Exploring heavenly bodies part 2

     Commander Veronika Masterson stepped into the elevator, and ordered the computer to take her to the bridge. Her watch was just about to start, she loved being the first officer aboard the star ship “Invincible”. Her and Captain Slawson were one of the best teams in the fleet, they took no nonsense, and made sure that the crew did the same. Veronika, being almost 6 feet and 170 pounds, and Captain Slawson, at 6 feet and 200 pounds, were imposing figures, and they had earned the respect of their crew, fellow officers and fleet command.

     The door whisked open silently, and she was on the bridge. Captain Slawson smiled a greeting, and announced “Begin day watch, 07:00 hours.”

     He motioned Veronika to his ready room, where they could be a little more informal.

     “Hey Ronnie, how’s it going?” he greeted her in the room.

     “Oh, pretty much the same old, Greg, I’m so horny I could jump out of my skin, but that’s nothing new. I’m looking forward to some shore leave, and make up for lost time. Damn, it’s tough being an officer, there are more than enough hot looking guys, but I outrank them all.”

     Greg had gotten accustomed to Veronika being so blunt about her sex life, he knew what it was like to be surrounded by very attractive crew, but unable to fraternize with them, the fleet forbid such contact, and they hadn’t risen to such powerful positions in the fleet by flouting the rules.

     “So, what’s with this new junior science officer, Treena Suluswi?” she asked.

     “That was an idea that I came up with to have their science and technology minister join us as a special liason offcier, I felt that she could learn more by practical, hands on experience. Since their technology, especially in the field of space exploration is several years behind ours, they are only just reaching the point where interplanetary travel for their species is on the brink. I felt, and the Prime Minister and the Alliance ruling council agreed, that we should bring them along, and help them along with their development, as Entara Prime is now a member of the Alliance.”

     “Seems like a great idea, she’s very eager to learn, she’s reporting on every astral phenomenon within sensor distance”, Veronika replied, “I’ve heard more reports of quasars and pulsars in the last few days, then I’ve heard for several years.”

     Greg smiled, and as they returned to the bridge, Greg said, in his best captain’s voice, “Commander Masterson, the bridge is yours.”

     The elevator whisked him away, and Veronika settled herself into the captain’s chair, glancing around her, she saw that the bridge crew was performing like a well oiled machine, and she nodded with satisfaction.

     Junior Science officer Treena Suluswi was at science station one, gazing at the readouts, looking like a kid on Christmas morning. She was so enthralled by everything she was learning, she didn’t want to leave the bridge, even after her shift was over.

     “Commander, at bearing 328, a quasar, I make it to be about 100 light years distance, high levels of radiation, a real genrator of gamma rays, I will make further studies”, she reported.

     “Minister Suluswi, in case you haven’t noticed, your watch is over. Time for you to relax, you will have plenty of time to study it further.”

     She looked up, and Veronika was enveloped in the gaze of those almost impossibly green emerald eyes. She felt a shiver run through her, it felt like her eyes had almost become soft hands that had stroked her body with that look, and she could feel a pulse of heat in her cunt, and sudden dampness in her panties.

     “Sorry Commander, there is just so much to see, and learn about,” she replied.

     “Well, you need rest as much as you need to learn” Veronika said, doing her best to keep her voice from shaking, “So shift is over, time to relax.”

     The eyes gazed at her again, making her insides flutter, producing another gush of her juices, as she smiled and said, “Of course, Commander”.

     A minute later, and Treena was on her way. She flipped open her communcation badge, and told Greg she would be in his cabin in a few minutes, now that work time was over, it was time for rest and recreation. She stopped in her cabin, she stripped down, and put on the short ruffled skirt that was her people’s customary attire for women. She understood why she had to wear a uniform, being that the Alliance was made up of several different worlds who had different customs on what or what not to wear in public. Yes, she understood, but she felt very overdressed, and was glad when she could be alone, and as far as she was concerned, properly attired. She slipped on her uniform over her dress, picked up the pitcher of Aldersis, she had the oil from the Elproxsin flower, and the ground root of the Chalama plant in her carry all, that would be added to Greg’s glass, and the oil from the flower of the Eschavia plant that would be added to her drink. To insure that she didn’t run out of her special ingredients, she had a small portable greenhouse, and had each of the three plants growing, ensuring a ready supply, as they were fast growing plants. In a few minutes, she buzzed Greg’s door bell. He greeted her at the door with a big smile, and she slipped inside, and quickly discarded her uniform. Greg gazed appreciatively at her spectacular body, the snow white mounds of her breasts, with stiff, excited deep rose colored nipples.

