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I’m a regular guy. I’m straight I dream of women I masturbate and I go to work. But sometimes I’m a daydream about what it feel like to have a cock stuffed in my mouth or having guy stretch my ass out. It’s the first time and I always think about it.

I’m feeling horney and I go to massage parlor just to try to see if I can get a happy ending lol. I go and there’s a very attractive woman behind the desk and she smiles as me as I approach. She asks what she could help me with and I look at her grinning and say I’m here for a happy massage and I wink. She blushes a little bit and precedes to ask if I want it deep tissue or just a topical. I think about it for a second I told her I want the deep tissue. She looks at me and goes and gets kind of rough with the deep tissue so we bind your legs and arms so you can’t hurt yourself if you flinch. my cock gets super hard thinking about what’s going to be done to it and I without thinking say yeah yeah tie me up. She smiles ask for my credit card and needs me to a room. After I undress and lay down and not comes to the door and I respond with a quick come in. A cute little asian girl comes in and tells me to lay down and get comfortable so she can tie me to the table. Before she leaves the room she puts a towel over my eyes and turns on some soft music and tells me to relax.

10 minutes have to go by when I hear the door open and footsteps but not a word is said. I feel hot oil being dripped all over my body and hands massaging it in my chest my arms my stomach my legs and a quick 2 stroke on my cock. The massage is going well I’m feeling great till I feel the table moving and my legs lifting and pushing back just enough to expose my asshole. Now the oil and hands are busy working the new exposed area and I am beginning to like my asshole caressed and probed a little and moan without thinking.

I hear the door open and close again and more footsteps come in. Again nothing is said. Massaging begins again up on my chest and I can tell the are standing above my head. I flinch when I feel another set of hands rubbing my inner thighs and ass. The slow stroking of my cock and I’m massaging up my anus bring me to moan again. I blurt out that it feels so good to to have it played with and both set of hands stop and I hear what sounds like a bottle open and I start to expect more oil. Oil never came, instead a pressure on my asshole that was a lot bigger than a finger. I pause and then start to wiggle trying to get the towel off my eyes but it was too late. The hands that had softly rubbed my body now firmly grasped my hips and the pressure turned into penetration. I went to say stop when my head was turned to the side and took advantage of my open hole sliding something thick into my mouth.

I’m not going to lie, I was scared and turned on at the same time. My cock was being tugged one every 5 times I got pounded and my mouth was full of what I imagine was a cock. I moaned uncontrollably, conflicted as I was it felt good. Finally someone spoke and then removed my towel over my eyes. It was 2 guys laughing and smiling at me. One barked at me asking how it felt to be fucked like a woman. He continued to mock me saying I want a happy ending I want a happy ending. The other one pushed his cock deep in my mouth and asked me I was going to drink every drop to earn my happy ending. I didn’t answer and he shook my head wiggling his cock in my mouth and in a funny voice said yes Daddy I’ll drink it all. Any pull describe how he told me to repeat it again I was silent and again his cock was thrust deep into my throat and he did the voice again saying please please Daddy let me drink you. Pulling out again you said say it! And I complied I said please Daddy let me drink it see me drink it all. An app that the guy stuffing my ass stopped came around and filled my mouth with his cock 2 maybe three times he pushed into my mouth then he started to come I could feel every shot of his load down my throat.

How the other guy got to my ass so quickly and was already balls deep in me I’ll never know. He pounding my ass just furious while the other guy started to suck me. As he pounded hard and in my ass the other guy was blowing me hard and each time has cock went in all the way I came a little bit and it felt great. Finally he pushed in and bounced harder and harder inside me as he came in my ass. I came completely too while he was still deep in me. The intensity of the cum was incredible and I let out a very satisfied grunt.

I plan on getting the full service again soon.