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Author: Playmate89
Factory Fun
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‘Bump’ ‘Bump’ ‘Bump’ ‘Bump’ ‘Bump’ it is dark, damp and even more

uncomfortable than one would imagine being tied up in the back of a van

I thought. At least we seamed to be slowing down now, the bumps had

become less violent and I was no longer sliding from one side of the

van to the other.

She had beautiful long dark hair, an intoxicating aroma and a evil grin

to bring any man to his knees. I didn’t even know her name yet I just

knew that she had put me in the back of this van, text my wife I was

going to be away on a last minute business long weekend. Dressed me up

in slutty outfits, given me a bottle of ‘water’ which was actually just

a weeks collection of her spit and that was all I had to keep myself

hydrated in the hot summer sun.

When I arrived she took me out of the van and made me walk into an old

glue factory. She chucked me a butt plug and a chastity cage. ‘Put them

on’ she calmly ordered. ‘When I have finished with you today, IF indeed

I finish with you today all the glue in this old factory couldn’t

repair your self esteem.

She carefully tied me up, being careful not to touch ‘such a pathetic

maggot’ and there I was tied, unable to move with a cage on my cock and

a plug in my ass on the dusty floor with mistress towering above me.


‘Your cock is tiny, worthless and as such will remind locked up so it is

no harm to women kind. Your poor wife the things she has put up with

for all these years.’

‘But don’t worry slave, whilst your’re here, I’ve got some hunky, big

dicked men going round to finish all those jobs your never did. Once

they’ve finished being the men you wife needs she will drop to her

knees and suck of the biggest dicks she has seen. Shortly after she

will do things for them she has never done for you. You sweet innocent

wife will change for good.’

‘And you cannot do a thing about it, become instead of protecting your

wife you are here, cock in a cage, tied up drinking my spit.’

Then she did something I didn’t expect. She stepped over me, bent down

about an inch above my face and showed me her ass and her vagina. She

has never shown me those before and oh my how beautiful they were. ‘I

have never done this before and you will likely never see this again

but I am doing this so you know how to please your wife.’

Then she pushed and massive really massive amounts of cum started to

dribble out of her vagina and ass all over my face! It didn’t take long

and I looked like a bukkakke bitch. She stood up and ‘SNAP’ took a

photo of my cum smothered face.

She then kicked me onto my front and removed my plug, in replacement she

slowly inserted her heal. Although thinner than the plug is was deeper

and the way she slower slid it in and out, in and out. She said ‘Can

you feel that? A thin rod slowly trying to make love to you? Welcome to

your wifes world! The poor woman has had years of frustration built up

feeling sex but not being able to gain any pleasure from it.’

I’m not sure if it was the rapidly drying bull cum on my face, the spit

in my mouth, the fact my arse was involuntary making love to a high

heel or the knowledge my wife was enjoying other men and no knew what

was out there! Oh and the photo ‘SNAP’ another photo what are these


Before you know a thing you start groaning and OH MY GOD you start to

cum within the cage! It is both ruined due to the pain and frustrating!

Not long after she removes her heel, wipes it under your nose and

leaves. Not before saying that only a true loser cums at that level of


I can’t find my clothes? She has my clothes! Great so now I have to walk

home/hail a lift covered in someone else’s cum on my face, my own

chastity cages dripping with my own frustrations, the smell of own arse

under my nose, and NOW no clothes!

I’m not sure how I am supposed to live this one down!