First time to the gyno

My name is Sarah, I just turned 15 and this is my story about the first time I went to a gynecologist instead of my pediatrician. I’m 5’4 about 105lbs, I have green eyes and short reddish brown hair. My breasts are a small b cup and I’m still a virgin.

I went to the new doctor’s office around noon with my mom. This time, she stayed in the waiting room as I walked back with the nurse. She took my height and weight and led me back to a smaller room and told me I could wait there for the doctor.

When Dr. Billings walked in I immediately noticed his brilliant blue eyes. He was handsome but in his mid fifties I would guess. He asked me some routine questions then handed me a piece of crinkly blue fabric. He told me to take off my shirt and pants and slide into that then he would come back in the room. I said okay then he left.

This is the part I had been nervous for. I wondered how this part of doctor’s visits would be different now that I was getting older. I was wearing a black t shirt and jeans. First I unbuttoned the jeans and slid them around my ankles, then pulled the shirt over my head. As they fell to the floor I felt very exposed, sitting in just my white panties on the paper-covered cushion. I quickly wrapped the blue gown around my body and tied a knot at the center. A couple minutes later, the Dr. knocked on the door and asked if I was ready for him to come in.

Dr. Billings told me not to be nervous and that none of this should take too long. I felt reassured as his warm hands went up my back and he had me cough a couple times for him.

Next he told me it was time to move around to the front. I swallowed for a sec and said alright, I slowly untied the knot to open up the gown. I was sitting up straight on the paper cushion and he stood up next to me. He asked me to lean forward and as I did so he unclasped my bra from the back. I felt a brief chill as the lace crept down my breasts and landed in my lap. He pulled the gown over my shoulders then and I was completely topless as it fell around me. I nervously giggled as he pushed in lightly on the bottom of my breast and asked, “ticklish?”. I said yes and let out more of a laugh. He told me don’t worry about it, then laid me down on my back. After a couple more seconds he took his hands off my chest and closed my gown again. I felt a moment of relief but was slightly embarrassed when I saw the two lumps of my nipples pressing against the blue fabric. The Dr. did not seem to notice though.

He told me what he was going to do next will be a little new for me, but just relax and it will be over in a couple seconds. He lifted each of my legs into the stirrups on the end of the bed. The gown slid back around my waist but he did nothing to cover me up. Before I knew it he pulled my panties all the way off and exposed my very moist pussy to the air. I felt so open at that moment, my old doctor was a woman and this was the first man to see me there since I was a baby. Dr. Billings grabbed a bottle labeled lubricant off the table and said to breathe slowly and relax my muscles. He lathered some of the clear liquid onto one of his fingers and gently pressed it on the outside of my pussy. It felt good but a little cold as it pushed in further and hit the wall of my hymen. For two more seconds he felt around then retracted his finger and said I was all healthy.

I sat up again then and was mostly covered by the gown. He told me he didn’t have to talk about sex yet because I hadn’t started but just gave a couple warnings about oral sex and advice on condoms. After that he said I was free to go, but there was one more thing he wanted me to do for him.

I said that I’d love to help with whatever he needed for me to do. He explained that sometimes the medical field needs control studies for when they are testing new treatments and cures. And that one group that can be very hard to study is the sexual health of underage girls. He said that was because no doctor wanted to risk lawsuits doing more than the bare necessities of a gynecological exam on a teenage girl. But all that he really needed was some medical pictures of a normal, healthy teen.

That made me very nervous at first, but then he showed me a series of papers with my mom’s signature on the bottom and told me he already cleared it over with her and that I would be the perfect subject. I agreed then because I love helping people however I can.

He told me that was great, and this had the potential to help many people out, especially doctors who needed someone normal to compare their injured and sick patients to. Dr. Billings led me to another room then that was a little darker with a camera set up in front of a large grey mat hanging on the wall. I came into the room quickly, trying to cover up the slit in the gown as much as possible in the hallway. When I was standing up, it only came down about halfway on my thighs and made my lower half feel almost completely naked.

As soon as we entered the room he closed the door and told me I could hang up my gown along the wall. I did as he said with only the slightest nervous hesitation, then walked over to the X on the ground in front of the mat. He said I looked great and there was nothing to be worried about.

He took a lot of pictures then, first with me standing front, then both sides and back. Then he moved the camera in closer and captured my face and breasts better. He moved over a bench and told me to sit down and open my legs. First he got me from behind, with one underneath that showed my ass and vagina. Then he had me spread open my pussy in the front with two fingers and he took a lot more photos.

I felt that doing all this was a little wrong, but by that time I was really wet and it was just turning me on to be exposing all my private parts to this handsome older doctor. I started to masturbate in front of him and he just kept taking pictures, saying “good, good…” He watched me cum three times and even squirt a little. Then I told him I wanted to put my clothes back on and go home. He told me the photos would turn out great and that I was a really pretty young girl. I told him couldn’t wait for my next doctor’s appointment!