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Practically my entire life I’ve been sexually infatuated with my dad’s wife (well ex wife now) when I was like 5 she would walk around the apartment naked, or just in small thong panties on the way to the dryer. Once she bought some lingerie (lace stockings, garter, open-cup bra and stilletos. She came out of the bedroom to surprise my father but I saw it all too. I think it was too much too soon, like an overload before the engines are warmed up. It wasn’t long (it was probably that day) that I started sensual jack-of-all-trades sessions centered on jenny. She was beautiful and sexy but still real. She could a dirty girl. She would usually go to the bathroom with the door open so I could watch her urinate or poop and she didn’t mind. I remember standing at the door with my little hard on, taking in her smell. I loved it when she farted, I don’t why but It was such a turn on to me. If she farted I would try to get close to smell…
Before long I was going in her closet and masturbating to her dirty panties and lingerie. I would take my dick out and smell her on her soiled panties and orgasm (this was before puberty). As time went on I did more, and I thought about her more. I would masturbate with the door partly open in hopes she would see me and give me some material. I would lie on the bed with my pants off and my legs in the air and fantasize that she walks by, sees me jacking, comes in and drops her panties and tank top and straddles me. The moment that I enter her is the most amazing feeling on earth, she starts to ride, if she farts while fucking I love it and I would instantly cum

Fast forward a bit, she’s out of town, I’m house sitting. Got the whole place to myself. First was a jack-off session at the pc in Jenny’s white Satin teddy. I probably watched some amateur threesome porn, holding that silk teddy up while I jack my cocktail until I come, moaning, into a kleenex.

Later, I fired up the hot tub and took a dip in a pair of her bikini bottoms. I took them off once I was in the water of course and touched myself to the thought of jenny dropping her lace panties in front of me and putting her feet spread and in the air. When I was close I got out and stood on the edge of the deck and came right there.

Now for the real story, fast forward a little more, and I believe I was house sitting again. I was super horns so I went up to Jenny’s room and put on her black lace stockings and garter belt, black bra and some black pumps that I crammed into. I walked around the house feeling sexy, squatting here, laying down and spreading here..etc. but a finger in my fuckhole wasn’t going to do it, I went back up to Jenny’s room where she has a large black dido and a smaller pink vibrator. The small pink vibrator I use a few drops of lube, then lay back on the bed, legs wide and high and slide it in and turn on the lowest setting. Mmmmm I’m in heaven I thought, my stocking feet high in the air while I toy my hole with Jenny’s vibrator and Jack my cock. I jack my cock and suck and lick the black dido hoping some of her taste is on it. That’s when I noticed she was in the doorway looking at me.

It’s hard to imagine what she felt, her stepson dressed up in her sexiest lingerie with his legs in the air and her vibrator in his asshole on medium power now so that’s all you hear now.

We stared silently at each other for a few seconds before she walked away, I like to think she was smiling but I couldn’t see. After that my adrenaline was so high I shoved the vibrator in further, turned it to high and jacked my cock until I came. Loud. I knew we were the only ones home so came extra hard, trying to turn her on. I started “ooohhhh mm my fucking gigod” and “FUCK HERE IT COMES” and “ooooohwoohwo immmm cummmminining….”. I cleaned up, went down to dinner in a crazy-tight pair of her workout shorts, already hard again with my cocktail outlined by the fabric. She didn’t bite. Oh well.

Well that’s the time I got caught, but you know what? I came so fucking hard for her that day. Even now if I’m over there I’ll go in the basement, put on some dirty panties and have a quick jack session.