she groaned deeply, clamping her legs against his head, nearing another taste of bliss. He rolled her over, giving her one last full lick before slowly placing his hard dick against her rosebud. She pushed back giving him the okay, and slowly he gently entered her, til he was fully in.

Wasn’t long, and letting out a low moan Lauren said, “Fuck me baby.”

John did as instructed, and she bucked against him, as he leaned down to kiss her neck before biting it. His hand gripped hers, now entangled with the sheets, as faster and harder he sent wave after wave of pleasure in her, bringing her closer and closer to another climax.

With a deep he came, filling her with hot cum, sending her over the edge. “Oh John,” she cried out, digging her nails into his back, “I love you.”

Basking in the afterglow, they lay there for a moment, then rolled to their sides. He slips out of her butt, pulling her close to him, kissing her softly, stroking her hair.

“Um-m,” Lauren cooed, “nice Halloween surprise.”

“Honey, that wasn’t the surprise.” He smiled, kissing the tip of her nose. “Surprise, the house is ours, Happy Halloween, my love.”

Looking around her mouth dropped open. “How is that?”

“Took a loan against my 401 k, paying for the back taxes due.” He kissed her shoulder. “Naturally, it needs work, but we can do most of it.”

“Ah,” Lauren’s eyes blinked wildly, “What about our other house?”

” We’ll sell it,” he shrugged, “or rent it out.” Rubbing her back he gave her a little peck on the cheek. “Sell preferably, so we can fix this one faster, but we can do it.”

“Sounds good.” she kissed him deeply. “Thank you, for a perfect Halloween surprise.”



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