Crazy Night in Berlin (True Story)

A little about me: My name is Adam. I’m in my late twenties, 6’1 and well-muscled. I’ve got hard pecs, abs, and big biceps, but I’m lean, coming in at around 230 lbs. My dad is a massive black dude and my mom is a fiery Latina. I’m the youngest of four boys so I’m very competitive and grew up on a farm before moving to a city for college. Not to sound conceited, but I’m classically very handsome and clean cut with a short, tidy beard. My dick is just over 7 inches and thick. Basically, I consider myself a 10 and I’ve never had a problem getting girls. In university I started to get more and more experimental with sex. In my later university years, I started doing trips to Europe almost entirely for the sexual experiences and eventually got way into group sex. This is my first time posting any of my experiences, but this is just one more thing I’m trying out. This is the story of – not my first – but my best ever threesome. Surprisingly, it was with another guy and not two girls. I should also mention up front that I don’t consider myself bi or anything, but I’m easy going and open to engaging with other men in the bedroom if it helps me get to the goal.

A few years ago, when I was backpacking through Germany, I was spending the night in a hostel in Berlin. As I was going down to the hostel bar, I put on the one of the outfits I brought specifically for picking up girls: a pink cotton button-down with the top two buttons left undone and a pair of tight tan pants. My plan was to meet a girl in the hostel and find a place to fuck (bathroom, alleyway, etc because the rooms were shared).

When I got down to the bar I went to the counter and ordered a shot and a gin and soda (I rarely drink beer to avoid the calories). As I sipped my drink I looked around and was disappointed to see that the pickings that night were scarce. The bar was decently full, but the girls just weren’t doing it for me. If you’re going to risk an indecent exposure fine, you want it to be worth it.

After looking around at the bar for a few minutes, a man came up next to me to order a drink. I’m not ashamed to admit that when I saw his face I recognized that he was maybe the most attractive man I’ve ever met in real life. I struck up a conversation and we started quietly talking about the “lack of talent” in the bar. His name was Oliver and he was from a community outside of London. He was probably an inch or two taller than me and wearing a tight black v-neck tshirt that his muscles could be traced through. He had long hair which was wrapped up in a man bun and a chiselled jaw with dark scruff. After we chatted for a while he asked if I wanted to go to a local bar a few blocks away and be each other’s wingman. I readily accepted.

Fast forward to us at the other bar chatting up these two girls in a booth. One of them was local to Berlin and the other was Spanish but living in Berlin for a work contract. The two of them worked on the same floor in the office (not that that’s important). Anyway, Oli’s chatting up the Spanish girl, who’s name is Amy and I’m talking to the German, Stella. Amy is the classic Spanish beauty with medium pert tits and a crazy ass. Tan skin, long dark hair, wearing a short summer dress. Stella was tall, slim, and blonde. After about an hour of chatting, the girls go to the bathroom together. When they come back, Stella says she’s going to head out for the night. I’m surprised because I thought she was a sure thing: touching my arm, playing with her hair, etc., but then I figure she just wants me that bad so I walk with her outside and ask if I can walk her home. She takes my arm and kisses me. She’s being soft, but then slips her tongue in my mouth, so I put my hands on her hips and lift her off the ground, turning her and pressing her gently into the wall of the bar so I can turn up the pressure. She grunts softly with pleasure and moved her hands to rub my cock over my pants. I cupped her ass and squeezed her cheeks, lifting her up again slightly. She moved her mouth to kiss my neck and then whispers in my ear, teasingly: “Sorry cowboy – I would love to – but you’ve got other plans tonight.” I pulled back a little to give her a questioning look but she’s smiling at me cheekily and gives my now hard cock a squeeze. She asks for my phone and adds herself to my WhatsApp and tells me to get back in the bar and to take care of Amy. Then she winked at me, gave me one more quick kiss and was off. Flabbergasted, I wait for a minute so my cock can settle and I head back to the booth, where Amy and Oli were sitting very close. I try to shake it off and join back in the conversation for a few minutes before Amy says: “Now that Stella’s gone, we don’t have to stay here…want to go back to my place for a few more drinks?” As she says this, Amy put a hand on each of our legs. Oli and I lock eyes and we know what’s up. Luckily, we’re on the same page. To demonstrate our understanding, he reaches around and firmly grabs her ass; I put my hand on her inner thigh not three inches from her pussy.

Her apartment wasn’t too far and we were fondlingly and rubbing her the whole way. When we arrived, she wasted no time in taking us by the hand and leading us to her bedroom. She said playfully: “I’m going to grab a bottle of wine, give you boys a minute to strategize.” I turned to Oliver as soon as she was gone and asked what the game plan was. He replied with a grin “It’s fucking Christmas mate, I’ll start high you start low but let’s just make it a night.” He paused before adding: “And, euh, I don’t know what you’re limits are, but just know that I don’t have any.” With that, he leaned over and gave my ass a smack. I returned the favour with a crack. Oliver had a hungry glint in his eye and I knew that we were going to be trying to out maneuver each other for top-dog status. We were both throwing some big dick energy and I was excited to see how that played out. I’d been in another threesome with another guy before this one, but there I was in charge and he just fucked how and when I told him to – I didn’t see that being the case tonight.