     “Finally able to get rid of this damn thing”, she sighed, “I know we have to respect other people’s dress customs, but it feels so clumsy and restricting. I much prefer my people’s customs” she added with a grin.

     Greg certainly agreed, the sight of her sexy form, with just a short ruffled skirt covering her, always made his pulse pound, and his cock firm up. She poured out 2 glasses of Aldersis, added the Elproxsin flower oil and the ground root of the Chalama plant to Greg’s glass, and the Eschavia flower oil added to her glass. They clinked glasses together, and sipped at the drinks.

     They quickly came together, shedding clothes, naked bodies pressing together urgently. On the bed, in a heated embrace, Treena could feel her pubic region start to churn, as the Eschavia flower oil made her pubic region heat up, making her clitoris tingle. She was wild about oral sex, now that she had given and received, she was eager to keep up her new found pleasure. She stretched out, bringing her legs up and parting her thighs, she urged Greg on.

     “Lick me Greg”, she growled huskily, “Get your wonderful mouth down there, and lick me, it feels so wonderful, lick me now.”

     Greg gazed at the dark pink opening, flared open, her inner region, a dark coral red, glistened with juices, inviting his tongue to taste her wonderful flavor. He felt his cock swelling again, ten inches of hard steel, and he quickly plunged his mouth down onto her. He drove his tongue in, listening to her grunt of pleasure as he start to lick her, his tongue sweeping across her region, sliding over her twitching clit, again and again.

     Treena, lost in a sexual rush, reverted to her native language, as she cried out, “Sei, sei, untar lents, oh solment keoh, bei, bei, bei, BEI!!”

     Her voice let out a shriek of pleasure as she reached orgasm, squirting wildly, her juices giving Greg a very enjoyable face wash, as he licked wildly, getting as much of her juices as he could. His cock was steel hard, and his cock needed, demanded penetration now. He quickly mounted Treena, penetrating her, listening to her squeal of pleasure as he sank his iron hardness in, until his 10 inches were buried right to the balls. Treena could feel her orgasm building again, once she got rolling, with the Eschavia flower oil, it was an easy matter to cum over and over, and she did, howling with pleasure as she crashed into another orgasm, Greg was able to withstand the sudden pulsing of her inner flesh around his, but when Treena howled with her third orgasm, Greg’s cock jerked and swelled up tight. The tight clamp, and the eager milking of her inner muscles greedily demanding his load took him over, and his cock blew, jerking and throbbing and pumping a flood, his cock erupting deep inside her again and again, Greg was thrusting and grunting and spilling even more cum, he felt like he would never stop, a geyser of hot, white cum pouring into Treena’s eager tighness. The feel of his load squirting hotly, pouring his seed deep inside her, Greg’s stiff cock pumping into her in repeated ejaculations quickly shoved Treena into her fourth orgasm, another glorious burst of pleasure lighting up her sensory nerves, making her whole body tremble and quiver with climactic pleasure.

     As the orgasms ebbed, Greg lay sprawled out on Treena’s luscious body, his cock still hard, and deep inside Treena. She loved the feeling of his cock, having spent its pleasure, still hard and deep inside her. After a few minutes, Greg rolled off, and Treena handed him his glass, and urged him on to have a sip, as she sipped at her drink. The ingredients did their work, and soon, Greg and Treena were in a heated 69, Treena wanted a thick juicy load, and Greg was such an expert at oral sex, she loved the giving and reciving aspect of this 69 position, as it was called. Her mouth rode up and down his throbbing ten inches, relaxing her throat muscles, she swallowed him whole, Greg grunting with pleasure as his cock was encased in her hot, wet mouth. Greg was on the bottom, and Treena’s sexy rump swayed over him, and he saw once again her tight, twitchy asshole, a dark red rose shaped pucker against her snowy white skin, and it drove his cock to new hardness, he could feel his cock jerk and swell. Just before he blew, he knew that he wanted to give the minister’s asshole an extended session of licking and fingering that nice tight hole.

