Dana & the Angel of Lost Girls

Part 1 – Looking for Love

Dana pulled out of the parking lot and out into traffic. Just a short jaunt down Third Street and then on to the interstate. She had been anxiously waiting all week for after work Friday, the day when she would set off on her great adventure. It was quite an incredible undertaking. If any of her friends knew what she was up to they would never have believed it; she could hardly believe she was going through with this herself. But if nothing else life had made her very brave and considering her circumstances; her plan was not all that incredible but still very bold. Dana was going to the big city for the weekend, to find and make love to another woman.

Her mind was set on the notion. She had planned it for months and even made a reconnaissance trip to iron out the details. She probably could have found a suitable partner from among the eclectic collection of coeds on the college campus but Laramie, Wyoming was a small city and it was hard to keep such misadventures quiet. No, Dana was driving to Denver. It was the biggest city in the region. Whatever she wanted – they had it in Denver. Apart from finding a discrete partner she also wanted the option to be as discriminating as possible. Her mother had always told her that if she was going to try something for the first time, give it a fair chance and try the very best. She thought that, surely, from the larger sample of lesbians in a big city she would have the best prospect of finding a highly skilled and appealing companion. Her plan was perfect. She would have a little fling and then discretely sneak back home. No one would ever know.

She accelerated to speed, adjusted her mirror, and checked her watch. She should be arriving around 7:30. Plenty of time to check in, change her clothes and hit the night. Dana thought about her evening’s plans. She did not know exactly what or who she would encounter but she knew how. She knew that if she positioned herself well her natural graces were always enough to propel circumstances in her favor.

She was by no means a drop-dead beauty but she was cute, in fact, darned cute if she had to admit it. She wore her short, curly red hair in a sassy fluff around her head. Her face was round with full cheeks, a sweet little turned-up nose, and a broad expressive mouth with Cupid’s Bow lips. Her big, playful eyes were a vivid blue and her brows slanted upwards toward her nose giving her face an overall warm, congenial appearance, especially when she smiled. She did not have a figure that provoked lustful stares. Her breasts were small and her hips narrow but she had legs like a dancer and she could use them to attract all kinds of attention when she wanted to. She was pretty enough to stand out from the crowd and she considered herself well equipped for this quest. She was confident she would succeed in her mission and she looked forward to the insight she would gain from this trip.

Someone might ask, ‘Why would an attractive, heterosexual, 23 year-old, small town raised, young professional woman be setting off on such an uncharacteristically bold adventure?’ If she had such an urge to experiment with her sexuality, why not do it in the carefree days of college when such behavior might be more easily excused? Why at this stage of her life after her career had started and her social potential being realized? To Dana, the situation was not so difficult to understand. From her perspective it had always been almost inevitable. She was a hermaphrodite.

Dana was most definitely a woman. She had ovaries, a uterus, and a vagina; exhaustive tests as a girl had verified her sexual identity. Her external genitalia were somewhat less distinct. Firstly, her labia were much larger, in fact, enormous by comparison to most women. They were the same shape and in the same position as most women but Dana’s were long flaps of pinkish brown skin that could easily stretch beyond her panty line if she did not carefully tuck them away. When she became sexually aroused they puffed up and spread apart invitingly like the petals of a delicate flower and sweated on the inside the same musky secretions as her vagina. The flaps met at the top of her sexual opening where they formed the hood above her clitoris and it was here that her genitalia became most ambiguous.

Dana called her clitoris a penis because that was what it looked like. It protruded from her and dangled in front of her sex, it had a soft, stretchy skin of an olive complexion, it had a very sensitive glans at the end, and it even had a foreskin around the tip. It had no urethra, hers was below just like all other women, but it responded to sexual stimulation just like a penis. When Dana became aroused her penis would lengthen, swell, harden and raise itself to point toward her naval in a graceful arch; heralding her arousal and prominently begging for attention. It was her biggest and most closely guarded secret; a secret that had controlled and shaped every aspect of her life. And now it had become the central guiding focus of her strange weekend quest. To Dana it was a trip she had been planning since she was a girl. After all, one could not have such an organ and not wonder about its potential uses.

Dana was glad for the long drive it gave her time to think, about her plans, about her past, about herself.

It had been a long love/hate relationship between Dana and her genitals. She hated them because they drove away her father. Unable to cope with her indistinct gender, he ran away shortly after she was born never to be heard from again.

She hated them for the sheltered life she had been restricted to. Her mother was very protective and constantly steeled Dana against any situation that might compromise her dainty secret or weaken her vigilance. There were so many maturing rituals a young girl should partake in that Dana could not because of her secret. All the slumber parties, sports, and of course, teenage lust she had to keep shy of. There were a few times necking with some boy she was infatuated with when her arousal almost let itself show. These were warnings to her about the fragile nature of her secret and how destructive to her life it might be if her supplemental sexuality was ever discovered.

At the same time she loved her little something extra. It was not only a part of her; it was the epicenter of the most intense delight she had ever known. Her orgasms were tremendous and she attributed them to her very sensitive penis. Many were the nights, sheltered in darkness, quietly in her room that her young fingers crept tenderly over her flesh to find that tempting treasure. Pulling her panties down she would tease her penis into erection with one hand while with the other dragging up musky wetness from her flowering vagina and spreading it around as a lubricant. Fully aroused and suitably aided she worked a two-pronged attack; on her penis and on her vagina. With one dainty finger swirling within the sensitive mouth of her pussy, she pulled and rubbed her erect clitoris that rose in an arc toward her navel. She took her time, manipulating herself, prolonging the pleasure, building it up to that huge release and the soothing peace that followed.

There were complications, though. Her vaginal orgasms were like any other woman’s but when her clitoral orgasms struck Dana she would gush forth from her urethra, just below her penis. It of course wasn’t sperm, but it wasn’t urine either. It was a thick slippery substance that would, depending on her sexual tension, dribble out quickly and run down her slit or sometimes squirt out in rapid jets. When she masturbated, she always kept a wash cloth with her, to catch the mess.

Dana treasured her climaxes, but she treated herself to them very sparingly. What she had always desired the most was someone to share her physical joy with, and masturbation was a distraction she did not want to become dependant on. Sadly, Dana had not been very successful in finding that someone.

Her first foray into love was with a boy she had known since kindergarten. They had always been close friends and started dating when they were 16. They had many necking and guarded light petting sessions but Dana never let it go too far until one night three months before their graduation. Dana broke down and let him venture his wandering hands past the hem of her skirt. She tried urgently to forewarn him of what he would find; she was so sure she could trust him to appreciate her special circumstance and to not freak out over what he found.

She was wrong. He completely came unglued, called her a fag as if she was some boy playing an elaborate hoax on him. He spat on her and pushed her out of his car to walk home alone. If that was not bad enough, by the following Monday the story was all over town.

Her entire life was abruptly torn up by the roots and destroyed. Her friends abandoned her, people stared, her mother cried almost constantly. Unable to function in the tiny town, she had to test out of high school, leave her mother and her home to start college early in far away Laramie. She never went back and she could only visit her mother if they met outside town. It was a cold cruel lesson for her, one that left her feeling shattered, robbed, and very alone.

In college she kept to herself with her nose in her books. It was hard to constantly exclude herself from all the festivities and distractions but she knew too well the consequences of letting down her guard. In her junior year she met a young man, a senior, with a promising future that she had a strong yearning for and he loved her too. He was a good man, very patient, intelligent and understanding. This time she carefully, gradually exposed him to her condition months before the relationship got physical. He was unafraid and completely discrete. When the time was right she offered him her virginity. She was so happy that he addressed her sex bravely. The encounter was a little tense, slightly hesitant. Not knowing for sure how to address it, he would not touch her proudly erect organ protruding prominently in front of his own but the rest of his foreplay was thorough and effective. He consummated their love, entered her, broke her hymen and they engaged in complete and mutually satisfying intercourse.

With her erection nestled in the tangle of his pubic hair and her labia spread wide around his puffed scrotum, they wrapped their arms around each other in a tight lover’s embrace, whispering passionate entreaties into each others ears. After overcoming the brief pain of defloration, she regaled in his arms; it was without exception not only the most pleasurable experience of her life but also the ultimate completion of her being. He was bringing her in from the cold and welcoming her into the human race. All the cruel years of self repression were washing away with his every stroke. Working with him her body became a treasure of joy for her underneath his; giving her pleasure she could never have given herself. They clung together and moved in a smooth, undulating syncopation, climbing their lust like a team. As he churned his penis deep within her newly awoken vagina, Dana bucked and ground against his every thrust, gyrating her own penis against his coarse, clinging curls. She matched him in his mounting joy, riding his passion with him as a devoted partner; she waited to accept his culminating ejaculation as a woman.

She felt him tense and groan, then his emission, a pulsing jet deep within her. The sensation and the realization that came with it pushed her over the edge. As he was still enjoying his climax she ground against him tightly and triggered her own release. She came, and as usual when she came, she gushed forth her own ejaculation. In a series of quick, gentle spurts her thick, viscose fluid erupted from her urethra and into his pressing pubes, slowly dribbling down over his testicles. Simultaneous bliss, the moment was truly theirs, or so she would have thought.

Her release had an immediate, chilling effect on him. He tried hard not to let it show or to hurt her feelings but she knew he was uncomfortable with the net effect of their bonding. Her erection still stood defiantly, unrepentant in front of her sex and a gooey glob of her discharge soaked the patch of hair above his flagging erection. Of course he was very understanding and gracious to a fault, and his love for her was clear and beyond reproach. But she knew he had a little difficulty in facing the reality of her condition. Sometimes the subtle signs of rejection are the most hurtful to a partner’s ego. Regardless, they set it aside, and curled up in each other’s arms to sleep like lovers.

She was so happy to be made complete and have consummated their love, but from that point on their relationship decayed. He still loved her but the distinctly masculine traits of her sexuality clearly disturbed him. They overcame some of his discomfort by changing their coital position – they had sex “doggie style”. By entering her from behind he was spared confrontation with her strangely configured genitalia but it left out a great deal of the intimacy that Dana craved so much. She could, of course, stimulate herself, and she did, to share pleasure and release with him. She stroked and massaged her erection with a free hand as he thrust against her, he never deterred her. They had frolicking, rancorous sex and he enjoyed himself to his completion. Dana achieved hers too, spilling herself against his testicles and driving shaft, without his noticing. As his cum spilled from her and mixed with hers, the illusion was complete. He was still slightly chilled by her condition. He never touched her down there and if he ever came into contact with her ejaculate, he recoiled in revulsion.

They kept their relationship together all the way to his graduation. In spite of all his entreaties, appeals and promises of devotion, Dana still sensed reluctance in him and loved him enough to let him go. She released him to a life he would not have to constantly defend, to some other lover with whom he could be completely free. It hurt them both but she felt it was the honest thing to do. He left town and disappeared from her life.

Her mourning was dark and cynical. She began to associate with a gloomy crowd of social dissenters and cultural critics. Among them she met and moved in with an attractive, rakish English Literature Major who sold used cars to pay his bills. He drank heavily and smelled of stale cigarettes but he had no apprehension about her sex. He ignored her clitoris almost completely. As far as her ejaculation was concerned, he was downright squeamish but undeterred. He was by no means a good or even satisfying lover but she never had to question where she stood with him. As depressed as she was, it would not have mattered anyway.

Their love making was arduous and forced, usually while intoxicated. They were somewhat clumsy though very physical lovers, and they went through all the motions of intense sex yet something was missing. She had to work too hard to achieve her climax and when it came it was physically enjoyable but did not even begin to soothe her emotional needs. It was like being half numb or having sex by remote control.

She usually got off after he had passed out, she would straddle him and ride on top of him with his semi-erection stuffed up inside her. Through the bleary daze of alcohol she slid and ground against him, making believe the tumescent flesh squeezed in her yearning pussy was the raging cock of an inspired lover. With a free hand she pulled, squeezed and jerked-off her erection for stimulation no one else would give her. When she had reached her peak and spat out her cum over his cock and balls it was a lonely victory, not the joy she longed to share.