A moment later, Amy appeared with bottle of wine in hand. She leaned in the door taking us in. She took a swing of bottle and sauntered in. I took the bottle from her hands, pulled from it and handed it to Oli. I laid Amy down on the bed and she undid the buttons on my shirt while we made out. Oli put the bottle on the nightstand and pulled his shirt over his head and then started working on taking her dress off of her while kissing her neck. She was running one hand over each of our chests and abs, feeling our muscles. Once he had unzipped the dress, Amy wriggled away to stand up and let it fall to the floor. Amy would have been worth a hundred indecent exposure tickets: flawless tan skin, lacey bra and thong, slim waist and a round ass. Oli stood with her and undid her bra. He started squeezing and playing with her nipples for a moment before I moved to her right boob and started sucking it. Oli moved in closer to start making out with her and I was free to play with her tits. After both her nipples were hard and I had extracted a few moans from around Oli’s tongue, I started guiding one of my hands down to her thong and began exploring her clean shaven pussy. Even after rubbing her clit for just a moment and then slipping one finger inside her, I could feel her getting wet. She was tight but slick, so I could slip two fingers in easily to punctuate my assault on her clit.

She detached herself from Oli’s face and then slipped down onto her knees. We stood on either side of her and she undid his belt and then mine. I distinctly remember hoping while she was undoing our belts that my dick would be bigger than Oli’s. He was taller, had the sexy accent, and was arguably more handsome than me, the last thing I wanted to see flop out of his pants at that moment was a horse cock. Luckily, my prayers were answered! As she started jacking us off I was pleased to see that even though our dicks were about the same length (from eyeballing it I’d say mine was longer) I was noticeably thicker. He must have misinterpreted my watching his cock grow, because he took my face in one hand and pulled me in for a deep kiss. I reciprocated because, like I said, a) I don’t give a shit, and b) nobody could be straight enough not to kiss that face. I remember the scratch of his stumble and, luckily for me, Amy was obviously way into it because she started jacking us off faster and it was clear the kiss turned her on. Our mouths weren’t together for more than 20 seconds before I pulled my face back so as to moan and loudly say “fuuuck” in surprised ecstasy, as Amy put her mouth around my cock and started blowing me. She really knew what she was doing: went about half way down the shaft on the first go, then pulled back and worked the tip with her tongue before diving down and deep-throating my now rock-hard cock. She started bobbing up and down just a little so I was fucking her throat without more than an inch or two of my shaft ever leaving her mouth. She gagged occasionally, but showed no signs it bothered her. As she took my dick completely out of her mouth and started sucking on my balls, Oli asked: “That looks pretty good man, how’s it feel?” I replied: “Feels fucking amazing man, I think she’s about to earn herself a real fucking.” She then turned her mouth on Oliver’s dick and he confirmed that she was a pro by moaning and then leaning over her to kiss me again while using a hand to drive Amy’s head up and down his shaft. We kept that up for a few moments while Amy quickly went back and forth between us, servicing us with her mouth until I bent and scooped her up under the arms and threw her back onto the bed. She laid on her back and had a “come and get me” smile as she motioned for Oli to come over by her face.

I positioned my face between her legs and started eating her pussy, getting it wet again. After so much practice, I am really good at eating pussy and within a few minutes, while she was sucking Oli’s cock, I had her grinding on my face until finally I felt her shudder and suddenly she was considerably wetter and moaning. I stood up and wiped her juices off my face. Oli made a joke about how I should do that again because he liked feeling her moaning like that with his cock down her throat.

I was about to start fucking her when I stopped dead for a second and made eye contact with Oli. The question in my eyes: “condoms?”. He thought about it for a second and then did a little shrug, which would have been good enough for me even before Amy pulled Oli’s balls out of her mouth to whisper, “Fuck me, now, I want that cock inside me” which was definitely good enough for me.

As I always do, I entered her slow, feeling her walls grip the first half of my cock, then I slid out, slowly, and then back in, this time all the way, taking the time at the end of my slo-mo thrust to press our pelvises together hard, in order to get all of me inside her, feel every ridge and fold on the inside of her pussy stretch and stimulate my shaft. She quietly moaned “oh god, yes” and I started to pick up the pace a little bit. Oli came around to her side and started rubbing her clit with his hand while kissing her and sucking her nipples and that really got her going. Again, I could feel her getting wetter and wetter until she came again. The shuddering of her vaginal walls felt awesome on my dick and I didn’t slow my pace. Oli pulled his wet fingers away and instructed her to suck on them while I continued to fuck her.

