From Study Buddy to Back Seat Hoe

(This is a stand alone story but to find out how Megan lost her virginity at prom or how her college sexual education began check out my other published stories)

Freshman education continued

Megan had learned much since her first sexual encounter and the new “arrangement” she unwittingly found herself in with the cute guy down the hall. She was his drunken hookup and while she still cared deeply for Josh she was now willing to explore other options/guys.

It wasn’t that she minded the sexual attention; in fact she loved that her body could have such an impact on guys. Of course the guys to come would also learn love Josh for – unaware to Megan – that he had trained her to be a submissive. Eager to please a guy in anyway he wanted and placing his pleasure before his own.

The first of these new guys was Ryan. He was a cute guy from her Business 101 class. Ryan took notice of Megan from the first day of class, almost 6 months ago now. He couldn’t help but get turned on but the sight of her long toned legs in her short shorts that first day or the way she always wore tank tops that would creep up throughout class showing a band of skin and the bottom of her toned abs.

Ryan had heard rumors that Megan was dating a baseball player but over time those rumors faded and he decided to make his move; asking her to his dorm room to help him study for the upcoming test.

Megan, still getting over Josh or at least trying to get over him, said yes. As class ended and the day became night Megan dressed in a white tank top and short turquoise shirt. Megan didn’t have much in the way of a chest, only a small b-cup, but the white tank top cling to what she did have and served the added bonus of not requiring a bra. While her skirt was cute and short showing off her toned legs from years of dance. Overall Megan was happy with how she looked; equal parts cute and sexy while also not looking like she tried to hard.

Megan grabbed her things and promptly arrived at Ryan’s room exactly on time. They each grabbed their textbooks and note pads before settling on Ryan’s bed to prep for the exam ahead.

Ryan half sat half laid at the head of the bed while Megan sat Indian style in the middle of the bed. As they continued to cover the material on the test, Ryan couldn’t help but notice that Megan’s skirt had ridden up and he could now clearly see her panty clad crotch while also noticing the effects the could room was having on her braless nipples.

After awhile Megan caught Ryan’s stares, asking “are you studying me or our work”. Instead of being embarrassed Ryan leaned forward until he was only inches away and whispered “you” as he leaned in for a kiss. Megan’s mouth opened and soon they were locked in a deep passionate makeout session.

Ryan had been dreaming of this for 6 months and wasn’t about to waste his chance.

As they made out Ryan slowly pushed their books to the end of the bed; then wasting no time pulling Megan into him as he leaned back onto the bed pulling her on top of him. Once they were laying he rolled them over until Megan was on her back and then pulled her tank top up and over her head.

Ryan basked at the now topless girl in his bed. Pausing just a moment to take in her small but perfect breasts that stuck straight out with the cutest dime sized nipples hard as can be. Megan just laid there happy once again that a boy could be so turned on by her body even though she was far from curvy.

That paused moment soon into a desperate passionate assault on Megan’s willing body. Ryan began to kiss her yet again while their tongues danced and interlocked. His hands found their way to her chest as he groped and caressed her breasts. Squeezing them tighter as he grew more horny.

Soon his mouth found its way to her nipples, sucking and dancing his tongue over them – one side then the other – over and over again. Before sliding one hand down her body and slowly grazing her soft skin as he slid it up the inside of Megan’s leg, turning her on each inch of the way.

Megan now instinctively reached for his crotch as she had unknowingly been conditioned previously by Josh to do.

Josh now had one nipple in his mouth, one hand on Megan’s inner thigh making soft circles as he advanced up her leg and one hand that had found its way down the back of her panties grabbing her ass tightly. He groaned in excitement as he felt Megan unzip his pants and reach inside his boxers. Now stroking him freely as he enjoyed her body.

Ryan’s hand finally found its way to Megan’s crotch and she moaned loudly as he cupped her mound. Biting her lip as she did so. Ryan then leaned up and gave Megan her most passionate kiss yet as he slide her panties from her waist and began to gently finger her crotch.

After just a few minutes of caressing and fingering, once Ryan was convinced Megan was wet enough to enter, he rolled off of Megan and onto his back. Pushing her down his body as he did so.

Megan knew exactly what he wanted as she flipped the covers of his bed over them and kissed every inch of his body until she was face to face with his throbbing penis. She lightly wrapped her hand around it before taking him in her mouth in one large gulp. Ryan audibly moaning as she did so.

While Megan had given blowjobs before she was far from and expert and had never actually finished one to completion. That didn’t she was bad at them, quite the opposite she was great and using it as a tease, but Ryan was soon coaching her on what to do. “Suck harder, stroke me as you lick the head, play with my balls…”

Ryan was getting unbelievably hard and horny when just then the door burst open and his roommate entered the room. Megan froze on the spot as Ryan tried to play cool.

After making it abundantly clear he was going nowhere, Ryan and Megan had no choice but to discretely get redressed and call an end to their excitement.

Ryan whispered in Megan’s ear, “god I want you; I wish we had a car or somewhere we could go…”. Before she knew what she was saying Megan responded “I have a car.”

It was one thing for Megan to fool around or even have sex with a boy from class in his room but she was not the kind of girl (or slut) to have sex with random boys in the back of a car.