Their affair was not love; it was just going through the motions. As time progressed it became a mockery of love. He got into cocaine and soon every spare dime he could get his hands on went up his nose. In the end, he tried to get her to sell herself to a truck driver because they needed the money. At that point their relationship was no longer just an enigma of contrived emotions, it was a hazard. She sneaked away in the middle of the night and never looked back.

The yawning light of her new found freedom and sobriety healed her many wounds. She got stronger, more self reliant, and she focused herself strictly on the non-sexual aspects of her life. She graduated, established a career and settled into a safe, comfortable routine.

Until now. A question that she had carried since adolescence burned inside her and was nagging for an answer. Thus – her adventure.

Dana tried to imagine all the possible scenarios so she would be ready. As she drove, she began to wonder about the type of woman she would meet. Would she be just an average lady or one of those masculine types? What kind of role should she play – the submissive or the aggressor? How would she expose her secret to them, up front or as a surprise? There were so many uncertainties, she did not like the idea but she would have to play a lot of this by ear and make the appropriate moves based on how things evolved.

She made good time, pulling in to the motel parking lot a half hour sooner than she had planned. She checked into her room and freshened up with a quick shower. Fully expecting a lucky encounter, she powdered and perfumed herself for a lover’s enchantment before slipping into her finest, shear black pantyhose, a blue short-sleeve silk blouse to bring out her eyes, and a short, pleated, blue skirt. Her legs were her best asset and she chose a pair of black, high-heeled, ‘f#ck-me’ shoes to accentuate them. Looking at herself in the mirror she surmised, ‘If I wanted to bring home a man tonight, this would definitely do it.’ She just hoped girls liked the same bait.

Out to her car and on to the freeway. She knew where she was going. Her recon trip and some pointed inquiries had helped her find some gay bars on South Broadway, where all the art galleries were.

The first place on her list was called The Footloose. Dana parked around the corner, primped herself one more time in the rear view mirror and bound out of her car in a quick dash for the door. What greeted her inside were mostly the shocked stares of scattered, well-groomed, slender men. ‘Could I be in the wrong place?’ she wondered. There were two women sitting at the bar. One was a sleek woman in her mid-forties in a black t-shirt and blue jeans. Sitting next to her was a pretty, young blonde in a white t-shirt. Their interlocked arms made it clear to all they were a couple. Dana took a seat at the bar near the pair hoping to garnish their cloistered feminine appeal should any other women show up. She asked the bartender for a Cabernet and casually familiarized herself with her surroundings.

It was a tidy, stylish place with a neat bar, clean little wooden tables and a dance floor. She sipped her wine and waited for some one, any one, to show her a little benevolence. It was an act in futility. The men did not seem to care if women existed at all. The two women would intermittently throw themselves into a passionate kiss and then look about the room, scanning for a reaction. They were as indifferent to Dana as the men. She waited twenty minutes and in that time the two women left, ten more men arrived and Dana just got lonely.

She hopped off her stool and dashed back to her car. The errant foray had emboldened her. It was not as hard as she had thought. Hopefully the next place on her list would be more suitable. It was a place further up Broadway called The Compound. Dana liked it because it had a discrete parking lot in the back. She took a deep breath after berthing her car and sauntered to the entrance. Standing inside the doorway, she stopped and gathered her bearings. She saw about her women’s faces, seated at tables, playing pool, and standing in a row leaning against the bar. They all marked her entrance, looking her over with more than casual curiosity.

Dana smiled; this was the right place. She stepped forward, between the tables and the bar, and stood in a wide stance (a good way to grab attention if you have nice legs). She regarded the first woman there, a tall, burly blonde woman in a sleeveless t-shirt and her hair slicked back in a kind of D.A. The next woman at the bar was a stocky brunette with a mullet and a black leather vest who stepped in front of Dana and said, “Hey, doll. How’s about I buy you a drink and we get cozy?”

Before Dana could summarize the ramifications of that offer a big pink arm whizzed past her head and the burly blonde’s palm smacked against the brunette’s shoulder, the blonde thundered, “She’s in my territory, asshole!” The brunette responded with a right cross that missed its mark. Dana was dumbfounded as the two women locked arms and tore at each other just inches from her face. A big, broad man behind the bar climbed over it and landed beside the two women, wrenching them apart with his long arms.

Too shocked to move, Dana felt a hand grasp her gently but firmly by the elbow and extract her from the ruckus. The bartender and some friends separated the combatants and they withdrew to opposite ends of the bar. As the women at the bar shuffled positions to absorb the newly opened space Dana turned to look at her rescuer. She beheld an attractive woman in her mid forties dressed in black slacks and a pink silk blouse with a sweater draped around her shoulders. She had short, curly brown hair neatly bunched around a very wholesome, June-Cleaver-ish face. The woman smiled warmly at Dana and said, “You’re new here, aren’t you?” Taking Dana’s shocked silence for an answer she continued, “We’d better just avoid the war zone until you learn the ropes.”

Guiding Dana back to her table by the wall they passed another woman sitting alone at an adjacent table who laughed and said, “Smooth sailing, cream puff.” This was a lean, young blonde woman in blue jeans, tank top and cowboy hat; pretty in a kind of unwashed sort of way.

“Oh, Jan. Behave,” replied Dana’s savior to the wild, giddy cowgirl. Pulling Dana down to a chair beside her, the pleasant woman said, “My name’s Ruth. Don’t mind Jan she’s just having fun.”

“I’m Dana,” she offered. Dana had planned to use an alias but that slipped.

“Well, hi, Dana, and welcome,” said her new friend. “Tell us what brings you to our dreary little dive.” As she spoke, Jan slid her chair toward their table to include herself into the welcoming committee.

“I’m just… kind of… well, I’m looking for some companionship,” said Dana. She was feeling a bit shy and uneasy. It seemed strange to her to go to a place expressly looking for sex. This kind of conduct was so foreign to her, but she did find comfort in the notion that every woman in the room was drawn there by virtue of their sexuality and a quest for coupling. Why else would she be there? She was also feeling an attraction for both of these women. Either one would surely make a suitable partner. “I’m new to this,” she ventured, hoping for sympathetic appeal.

“A virgin!” blurted out Jan with a raucous laugh and entirely too loud. “I ain’t touchin’ that.”

Dana felt the stare of every woman in the bar turn on her.

“Jan! That’s uncalled for,” said Ruth crossly as she reached in her purse and drew out a ten. She slid it toward Jan and said, “Why don’t you go get us a drink? What are you having, Dana?”

“Burgundy is fine. Thank you,” she said, still trying to overcome her embarrassment. Jan nabbed the bill and headed for the bar.

Ruth patted her on the arm, “Jan’s a little rough around the edges -, she drives a cab all day. She’s actually very sweet before she’s had too many.”

Dana was quickly growing a fondness for this woman. She was pretty, kind, warm, and understanding. She thought maybe her search would be over sooner than she expected. Surely this woman would make a perfect lover for her first time. “You’ve been very sweet,” Dana ventured. “How would you like to take home a virgin,” she continued, half jokingly but still half in earnest?

“Oh, me,” Ruth said as she dropped her glance and began fiddling with her hair, obviously flattered? “I’m… spoken for. But perhaps I can steer you to the right young lady.”

“Well, I guess Jan is out,” chuckled Dana. “I’m hoping to find someone really special, really good, and really patient. Somebody who will make my experience memorable.”

“There’s Bobbie,” suggested Ruth. “That blonde girl on the stool. She’s available and very sweet.”

Glancing over casually, Dana considered the pleasant, dainty woman in snug, girl-next-door jeans. “She’s cute. Does she like adventure?” That, of course, would be crucial.

“Adventure,” said Ruth with a sly sideways glance? “Mmm,… Neecie! Denice, the girl in the skirt, playing pool. She’s a dancer. Ballet. She’s from a prominent family. She tamed Jan once. Not a fast mover, she likes to get acquainted first.”

Dana watched the sinewy, superlatively toned strawberry blond in the fashionably torn mid-drift and matching skirt. Definitely a sensuous creature, with a body built to perform. The package she advertised certainly promised an affair to remember. ‘Wow,’ thought Dana. ‘If I had enough time, that’s the kind of woman I wanted to find.’ “I’m only in town for the weekend, … but…” She did not really intend for her quest to extend into multiple trips, but that girl was truly exciting.

“In a hurry, huh? Well, someone else does come to mind, she’s a bit extreme,” proposed Ruth. “She is very beautiful, a skillful and thorough lover,… uh, so I hear… very accommodating and she likes first-timers. She’s… (How shall I say?)… A lady of the evening. Her name is Angel.”

“A prostitute,” asked Dana in a shocked whisper? She was alarmed that her adventure had strayed into felonious territory. Could she venture that far? Maybe she could. Pondering it quickly, maybe it was the perfect solution. This Angel was good, she liked beginners, and as a professional she could not shirk her duty no matter what she confronted. “Well, OK. I could do that. That would suit me just fine, I guess.” Just then Jan returned with their drinks and plopped down in her chair. “Tell me what I have to do to meet this Angel,” continued Dana anxiously.

“Angel!” exclaimed Jan with a laugh, entirely too loud and again drawing attention from the entire room. “If you can afford Angel why are we buying you drinks?”

“Jan,” whispered Ruth with a frown! “Try to put yourself in our friend’s shoes and stop being such a bore!” Softening and turning back to Dana, “Understand, I’ve never been with her,” Ruth said, primping her hair again, self consciously, “but my partner… who should be here by now,… she has and she would at least help you find her.”

“Poindexter,” said Jan almost choking on a big gulp of beer? “What a waste.”

Ruth ignored Jan like she was used to it. “Even if she can’t we’ll find you a friend. You’re in glad company,” she said as she hugged Dana’s arm in encouragement.

“I appreciate it and I’m happy to be among you,” replied Dana to both her new friends.

“Sure,” said Jan with a laugh and pointing her thumb over her shoulder toward the bar. “And you can always try your luck again on Battleship Row.”

“Here she is now,” said Ruth, looking over Dana’s shoulder toward the door.

Dana turned and saw a very prim looking woman in a tweed jacket and striped neck tie. She had black hair pulled back into a tight bun and wore big, round, black-framed glasses. She walked directly toward their table as if it were a well established custom. She kissed Ruth and whispered a greeting before sitting down beside her opposite Dana and continued whispering to Ruth something about working late and traffic.

“Hey, Poindexter. Nice tie,” said Jan with a laugh.

“A pleasure, as always, to see you again, Jan.” said the woman in a very dry tone as she coldly regarded her agitator.

“I’d like you to meet our new friend, Dana,” interjected Ruth. “Dana, this is my partner, Beth.” Beth rose from her chair, reached over the table and firmly shook Dana’s hand. Ruth patted Beth on the lap and said, “Dana’s a NEW girl and is anxious to meet somebody.”

Before Beth could respond, Jan blurted out, “Ruthie says you could exert your bean-counter charm to hook her up with Angel.”

Ignoring the sarcastic jab, Beth looked at Dana in astonishment and said, “Angel? Well, you certainly don’t piddle around. That’s a pretty fast start for a beginner. Are you sure you know what you’re in for?”

“Like my mom always said, ‘If you’re going to try something for the first time, try the very best’,” replied Dana. She did not want to break protocol but she was on a mission.

“Can you help her,” asked Ruth sweetly?

“Oooo… kaaaay,” said Beth slowly as she scanned the room. Something caught her eye by the doorway and she got up, walked over to a stack of papers in a rack. She picked one up, folded it and stuffed it under her arm as if she was embarrassed to be seen with it. At the table she opened it up keeping it close to her lap and out of sight. Dana read ‘Rocky Mountain Oyster’ on the paper’s masthead and assumed it to be some kind of underground ad periodical. Rifling through the paper Beth came across something and pulled out a section and placed it on the table. She took a pen from her jacket and wrote something on an ad at the bottom of the page and then slid it toward Dana.

