E-Mail Sex Slave – Part 2


Perhaps you have read her earlier story.   If so you know that Nickie has, for a little less than a year, been trained via e-mail to be her Master’s sex slave.   Since all of the training has been done through the internet, she had never met him in person, however she did follow his instructions faithfully and has become much more aware of her sexuality, as have many others.   Nickie is Eurasian, born in the USA/> />, the daughter of two foreign nationals, the father, a French citizen whose parents were Aisian , the mother from a prominent Swedish family.   They had met, fallen in love, married and worked as senior foreign correspondents for a large European news agency.    Shortly after their marriage they were transferred to the USA/> />where their only child, Nickie, was born. They were killed in a freak traffic accident during Nickie’s Sophomore year at school, leaving her financially independent, in trust for her until her 21 st birthday.   From her mother she had acquired a fiercely competitive streak that required her to do her best at everything she attempted.   And her best was very, very good.   She was convinced that once she set her mind to a task, there was nothing that she could not conquer.   Now at 19 years of age, she is strikingly attractive, her Asian ancestry contributing to her olive complexion and almond shaped eyes, her Nordic ancestry her blond hair, blue green eyes, high cheekbones, full lips and perfect teeth below a small but authoritarian nose.   Her hair is worn long and straight, reaching below mid back.   She is naturally athletic and trim, but worked at staying in shape by a regular regime of jogging and workouts at a local gym.   She is a tall girl, 5’ 7”, and consistently weighs between 125 and 130 lbs.   Her measurements, 35-24-36, belie   her true appearance, for she is broad shouldered with average sized breasts.   The breasts are, however, perfectly shaped with just the slightest hint of sag, as to confirm the existence of gravity, small well defined areola with nipples that hardened to firm eraser like nubs when aroused.   Her buttocks are, in her mind, too large and she has tried various exercises to reduce their size, but managed only to make them extremely firm and all the more attractive in the eyes of others.   Men as well as women take notice when Nickie enters a room.   In spite of her beauty, obvious to others, as is the case with many beautiful women she does not consider herself beautiful.   Oh, she knows she is attractive enough, but thinks, no raving beauty.


Her submission to her e-mail master in no way diminished her self confidence or, in her own mind, her sense of independence.   She initially considered her submission an intriguing game to be played as long as it was fun.   She knew she didn’t have to do as told and what harm could come from someone who didn’t know her real identity and whom she would certainly never meet, or so she thought initially.   It would be fun to see what he envisioned for her.   So she started.   As time passed and she was rewarded with pleasure at performing each of the tasks he gave her, she began to consider each new instruction a challenge to see if she could perform it to his satisfaction.   Each time she completed a task, she felt such a sense of accomplishment and reward that she looked forward to either new challenges or to repeating others.   In this way, Nickie became his true submissive sex slave, either through his unique ability to read her true desires from her replies to him, or to pure dumb luck at finding one so completely receptive to his manipulation.  


Now to Nickie – in her own words:


I believe the greatest benefit to me in this relationship with my Master has been the realization that I can enjoy sex so much more if I know I am pleasing my partner, giving him or her pleasure thereby enhancing my own.   I still perform some version of my nightly routine of self stimulation on those nights that I am not otherwise occupied and I believe that this keeps me in a heightened state of arousal most of the time.   Through my contact with my Master I have come to realize that I simply love sex in all it’s forms and revel in the challenge of ensuring my partner loves sex with me.   As the chapter in my life that covered my years as a student, both at the university and possibly as a student of my Master’s, came to a close, I knew it was time for decisions.   But initially, I was just relieved that school was over and thought that I did not really have to make any big decisions right away.   I could just play for a while, mark time until I was ready to move on to that next chapter in my life, whatever it might be.   Well – that’s not exactly the way it turned out.


I had just graduated from the university that I have attended for three years.   I was looking forward to getting it over with and celebrating afterwards.   I got up that morning to get ready to go to graduation ceremonies, removed the large butt plug that I now insert each night after my routine and took my shower.   I took the small butt plug and slipped it into my ass.   I really like the feeling of being filled back there and usually have something in my ass most of the time.   I brushed my hair and applied a little minimal makeup.   Then tried to decide what to wear under my graduation gown.   The gown was black, made of relatively thin but not transparent material, floor length, and zipped up the front.  


‘You know,’ I thought, ‘I don’t have to wear anything at all underneath.’  


I mean – the gown certainly covered me and the day promised to be warm.   I might have to be a little careful when sitting since the zipper only started just above my knees, but sitting I would be able to show a bit of leg and thigh.   This appealed to me and my exhibitionist tendencies so I put the robe on and zipped up the front.   My nipples were erect from my thoughts of going to graduation this way and were quite apparent through the thin fabric.   I practiced sitting in front of my mirror.   I unzipped the top of the gown a bit to show just a bit of cleavage and looked at myself.   Satisfied, I put on my shoes, relatively modest heels, and put   the mortar board on and pinned it to my hair.   We were expected to be at the arena by 9:00 AM and it was 8:30, so I left the apartment and walked the short distance to campus.  


