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Hi, I’m Judy for the sake of Sex Stories APP, and I thought that…If they’re popular enough, writing down my thoughts, adventures and fantasies might be a great way to express all of those little things I’ve done, wanted to do or simply thought about doing.

Over the course of 18 years, I’d managed to accumulate a number of words that people would use to describe me – precocious, inquisitive, forceful…Reliable, even confrontational – yet it wasn’t until my dad had brought Lister home that I’d even considered a word that had so many negative connotations to it – different, or even deviant. My dad at some point had decided that it would be good for me to learn a little responsibility, and so had decided that it would be a good idea to get a pet that would be dependent on me. A puppy wouldn’t work because I got bored with chores easily, but we reached a compromise – if I would walk Lister, my mother and father would take care of the rest.

Lister was a chocolate lab; the kennel we rescued him from said he was around three years old, and was already trained to a certain degree, but the previous owners had to give him up due to the pet policy on the house they were moving into. It was my gain; I fell in love with him immediately, and Lister was excited to see me. Lister was a chocolate Labrador/spaniel cross, had deep, grey eyes and a beautiful shiny coat that looked brown most of the time, but under a certain light would betray a red coat. I, incidentally am around 5’5” a 34d cup size with shoulder length brown hair, hazel eyes and an hourglass body; I am a fairly hourglass shaped girl, weighing about 120lbs. Think…Angela White, just British and more perverted and curious – we were a good match…I liked to exercise, and he had a lot of energy, to the point that the only time I knew something was up, is when he would be staying still. I enjoyed our walks. And enjoyed messing with him at every available opportunity.

It was during one of these play sessions that things started escalating between he and I; during a little rough housing, Lister had gotten a little more aggressive than usual – he would back off, snarl, and then almost pounce me, attempting to close his mouth around my neck and try to hump me; I slapped him away, thinking nothing of it until I saw his massive red engorged member underneath his stomach – I slapped him away, but the damage had already been done. I couldn’t get the image of his cock out of my mind, and so I starting looking around the internet, trying to find out if his size, length and girth were all right for a dog like him; many of the zoophile sites I encountered assured me that it was…I was hooked. Mesmerised. They looked so beautiful, ornate even compared to their human counterparts.

It was during one night in particular that I was catching up on a few shows in my room; Lister was laid on my bed next to me as he usually does – I was running my fingers through his soft, downy hair idly, when I felt him move suddenly. He flinching to his stomach, gave a little snort as he groomed himself, and moved his head idly back to the previous position on the bed. I glanced down, and caught a peek of something red; I shrugged it off for a moment, but again that calling came to me; that urge, that curiosity – and so I moved my hand slowly down his body, reassuring him as my hand moved further and closer towards the spot between his hind legs; it was almost as if he understood, because he moved his hid leg a little to accommodate me, and then finally there it was…His beautiful, red member. About the same size as a the few men Id seen, but definitely thicket, and then to see his knot – my mind drifted to the videos that I’d seen of women who’d eagerly pleasured their canine counterparts. I looked at my door, my heart pounding as the thought of what I was contemplating rushed through my mind, and then just as suddenly it was made. I shifted off the bed, removing the few clothes that I had as I closed my door and then moved back to my bed surely as naked as the day I was born.

I slipped to my knees at the side of the bed, and continued to caress Lister’s soft mane while I moved my other hand carefully towards his member; I was just as nervous as he was about to be, and then finally I reached out with my hand and touched it; I gasped slightly as I felt it in my hand – warm and oddly dry; I closed my hand around it a little more and he flinched, and then, after one final look back towards the door, I leaned in and took my first tentative step into a whole new world. Reaching forward as far as I dare, I extended my tongue; Lister adjusted himself and looked down excitedly, trying to nudge me out of the way of my reward – I resisted, pushed his head out of the way, and closed my mouth around his continually hardening cock. I closed my eyes, and took in every sensation; it had a musky taste and smell to it; not entirely unpleasant to my senses; as I continued to surrender more and more to the joy of sucking his member, I felt it becoming more and more rigid in my mouth – it felt sublime, and I could feel my soft, tight little cunt getting soaked, hoping that Lister was loving me giving myself to him as much as I was surrendering to him. It finally reached the point where I couldn’t take it anymore; I managed to tear myself away for a moment, long enough to beckon Lister to the floor, and assumed a position that I had seen others take in the variety of videos I had been watching. I played with myself as I watched my partner, giggling as he looped around me, sniffing at me in an effort to try and figure out what exactly what it was I was doing, and then he figured it out. As he reached my arse, he sniffed around it, and ran his rough tongue along my arse and pussy. I moaned in pleasure as he lapped up my salty girlcum, and then after a little coercing hopped up on my back; I lowered myself a little more, and knew that I must be on the right direction when I felt him hop up on my back, and grip around my waist with his paws.

He thrusted desperately at me for a moment, trying to find my hole to breed me with an animal passion I had never felt from any other human; I hesitated for a moment, and as I tried to move away, he growled – I received the message, I was his now; I reached up to stroke him by the ear, and was rewarded by his massive doggy cock finally thrusting into my immaculate cunt. It took a moment to get used to his rhythm, but as he pushed further and further into me with a frenzied passion, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of my pussy getting stretched out as more and more of his knot threatened to violate me. I knew that it would hurt, I knew that if my parents were to walk into my room right now they would almost certainly disown me, but I just didn’t care, and again was rewarded, and with one final push, felt Lister push his knot deep into my womb. I implored him to stay still, mounted on me forever – I had fallen in love with the feeling of him filling me with his doggy cum, and could feel his shaft throbbing and pulsing; and then, as quickly as it had started, it finished. I could feel him soften inside of me, and then slip out of my pussy.

As he dismounted me, I watched as his cock dangled between his legs; I could see that he was about to reach down and clean himself; my eyes widened in jealousy – that was my job now. I moved as quickly as I could and positioned myself between his legs and swallowed his massive cock, cleaning it with my tongue greedily, hoping to please my new master. I was increasingly coming to love every minute of it, as I tried to throat him as deeply as I could while I played with myself. As I pleasured him, I thought about what I had done, and smiled to myself as his dick finally softened and returned to its normal state. I released it from between my lips, cleaned myself with a T shirt, and pulled myself up onto my bed, exhausted from the solid night of fucking I had just received. I beckoned Lister to my side; he eagerly obliged, and I finally went to sleep, sated for the evening as I slept with my new lover – knowing that things would never be the same for me.

If this gets enough of a reception and people enjoy it, I was thinking of writing up a few of my exploits as confessions; feel free to drop me a line with any constructive criticism, insight as to what kind of thing you’d like to hear about etc.

I hope you had as much fun reading as I did reminiscing.