The ad had a picture of a beautiful woman with a finger pressed to her pursed lips and it said ‘Elite Escorts, In-call, Out-call, Discrete’ and a telephone number. Beth had circled the number and wrote “C.J.” beside it. “If you’re sure you can handle this, call that number and ask for C.J.,” said Beth in a very serious tone. “But you talk ONLY to C.J. and you don’t discuss anything with anybody else, alright?”

“Alright,” replied Dana. She did not understand the grave warning but she would comply. Ruth smiled at her as if proud of her partner’s prowess. Jan stared at her in gaping envy.

For nearly an hour Dana sat and chatted with her new friends. She bought a round. After a while the fact that they were all drawn to this place by virtue of their sexuality was forgotten and they became just four ladies sharing a drink and some laughs. At 9:30 Dana excused herself with a promise of dropping in again the next time she was in town.

When Dana got back to her motel room she could not contain her anticipation. She locked the door, tossed aside her purse, grabbed the phone and quickly dialed the number in the ad. The phone rang and rang and then suddenly a woman’s voice answered, “Elite Escorts.”

“Hi, may I speak to C.J., please,” asked Dana?

“Just a minute,” came the reply. Next came some funky jazz as she was put on hold. Doubt and fear started to creep over Dana but her excitement had built up too much momentum for her to stop. Minutes passed and then a raspy female voice abruptly interjected, “This is C.J.”

“Hello, I was told by a friend that you could help connect me with… Angel. Are you the one I should be talking to,” Dana asked? She hoped this is how it was done.

There was a bit of a pause and then C.J. said, “Oh, hi! It’s so good to hear from you. Hey, I’m about to go on break, can you give me your number and I’ll call you right back?”

Dana complied but was a little confused about C.J.’s response. She hung up and then sat down and waited for C.J.’s call. It came back several minutes later, “This is C.J. Sorry about that but if they found out I was doing a business on the side they’d fire me. You’re looking for Angel, right,” growled C.J.? Dana could hear what sounded like traffic in the background and knew C.J. must be out on some pay phone.

“Yes. Some friends told me she was the best and that’s just what I want,” said Dana, trying to sound as moxie as she could.

“She sure is. She sure is… But that kind of talent doesn’t come without a price,” said C.J. as she paused to take a drag on her cigarette. “I get a 20 dollar introduction fee up front and then you negotiate with Angel for what ever services you want on top of that. She doesn’t do guys, she doesn’t do S and M, and she can take care of herself so don’t try any rough stuff. If this is some kind of party or your husband wants to watch, the charge is double. If you try to short her or harm one hair on her head, some boys of mine’ll come down on you. She’s gonna check if you’re a cop and NO PICTURES, alright? ‘you got a place?”

“Yeah, I’ve got a room and I’m alone. Listen, I’m legitimate and sincere but I’m kind of pressed for time, do you think I could meet her tonight or maybe tomorrow night,” asked Dana, C.J.’s warning was very frightening however, she was feeling proud of her courage and savvy?

“Well, tonight’s probably too late, she’s already out,” replied C.J., raising her voice to talk over the noise. “I could leave her a message to call you when she checks in. You got a name, sweetie?”

“Have her call Dana at this number,” said Dana.

“Dana… I sure will. She’ll be giving you a call tonight,” said C.J. “Have a good time, sweetie.”

“Thank you. I will,” said Dana and then hung up. She was very pleased with herself. She thought that this would all work out better than she had planned.

Dana lay down on the bed and waited, listening to the radio, visualizing in her mind how all of this would play out. An hour passed. Her nervousness transformed itself into anxious anticipation. Two hours more passed. Dana slowly began to dose off and then the phone rang, startling her back into nervous apprehension. What should she do? What should she say? How should she treat this? “Hello,” she spoke into the receiver, hoping it was the right tone of voice.

“Hello,” said a cool, smooth feminine voice, “May I speak to Dana, please?”

“This is Dana,” she replied, still trying to wrestle her nervousness.

“This is Angel, a friend asked me to give you a call,” said the voice with no trace of presumption.

“I talked to C.J… She said we might… um… arrange a meeting. Uh… get together and… well, you know, a… a date, I… I guess,” Dana was clueless as to how to propose sex, over the phone to a complete stranger. The woman’s patient silence only made it worse.

“Relax, honey,” Angel’s voice mercifully cooed, “I know why you called. Everything is going to be alright. No one is going to get hurt. No one is going to do anything they don’t want to do. No one is going to get in trouble or be embarrassed. Angel’s going to take real good care of you. We’re going to make friends and then maybe have some fun, OK?”

That was just right. Angel’s words were soothing and reaffirming to Dana. This was not that bad. Just an understanding companion on the other end of a phone line. “Thank you. Yeah, let’s have some… fun,” Dana responded gratefully. “C.J. told me to ask you if you have tomorrow night free. Can I see you tomorrow night?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Tomorrow is out for me, I have a dinner date with some old friends.” said Angel with a tinge of sympathy in her voice.

Dana was crestfallen. After all her hard work and the emotional rollercoaster she really wanted this meeting to work. “This is my first time, I wanted it to be special,” she said, unable to hide her disappointment.

“Have you tried the clubs,” Angel suggested? “There’s usually a lot of action at the clubs.”

“Yeah, I tried a couple of places. I’m from out of town and I won’t be here for long. I had to work so hard to arrange… I was hoping to find somebody who… who could appreciate my… special… my condition.” This was a terrible disappointment to Dana. Getting together with Angel seemed like the perfect solution and it was all crumbling apart. She felt like crying.

“It’s OK, talk to me, honey. Let’s see if I can help. Maybe I can set you up with some one else. Maybe we can schedule another time. Condition you say,” Angel asked earnestly? “What condition? Tell me all about it. Don’t be afraid, I’ve done just about everything.”

Angel was being very considerate and compassionate, ‘She might as well know’ Dana thought. “I’m what’s called a hermaphrodite. It’s a condition where…” Dana started, as hopelessness was quickly replacing apprehension.

Angel quickly gasped out loud, ”Pseudo or True hermaphrodite!?!”

“Uh, Pseudo. But I…,” started Dana again.

“Hyperplasia or Turner syndrome,” Angel quickly injected!?.

“Hyperplasia. Ambiguous genitalia, a masculanized clitoris with hypospadias, to be exact. How did you know so much about intersexuality,” asked Dana with newfound wonder about who she was talking to and the nature of big city lesbian culture?

“I’ve been looking for someone like you,” came Angel’s awestruck reply after a respectful pause. “You’re priceless… Yes, I’ll meet you. When ever – where ever you’d like.”

Dana was bowled over. With a mere mention of her condition the highly sought-after Angel was now at her disposal and eager to meet her. “If you’re sure it’s no trouble. I don’t want to spoil your plans,” offered Dana.

“No. It’s alright. They’ll understand. We’ll need a time and a place to meet. Where are you staying,” Angel insisted?

“A motel. I’m on the west side at Highway 6 and Wadsworth Boulevard,” responded Dana, “Do you know where that is?”

“Sure, exactly. Listen, there’s a diner right at the corner, I can meet you outside in the parking lot,” Angel said, speaking very carefully, “It’ll be real easy. What I usually do is stand in the open so you can drive by and see if I’m what you want and verify that I’m alone. I’ll be in a white VW so you’ll know it’s me. What time would you like to meet?”

“That sounds fine,” said Dana, “How about 8 o’clock?”

“Perfect. Now, you stay out of those clubs and don’t go making plans with some other girl,” said Angel in a light-hearted encouraging manner, “Tomorrow night you belong to Angel.”

“Great,” exclaimed Dana, giddy with excitement! “Thank you so much for seeing me, and also for being so understanding. I hope you’ll like me.” Completely forgetting that she had come to town to please herself, Dana deferred to her new-found paramour.

“Don’t worry about me, I’m going to like you just fine,” admonished Angel, “Tomorrow night is going to be about you. Get some sleep and I’ll see you at eight.”

“OK. Good night and thanks again,” signed off Dana.

“Good night, honey,” replied Angel.

When Dana hung up the phone she leapt up to the middle of the floor and danced with happiness. This was better than she had planned. Somebody out there, a vivacious, desirable love-goddess wanted her; not in spite of what she was but because of what she was. She playfully got undressed and ready for bed; too excited to sleep, she laid awake another hour as delightful thoughts about herself whirled in her head. She eventually slept the sleep of the truly contented.

Part 2 – The Magic Night

Dana woke up late the next morning in the same mood. Her happiness continued as she got dressed and on through her brunch. There was only one thing for a girl to do when she is that happy; Dana went shopping. She leisurely browsed and came across a sleek little spaghetti-strap, black-satin dress that fit entirely too good and made her look positively delicious. She got a pair of black, patent leather sandals with four-inch heels that her mother would definitely not have approved of, and a matching purse on sale. The day was passing all so good and the approaching evening was constantly on her mind.

She went down to City Park and strolled around the flower gardens. Every time she came across an exceptionally pretty young lady she would watch her intently and wonder, ‘Could that be Angel?’ The whole day just glowed with excitement and it all seemed to revolve around her, her secret, and what awaited her at the end of the day. She sipped wine on a restaurant balcony in the late afternoon sun like a baroness on tour. She dined in a posh downtown hotel lobby listening to a baroque quartet.

When it was time to get ready for her date Dana went back to her room, put on some light, smooth music, lit an exotically scented candle and took a long bubble bath. She rose from her bath, dried, put on her face, and then powdered her body, tending to every detail expressly for the benefit of her lover. Just like everything she had done that day, it was all done to prepare her mind for this night.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Was she ready for this? Was she ready to make love to another woman? Was she pushing this or was it pushing her? She looked down at her sex, the cause of her being there for this purpose. The straggly triangular patch of hair framed the slit of her mons. Through the hair her inner labia protruded, thin and brown. Above the shriveled flaps hung it, her penis, limp and small. She lifted it between her fingers and wondered how this little piece of flesh would figure into tonight’s events.

She needed to get going. She pulled apart her inner labia and stretched them wide. She folded her clitoris down between them, and then tucked one of her labia over it and then the other over both of them. Once everything was wrapped up she brushed her red curls over it and patted it all down. This was the way she had disguised her genitals for years. Short of close inspection, it could have fooled anyone; in fact it had.

She slipped on a pair of plain, black panties and pressed the material down around her mound assuring herself it was all tucked safely away. Next came her black pantyhose which she stepped into deftly and then smoothed them slowly up each leg. Pulling them up to her waist she ran her hands over the material confiding herself in her round, firm little tushie. She looked at her self again in the mirror. This is what her lover would see. ‘Nothing scary here,’ she thought. It was the reflection of a pretty, slender, young woman, lacking in most of the curvaceous padding that drove men wild but a gracefully alluring sex partner none the less. Taking the little black dress she just bought from the hanger, she pulled it on over her head and zipped it up the back. She pushed the fabric around her small but pert breasts to press and center the little rascals into place. Looking back at her reflection she checked herself out. Better looking than she had dreamed, too good to keep cooped up. She fluffed up her hair a bit and stepped into her new black heels.

This was it. Dana paused at the door, took a deep breath and she was off. The restaurant was just a half a block away so for simplicity’s sake she decided to walk. She approached the diner carefully not knowing what to expect. The image flashed through her mind of some gaudily painted bimbo in clichéd street hooker garb parading around like a neon sign. She decided to take a circuitous route around the back of the building to give herself some discretionary maneuverability.

As she emerged from the back side of the restaurant she saw Angel’s car, a white Beetle-Cabriolet. Just as she saw it she noticed the woman getting out and walking around to the back of the car. The woman had thick, long, wavy, reddish-brown hair that was parted high on one side and spilled freely over her shoulders. She was very tastefully dressed wearing a tight, black maxi that clung to her every curve and a dark, flower-print blouse that seemed tailored to fit her proud, firm bosom. She stepped gracefully atop a sleek pair of three-inch pumps. As she walked to the back of her car she pulled a shawl up around her shoulders. Dana stopped and marveled at how elegantly the woman moved as she walked away from the car and slowly turned around to look about the parking lot.