I arrived, found my place in line, and waited for the march into the arena.   I was graduating, Summa Cum Laude, with a 3.98 GPR and so was in with the group of honor graduates positioned between two guys that I knew.   We had been in a couple of the same classes together this last semester.   I had spent the night with both of them a few weeks earlier and we had gotten to know each other really well.   They were well aware of my reputation, as were many others in the arena that day.   As I arrived and took my place between them, they each gave me a hug and a kiss.   Chuck is an anachronism, a very smart guy who played on the football team.   As he hugged me, his hand went to my ass and squeezed it playfully.   I grinned and stuck my tongue out at him.  


“Just cool it, Chuck,” I said. “This isn’t the time or place.   Maybe later. K?”


“You name the time and place and I’ll be there,” he replied.   As I talked with him I felt another hand on my ass, turned and to find James, a big grin on his face.  


“You feel fine this morning, sugar,” he said.   “In fact, feels like I’m feeling the real you underneath that robe.   Don’t tell me that’s all you have on,” he added in a whisper.   James is another football player, big, black, and smart as a whip.   And did I mention big.   Six feet nine inches tall, 250 lbs., about 9 inches long and very thick.


“Of course it isn’t the only thing I have on.   See.” I pulled up the hem of the robe and looked down to display my feet. “I also have shoes on.” I smiled shyly at him from under the edge of the mortar board.


“My mistake, sugar.   You certainly do have shoes on.   I just hope you don’t have to stand in front of any really bright lights.   That robe’s pretty thin.”   He said, grinning more broadly


“Thanks for the warning, but I think I’ll be OK.   At least I shouldn’t get too warm,” I said, smiling back at him.  


Grinning even more broadly, he said, “Wouldn’t count on that.”


The music started for our processional and we began to shuffle forward to the entrance to the arena.   Chuck behind me and James in front.   As we moved forward, stopped, and moved forward repeatedly, I could feel Chucks erection press against my back.   As I bumped into James in front of me, I felt his hands cup my pussy and rub it up and down a few times.   He had his hands innocently clasped behind his back at just the right level.   By the time we entered the arena and the march to our seats picked up, I was really warm.


As I sat down I pulled the robe up so that it fell on either sid of my legs.   I crossed my legs loosely, as always, conscious of my Master’s instructions to never let my thighs touch when sitting.    In this way anyone sitting across from me could look up my skirt or dress, or in this case, my robe.   Of course there was no one across from me now but sitting this way has become, as I am sure my Master intended, second nature to me now.


As the ceremony started, both James and Chuck reached over and each one put a hand in my lap.   I uncrossed my legs and spread them a little.   I covered both of their hands with mine and it looked like we were just holding hands, but beneath my hands, theirs were busy, stroking me.   I adjusted my position to allow them better access and tried to keep from squirming around too much.   But eventually, as we waited, I WAS squirming all around on that chair.   I let out a low moan and pushed both of their hands away.  


“Sorry, guys.” I whispered,   “But you were going to cause me to make a scene.   You already have me so hot I’ll be lucky to be able to walk when its time to get my diploma, not to mention the wet spot that’s now on my robe.”


“You think you’ll have trouble walking?   Try it with the boner that I have right now,” James whispered back.   Knowing James’ size in that area, I could imagine, but just grinned at him as Chuck chuckled quietly.


Before I knew it we were standing in line waiting for our name to be called for us to climb to the stage and receive our diplomas.   Chucks name was called.   Then I heard “Nicole Renee Schau, Summa Cum Laude”.   I climbed to the stage and walked to shake the hand of the President of the university and receive my diploma.   He smiled and shook my hand as he handed me the orange case containing my diploma.


“Congratulations, Nickie,” he said as he held my hand.   To my surprise, he continued, “I hope you realize that you are a special young lady, a pearl as it were, and the world really can be your oyster.”   He continued to hold my hand, expecting some comment from me I suppose.   I was so surprised that he seemed to know me that I really didn’t know what to say.


“Thank you, sir,” I managed, “I appreciate that a lot.”   I tried to disengage my hand from his but he held it a moment longer.  


“I know that class rankings have not been made public yet but wanted to tell you personally that you are ranked number one in the class of 975 students.   Again, congratulations and best wishes, Nickie.”   He released my hand.   I stood somewhat dumbfounded.  


“Wow!” I said somewhat breathlessly.   It was all I could say.


“Yeah, WOW is right,” he said.


I turned and left the stage.   I didn’t want to stay for the rest of the ceremony.   I had some big celebrating to do.   I turned right at the exit and walked out of the arena and went straight to Dave’s.





Zantha had arrived in the little college town that morning, driving up from Atlanta/> />.   She was looking for Nickie but all she had to go on was the fact that she frequented a bar where the owner’s name was Dave.   She had a room reserved at a local motel but didn’t intend to use it unless she couldn’t find Nickie.   She drove through the small downtown, passing several bars, obviously catering to the college crowd.   She parked and entered one of the smaller taverns, reasoning that Nickie wouldn’t choose a big place.   She walked to the bar and took a vacant seat at the end.  


Zantha was a striking brunette.   She was about 5’4” tall, her dark hair was glossy and straight, cut to the shape of her face, parted in the middle and curving in softly at the nape of her neck.   Her eyes were pale, lined with black, her mouth wide and sensual.   Men noticed her.  