     “Yes, gonna cum baby, gonna fill your sweet mouth, yes, yes, YES!”

     Greg could feel his cock start to pulse, gushing thick streams into Treena’s hot mouth. Treena could feel her inner muscles start to spasm crazily, the taste of Greg’s cum and brought on her orgasm, she let off muffled cries of pleasure as she sucked wildly on Greg’s cock.

     Greg was still fired up, he wanted to lick her sweet asshole, right now. He lifted off, and rolled her over into a doggy style position. He quickly bent down, and ran his tongue over her, kissing and licking her ass cheeks, hearing her soft moans of desire. He pulled her ass cheeks apart gently, and his tongue started to lick at her asshole, licking at the tight pucker of her sweet hole.

      Treena grunted with pleasure, and gasped out, “Oh my goodness, Greg, what are you doing to me?” She moaned with pleasure and cooed, “Whatever you are doing to me, keep doing it.”       

     Greg licked the rose shaped pucker of her sweet asshole over and over, his tongue could feel the tight pucker, enjoying her gasps and cries of pleasure. Greg slid a finger up her creamy center, then quickly brought it back, and slid it up her tight asshole. Treena gasped, made wordless sounds of pleasure as he fingered her, his cock was rock hard, and he was eager to take her back door, although he didn’t know if her species had any cultural or religious views against asshole fucking.

     That was answered when Treena whsipered, “Take me there Greg, my last bit of virginity, I want to feel what it’s like.”

     He slid a coating of lube up his 10 inches, and poised it at her tight asshole. Pushing slowly, very slowly, he felt the swollen head of his cock pop inside. Treena grunted, and he held steady, waiting for her to relax.

     He stroked her back, and whsipered, “Relax, relax baby, I’ll take it real slow, you tell me how much you can stand, how fast, relax baby.”

     Treena loved his thoughtfulness, as she worked hard on relaxing that tightness. She felt it loosen up a bit, and urged Greg on to go slowly, but take her, she wanted her last bit of virginity gone. Greg renewed his entrance, gaining inch by slow inch, Treena urging him on, as he slid it in. When he had 9 inches buried up her, she told him to fill her totally, and he shoved his last inch in.

     Treena growled, “Yes, yes, feels so good, fuck me Greg, let me have your load, I’ve had two holes filled with your thick juice, now I want my last one filled. Fill me Greg.”

     Greg was happy to do so, he started to fuck her slowly, his cock parting the incredible tightness of her asshole, and he pulled back a few inches, and thrust in again. Never had he had such a tight hole around his cock, he gave her a slow, grunting reaming, as his balls started to work up a thick load. He reached around Treena and his hands started to stroke at her, her species had a pleasure organ very similar to a human clitoris, in essentially the same place, and his fingers worked over her straning joy button, Treena could feel her pubic region swelling with blood, the Eschavia oil making her hotter than hot. Treena felt her body light up, as another Eschavia powered orgasm slammed into her, she let out a loud, keening wail of pleasure, as she spiraled down that slide into multi-orgasms. Greg felt the clench of her asshole tightening down even more around his prick, and he could feel the spunk streaking up his shaft. With a wild groan of pure pleasure, he erupted, pumping a thick juicy load, again thrusting in over and over in repeated ejacualtions, his cock pouring every drop up Treena’s tight back door. Treena shuddered and cried out through five orgasms, they tumbled into her one right on top of the other, until Greg’s cock popped out of her tight asshole, and he flopped down on the bed. In a minute, Greg was sleeping peacefully, and Treena smiled at the sleeping form as she snuggled in next to him.