Dana walked toward her. From thirty yards away she could discern how handsome this woman was. At twenty yards even more so and she began to doubt if this woman could really be a call girl let alone a lesbian. At ten yards the woman turned to face her with her head tilted slightly to one side and a slight smile of anticipation on her lips. Dana stopped and asked, “Angel?”

Angel nodded her head, smiled broadly and said, “Dana?”

“Yes,” Dana replied, “I’m so glad to meet you.”

Angel held out her hands which Dana clasped and they extended their faces together for a welcoming peck on the cheek. “You’re so pretty,” exclaimed Angel, reaching her hand up to touch Dana’s chin, “You didn’t mention you were so pretty.” Dana blushed in quiet gratitude as the two paused and regarded each other in the dimming light.

Dana was at a loss for words. To call Angel beautiful would be a gross understatement. She was distractingly gorgeous, striking to the point of being intimidating. She was of college age but certainly no older than twenty-two. Framed by her thick waves of auburn hair was a heart-shaped face. Above her dainty chin two rich full lips blossomed surrounded by a pair of tiny dimples that danced around her mouth’s every move. Full cheeks rose under her high cheekbones. Large, clear, pale green eyes with long eyelashes beamed brightly under brows that arched exotically upward toward the outside of her face. She was flawless, every curve and line of her face was perfect, not a single feature detracted from any other. “You’re the pretty one,” was all she could say, “Why aren’t you in the movies?”

“Oh. Thank you, honey,” said Angel. Just then a large group started to come out of the restaurant, putting them on edge. “Let’s get out of the open,” she quietly suggested, “Where’s your car?”

“I walked,” said Dana motioning toward her motel, “I’m staying close by.”

Angel nodded to her car and said with a smile and a wink, “Quick, get in.”

Dana could scarcely conceal her enthusiasm, Angel was much better looking than she had anticipated and that alone was alleviating layer after layer of anxiety. Angel’s overwhelmingly appealing looks and warm reception gave this entire endeavor an air of acceptability. This evening was promising to be better than she had hoped. Once inside they turned in their seats and faced each other with excited smiles. All was hushed and still but the soft swish of passing cars. Again the two women froze and gauged each other’s eyes, especially Dana.

Angel had that natural charisma that all attractive people possess but in her case it was far more intense, exaggerated by her sensuality and the nature of this meeting. Dana felt ingratiated to be in her gaze, but to be in close proximity to her or to be the focus of her attention was almost intoxicating.

“So… are you ready for this,” Angel asked, dispensing of all pretense?

“Yes,… I’ve been ready for a long time,… it’s been inevitable, I guess. When you’re born like me… you go through life facing a wider variety of options, ‘ you know? I always knew I would have to… to try this or something like this some time. To try something like… what I think we’re going to do. I’ve only had husband-and-family type ambitions, really, but…,” stumbled Dana, she was nervous and it was all coming out in twisted pieces, she felt she needed to explain herself, to justify her reason for this encounter, to bare herself. It was a rare occurrence in her life when she could freely discuss her sexual nature, she wanted it clear and complete. Maybe it was Angel’s alluring demeanor or just the business nature of this one night stand but she felt she could open up to her. Angel seemed sympathetic to her struggle, patting her knee and looking into her eyes imploringly. “I’m a girl.” Dana continued with more control, “I was raised as a girl. I’ve always liked boys but… my anatomy… portends… um… suggests alternate… possibilities that have always made me… wonder. Just to try it once. I don’t know…with another… That doesn’t make me weird, does it?”

“Honey, of course not,” chided Angel, she affectionately brushed Dana’s cheek. “I run into all kinds of ladies with the same curiosity, especially college aged ones. It’s harmless, in fact it’s almost natural. Do you have somebody… a regular guy?”

Dana was thrilled by Angel’s touch; she was so straight forward and uninhibited in her expression. “Not right now,” replied Dana, dropping her eyes in reticence. “There was a guy… in college. But he had a hard time… you know, dealing with it.”

“We’ll take care of that,” said Angel. She picked up Dana’s hand, brought it slowly to her face, and kissed it on the palm then held it on her lap. “I’m going to be real good to you.”

The sensuous gesture made Dana’s head spin. “How… how about you, Angel,” asked Dana awkwardly? She sought a heartfelt exchange to match her own. “Why girls instead of guys? How did you get… in the business?”

Her friend chuckled, “Violett. My real name is Violett. Angel is a name C.J. gave me back when we were tight.” She looked down at her lap in self-conscious fashion, petting Dana’s hand, “I’ve always favored girls. I guess men seem too transparent to me. Women… trade their affections at so many different levels, making love with them is so rewarding. To me, women… are like… beautifully wrapped packages of pretty ribbons and bows… and inside are intricately unique prizes to release and interact with. I guess I’ve become a kind of sex fiend, every new lover is a carnival, every old lover is a cherished piece of me. Um,… the business? Well,… I used to hang around the night clubs to meet other girls but I got so tired of the mob scenes. It gets real crazy in there, some women even get into fights over you.” That brought a smile to Dana, she knew all about that. “C.J. used to be my steady. She works for an escort service so I go through her just to maintain some order. My favorite friends can always reach me but I find new ones through C.J.. And so,… there I was,… waiting for you.”

That all made sense to Dana, she felt like she was dealing with a person now and not just a service provider. “Have you had a lot of lovers,” she asked, she was becoming fascinated with this young lady?

“Quite a few. It sounds odd but I treasure them all,” said Violett. “I try to do right by them, I try to please them to the best of my ability because they give me so much joy in return. I’ll settle on just one someday. But not until I’m satisfied that I won’t be missing out on something.”

Her appeal was tugging heavily on Dana, she felt anxious to find out exactly what kind of offerings lay behind such bold claims. “I’m anxious to be your next,” she said earnestly.

“There’s no need to rush. We can stay here and get to know each other,” offered Violett, obviously in much better control of herself.

“We can get to know each other in my room, too,” pressed Dana.

Violett smiled at her wickedly and started the car. Dana directed her to her motel and a close place to park. Getting out of the car Dana led Violett across the lot and to her room. She was so excited and nervous that someone would see them. She made a quick glance over her shoulder to see if anyone was watching. It all felt so cloak-and-dagger, so illicitly sinister and yet so delightfully exciting. She pulled out her room key and plied it to the door knob. Her hands were shaking so bad she could not find the key hole.

“’ you need some help, honey,” Violett softly asked over her shoulder?

Dana was so excited she began to giggle. “I… I think I’ve got it.” The key sank home, she twisted the knob and the room sucked them both in. Dana quickly closed the door and locked it, switched on the light and turned to her guest. She watched Violett, surveying the room, in the soft amber light. She studied Violett’s every line and curve. She watched the shadows play over her form as she turned in the light and all the time confiding herself that this beautiful creature was hers and had come to please her and serve her desire.

After panning the room Violett faced her, smiled seductively and let her shawl and bag fall to the floor. She placed her hands on the front of her thighs and pulled them slowly upward to rest on her hips as she posed herself. There was no doubt, this stunningly beautiful woman was born to please and she yearned for her audience’s lustful stare. The two just stood there and drank in each other.

Suddenly the phone rang catching Dana completely off guard. No one knew she was there, who could possibly be calling her?

“That’ll be C.J.,” Violett calmly spoke, almost as if expecting the interruption. “She has to check on me every half hour to make sure I’m alright.”

‘Angel’ was a valuable asset and, of course, had to be protected. Dana shrugged and gestured toward the phone.

Picking it up Violett spoke into the receiver, “Apricot 3, 2, 1,” obviously some agreed-upon code to let C.J. know she was not under duress. “Yeah… Well, we just got here… Look, I’d like to skip the check-ins tonight. We want to be left alone… I’ll take responsibility…” Then she turned to Dana, looked her up and down and smiled, “Absolutely adorable… Later,” and hung up the phone.

She felt flattered by the remark but it was not lost on Dana for what they were in that dank, strange room. It was time to arrange things and then take possession. “We need to discuss your fee,” she said, trying hard not to let her nervousness show. She would hate to admit it but she was beginning to like the authoritative control that the roll of consumer gave her over this encounter. She was sure now; she was definitely going to enjoy this.

“’ you mean C.J.? Don’t worry about C.J… I’ll take care of C.J.,” said Violett as she walked over to the bathroom, opened it and peeked inside.

“But what about your fee,” asked Dana? She was a bit perplexed as Violett brushed pass her, lightly stroked her cheek and then ducked her head inside the closet and looked around. ‘What is she looking for? Does she think I’m a cop or something?’ Dana wondered.

“That’s mostly for the bull-dykes. They’re revolting,” Violett replied with a smile. Standing right in front of her she slowly reached behind Dana and slid the chain over the bracket on the door. She remained there, leaning against the door, not a foot away from Dana, crowding her, beaming with self-assurance.

Again Dana sensed that overpowering charisma that she had experienced in the car. She felt control slipping back over to the seductress. She struggled with the notion of wrestling it back or just yielding to Violett’s charm. “H-how do we start this,” Dana asked?

Violett spoke slowly in a low, soft voice. “The gentry… usually start with me giving them a bubble bath; they expect to be pampered.” Her fingers touched the back of Dana’s hand and slowly glided up her arm, “The working girls… want me to give them a body massage first; they like to be adored.” Her eyes followed her fingers as they moved over Dana’s shoulder and then lightly danced around the nape of her neck, “The matronly types… prefer to give me a bath; they need to nurture and redeem me.” Violett combed her fingers through the red curls of Dana’s hair. “The diesel-dykes… they want a strip tease. Gusto-lust, I guess,” she added in a comically flat tone. The back of her hand and fingers gently traced the features of Dana’s face, “Most of the curious first-timers… like show and tell. They need assurance, guidance,… cautious exploration,… a patient companion that won’t rush ahead of them.” Violett drew herself closer, using the back of her free hand she caressed Dana’s tummy and then up between her breasts.

Dana felt like she was falling under some spell. “Which do you prefer,” she asked as an offering to her partner’s delight?

“I like romance,” said Violett. Her fingers slowly encircled the back of Dana’s neck. She pulled closer, lightly touching her cheek to Dana’s. Whispering in her ear, “I like the spontaneous reactions of an entwined embrace.” Violett’s other hand cupped behind Dana’s elbow and Dana reciprocated. “I like the singular consciousness that erupts from passion,” she continued, “I let my actions get carried by the moment.” Those words touched her so deeply.

Dana felt their breasts press against each other and then the flatness of their stomachs. Her heart pounded in her chest, her breath was coming in tattered rasps. Violett turned her head and gently touched her lips to Dana’s cheek and then drug them slowly toward Dana’s lips. A kiss was coming and Dana could hardly wait, she closed her eyes and turned her head to accept it Dana pursed her lips for the kiss and she felt the light touch of Violett’s lips brushing over hers. They traced the outline of Dana’s mouth, caressing, teasing until Dana was trembling in anticipation of that kiss. And then it came, Violett pressed her lips full to Dana’s and they both moaned softly in relief. Dana dropped her purse, their arms locked around each other’s backs, and they pulled themselves together tightly, bringing their hips and thighs into the embrace.

Violett’s kiss was soft and tender. Her tongue slowly entered Dana’s mouth, not the darting rush and ravage of the lust-starved, but a calm push to wrap around Dana’s in its own embrace. Violett did not paw at her; one arm firmly encircled her upper back while the other hand gently pressed the back of her head. Her kiss was nourishment to the soul, loving and sublime, offered like a mother suckling her child. Dana did not cling so much as hung in Violett’s arms, the room was spinning, the world outside vanished, and she completely lost all track of time. As stunning as it was for her, she was kissing another woman – deeply – and she was losing herself in it.