The men in the tavern noticed her as she entered and walked purposefully to her seat.   The bartender came over and asked, “what can I get you, ma’am?”  


“A glass of Chardonnay, please,” she answered.   He served her the glass of wine and returned to the other end of the bar where he was watching a television with several other men.   Apparently they were watching the graduation carried on one of the local cable stations.  


“Hot damn, it is her.   It was Nickie.   You see how long he’s taking with her,” one of them said.   Zantha was immediately interested in the conversation.   She glanced up at the TV to see a tall blonde girl leaving the stage.   Of course.   Nickie was graduating this semester.   That must be her


“Yeah,” the bartender replied, “she’s supposed to be some sort of brainy bitch and I guess she must be.   I don’t understand why she is so wild, or how she does so well in school all things considered.”


Zantha quickly finished her wine and signaled the bartender for another glass.   As he delivered it she said “What was that about the girl who just got her diploma?   I assume you guys know her and, as it happens, I’m looking for a girl named Nickie regarding a legal matter.   Can you tell me where I could find her?”


“Yeah, sure.   My name’s Jimmy by the way and, yes, we do know Nickie around here.   She just graduated in the current senior class with all sorts of honors.   That’s what we were talking about.   So she will probably be looking to celebrate a bit .   You can probably find her at Dave’s later.”


“Well Jimmy – I’m Zantha, and yes, I understand she frequents Dave’s quite often.   Can you tell me how to find it?” Zantha asked.


“Well, you are almost there,” answered Jimmy.   “Dave’s place is just around the corner, off the main drag.   Take a left out the door here, then left at the next street and go about two blocks.   Dave’s is in the middle of the next block on the left.   Can’t miss it.”


“Thanks a lot, Jimmy,” said Zantha as she smiled inwardly.   This was going to be easier than she had thought.


In her own words:

My hurried walk to Dave’s took only a few minutes and as I entered Dave spotted me, jumped the bar and grabbed me in a bear hug, lifted me off the ground and slung me around.   “Damn woman, graduating with honors.   You are something else gal – you must be about to bust with pride!” Dave shouted.   Others at the bar were clapping and cheering.


“Jeeze, thanks Dave – and all you guys.   Yeah, I am pretty happy about things right now.   I can’t stay though.   Gotta go get outta this robe.   Just wanted to stop by and show you my diploma and what a real graduate looks like,”   I gushed.


“Well they coulda given you a prize for being the prettiest too.   Thanks for coming by and showing us your all dressed up self..   You be back later I hope?” Dave asked.


“Sure – soon as I get changed I’ll be back.”   I told him as I gave him a kiss and turned and left for my apartment.



Nickie rushed to her apartment and changed.   She took off the robe and chose a mini skirt that barely covered her ass.   No panties.   An almost sheer blouse that buttoned up the front with no bra.   She left the top three buttons undone.   She applied minimal makeup as was her habit and left for Dave’s


As soon as she arrived she could see Dave at the bar.   He looked at her with a serious expression.   She could tell he was concerned about something.


“What? What’s wrong?” she asked as she sat at the bar.


“See that gal in the booth over there?” He said.   “She is here to see you.   She said she was here to meet you at a ‘Kim’s’ request.   Isn’t that the name of the guy you’ve been e-mailing with?”


Nickie was surprised.   She looked over and saw a beautiful brunette sitting in the booth.   “Kim? Yeah, sure, that’s him.   You sure she said ‘Kim’?” I asked.   “I don’t know what this is about but I better find out.”   She said as she turned to go to the booth.


“Take care, girl.”   Dave said as she left the bar.


Nickie walked to the booth and stood beside the woman.   “I understand you are looking for me – and that you are here at Kim’s request?   Are you really from Kim?,” she asked.


“Ahhh, Nickie.   Sooooo nice to meet you at last.” The brunette said.   “Yes, I’m here at Master Kim’s instructions.   Have a seat and I’ll tell you all about it.” She said.


Nickie took a seat opposite her.   Smiling she said, “You are as beautiful as your pictures.   Master wanted me to see if I could find you and verify the things you have told him.   From what I have found out, it seems, so far at least, that you have been truthful.   Relax, Nickie, I’m a friend.   My name is Zantha.   I don’t want to do anything you don’t want to do but we do need to talk.”


Nickie didn’t know how to respond.   Here was a personal contact with her e-mail master.   Something she had not planned on.   But she was intrigued with the idea of finding out more.   “OK,” she replied, “I don’t know you or how you found me – but I’m willing to listen.”


“Oh Niickie, it was pretty easy to find you.   There isn’t but one large university in this part of the state and we knew you frequented ‘Dave’s’, sooo —-.   Anyway, whatever happens from here on out will be up to you.   Now do not interrupt.   We DO have things to discuss.   Speak only in response to a question, understood?”


“Ohhh Kayyyy,” said Nickie, hesitantly.


