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At age 14 I had the opportunity to play for a community baseball team. I
was only an average player but loved the game nonetheless. My team played a
couple times a week at the community sports park in town where there were
four baseball diamonds for local teams.

A neighbor girl on my block also played, so her mother was nice enough to

drive me home since both of my parents worked. Casey was also 14 and

played on the same team as me. Her mother came to all of her games, and we

had known each other for several years.

One day after a seven-inning game her mother was driving us home, me in the

front seat, Casey in the back. “I need to stop at the mall to pick

something up and run a couple of errands. It should take about a half hour.

I’ll be quick,” said Mrs. Williams.

“No problem,” I said. “I don’t need to be home anytime soon.”

We pulled into the mall and her mom parked her SUV as far away from the

mall entrance as she could. Mrs. Williams liked to get her exercise and

parking further away gave her a chance to walk more.

“I’ll be back soon, you two,” she said as she exited the vehicle.

About a minute later Casey leaned forward and produced a pair of metal handcuffs

she had gotten at a toy store. Now at this point I should mention that I have a party

trick that I learned from an older cousin. Basically, I can pick locks with

a paperclip. So when Casey produced the handcuffs, I thought nothing of it,

figuring it was just another lock-pick challenge.

“Bet you can’t get out of these,” she said.

“No problem. They’re all basically the same,” I replied. And that’s true;

most locks work about the same way.

“Then let’s make it more challenging. Put your hands behind the seat,

then try to get out of them. Don’t worry, I have the key right here,” she

said as she laid the key on the center console.

Never one to back away from a challenge, I said “Sure.” I stretched my arms

around the back of the seat and Casey put on the cuffs. When I asked her

for a paperclip, she just grinned. A wicked grin, I noticed.

“Girl, do not leave me locked up like this. Seriously,” I said.

“I won’t – for long.” Again, that wicked grin.

As I sat there helpless, Casey reached around in front of me from the back

seat and began adjusting the automatic passenger seat. “What are you


“You’ll see,” she said.

She started by sliding the seat back as far as it would go, then lowering

it before finally reclining it. At this point getting out of the cuffs would

be a challenge, but I wasn’t too concerned. Then she unexpectedly crawled

from the back seat and positioned herself on her knees on the floor in

front of me. What the hell was she doing? I wondered.

“Here’s the deal. I’ve been watching Internet porn, specifically blowjob

videos. And I’m curious what it’s like. Mom takes her time in the

mall, so I’m guessing I’ve got at least 30 minutes with you.”

And with that, her hands went to my pants as she began to unbuckle my belt.

Holy shit, I thought. She’s got to be kidding. But she wasn’t. A moment later

she was unbuttoning and unzipping my pants.

“Casey! What the fuck!?” Now by this time I was equally shocked and

aroused. I looked around to make sure no one was near us. In all my

years of knowing Casey she had never tried anything like this. Part of

me was mortified and part of me was horny as hell.

She proceeded to pull my pants down my legs all the way to my ankles.

She took a moment and stared at my crotch, again with that wicked grin.

Then she brought her face in close and started nuzzling it against my groin.

I was helpless and had become hopelessly hard, my teenage cock

straining to be freed.

Moving forward she to pulled my underwear down as well, all the way to my

ankles. There I was, totally exposed to her, my hard teenage cock straining

for the roof. At 14 my cock was unbelievably hard and my erection wasn’t

going down anytime soon. Casey knew that and fucking loved it! After

another brief look at me with that deviously wicked grin, she opened her

mouth and moved in.

She took my cock into her mouth, tightened her lips, and slid

her hot, wet orifice all up and down my length. The warmth of her mouth

made me even harder, if that was possible. Up and down she slid, her slow

oral strokes making me hotter by the second.

Then she started using her tongue! She swirled it slowly around my head,

exciting every nerve in my penis, paying special attention to the underside.

Her tongue made slow circular motions along my glans, driving me wild.

Within seconds I was oozing precum.

Casey was clearly enjoying her herself. I don’t know what videos she

had been watching, but damn, she was knew what she was doing!

She was driving me insane with pleasure and knew it. Her mouth sliding up

and down, her tongue doing those amazing circles! It wasn’t long before I

was close to cumming.

“I’m close, Casey, really close,” I panted.

She let out a low groan and focused all her attention on my head and ridge.

The sensations were mind blowing! She sucked and licked, licked and sucked

until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Oh, my God! I’m cumming!! I’m cumming!! Ugh! Ugh!! AARRGGGHH!!!”

I came like I never came before, a teenage cock firing like a cannon. I felt spurt after

hot spurt shoot from my prick into Casey’s waiting mouth. I lost track of

all the spurts. But Casey never hesitated. She swallowed every drop!

She sucked me dry, milking me for every drop of my cum, until I was soft

and slid from her mouth.

“Holy fucking shit!” I panted. I was spent, absolutely, totally spent. I

looked down and there was Casey, looking up at me with that damned wicked

grin – and licking her lips!

“Hmm, we still have 20 minutes before my mom gets back,” she teased. “I wonder what I can

do with that time?”

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