She could have gladly dangled there like that all night but Violett slowly withdrew and then broke the kiss. Almost in slow motion Dana felt Violett’s lips kissing their way under her chin, along her jaw line and then down her neck. The chain of kisses trailed across Dana’s chest and she stood on her toes to aid the trek. She wanted more; she had to offer her breasts. Reaching behind her back, Dana feverishly unhooked and unzipped her dress then pulled the straps off of her shoulders. The material peeled away and cool air closed upon her exposed skin. Violett’s kisses followed as Dana’s head fell back in rapt abandonment.

Pulling Dana with her, Violett stepped backward to the bed and sat down on its edge. With her dress collapsed around her waist, Dana stood before her lover, presenting her breasts for Violett’s attention. Hesitating not to force nor hinder, Dana rested her hands on Violett’s shoulders as she ever so tenderly kissed one nipple then the other. She then gently sucked one into her mouth, rolling it between her lips while slowly gliding her tongue back and forth over the tip. Dana had never had such adoring attention paid to her breasts. She enwrapped Violett’s head with one arm and stroked her luxurious hair with her other hand.

Dana was experiencing her arousal deeply. She had been getting that squishy feeling while they kissed, her sex was responding naturally to the strong prompt of passion’s calling. Her penis was growing, stiffening and pressing against its restraints. She felt a strong urge to free it and to press her sensitive organ against something for relief. Violett’s hands dropped slowly to Dana’s hips which were now rolling slowly forward and back. Reaching behind Dana, Violett groped for the dress’s zipper. Deftly unzipping it further, her fingers pulled the smooth fabric over Dana’s firm rump and then let the dress go to crumple at Dana’s feet. With her hands still cupped over Dana’s butt, Violett released Dana’s nipple and stood up kissing Dana’s throat all the way until coming again to Dana’s mouth. Then, more of that sweet kiss.

Dana wanted her new lover to join her nude freedom and started to feverishly unbutton her blouse. Pulling it from out of the skirt, she opened the blouse wide and pushed it over Violett’s shoulders. Violett was completely cooperative and let the garment fall off her arms. Next came her bra. Dana expertly unhooked the black, lacy brassier, slipped the straps over Violett’s shoulders and then pulled the cups away. Dana drew Violett toward herself and felt the firm mounds with their hard tips press against her own. When Violett’s naked flesh came into contact with Dana’s she moaned and hugged Dana tight. They lost themselves again in their kiss and they each pressed as much of their flesh together as they could. Their hands and arms explored each other’s backs in long undulating caresses.

It was Violett who acted first to remove her skirt. She unhooked the waist clasp and pushed down the zipper. Dana did the rest by sliding it past Violett’s round butt. Expecting panties beneath, she instead found the silky smooth fabric of a slip. She hooked her thumbs over the waistband and pushed it down to drop in the heap of clothes around their feet. As she dragged her fingertips back up she encountered the stiff, unyielding material of some kind of harness. She realized it was one of those old-fashioned garter-belts. Equipment she knew nothing about so she disregarded it.

Dana absolutely loved the embrace but she was struggling with deep urges to bring her sex into this encounter. More importantly, her swelling member was yearning to be freed and causing her some deal of discomfort. Violett must have sensed her frustration, she gently dug her fingers under the waistband of Dana’s pantyhose and panties and eased them down past Dana’s hips. The instant the restraining fabric was pushed away, Dana’s erection flew free from the clasp of the enveloping labia and sprang outward, bouncing between Violett’s thighs to rest firmly against the crotch of Violett’s panties. Relief at last.

Violett gasped at the surprise introduction and became immediately intrigued by the new participant. She moved a hand in between them and pulled back slightly. As she did, Dana’s erect member popped up toward Dana’s tummy to be caught in Violett’s fingers. Violett tenderly wrapped her fingers around it and gently gauged it. Dana was spellbound that someone would finally show her secret appendage the attention it craved.

Violett wanted a closer look. Breaking their kiss, she turned them both completely around to put Dana in the light and then sank down to the floor on her knees. Unable to take her eyes off Dana’s erection, she quickly peeled down the pantyhose and helped Dana step out of them and her shoes. The look on Violett’s face was one of joyous wonder. She reached toward Dana’s genitals but then abruptly stopped and looked up to Dana as if saying, ‘May I?’ Dana stroked Violett’s head and smiled down at her. Violett’s touch was soft and slow. Her one hand delicately clasped the finger sized organ while her other hand gently spread and probed the swollen flaps of labia apart.

“Ohhhhhh…” breathed Violett. “Oh, honey… it’s so beautiful.” She looked up into Dana’s eyes, “So very beautiful.”

Dana was so pleased with the praise. And then came something beyond her imagination. Violett tenderly hugged the enormous, swollen clitoris to her cheek. The touch was so soft and smooth. Violett turned her head and kissed it, and again, and again. Dana nearly fainted; those soft, supple lips were like no stimulation she could have ever created and the pleasure was almost too much to bear. Her nerves were loaded to capacity and she started trembling and twitching in the calamity. Her amazement was surpassed as Violett’s tongue dragged its way up and down Dana’s secret treasure, treating her to gratification like she had never dreamed possible. It wasn’t too long before one very long lick circled around the tip, then the lips spread over the head and Violett’s mouth slowly engulfed it, all the way to its base. Dana was overwhelmed. The warm, wet embrace and deft tongue caress were absolute heaven. Her knees buckled and she sank down. Her butt just barely caught the edge of the bed as her arms reached back blindly for support.

Violett followed her, braced her to help her fall, and shielded her teeth to prevent Dana from harm but kept her mouth on her quarry. She wound an arm under Dana’s thigh, around her hip, and place a palm gently over Dana’s tummy in both an embrace and a caress. Her other hand again parted Dana’s ample lips and slowly slithered a middle finger into Dana’s vagina. Violett’s head picked up speed as she raised and lowered her mouth on Dana’s erection, her tongue whipped back and forth on the underside with every pass. She intermittently pushed back the foreskin and swirled her tongue around the very sensitive tip. Her lips formed a firm, tight ring and she sucked hard, heightening all of the wonderful new sensations assailing Dana’s underappreciated appendage. Meanwhile, her finger explored Dana’s depths and then her palm turned upward as her finger curled to press upward on an ever so delightful place.

Dana was helpless against the surmounting pleasure. It was coming, no way to stop it. A huge orgasm approached; not the vagina kind, the clitoris kind. Her knees flew wide apart, her toes curled, her back arched. Dana knew what would come with it and she wanted to warn her lover. “I’m going to… “ She reached a hand to Violett’s forehead to get her attention. Violett only intensified her actions, making them each more deliberate. “I’m… cuh…cuh “ Oh the delight, such tremendous delight. She gasped and let go.

The tension building up in Dana all week exploded into a nerve shaking flash of pleasure. Dana fell back on the bed while her hips strained upward. Her first spurt gushed from her urethra and hit Violett in the chin. Violett paused only briefly in surprise but kept on pumping gently on Dana’s rigid flesh. Dana let out a soft groan as the second spurt shot out over Violett’s upturned palm. Dana jerked and twitched sporadically on the bed as the remainder of her ejaculation dribbled out and ran down her cleft mons. Her hips pumped slowly as she enjoyed an orgasm in ways she never had before. Violett stayed with her, slowing down the bobbing of her head and stilling her tongue, soothingly. She continued until Dana stopped shaking and her breathing normalized and then became still, just holding the overwrought organ with her tongue.

Dana’s hands lifted slowly to Violett’s head and then tenderly stroked her hair. With the most tranquil of expressions on her face, she drifted in her post climatic bliss. Her mind was lost in the wonder of Violett’s selfless gift.

Once Dana became still and quiet, Violett pulled out her finger, released her clit, and began to lick the length of Dana’s parted labia. She tenderly tongue-bathed the whole area, not stopping until Dana weakly raised herself upright. Violett looked up at Dana with an expression of conciliatory inquisition. When Dana smiled, Violett quickly wiped off her chin and her palm on the bedspread and threw her arms around her. Dana hugged her to her chest, kissed the top of her head and whispered, “Thank you… thank you so very much. Never have I… Ohhhh, never.” Mere words were not enough.

The two women remained motionless as happy thoughts of completeness swam in Dana’s mind. Meanwhile, Dana’s undaunted erection nestled between the soft pillows of Violett’s breasts. This party was far from over and Dana’s imagination was ripe with plenty more trysts to engage in. She pulled back from Violett, taking her softly by her cheeks and said, “There’s something I’ve always wanted to do.” Violett’s face lit up and she rose to her feet. Dana scooted to the center of the bed, tucking her legs underneath herself and sat up, waiting in eager anticipation.

Dana watched Violett seductively tuck her fingers under her panties and slowly push them down her legs. She stepped out of them and her shoes and then raised a foot up onto the bed in front of her. Dana noticed Violett’s pubic patch was trimmed neatly to an even, uniform length and surmised it to be the preference among the oral sex crowd. Her bikini line was bare and well defined, the upper vertices pointed sharply to her hips and the line between them rose to a peak in the center. Violett unfastened the clasps to her stocking and then glided it down her leg with her finger tips and pulled it off her foot. Next came the other leg in the same slow, seductive manner with Violett intently watching Dana’s eyes. Lastly, she loosened the hooks at the back of her belt and let it fall to the floor and stood before Dana completely nude. Dana marveled at what artists might call an ideal, perfect model of the female form, wildly feminine curves in the peak of youthful firmness. She lightly touched her erection and drank in her imminent conquest.

Violett knelt onto the bed and then walked on her knees toward Dana, her nipples danced upon her swaying breasts. Dana rose to meet her and they shared another tight embrace and deep kiss. As she pressed herself into the kiss, Dana noticed something subtly different. She could taste the remnants of her own ejaculate wrought by Violett but there was more. The kiss now carried the influence of Violett’s proven commitment to gratify her sexually.

Dana pushed her hips tight against Violett’s. Their pubic hair entangled and she felt her penis press into soft flesh. She tightened her embrace, new urges stirred deep within her. She wanted to force this woman down onto her bed, spread herself over her body and drive her groin into those moist, intimate charms. She wanted to take this woman, dominate this woman, subjugate this woman and use this woman for her pleasure. She wanted to violate her femininity, enter her body and drive her to rapture with her intrusive, uncompromising, rigid organ. Violett must have felt her urgency; she crumpled under Dana and lowered herself to the mattress. Dana followed her down until she was crouched over Violett’s prone form, still kissing her passionately.

Dana lifted herself over Violett’s body and as if on cue, Violett pulled herself up to rest her head on the pillow and spread her legs around Dana. Dana knelt before Violett’s hips and Violett pulled her legs up high and opened them wide while lifting her pelvis. She looked to Dana like an opening blossom, a woman’s invitation to be mounted and seeded. It was time to do just that. Supporting herself on one hand she pressed her penis down toward Violett’s crotch. Violett held open her labia with two fingers and pulled Dana toward her with her other hand. The scent of woman’s arousal was heavy around her as Dana found her mark and pressed into the parted flesh.

As Dana gained entry she marveled at how soft and slick the clinging flesh felt about her. She sank in all the way, until their mounds were mashed flat against each other and their labia were entangled in a deep wet kiss of their own. Dana grasped Violett’s waist and held tight, savoring this long awaited sensation. She threw back her head, closed her eyes and let out a long moan. Oh, such a sweet mixture of victory and passion. She had a woman beneath her, to take her lance, to administer her pleasure, to be… FUCKED. Ooo, that ugly word, Dana now took possession of it. She opened her eyes and gazed down upon her prize.

Violett was caught in her own tumult. Her eyes were wide with fire-like excitement and anticipation; her breath came in quick bursts. She wound her legs around Dana’s back and crossed her ankles. Her hands slid up Dana’s body slowly and cupped behind her shoulders. She craved what Dana was about to give her and would cling like a vine to get it.