“Alright,” began Zantha, “Our Master thinks it is time for you to experience hands on training.   I have been in Atlanta/> />on a business trip for him and since I was going to be so close, he thought this would be a good time to start, especially since you have just finished school.   Now let me outline the proposal for you.   You do not have to agree but if you do not, all contact with him or me will cease.   You may agree initially and then at anytime during the course of your hands on training you may decide to quit, but again, all contact will then cease.  


“Now, your training.   It will begin with me, starting here and now.   I will stay here with you for one week giving you an idea of what your training will be like.   Then, assuming you continue, we will visit Master Kim himself.   He plans to be in the Atlanta/> />area starting a week from tomorrow.   Your training will not include any serious physical harm but may involve minor punishment, at my or our Master’s discretion, from time to time if warranted.   You must obey all instructions without question or hesitation.   You will inform Dave that you are under my care from now on and unless you tell him differently at some future date, he is not to expect to see you for a while.   You may tell him you will contact him once per week, if you so desire, to ease his mind about your well being.   Do you understand all that I have said so far?”


“I think so,” said Nickie, “but will any of this be in writing?”


“The contract you have already signed is all that we need.   You have already agreed to this.   Even though this is the first hands on contact you have had, the contract remains in force and applies to in person contact as well as e-mail contact.   Any more questions?   –   No?   Well, what is your answer.”


Surprised at the abrupt tone, Nickie says, “Now – you want my answer right now?   Can’t I have a little while to think about it?”


“Nickie, I asked if you had more questions and you did not respond.   Now you ask another question.   Not good, Nickie.   But yes, you can have a little time to think about your answer.   Sit here and think while I go to the ladies room.   I will tell you this.   If you do not accept this proposal, you will, in my opinion, be missing a wonderful life experience, one I truly believe you will enjoy.   I will expect your answer when I return.”   With that, Zantha leaves the booth.  


Nickie isn’t sure what to do.   The thought of actually having a Master, or in this case, a Mistress, direct her actions is titillating.   She really does not have any definite plans for the immediate future, and, she thinks, she can always quit if things get too kinky.   OK. She decides to do it just as Zantha returns.


“Your answer,” Zantha says as she resumes her seat.


“”Ok, I’ll do it,” says Nickie.   “Should I go tell Dave now?”


“You will tell Dave when I tell you to tell Dave.   You will not do anything at all this week unless directed by me, and that includes speaking unless I ask a question or give permission.   Is that understood?”


Nickie nods mutely.  


“Now, stand here in front of me.”   Nickie gets up and stands in front of Zantha.   Zantha reaches over and lifts Nickie’s skirt.   “Good.   No panties.   Just as I expected from what you have told our Master.   You are a slut, Nickie.”   Leaving the skirt raised, Zantha grips the front of Nickie’s blouse and pulls her forward making her bend at the waist.   She unbuttons all of the buttons on the blouse and then ties the front together, folding the collar and sides of front of the blouse under to expose most of her chest.   Nickie’s nipples are just covered, the sides of each breast exposed, straining against the tight material.  


“Remain in this position.” Zantha says as she releases her hold on the blouse.   She reaches into her briefcase, pulls out a red nylon dog collar and fastens it around Nickie’s neck.   “I see you wear our Master’s onchk.   Good.   He will be pleased.   Now   you will also wear his collar.   Now one more thing.” She says as she retrieves a slender gold colored chain from the briefcase.   It is light in weight, about 5 feet long with delicate links, but quite strong.   She attaches this to the collar.   “Stand.” She says.


Neckie   stands, the chain looping down, its end in Zantha’s hand.   “Pull your skirt down you little tramp.   You want to get arrested?” Zantha hisses.   Nickie does as instructed.   “Now let’s go see Dave.”


Zantha rises and leads Nickie to the bar. “Tell him.” She says to Nickie.


Dave sees them and comes over to them at the bar.   “Need something, ladies?” he asks, his expression one of concern.


Nickie tells him that she is going to be with Zantha for a while and unless she tells him differently at some future date, he is not to expect to see her for a while.   She does tell him that she will contact him once per week to let him know she is ok.


With that, Zantha pulls on the chain and they head for the door of the bar.



In her own words:


We arrived at my apartment in our separate cars, she following me.   As I got out of my car she opened her trunk.   “Get the bags and carry them for me,” She said.  


I did as I was told.   There were two bags, one obviously her suitcase, the other like a tool satchel.   As we approached the steps, me struggling under the weight of the two bags, she told me to stop.   I stopped and turned toward her.   She looked at me appraisingly and then reached down and pulled up my skirt and tucked into the waistband, exposing everything below my waist   My ass and pussy were now on display.


“Much better,” she said.   “Now onward and upward.”


I climbed the stairs in front of her as she looked at my bare ass wiggling up the stairs.


“OK, open the door.” she said as I set the bags down and got my key.   I opened the door, picked up the bags and we went inside.   As I placed the bags on the floor of the living room she said, “Where is your computer?”


“In the extra bedroom.   I use it as sort of my study area.” I replied.  


“Show me.” She said.   We walked to the extra bedroom and Zantha sat at the desk in front of the computer.


“OK, take the suitcase and satchel and put them in your bedroom.   Then come back here.”   I did as I was told.  


