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This story happened when I was 23 and a university student.


My father was diagnosed with cancer and as you can imagine this was a huge blow for as mentally but also financially. Fortunately we had help from the start Dr.S, who was our family doctor for many years. A long time friend of my father and above all an excellent doctor, Doctor S was very helpful from the start. He took over the all the medical test’ and used his connections so that my father could got the best treatment.

I was watching all this unfold without been able to do anything other than showing a brave face for my family.

Two weeks after the diagnosis Dr. S asked me to visit him. My fathers was about to start chemotherapy and I thought he wanted to talk to me about that but it was about money instead. When he told me how much all the treatments had cost and how much more were needed I felt that it was my responsibility to make it happen. My siblings were very young and my mother was uneducated and really passive to take any initiative.

He reminded me many times how many thing he had done pro bonno for my father and told me that financially this had the power to destroy us, unless we had some help.

He also tried to make me feel like the fate of my whole family was on me. He took my hand on his and all his gestures screamed that he wanted to propose something but he didn’t.

The following week he kept our interactions to the minimum, he was distant and let the bills come at my parents house. I figured we could pay them but I would have to move with my parents and in the end it would leave as completely broke.

Dr S called again and I didn’t hesitated to ask him if he wanted to fuck me.

He reacted and said that he truly cared about me and he wasn’t making a one time raunchy proposal.

We met at his surgery the same day. His secretary who for some reason never liked me showed me to his office and locked as in before she left.

‘Yes I will be your lover” I told. I could see the question trampling in his lips.

He gave me one of his rare smiles and said we should get started. I undressed and he did a thorough examination of my body for anything that would indicate the presence of STD’s and even drew blood for further testing. I gave a detailed report of my previous lovers and what we had done.

I promised to be careful with the pill and be faithful so he wouldn’t have to use a condom.

He pulled out his erected cock and stood in front of me stroking his cock. When he was about ready to cum he told me to open my mouth wide until his cum streamed in my open mouth again and again. He turned up the thermostat and told me to lean back and masturbate until I had an orgasm.

“A true prostitute cannot hide herself” that’s a saying from my country and I felt that it suited me well.

I hadn’t realized how horny I got and it was embarrassing. I had to restrain myself so I wouldn’t put to much of show for him. I touched and caressed every part of my body while I could still taste his cum in my mouth, I leaked my boobs and fucked my pussy until I had an orgasm. After my masturbation he cummed again in my mouth and send me home for a night sleep.

On my way home I couldn’t explain why I felt ok with what I had done. I realized that the circumstances had brought me quickly closer to him than any other lover I ever had. He had already checked every part of my body and even took my blood, he had cummed twice in my mouth, he was honest about what he wanted and what he was offering. With most men you have to struggle to reach that point. I didn’t know what it says about me but in the end I decided had a truly great time that night and it was the first time I felt alive since the start of my fathers ordeal.

When my blood test results came negative we had our first full intercourse. I visited him at his apartment where I was surprised pleasantly for the second time. I expected a cold unfriendly place but instead I found that the 45y doctor had a proper love nest. We made love at his king size bed and the following morning he fucked me again while denting over in toilet ball.

Unknown to my family I kept meeting Dr. S at his work and home, sometimes staying there for weekend’s or whole weeks. Dr S had become my full time lover and I gave myself to him in every opportunity. Sometimes I felt used but I liked him making love to me and didn’t want that to stop.

When the end came for my father after the funeral I wanted to go home but instead of going to my parents place I instinctively went to his apartment and stayed there for a month making love to him even though I didn’t have to anymore.

The summer he took me to vacations in Greece and from there we curried on like that until I finished my university degree.