Dana wanted to stir within Violett, churn her womb and feel those intimate recesses work their magic on her tender organ. She braced herself, hands at Violett’s sides, and her knees in a broad stance around Violett’s butt. She stabbed herself into her lover, in a spastic, clumsy, and selfishly brutal manner, she didn’t care, she wanted to taste the full range of pleasure a woman could give her. Her thrusts developed a rhythm and pounded with an intent fury, to capture this woman, break her and enslave her under a conquering weapon. Violett moaned sharply, matching the rhythm and fury at which she was being ravaged. Dana’s tempo increased until one stroke nearly disgorged her from her partner. She sank back home and stopped, pressed it in deeply and felt the softness close in around her.

Suddenly, her fury was dispelled. All of her pent up frustration and urge for conquest were appeased. She looked down into the face of her benevolent and accommodating partner. She saw those beautiful eyes and a compassionate gaze of a friend who would gladly give her anything she wanted, any way she wanted it. The eyes of another woman, like herself, who was well versed in the subjugation of her body and her own needs to the service of another. She came to see a companion, not a trophy. Sex was not a score to inflict but rather an offering to share.

Dana lowered herself onto Violett, never breaking her gaze with those beautiful eyes until their lips met again. She wrapped her arms around Violett’s back and tenderly embraced her head. She stretched out her legs and dropped her hips into the inviting cradle of Violett’s open pelvis. Violett gently encircled Dana’s back in her arms and the two held each other tightly and very still, subtly enjoying their kiss, their embrace, and their conjoined genitals. In silence they renegotiated their bond.

Dana reached into her past to recall a summer evening in college when her beau made sweet, tender love to her and so deeply touched her mood. She wanted to recreate that sensation and give it to her new lover. She ever so slowly began to move her hips, thrusting in upward and then back in a circular grind like her old love used to do. She tried to give Violett the sensation of her entire length moving within and then treat her clitoris to an even, gliding pressure.

Violett moved with her, pulling her hips back as Dana withdrew and then forward to meet Dana’s pelvic bone for that tender kiss against her mons. They danced their synchronized duet slowly and making only small motions at first, learning the mechanics of their coitus. Violett let out a long whimper with each breath. As Dana picked up her pace and lengthened her stroke the moans rose in encouragement. Dana’s hips were now thrusting in that familiar cadence of mating, nature providing excellently a means by which to employ herself with her partner. It was in every aspect true sexual intercourse as the bed betrayed their antics with accompanying creaks and thumps.

Dana began to enjoy the responses she was invoking in her love-mate and started to alternate her moves to orchestrate Violett’s moans. Those moans were rising quickly as Dana engaged the full cycle of motion. Violett was climbing quickly to an orgasm, her voice rose to a crescendo and then she tensed and clamped hard around Dana’s body. Dana froze to let her lover focus on her release. When she felt Violett relax, she continued with her steady revolution.

Dana was truly enjoying herself; the kind of pleasure known only to men, with a woman no man could have. That thought stuck in Dana’s mind, the nature of their contact and that she was engaging another woman in an act of intimacy that was probably unique in all the world. The snug feeling of Violett’s walls clinging and tugging on her tender skin as she glided in and out were pulling her to another climax of her own but she was rapidly discovering how to control her pleasure by altering her movement. She could easily drive herself over the edge but she was enjoying her lover’s body so much she just teased herself to the brink and then stayed it off by shortening her stroke.

Violett, on the other hand, was enjoying constant bliss. No sooner had she recovered from her first climax than another began to mount. Her moans droned on into a continuous chorus that rose to a frantic plea as her orgasm took her and then trailed off into a feeble whimper. She had lapsed into a semi-conscious stupor where she teetered and floated at the mercy of her lover’s slightest touch or least little movement. Dana kept supplying her with that pleasure, enjoying her command and the effects she elicited almost as much as what she herself felt. Maybe it was just a way Violett had of surrendering herself to the act but Dana was experiencing a sense of power that a woman like Violett, so highly prized and in such command of presence, could be rendered so helpless and utterly consumed at Dana’s whim and wile.

Their love-making played on through an indeterminate matter of time and a trackless number of Violett’s climaxes. As a fresh one approached, Dana broke their kiss and lifted her head to watch the changes in her partner’s face. Her face was of angelic tranquility with swollen lips from their long kiss. As her crisis came, her brow furrowed slightly and she threw back her head. She uttered a long, deep groan and pumped her hips against Dana while in her throes. After it passed she lifted her head and began kissing Dana’s shoulder. She pressed her advance downward toward Dana’s breast. Dana lifted herself and pulled Violett’s head toward her chest. Finding the hard nub of nipple, Violett suckled and Dana became confronted with pleasure she could no longer stave off.

As an orgasm quickly came upon her it seized control of her body and she flew into a torrent of motion that seemed automatic. Her hips bucked against her mate in a force and rhythm she was unable to stop. She abandoned herself to it and let the climax create itself. Violett’s moans rose as she rode along with Dana’s frenzy and her impending orgasm. At the peak of her passion, Dana felt the compulsion to press her over-stimulated penis as deeply into her lover’s nurturing pussy as she could and enjoy her effect to the utmost. She pushed herself firmly against Violett’s hips and froze. Her orgasm came hard, she grunted as every muscle in her body strained and clenched against her pleasure. And oh, such pleasure. Every nerve of her system seemed to laugh with joy. Mashed against Violett’s plush vulva her urethra erupted and spat forth her ejaculation. Spurt after spurt the thick fluid flowed between the great swollen curtains of her labia and poured over her lover’s open sex, between her parted lips, and dribbled down slowly toward her crotch.

Violett squealed and clung to Dana tightly, her hips ground in tiny circles as she joined Dana in sublime, absolute bliss. Both of them uttered their last murmurs of satisfaction, their bodies locked in a tense knot, struggling with the remnants of their exploded lust. Slowly their grip on each other relaxed and they fell into a happy repose. Their climaxes as well as their intercourse evolved from a physical into an emotional experience. Violett released Dana’s breast and dropped her head back onto the bed. She lowered her hips and let her legs slide down Dana’s to wrap around the backs of her thighs. Simultaneously, Dana nestled her head on her lover’s shoulder and settled her body atop Violett’s. Neither said a word, they just languidly caressed each other and drifted dreamily amidst the pleasant thoughts and feelings their actions had just rendered.

Dana was experiencing an epiphany. Her mind, of course, was filled with wondrous thoughts of the physical sensations her body had just experienced along with warm feelings for her partner and the unselfish way she had delivered those sensations. New perspectives were unfolding before her, about her life, her sexuality, her identity, and her emotional capacity. New possibilities were presenting themselves. Could she become a lesbian? Is this the destiny that she was born to fulfill? Was there a place for her in this new world? She thought more about the woman lying beneath her. Violett was gently petting her from her shoulders to her butt, from her arms to her hips, softly kissing her forehead. There was no revulsion, inhibition or even hesitation in Violett’s service to her. She had done and let Dana do what Dana believed no other person ever would. As unnatural as it seemed, it was a freer and more satisfying exchange than Dana had ever known with any man – in or out of bed.

Dana rose up on her elbows and looked down on Violett’s face. So lovely and so loving. Neither said anything but volumes of understanding passed between them. Dana’s erection was still lodged in Violett but their connection felt much deeper than that to Dana. She thought briefly about engaging in another rut. No, this time was too precious to go chasing after more orgasms.

The rush of lust was fading and Dana noticed a chill in the room. She felt Violett shiver and Dana suggested, “Let’s get warm.”

Dane rose up off of Violett, her penis disengaged with a slight squishy sound and pointed at her partner as Dana sat back on her haunches. Violett sat up and moved very sluggishly, weak and weary from her ordeal. Together they pulled back the covers and slid beneath. They pulled each other close, lying on their sides. Dana hooked her leg over Violett’s thigh to warm her up. She raised herself on her elbow and studied her companion.

A clinging pearl-white bead of her emission on Violett’s vulva caught Dana’s attention. She touched it with her finger and lightly smeared it into the matted hair contemplatively. She would never have dreamed of touching another woman’s sex but now it seemed only fitting. Violett’s finger crept down and joined Dana’s in idly working the moisture around. She found a larger glob that still clung to her labia. With her finger she dragged the glob between her labia and pushed it into her vagina. Dana’s finger followed. Together, both women’s fingers stirred the wet recesses.

Dana watched her lover’s face. Surely, Violett knew it wasn’t sperm but rather an inert byproduct of Dana’s arousal. She thought of her past and of leaving her emission on her lovers, their reactions and her self-condemnation. This situation was so different. Without any fanfare, Violett showed that she was not in the least bit repulsed by the nature of Dana’s sexuality but rather fully aware of its form and function, she openly welcomed Dana’s body and its physical effect. Dana appreciated the gesture as a right of acceptance and kissed Violett’s forehead in gratitude.

Violett took the same finger from her vagina and reached to Dana’s gaping labia and gently traced the open slit. She pushed open the broad flaps of flesh and delicately caressed their surface, admiring the shape and texture. The finger delved lower and deeper until plunging into Dana’s crevice. They drew each other closer and enjoyed their new found intimacies and tender connection for quite some time.

“We mixed well,” she said, breaking the idle reticence. “That was so erotic.”

“My body within yours,” responded Dana. She gently probed and explored Violett’s soft folds. This intimacy was so precious. She thought this the perfect way to wind down from sex.

“You inside of me.” Violett closed her eyes and sighed. Her fingers still lightly engaged Dana’s sex, petting her labia with finger tips and stroking her wilted penis like a dear friend.

“’ you tired?” asked Dana. Violett nodded. “You really spent yourself,” she added. “I lost count of how many times you went off.” She didn’t mean to fish for compliments but she was hungry for some kind of feedback and reluctant to let this delightful mood fade away.

Violett giggled, “I cum real easy, …but never quite like that.” She wrapped her arm around Dana and hugged her tight. “You were fantastic. That was the most wonderful experience I ever had.”

“I’ll bet you say that to all the girls,” teased Dana. The compliment was making her glow with pride. She hoped it was true.

With a smile and raised eyebrows Violett replied, “No I don’t… ‘ don’t need to.” She was speaking slower and slower.

“What did I do that was so special,” Dana inquired?

“You… were inside me,” she replied with a yawn. “You gave me a kind of closeness no one ever has.” Her fingers were moving slower, almost becoming still.

“Haven’t you ever had a man,” Dana continued?

“Sorta,” said Violett. “W’n I was fifteen.”

“Teenage crush,” asked Dana in a light-hearted tone, kissing her temple?

“Gang… rape,” came the weak reply.

Dana’s breath caught in her throat. With eyes wide she looked at Violett in stunned amazement. The simple confession revealed tragedy and strength in measures beyond her imagination. Such savage cruelty and the lonely isolation it must have created. She pondered it deeply, about what Violett must have gone through and how it might have landed the girl here. She compared it to her own tragedies and how they had shaped her own destiny. She thought about the vastness of the world and how two wounded hearts could find and mend each other. She contemplated what she might give to her new friend. She pulled Violett tight against her neck and kissed her head

Violett’s hand fell limply from its lodging. Dana withdrew her own finger and gave her lover one last pet. It was time for sleep. Dana slid out of bed and turned off the light. Scooting back in next to Violett she slid her arm underneath the sleeping woman’s head and cradled her against her shoulder.

“Nnnnnm… D’na…? Honey,” said Violett groggily? “Please…? Be here… when I wake up.”

It occurred to Dana that many of Violett’s lovers left her before dawn or dismissed her from their beds to go home alone. Dana kissed her forehead and hugged her close, “Sure I will.” ‘Poor, damaged Violett,’ she thought. She mused on the soft supple flesh that clung to her in the dark like no one ever had. There was a new warm glow within her. She felt protective, she felt strong, and she felt vital. She closed her eyes and was soon asleep.