When I returned, she looked at me with a smile on her face. “Now let’s see whether you remember one of the easy commands.   Strip, Nicole.”  


For some reason I was nervous.   Don’t know if I was afraid she wouldn’t like what she saw or if I was just embarrassed.   I have undressed before so many others that I should not have minded at all, but this was the first time I was doing it as the result of a direct command from someone else.   It didn’t take me long to remove the few pieces of clothing I had on – my top, skirt, and my shoes and socks.   Nervous, I did it as slowly and sexy as I could, mindful of the instructions relating to this command. Then I stood in front of her.   She looked at me appraisingly.


“Not bad, Nickie.   You are quite pretty.   But your striping technique can use some work.   Remember, it should be a strip tease, sensual, intended to arouse the watcher.”   She continued, “Now, while you are in this apartment, you will wear nothing, except,” she paused, smiling at me, “shoes.   I understand you do own a pair of heels? Get them.”


I went to my closet and carried the 3 inch heels I had purchased at my Master’s instruction back to her.   Though I had bought them some time ago, I rarely wore them and was not particularly comfortable in them.


“Let me see them.”   I handed them to her.   “Well, these will have to do for the time being.   I’ll get you a new pair.   In fact I will need to do some shopping for you later as well.   For now – put these on.”   I took the shoes and started to sit down beside her on the sofa.   “No.   Either stand   or sit on the floor.”   I sat on the floor and put on the shoes.   “Now stand.” I did.   “We are going to have a lot of rules while I am here with you this week.   That’s the first.   You are not allowed to sit on any piece of furniture.   You will either stand or sit or crawl on the floor.   A few others.   You will be nude at all times while in the apartment unless I direct otherwise.   You will speak only when spoken to and then only to answer a direct question.   During the day you will at all times wear those shoes until I can get you another pair.   At night you will wear a special shoe that I have brought for you.   You will keep your gaze directed at the floor unless otherwise instructed.   Understood?” she said.


I nodded my understanding.   Zantha moved the chair to the side of the desk and motioned for me to stand beside her.   We were both facing the computer and she put her arm around my waist.   “Show me how you connect to the internet,” she said as she stroked the side of my hip.   Her hand dropped to my ass and then to the inside of my thigh, lightly running her hand up and down from my knee to just below my pussy.   Such a light touch.   It felt wonderful


As she continued to stroke me, I leaned over and clicked on the browser icon calling up the connection screen, then clicked the connect button.   My home page came up.   “OK , now to your e-mail program,” she said.   I called up my e-mail.   “Alright, now just stand there.”


I stood back as she typed in a message to Master Kim.   I could read over her shoulder.   She let him know that she had arrived and that things were ‘going according to plan’. She signed off and turned to me.  


“Now, let’s see how well you are doing with your commands.   Inspection back,” she ordered.


I got on the floor beside her and lay on my back with my legs spread wide and   used my hands to pull my cunt open.   It was very obvious that I was quite wet, a result of her touching me earlier combined with the experience of having her there and actually giving me orders.   I was surprised at how turned on I had gotten just from having this stranger in charge of me.  


“Very nice,” she said.   She bent over me and touched me on the knee, then slowly with a light touch, very slowly and with a very light touch, trailed her finger tips up my thigh, trailing over my hands as I held myself open for her view, then on up over my rib cage to my right breast.   Slowly and ever so lightly she traced a circle around my nipple.   I didn’t think it could have gotten any more errect, but at that touch, it did.   Her fingers were like sources of electric current activating my senses, I uttered a low moan and my hips involuntarily moved up, my fingers wanting to rub my clit.  


“Now just hold that position and stop your squirming.” She said as she continued to stimulate my nipple.   She moved her hand to the left breast and circled that nipple.   Both nipples were as hard and erect as they had ever been.   “Not bad, but we do need to do a little maintenance here.   Master likes very prominent nipples.”


With that she got up and moved to the satchel, opened it and retrieved a small container.   She opened the container and extracted what appeared to be two small rubber tubes, each about a half inch long.   Additionally from the satchel she removed a small tool which looked like a slender metal tube with a small claw on one end and a button on the other end.   She took one of the rubber tubes and threaded it over the claw end of the metal tube, then, returned to me.   I watched as she put the claw end of the tube over my right nipple and, pressing the button to open the claw, grabbed my nipple with the claw and pulled it away from my chest, elongating it.   The claw had a non slip coating covering it that grabbed without piercing the skin but held very tight, pinching the end of my nipple somewhat painfully as she pulled on it.   She then rolled the rubber tube off the metal tube onto my nipple.   The rubber tube was now encasing my nipple and a portion of the areola.   The end of my nipple protruded slightly from the end of the rubber tube.   She repeated the process on my left nipple.  


“These are special nipple clamps designed by our Master,” she said.   “They are am improved version of what are sometimes called sweater bumpers.   I have a few other pieces of special equipment which he has designed as well.   Now lets run through the rest of the commands”   She proceeded to list each command that I had been given to memorize and as she stated each command I assumed the appropriate position, ending with the Display command.   I stood in front of her with my feet spread shoulder width apart, my hands behind my head, fingers interlaced and eyes downcast.  