Only here she was practically offering it up to Ryan. Before Megan could back out, Ryan was pulling her tank top back over her head and kicking her panties further under the sheets saying, “you won’t need those, besides we can find them later.”

With that he dug around Megan’s bag until he found her keys. Taking her hand and pulling out of his bed and walking towards the freshman parking lot to find her car.

Every time Ryan sensed some hesitation from Megan he was stop and kiss her passionately while grabbing her ass legs and thighs letting his hand graze her bare crotch just enough to reignite her horniness.

Once Ryan found her car he nudged her in while taking the driver’s seat and setting off to find a quiet place where they would not be interrupted again. They drove off quickly towards the athletic fields which had been turned off and vacant for hours. Within 3 minutes of getting in the car they were now at their destination.

Ryan placed the car in park and leaned over to kiss Megan as passionately as he could. Only now Ryan moved with a purpose that he didn’t have before in his dorm. The kiss lasted only a minute before Megan found her seatbelt being unbuckled and her upper body being pulled down towards Ryan’s lap.

Megan felt responsible for getting into this situation so despite a reluctance to do anything more, almost to her own disbelief, she followed Ryan’s lead reaching down to once again unzip his pants, reaching into his boxers, and pulling his penis free. Ryan reached down and wrapped his fingers in her hair pushing her mouth towards his waiting dick.

As Megan took his member in her mouth he moaned again and was soon using his hands to forcibly bop her head up and down on his cock. Now basically face fucking Megan as she repeatedly gagged on his dick.

As this continued Ryan removed one hand from her head only to flip up her skirt and begin to finger fuck Megan’s now dry crotch. She tried to protest but found no words could escape the large dick now buried in her throat. Ryan fingered her again and again until was finally wet enough in his opinion.

He then pulled Megan head from his crotch with a forcible pop sound as he did so; and pulled her entire body onto him in the driver’s seat. He reclined the seat and before Megan could process what was happening, Ryan lined up his unprotected penis with her crotch and pulled her body down. In one move and thrust his penis was now balls deep inside Megan and she was given no time to adjust, letting out a quiet yelp as she was entered.

Not wanting to let him down, Megan did what she felt was expected and began to ride his dick. Ryan reach out and pulled her tank top yet again up and over her head and took her breast and nipple in his mouth. He grabbed her ass and pulled her deeper with each thrust. Ryan couldn’t believe how tight she was or the way that her pussy seemed to milk each inch of his dick as he drove it into her again and again and deeper and deeper.

The scene was incredible. A topless skinny former ballerina riding his cock in the front seat of her car with a bunched up skirt around her waist and an incredibly toned athletic ass humping into him again and again and perfect perky titties being used as his personal chew toy. Megan’s eyes were closed content to do as he wanted and trying to find pleasure of her own. Which is perhaps why she didn’t notice Ryan pull out his phone and snap a few pictures and short video clip; knowing this was one fuck he would want to play over and over again.

Megan was still riding Ryan as he demanded but slowly started to feel some pleasure from what was happening. Ryan took advantage of this to slide one of her legs from beside his waist to up and over his shoulder. Saying/singing “fuck me harder tiny dancer” as he did so.

It was about this time a flashing light caught Ryan’s attention and before he knew it a pair of middle aged officers were approaching the car, unaware to Megan as her eyes were tightly closed. As they got closer they shined their light in only to see the same incredible sight Ryan was enjoying; an athletic 18 year old with her perky b’s sticking straight out with razor hard nipples, a perfectly toned leg thrown over a guy’s shoulder, and an amazing ass just driving (forcibly mind you from Ryan’s hands) into an eager cock.

Instead of stopping the show they flashed Ryan a thumbs up and motioned for him to hurry it along.

With that Ryan took her nipple once more in his mouth biting and pulling on it as he grabbed both of her ass cheeks and started pounding away as hard as he could. Megan was now rotating between moans and yelps as his onslaught was underway. He continued to pound harder and harder deeper and and deeper feeling the pressure building. Then he thrusted one last time as Megan felt a rush of liquid pour into her; stream after stream of cum shooting inside her.

Slowly Ryan pulled free from her pussy and kissed her softly one last time. Saying “damn that was better than I ever imagined; someone trained you well; I don’t know whether to call you tiny dancer or tiny slut after that performance.”

Megan rolled off of him and back into the passenger seat unsure what to think but sure that she needed to get dressed again.

As the car started to head back to the dorms, Megan asked perhaps we can meet up for lunch tomorrow only for Ryan to retort, “I’m busy but I’ll let you know when I need another late night “study” session.” With that they were back to the dorms. Ryan tossed Megan her car keys and her backpack that he had somehow packed and removed from his room without her noticing.

He gave Megan one last kiss before saying farewell. Megan grabbed her bag and headed off to her own room content about what happened; happy she moved on from Josh; but uncertain how she always found her nights like this ending this way.

As for her panties, Ryan walked back into his dorm and dug through his sheets before he found the panties Megan had left behind. He unzipped his pants and used them to wipe the cum and juices from his crotch. Before walking down the hall and pinning them on Josh’s door – for all to see that walk by – with a note saying “thanks for the recommendation, she is a grade A fuck”. For the next few days everyone in the hall that had passed the panties wondered who they were from and a few days later Megan too happened by them only to blush and grab them and toss them in the trash; deciding that perhaps she wouldn’t be seeing Ryan again.