Part 3 – The Morning After

Dana had a wonderful dream. She floated to her hometown on a soft cloud of purple flowers. Her mother welcomed her home, brimming with pride. When she arrived on her old familiar streets, the entire town was there to greet her like an avenging hero. They had a parade for her, she was treated like royalty and her beauty was roundly praised. There were humble apologies from everyone. At the end of the parade, a banquet was held in her honor. It was hosted by a beautiful, auburn-haired young woman of great renown and distinction. Dana could not see her face but she knew who the young woman was.


She did not know what time it was, an increase in the drone of traffic and a trace of light glowing around the edge of the curtain told Dana it was early morning. She felt two soft, fleshy pillows lightly dragging over her skin and then a pair of lips kissing her arm, her shoulder and her neck. She smiled and opened her eyes to see a tussled halo of hair and two puffy eyes beaming down upon her. “Good morning,” said Violett, kissing her tenderly.

“Good morning,” answered Dana when their lips parted. “Who’s been sleeping in my bed?” A thrill like a summer breeze blew through her as the fond memory of who shared her bed refreshed itself in her mind. She rolled onto her back and stretched. She felt so invigorated and happy.

“Do you like sex in the morning,” asked last night’s angel?

“I don’t know,” replied Dana bemusedly. “I suppose it’s never too late to learn.” It would have been impossible to say no to those lips. Those lips were kissing her neck and shoulder again, working their way toward Dana’s tender breasts. She smiled to herself, this woman had a way of really making her feel wanted, and that was so nice to wake up to. She felt the tuft of Violett’s pubic area against her thigh. Violett was rubbing herself against her, priming herself for the approaching act. Dana could feel the moistness of her lover’s anticipation smearing on her leg. She swept her fingers through her own labia and found a matching ambition. Her erection was stirring awake too, anxious for another taste of sweet Violett. The rest of Dana’s body was not quite as alert. She cradled her bedmate in her arms and passively let herself be made love to.

Violett found her nipple and attached herself to it. Meanwhile, she had straddled Dana’s thigh and was grinding herself with blind determination. Dana lifted her knee to give her lover a better objective. She heard soft, steady moans from her partner, rising in pitch to meet that pinnacle of delight. Violett tensed and squealed through her body’s commotion. Dana stroked her and kissed her head after it had passed its course. Violett recovered and continued. Their lovemaking continued for over a half an hour, Violett exercised herself from one peak to the next while alternating attention on Dana’s nipples; Dana enjoying her own rub in a slow push against Violett’s hip.

Dana was so contented to let her body be used for her lover’s pleasure. She could have gladly spent the entire morning watching her pet enjoy herself so shamelessly and affectionately. After a particularly intense climax had wrought her, Violett rose up from Dana’s body. She lay across Dana, to the side and lowered her head to Dana’ lap. Dana felt kisses about her navel, hips and thighs. She smiled as she felt an assault mounted teasingly toward her sex.

Violett kissed her way to Dana’s vulva and then parted the lips with her tongue, delving through the puffy lips she went the length and then worked back and forth to tantalize the sensitive folds with her raspy lick. When she had driven Dana to deep sighs, she finally turned her attention to the now achingly stiff erection which rose from the top of the narrow slit in a gentle arc toward Dana’s belly. She drug her tongue over it in the same fashion, pushing Dana’s anticipation to the extreme before her lips passed over the tip and engulfed the member into her mouth’s silky embrace.

Dana moaned loudly. She was quickly brought to the precipice of ultimate pleasure just like she was brought the night before. Violett’s mouth was working a mastery on her precious little organ she found hard to believe. That mouth was sliding up and down as the tongue swirled and flittered all about its length and tip. Soft lips gripped the long, tender clitoris and her gentle suction drew the supple flesh snugly against her licking caress. Just as quick as that, Dana felt her climax approaching. Violett’s thumb entered her and pressed upon the roof of her vagina, Dana plunged over the edge. She grunted, thrust up her hips, and her urethra spat out her ejaculation against Violett’s pressed palm. Her body, still weak from her night’s sleep, twitched and shook. Violett sucked hard on her until her crisis had fully passed and then released her and began kissing her length. That was Dana’s first early morning tryst and as the soothing afterglow spread through her she pondered making it a regular habit in her life.

Violett rose and smiled wickedly. She positioned herself on her knees straddling Dana’s hips. Dana knew what they were about to engage in and placed her hands on Violett’s waist. Violett lifted Dana’s still-erect flesh and positioned it at her sex’s open gate. She lowered herself on Dana, sank down to sit in Dana’s pelvis, and then gyrated to fully set their congress. Dana spread her knees to afford unobstructed access. They took each other by the hands and laced their fingers. For a long time they just smiled at each other.

Violett began to move, astounding Dana with a motion that would make a belly dancer proud. She moved only her hips and alternated between a rocking and a circular action. The way she moved was causing Dana’s penis to be swirled around in soft, silky-smooth depths almost as stimulating as her mouth. Violett’s eyes closed and she threw back her head. She arched her back and pressed her pubic bone against Dana’s, her dance intensified and she moaned her pleasure.

Dana lifted her head to watch their patches grind against each other. She admired the contrast between her red curls and her lover’s dark comb. She noticed Violett’s breasts hanging in front of her, swaying enticingly. She wrapped her arms around Violett’s back and pulled herself into the soft flesh. She found a nipple with her mouth, sucking and tickling it with her tongue like had been done to hers. The effect on Violett was immediate. Her groans became louder, her breathing quickened and her hips twisted and ground with a fierce urgency. She was rising to some pinnacle higher than anything she had displayed the night before. Suddenly, Dana felt every muscle in Violett’s body tense and harden under her soft skin. “Oh, puss!” she exclaimed out loud and just froze, “Uhhhhhg!” Her voice fell off into a kind of wailing lament. She remained straining above Dana for almost a minute before grunting and then collapsing atop her like a wet towel. Dana caught her and followed her down.

Dana wondered if her partner was alright. She reached for Violett’s hand lying by her face and clasped it. She was relieved when the hand responded, laced her fingers and held tight. Dana soothed and stroked her beautiful friend and contemplated the simple symbolism of two lover’s clasped hands. The minutes passed as the two reflected on their union.

Dana needed to pee. She carefully rolled Violett onto her back. She brushed the hair from Violett’s face and then kissed her on each of her eyelids. Violett smiled and said hoarsely, “’ couple more like that and I’ll be in a coma.”

Dana kissed her again and said, “You rest, I gotta go tinkle.”

“Don’t lose your way back,” she replied.

Dana pulled the covers over her lover and slid out of bed. In the bathroom she squat down on the toilet and assessed herself. Her penis hung out before her vulva, swollen and distended from her extended rut, her labia were still puffed out from the remnants of her arousal. With one hand she lifted the dangling clitoris out of the way and spread apart the stretched and bloated flaps to pee. There was a bit of a sting that she always had when she urinated not long after an ejaculation. It passed and she enjoyed her relief. She reached over to the sink and turned on the hot water then tossed a washrag into the basin.

Arising from her squat, she faced the mirror and looked at herself. It was her familiar fresh morning face with no trace of shame or remorse, just a glint of seasoned wisdom gained from her newfound awareness. She took the rag from the sink, wrung it, and tended to her adventured sex. She wiped away the dried remains of herself and Violett’s ardor. In the soothing warmth she found a new pride in her maligned genitals. They had rewarded her richly and in stark contrast to her past affairs, they had been welcomed and cherished by a doting lover. Yes, she liked the woman she saw in the mirror.

Returning to bed she found Violett curled up sound asleep. Dana spooned with her and held her tight. She mused what a nice girlfriend the witty and charming young miss would make. She dozed off and on a bit and played with the happy thoughts in her mind.

Invariably, her mind tended toward the sensual and the sensuous creature she held. Her scent, the softness of her skin, her capacity for pleasure all drew Dana’s arousal. She opened her eyes to find Violett asleep on her stomach. She brought up her thigh and wrapped her leg over the sleeping woman’s upturned posterior. She felt her erection swell, yearning for appeasement and when Dana pressed it to the yielding plush of Violett’s rump she fed that yearning. She wanted Violett, again. She rolled atop her partner and began to stroke Violett’s arms and shoulders, trying to stir her lover’s passion. Her lips followed her caresses and made their way to Violett’s neck and cheek. Violett stretched and giggled.

“There she is,” she whispered into Violett’s ear. “Let’s play.”

“Nnmmh?” cooed Violett with a broad smile. “You want some of this? Hmmn? You wanna bump some fur?”

Dana responded to Violett’s taunts with her kisses. Her lover’s teasing remarks were tugging urgently on her desire. “Time for some Angel food.”

“Yeah?… You want some fuck, don’t you?… Gimme some tail,” She lifted her butt, into Dana’s needful flesh. “It’s yours, puss.”

Dana welcomed the offering, pushing and bumping her hungry clitoris against the ample, soft cushion. She wrapped her arms around Violett’s arms and craned her neck over Violett’s shoulder. Violett lifted her head to meet the kiss. The two held their twisted embrace and turned that kiss into a moment of passion that rivaled all of their encounters. Dana spread her knees around Violett’s thighs to better enjoy her grind. As they kissed that grind turned into a steady hump.

Violett arched her back and lifted her butt higher, letting her lover use her. Their lips met and broke, met and broke, smacking the sweet sound of consumed lover’s ardor. As Dana humped and fucked against Violett her own secretions lubricated their contact and she soon found her engorged clitoris sliding in silky-smooth ecstasy. The billowing cushion embraced her flesh while at the same time provided an ideal mount. The soft skin between her thighs completed the sensation and Dana fell into such bliss she never wanted to end.

“Oh, baby that’s good. That’s… so… good,” Dana groaned between kisses.

“It’s us, honey… We’re good together,” breathed Violett. “Take me, puss… Make me yours… Use me… Love me.”

Violett was the picture of passivity, holding her rump high in the air for her lover’s enjoyment and seeking nothing in return but her lover’s mounting delight.

Dana felt passion like she had never known simmering inside her. She burned her kisses into Violett’s neck and shoulder, swimming in the tide of pliant flesh, sliding and bumping in ecstasy. With it came a yearning, almost akin to love. Could she? Could she fall in love with this woman? The offer was made, she gave herself to Dana. She said she wanted Dana to take her, captivate her, conquer her, and bind her devotion. Dana was deeply moved by the notion and she never wanted anything so much in her life.

She pumped her tender organ into the soft flesh beneath her. Violett’s creamy smooth skin pressed into the hollow of Dana’s hips and cushioned the embrace of Dana’s thighs. Dana spread her knees wide and humped into the luxurious softness and never wanted it to end.

The two worked together, pushing back and forth, teasing copulatory urges that were beyond either woman’s familiarity. They sought no reward or singular goal, just the extension of their enraptured mood and their tongue-sucking kisses traded over Violett’s shoulder. Violett reached back with her hand to stroke and pull encouragingly at Dana’s hip.

It went on for almost an hour as the two women skirted the edge of abandonment. Violett took the plunge over the edge. “Inside me,” she exerted and pushed her rump higher, arching her back, rising up on her knees, exposing her crotch to Dana’s pressing need. Dana slid lower as Violett then reached between her legs and her fingers found Dana’s erection. She pulled it toward her waiting cleft and parted her legs to receive it. Violett was hungry for the intimacy of their union and for her reward, Dana would feed her.

Dana curled her hips around Violett’s butt and thrust toward the wet, clasping prize. Guided by Violett’s fingers she found herself again immersed in that warm, clinging embrace. Dana reached around her lover’s waist for leverage, pressed herself in deep and held it. The feeling of Violett’s cushy posterior pressed firmly against her girding hips gave an added sense of envelopment and Dana indulged herself in it. She wanted to prolong that steady, rolling grind they had so enjoyed just before uniting and so she made her thrusting the same kind of slow, even push with an added twist of her hips which made her penis stir around in Violett’s womanhood. She held herself up by her arms over Violett and enjoyed the view over her supine partner. She admired the way her lover so freely offered herself and Dana seasoned her mind for thoroughly satisfactory sex.

“Are you mine, honey?” Violett’s voice sank sultry and low. “I’m yours, lovey. It’s all for you. Say you’re mine.”