“Not bad, Nicole,” she said.   ”Now a few more instructions.   You will address me as Ma’am.   I’m not your Master, just a surrogate.   But you will follow my instructions as if they were from him.   You have progressed well but you lack some basic training.   You so far have tried to please your partner on your terms, and have been pretty successful, I’ll admit.   But you still have yet to obey direct commands from your partner, whether he or she be your Master or not.   So – I’m going to try to remedy that.   You will wait here until I return,   and we will see what happens then.   I will choose some appropriate attire for you to put on after I leave. You will then wait for my return    When you hear me knock on the door you will unlock it and immediately fall to your knees.   Do you understand?” she asked.


“Yes Ma’am.” I replied.   Zantha went to my closet and removed all the blouses that buttoned up the front.   She took a pair of scissors and removed the top three buttons from each one.   She chose one of the sheerest ones, put it on the bed and returned the rest to the closet.   Next she looked at all my skirts, found a very short pleated skirt and placed it on the bed.  


“Wear those with your shoes, nothing else.   When I return I want you to be on your knees when you open the door.   I’m not sure who, if anyone will be with me, but you are to treat any and all as your masters.   Also, get that large exercise mat out and put it in the middle of the room.   We’ll use that as your stage for the evening.   Understand?” She said.   I nodded and she   turned and left.   I heard the door open and close.   I went into the living room and looked around.   I was alone.   I took out my exercise mat, a large padded vinyl covered mat and placed it in the middle of the room.   My stage???




Nickie, dressed in the chosen outfit, waited alone in the apartment as instructed.   Several hours later she heard several footsteps approach her door, then a knock.   She, on her knees, opened the door.   As she knelt there she looked up to see men entering the apartment.   Five men.   They all looked at her as they entered.   All were young black men.  


Zantha closed the door. “Meet some friends I met while I was shopping.” She said.   “I was at the local adult novelty shop and ran into these guys.   Well, actually just two of them, but they were nice enough to agree to help us out by inviting some of their friends along.   I have told them about your desire to serve and submit and are in training to do just that.   They have graciously agreed to help with your training by allowing you to serve them.   I will observe and see how well you please them.   Assuming you perform satisfactorily we can proceed with our other plans.”  


The men looked at Nickie kneeling on the floor as they entered, walking around her and making comments to each other.  

“Hot damn, lookit that.”

“Yeah, looks good enough to eat, don’t she”

“Yep, and I’ll just bet she can suck a mean cock.   Look at that cute little mouth, open and ready.”

“Hell, that ain’t the only thing open and ready from the looks of her”

“You got that right”


Zantha grinned at their comments.   “You boys ready to use this slut?” she said.   “You can use her in any way you want.   You can tell her to do something and she will do it, or you can just do it to her in any way you want.   The only thing you cannot do is seriously hurt her.   She must be in reasonably good condition when you finish.   But, short of serious physical harm, you can do anything you want with her.   Any questions?”


A chorus of “No, man”,   “Gotcha”,   “Right on”, was the response as the guys gazed at the submissive Nickie on the floor.  


“All right.   Nickie – crawl over to the mat” Zantha instructed, “I will observe from the corner over there.   If any of you do anything that looks like it might seriously harm the slut, I will tell you and you will   immediately cease.   And if you do not, I assure you, I CAN enforce my instructions.   I expect you doubt that – but it would be best not to test me,” she told the men, staring at each one in sequence as she spoke.   Her level gaze invited no response, and, as slight as she was, the men had the feeling she could and would back up her threat if necessary.


“Now, use her” she said.


Nickie had been on her Knees the entire time and just hearing Zantha tell the men to use her the way she did was turning her on.    Dressed in the outfit Zantha had proscribed, eyes downcast, she looked the epitome of a submissive.   Zantha was pleased.


“Nickie, raise your skirt.   Show them your pussy.   Assume the inspection back position.   Show them what a submissive slut you are.”   She said


Nickie leaned back and, raising her skirt, spread her legs and used her hands to open her pussy for their inspection.  


“Son-of-a- bitch.   She’s jus fine.” One guy said.


“Betcha ass.”   Another said.   “Hey baby – you gonna do us all?   I got somethin for you.   You gonna like it.”   He said as he unbuttoned his pants and lowered them, exposing, what was to Nickie, a beautiful cock, semi rigid.   He straddled   her and sat on her chest and gently slapped her mouth with his cock.   He held it to her mouth and fed it to her as she lay on her back.   Nickie opened her mouth and sucked it into her oral cavity.   Still holding her pussy open, she sucked on the cock as it became totally erect.   Another of the men moved between her legs.  


“I love that little pussy of yours, slut.”   He said.   “I want some of it.”   He was nude from the waist down, his large black cock hanging limply from his crotch.   “But baby, I gotta have more – finger yourself.   That’s it. Turn yourself on, make it wet.”


Nickie was already so wet she didn’t need to stimulate herself any more, but she did.   And the cock of the guy between her legs raised to attention.  


“Oh yeah, baby.   That’s it.   Rub that thing.”   He said.   Nickie’s pussy was glistening with her juices.   As the man inserted his cock Nickie encircled his cock with the fingers of her right hand while her left continued to spread her pussy.   She let his cock slide between her fingers as it entered her, moving her hand as it approached the hilt.   God, this cock was larger than any she had ever had before.   She grunted around the cock in her mouth as the one in her pussy plumbed her depths.


Nickie was sucking the first guys cock, taking all he had.   “Oh man, can she do a cock.”   He said.   “Jesus, I’m gonna get my rocks right now if she don’t stop.   Bobby Joe, Get off of her.   We gotta work together here.”   He pulled his cock from her mouth as Bobby Joe, the guy fucking her, pulled out of her pussy.   “Turn over slut.”   Nickie obeyed and turned, onto her hands and knees.  


Bobbyu Joe, now behind her, said. “Oh, that’s nice.   A full view of that sweet pussy and ass.   I’m fucking this bitch.”   With that he thrust into Nickie’s waiting pussy.  

“Hey ass hole.   Wait a minute.   We gotta get her to do us all.   Like at the same time, right?   She ain’t through sucking my cock but we need you, Bobby Joe, to get under her if we gonna do this right.”  


“OK, Jimbo. “said Bobby Joe.   He moved to beneath Nickie and pulled her down onto   his erect cock.


“All right Sammy, you get over her and shove that thing in her ass.” Jimbo said.    Kneeling next to Nickie’s head as she lay on top of Bobby Joe, he grabbed her by the hair at the back of her head and pushed her head down on his cock.   Nickie sucked the huge black monster into her mouth as Jimbo forced her to take it deep.   She felt the head of his cock slide past her vocal chords, deep into her throat.   At the same time she felt Sammy enter her ass.  


Nickie had had all her holes filled like this before but this was different.   Before it had been with guys who were much less well endowed and she had always felt she had a choice in the matter.   Now she was taking three massive cocks and doing so as an act of submission to, both, the men and Zantha.   It may seem a small difference to the reader, but to Nickie, the act of direct submission was infinitely more erotic.  


She held her upper body off of Bobby Joe by supporting herself with her hands on the floor.   Bobby Joe and Jimbo were both squeezing her tits as she was fucked in all three holes.   However there were two other guys in the room.  


“Alright, Jacko, you and Billy come stand here beside her head.   OK, slut, use your hands to jack these two hard cocks off.”   Jimbo ordered.   Her upper body was no longer supported by her hands as she was forced to raise her arms and grasp the two cocks offered beside her face.   Jimbo controlled how she sucked his cock as he pistoned her head up and down by grasping her hair and pulling her head up then letting it fall back down on his huge cock.   With the weight of her upper body supported only by her mouth on his cock, his cock would enter her mouth to the hilt each time he let her head fall.   She could breath only when he raised her head and was becoming light headed from lack of oxygen.   Nickie was surprised to find that this actually intensified the sexual stimulation of her body.  


Zantha observed from the corner of the room.   As the action intensified she said, “OK, guys, you can cum in her or on her whenever you wish, however, make sure that each of you cums somewhere on her body at least once tonight, preferably on her face, in her hair, or on her tits.   But anywhere is ok.   I just want her covered in cum when you finish with her.   Everyone understand?”


All of the guys replied that they understood by nodding, grunting, or gasping out a response.  


Amazingly, Nickie was satisfying all five men at the same time.   As Bobby Joe and Sammy each reached orgasm at the same time they unloaded their cum inside Nickie’s cunt and ass.   Jimbo pulled her head away from his cock as he erupted onto her face.   Jacko and Billy each took control of their own cocks and spurted all over her head, in her hair, her ears, and down the back of her neck.   As they all climaxed within a few minutes of each other Nickie collapsed on top of Bobby Joe, with Sammy lying on top of her.   Too exhausted to move they lay there as Zantha applauded from her corner.  


“Excellent performance.” She said.   “You guys rest up a bit and then have another go at her if you want.   I need to go do a little work in the next room.”    Zantha left the room and went to the computer where she logged on to Nickie’s e-mail account and sent their Master a message reporting that things were progressing nicely and that Nickie had, in her opinion, truly become the slut slave he had hoped for.   He replied at once that he was pleased.   He had arrived in Atlanta/> />  two days ago, earlier than expected.   Zantha was to bring Nickie there on Friday, two days from today.   When she had signed off the computer she walked back into the room where Nickie and the men were.


Nickie was sitting astride Jacko with her back to his head and his cock buried in her ass.   Jimbo was sitting to one side slowly stroking his huge cock and watching as Sammy knelt in front of her and, squeezing her tits together, tit fucked her as she bounced on Jacko’s cock.   Billy and Bobby Joe were standing on either side of her head feeding their cocks to her as she sucked both at the same time, stretching her mouth grotesquely.   Nickie was uttering little grunts and squeals as she was used by the four men.   As Zantha watched, Jimbo jacked his cock faster and faster as he walked over to the squirming mass of bodies.   He stuck his huge cock in just under Nickie’s chin just as his cock erupted, emptying a massive amount of cum on and between Nickie’s tits.