She felt soft flesh against her tummy, her pubis, her hips and between her thighs. Swerving, curling, twisting, and grinding against the voluptuous cushion of Violett’s ample and welcoming back-side, Dana pressed her erection into the moist snugness and it responded by clutching on her tender member. She wanted it to never end.

“Give me, puss. Give it to your baby.” Violett’s voice now a low, raspy croak. “Love me. Love me. Nmmmmmmmmmmm.”

Dana thrust in deep and slow. She felt a twitching movement through her entrenched penis and realized her partner was fiercely frigging herself to a matching gratification. Both women were groaning and moaning in their separate ecstasies. Dana was quickly discovering a mastery of her pleasure such that through concise control of her movements she could tease herself to the verge of orgasm and then prolong that sensation indefinitely. She was loosing all track of time and determined, through Violett’s demeanor, she was lost in the same state of mind.

Long into their consuming rapture, Dana felt trembling fingers creep across the underside of her delving penis and pleasure compounded itself to yet higher extremes. While trying to cope with this, Violett’s finger hooked its way into Dana’s vagina and began stirring it. She deftly found that wonderful spot on the roof of Dana’s vagina and pressed it delicately in a circular motion.

The effect on Dana was rapid and powerful. The orgasm she thought she would control leapt upon her before she could prepare. A spastic torrent seized her and she bucked hard into her partner evoking a moan and then her thick, milky expulsion dribbled into Violett’s hand and her own tight, red curls. “Oh… sweet baby,” she whispered as she lowered her head onto Violett’s shoulder. Her cheek nestled in the soft, fragrant curls of Violett’s mane and she repeatedly bore her sucking kisses onto her lover’s shoulder. Her pause was brief and she resumed her steady thrust and twist. The climax wracked her but so intense was her level of arousal it made little impact on her focus.

Dana dug her hand beneath her lover’s hip, delving for her key to ecstasy and found it at the top of Violett’s cleft. Not really knowing the limits of another woman’s clitoris she approached it carefully. Starting at its base, she pressed a finger on either side of the narrow ridge of flesh and worked it round in a circle, opposite the twist of her hips, and then moved her way toward the end. She knew she had succeeded when moans rose from Violett in increasing volume.

An orgasm had taken Violett, her shudder confirmed it. Dana continued, playing the young temptress’ pleasure as she cooed her way to another shaking crescendo. She soon had Violett lapsed into the same daze of climactic rapture she had fallen into the preceding night.

She found Dana’s other hand, resting by her head, and Violett pulled Dana’s thumb into mouth and began sucking it and twirling her tongue around it like she had treated Dana’s clitoris. Underneath the two, the ejaculate spilled by Dana had been smeared and spread by both of their hands until a slick coating covered both of their pubic areas. Violett’s moans came out long and regular, her responsiveness drew away but she kept her massaging finger gently stirring Dana’s vagina, her rump held high and her crotch exposed to Dana’s rolling lunges.

Dana assumed the same detachment, resting all but her thrusting hips and cleverly digging fingers. She focused on her own pleasure and enjoyed Violett’s freely offered sexuality. She let her finger probe back, down over Violett’s slit to her vagina. She felt her penis sliding over it and into Violett. She marveled at the sensation and then followed her plunging member into the slick, snug hole. She delighted in tickling her own clit as it fucked into her friend. Yes, she loved that word now.

Dana soon felt another of her own orgasms approaching and rather than negotiate it into a fitting opportunity, she let it come at its own pace. Dana’s hips spastically slammed tight against her lover and as electric joy surged through her every nerve she gushed another dose of her emissions over both women’s busy hands. Undaunted by the release, Dana sought what lie beyond it and continued her exertion against beautiful Violett’s backside. She returned her fingers to her lover’s clitoris and then slowly abandoned her consciousness. She eventually became lost in the steady drip-feed of pleasure. She lapsed into the same state as Violett and began the same long, droning moans of absent delight. On it went.

Their struggle became weaker and weaker until either barely moved at all but they held their connection, Dana’s penis lodged firmly in Violett’s pussy and each of them lost deep in the recesses of her own bliss.

The two absorbed lovers continued through the morning, pushing and straining against each other, writhing in their love dance, oblivious to the world. Violett quaked through many small eruptions. Dana’s next orgasm hit her like a convulsion, her ejaculate completely spent, came out a weak trickle.

Following her final orgasm, Dana seemed to be lost in the throes of her lust and just shivered and convulsed on Violett’s back. Alarmed, Violett rolled her off, knelt beside her and scooped her up in her arms. “Dana? Honey? Sweetie, come out of it.”

Dana bolted upright, “What! Wh-what!.”

“Shhh shh. It’s OK. You’re alright.” Violett held on to her and peppered her with kisses to calm her down.

Slowly regaining her awareness, Dana rested her head on the softness of Violett’s breast and let her fright be soothed away. The storm had passed. She was a helpless lump of raw emotions. Her exertions had left her in a daze that was too comfortable to disturb.

Dana wanted to reach out from her silence but she was overwhelmed by a flurry of strange feelings about herself, her needs, and her perennial values. It was a delirium of new and conflicting thoughts that swirled in her mind, clamoring for attention. She stayed them off and let her mind drift in the sweet, languid absence. She took note of each feeling and set them aside for later contemplation.

In this instant, she just wanted to relax in the soft comforting embrace. It felt familiar to her. It felt like the safety of her mother’s soothing hug. Another new feeling popped into her awareness – shame. What would her mother say about all this? She pushed that away for later, with the other feelings. The only feeling she felt like dealing with was gratitude. She felt she really should be thanking Violett for all she had given her. Yes, she must do that but to linger in this narcotic disconnection for just a while longer…

She wrapped her arms around Violett’s waist and held her firmly. She listened to the gentle thumping of her lover’s heart and tried to formulate in words the appreciation she needed to express. Her ravenous erection slowly wilted in want of Violett’s body. Her nipples softened from their alert yearning. The couple’s relationship silently transformed as they each adjusted to new roles, the people they were outside this room.

Violett seemed to understand Dana’s reticence. It was not the time to push sensuality but rather to draw back to each other’s comfort zones. To make ready for the reemergence to the non-sexual world. To, perhaps, resurrect their relationship beyond the bed, as two friends with a secret bond.

The moment was priceless to both of them and they would have clung to it indefinitely but the phone burst in upon their peace with an angry ring. Dana slowly rose and crawled over to answer it. “Hello,” she said, weakly.

“Yes. This is the front desk,” came a nasally female voice. “It is now 11 o’clock. Check out time is noon. Would you like to check out or will you be staying with us another night?”

“No. I’ll be checking out at noon,” answered Dana. She felt awkwardly exposed, talking to this woman from the love-nest of another.

“Alright then,” the oblivious woman replied. “Shall I put this charge on your card?”

“Yes, that will be fine.”

“We hope you enjoyed your stay. Please come again.”

Dana just hung up the phone. Her exciting adventure was over. She felt like a kid at the end of a carnival ride. And, embarrassingly, she had yet to absolve herself with Violett. She knelt by the nightstand, in the same fuzzy-headed silence.

“Come on, honey,” said Violett, sliding off the bed and standing in front of Dana. “There’s time to get cleaned up. Let me help you.” She reached around her shoulders and helped Dana to her feet. It was not the lust filled embrace they shared the night before but a helpful one as Dana leaned against her friend to be guided to the bathroom.

Violett turned on the water for the shower and tested it. She took a towel from the rack, bent over and wrapped it around her hair and tied it into a quick knot. She stood up and looked into Dana’s eyes. Her smile was warm and understanding.

Dana returned her smile and opened her mouth to speak. ‘Tell her! Tell her she is the most wonderful being you have ever known! Tell her you cannot thank her enough and you will never forget her!’ Dana’s mind screamed for her to say. Nothing came out, she just smiled and stroked Violett’s back.

Violett took hold of her elbow and assisted her to step into the tub, showing her more nurturing comfort than any lover ever had. The warm water was a treat in itself and Dana retreated further into herself. She felt no ill will toward Violett, on the contrary, she felt warmth and companionship but she was becoming afraid her silence was giving the opposite impression. They quietly shared their shower, took turns under the spray and washed away their passion’s residue. Dana looked imploringly into Violett’s eyes trying to convey what she could not say. Violett patted her on the cheek, smiled and nodded her head. She seemed to comprehend Dana’s contemplative mood, like she had seen it before or had maybe felt it herself at some time.

After their shower they dried off and then set about getting dressed. Dana had travelling clothes already laid out and her bags were packed. She placed her clothes from last night in the shopping bag and then got herself dressed.

Violett’s chore was less complex. She stuffed her stockings, garter belt and slip in her bag and then began dressing from the pile on the floor. Dana watched her and slowly began to grasp what hitherto insurmountable barriers this modest heroine had knocked down for her. She wondered what Violett would go home to, what champion would rise for her causes. She became very sad for her and felt like crying. That is when the dam burst and Dana finally spoke her gratitude. She gathered Violett in her arms and gave her a warm hug.

“Oh, Violett. I… I…,” she sobbed. “Can I ever thank you enough? Last night meant so much to me. You were so wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Violett returned the embrace and they held each other like two long parted friends.

“I’m so glad,” whispered Violett. “You’re a wonderful young lady. And if you can’t find a guy to figure that out, you can always count on me.”

Dana pulled back to gauge her admission.

Violett looked at her imploringly. “Here,” she said. She used the pen from the dresser and quickly jotted something down on the note pad before tearing off the sheet and handing it to Dana. “Call me,” said Violett. “Any time. Even if you just want to talk.”

Dana read the note. It was her name – her whole name – with a phone number and an address. It was a very imprudent gesture, especially for a professional. Dana took it to mean genuine concern about her as a person, not just about sex.

Violett handed her a tissue and kissed her cheek. “I mean it,” she said, almost as if reading Dana’s mind. “You’re a cherished part of me now. I’ll always be here for you.” She lifted Dana’s chin and looked her directly in her eyes. “We had better say our goodbyes here,” whispered Violett. “Outside is another world.”

Dana finished drying her eyes and then threw her arms around Violett and hugged her tight. Their embrace was long and silent, temple to temple; they gathered the last semblance of each other’s essence to commit to memory. A clattering noise from parking lot jolted them from their observance. They kissed again – not the lust crazed frenzy, but a sincere and respectful exchange of farewells. They separated and picked up their things. It was time to go.

Dana was first out of the room with her bags and made directly for the trunk of her car. Violett closed the door and followed. After Dana had opened the trunk and placed her bags inside she turned to her friend to speak again of her special gratitude. “I…,” she began but Violett turned her head and glanced to alert Dana of the cleaning woman pulling her cart up the walk. Dana bit her lip in frustration. Violett gave her a smile and a wink then just slowly backed toward her car.

That would have to do for a goodbye. Dana closed her trunk and got into her car hoping she would not break down again. She backed out of her spot and catching Violett’s face as she looked over her shoulder she brushed away a tear and waved solemnly to her Angel of Lost Girls.

As she drove down the lot and to the street, Dana glanced back in her rear view mirror. Violett still stood there where she left her, in a wide, relaxed stance, watching Dana drive away. Mascara smeared eyes. Her hair hung in a tussled muss about her head and shoulders. Her blouse spilled out loosely around her waist and her skirt was a cascade of wrinkles. Used and bedraggled as she was, she was still the most beautiful woman Dana had ever seen.

A gap opened in traffic and Dana pulled out onto the street. A short block later she was on the freeway. She felt confident, validated, revitalized. Maybe Violett had meant everything she said. Maybe it wasn’t all just part of the show. Maybe Dana possessed the charms to capture the wanton woman’s heart. She knew she would come back someday soon to test her flesh against the pretty call-girl again. She didn’t know where it would lead, but it was such a delightful notion to hold on to. All she knew for certain was that she would arrive home a surer, wiser woman than when she left. For now, that was priceless to her.

The End