“Wow, thanks Jimbo, that’s great – makes her tits really slick,” said Sammy.   With the extra lubrication and Nickie’s increased tempo in Jacko’s cock, Sammy shot his load from between her tits and up over her face.   Nickie had the two cocks in her mouth and Sammy’s cum landed on her eyes and several spurts entered her nose.   She pulled away from the two cocks in order to breath just as they both emptied their loads onto her hair, face, neck and breasts.   She was covered in cum, as Jacko finally shot his load into her ass.   Nickie had never felt so depraved.   She had been covered in the cum of these strangers once, then now a second time.   She smelled like cum. She tasted cum.   She felt cum running down her body, out of her ass hole, out of her pussy, down her thighs.   She collapsed on Sammy totally exhausted.   The guys were not in much better shape.   They all dropped to the floor and lay next to Sammy and Nickie.  


“God, that was some fine fucking.” Said Jimbo.  


“Man, you got that right.” Said Sammy.   “I ain’t never been so wore out.   This bitch is like a dog in heat.   But I think we sorta put out that fire for a while anyway.”   He grinned at the other guys who just nodded.


Zantha was pleased with Nickie’s performance.   Now she had to get rid of these men and get Nickie ready for the next phase.  


“OK, guys.   Party’s over.   Get up, clean up if you want, get dressed and leave.   Nickie and I have things to do.” She said.  


Jimbo said, “Bull shit.   We just got started.   I want more of this bitch tonight.”


“Jimbo, I told you not to test me.   Now get up and do as I said,” replied Zantha.   She stared at Jimbo who smirked and stayed where he was on the floor.   Zantha walked over to him and stood above him.  


Jimbo reached over and stroked her leg.   “How bout you and me babe.   You ain’t got no lovin yet tonight,”   he said.  


Zantha reached down, grabbed his hand and, with incredible strength for a small woman, squeezed his middle finger in such a way as to cause Jimbo to yelp with pain.   “Listen ass hole,” she said as she kept him immobile, “I don’t want to break this finger but if you don’t stop fucking around with me, I will.”


“Ok, ok, just let go, jeeze that hurts,” he said.   Zantha let his hand go and Jimbo got to his feet, as did the other guys.   Sammy moved behind her and grabbed her around the waist.   “Now let’s see who breaks what,” said Jimbo.   Nickie watching from the floor, saw Zantha’s expression.   As if bored, she just rolled her eyes.


“I’m sorry guys, but you are not playing according to the rules.   You’ll have to be taught some manners.”   With that Zantha became a whirling machine of destruction.   She elbowed Sammy in his nose, causing him to let go.   She kickied Jimbo in the groin, and as he bent over grabbing his balls, she kneed him under the chin.   Jimbo went down.   She twirled, kicking each of the other guys in sensitive spots sending them sprawling to the floor.   In thirty seconds all five men were lying on the floor either unconscious or dazed and nursing wounds.  


“Now, get up and out. NOW!,” she said.   “Pick up your trash and take them with you.”


Those that could got to their feet and helped those that had been knocked out.   As they all regained consciousness, they silently, helped each other get dressed and leave.   As he was leaving, Jimbo turned, smiled at Zantha, and said, “You one feisty lady and I guess we got no beef.   Recon we had it coming.”


Zantha closed and locked the door after they had left.    She turned to Nickie, still on the floor, still covered in cum.   “Well, my dear, did you enjoy that?” she asked as she smiled at Nickie.


Nickie was still feeling the last vestiges of her last orgasm.   “Yes, ma’am.   I did, very much,” she replied, coloring a bit with embarrassment, unsure of why she felt embarrassed.   Perhaps, she, thought, because I was so turned on by being used at someone’s direction, someone right here in my apartment, making me please five men.  


Zantha smiled more broadly.   ‘This sexy bitch is exactly what Master is wanting in a slave,’ she thought.   “Excellent, Nickie.   I think you are going to particularly enjoy meeting our Master.   Now clean this mat and then clean yourself up and get to bed.   You will sleep on the mat.   I’ll use your bed.   There has been a slight change in our schedule. Tomorrow we will wind up your affairs here.   You’ll have tomorrow only to do that.   The next day we travel.


Zantha awakened Nickie early the next morning.   She was instructed in what to wear – short skirt, no underwear of any sort, blouse with the first three buttons missing, and her new 6inch heels.   She was told to notify her landlord that she was moving out immediately.   When she returned to her apartment, Zantha had packed for both of them. Nickie was surprised to find all her clothes in one small suitcase.   Most of her clothes were in several boxes, to be donated to charity.


Seeing the curious look on Nickie’s face, Zantha said, “I packed all you will need for the immediate future.   After all, you won’t be wearing much.”   Nickie nodded.    “Do you have anything else that needs to be taken care of before we leave in the morning?” She asked.


Nickie thought a minute and said, “Can I go to Dave’s and let him know that I’m leaving?”


“No,” Zantha replied.   Seeing Nickie’s disappointment, she said, “but you can call him.   Just the basics.   That you are going to leave for a while and don’t know when you will be back.   For him not to worry, et cetera, et cetera.”


Nickie did as she was told.         


The next morning they were up early and left on their way to Atlanta/> />.   Nickie was looking forward, with some trepidation, to finally meeting her Master.