When she settled down after that orgasm I decided I didn’t want to get too worked up too quickly so I pulled out and went around to her face, telling her to taste her cum on my dick. She started licking my dick like a popsicle but then pulled on my leg to indicate she wanted to be right under me. As I positioned my ass over her face, cheeks slightly spread, Oli began his turn fucking her. Rimming clearly wasn’t her expertise, so I wasn’t too upset when I moved to accommodate Oli’s powerful thrusts and the moving of the bed. Every time he plowed into her now I could hear that iconic skin-on-skin collision. I love that sound and realized we weren’t taking advantage of Amy’s bubble butt. I said to Oli: “Flip her over Oli. I want to watch her ass quake while she chokes on my cock.” With a chuckle, “Fuck Adam, read my mind.” Then he had her flip over and thrust hard into her again, he leaned down and whispered in her ear, “you like that, huh? Me drilling you from behind while you polish Adam’s fat cock?” She moaned louder both for the last thrust and the dirty talk. “Yes, fuck me” she begged “slap my ass and fuck me harder”.

Oli was happy to oblige and spanked her three times in quick succession, each resulting in a satisfying crack and a nice red mark. Then he started fucking her again. It was quite a sight for me to behold: beautiful girl slobbering on my dick, deep throating in time with Oli’s thrusts, each of which was forcing her forward with the slap of his balls swinging into her and her ass cheeks rippling on impact. Then I noticed Oli was picking up the pace and was now rapid fire fucking her. His bun had come a little undone and some strands were sticking to his face. There was a look building on his face that I recognized, but I wasn’t ready for him to blow his load yet – I had more plans. So I pulled my cock out of Amy’s mouth and took one for the team; I made my way to stand next to him and put a hand on his chest. Almost reflexively he pulled in to kiss me again – which required him to slow down the fucking – and then when I had him I turned his body towards me, pulling his dick out of Amy. As he turned, it slapped me in the leg and I noticed how wet it was, so I felt bad for interrupting her good time, but promised myself I’d make it up to her.

She flipped and lay back on her back with her hand on her clit watching us kiss. She grabbed the wine, drank, and said: “You two are so sexy, oh God just look at you”. We broke apart and stood in front of her in all of our glory. I started flexing a little and Oliver followed suit, our hard cocks flopping around in front of us. She just kept on staring and rubbing her pussy. I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her up to me and kissed her before reaching down to her crotch and whispering in her ear loud enough for Oliver to hear: “Now I’m going to fuck your tight little pussy again while Oli here puts his cock deep in your ass.” I felt her shudder again with excitement. She instructed Oli as to in what drawer he could find a bottle of lube while I laid down and she straddled my dick. She lowered herself down and started grinding on it. It felt amazing to be so deep inside her, I loved the way she managed to rub the head of dick against her hot wet insides. Oliver took a dollop of lube and started working it into her asshole, forcing her forward so our mouths were together again and onto his dick. She buried her face in my neck and whispered excitedly “I want both of these cocks inside me” and bit my neck playfully. She and I both stopped grinding as Oli lined up his slippery cock and slowly began to push his way in. She moaned loudly the entire time so I wasn’t surprised to hear Oliver say “Shit dude, this might be the tightest asshole I’ve ever fucked”. And with how slow he was going and the reapplication of lube he did after his first test thrust, I believed him. But finally, he was balls deep in her ass and I was balls deep in her pussy. Our sacks were touching on the outside and I could feel the shape of his dick going in and out of her on the inside. I started grinding my hips again just a little, because he had to drive in this position and he started gently thrusting. She was moaning again so he started thrusting harder and I started grinding deeper, while still being careful not to let my cock pop out. It was a tight fit, but I also managed to snake a hand down there and started rubbing her clit while Oliver took her tits in his massive hands. She began breathing more and more heavily, moaning louder and louder, asking us not to stop fucking her. She was clearly building to a big orgasm and Oli started egging her on: “You liked getting fucked like this, don’t you? Two big cocks so deep in you? Cum for me again babe, I want to hear you scream from getting fucked so good.” I added as I started to rub her clit faster and Oli fucked as hard as practicable in this position: “I want to feel you cum all over this dick, yeah. How’s it feel to have two cocks fucking you at once?” She could only moan and grunt back to us and the whole thing became too much after a couple of minutes – finally, she yelled “OH MY GOD BOTH YOUR COCKS FEEL SO FUCKING GOOD FUCK” and moaned deeper than before. She straightened her legs a little bit so that both of us came out of her and started squirting all over my cock and hips. She started rubbing her pussy while squatting over me and had a consecutive organism, gushing juices while repeatedly yelling “fuck”. Oliver grabbed her face and pulled it back towards his to kiss her in order to quiet her down. A small wet spot formed on either side of me, but I had received the brunt of the blast and I loved it.

I think I might have blacked out from horniness at that point because I remember knowing that Oliver left to go to the bathroom to wash his dick off but the next thing I knew I was fucking her as hard as I could doggy-style, fast, kneeling on one knee with a foot planted by her knees, both hands on her hips pushing and pulling her back hard. She was throwing herself back each time, yelling “oh god! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Your cock is so fucking big, stretch my tight little little pussy with that fat cock oh god yes fuck me fuck me! Oh my god you fuck me so good! Please cum for me baby, I want your cum!” Each thrust I heard the added slap caused by her pussy juices that were covering my waist and quads. Oliver was back in the room with a mesmerized look on his face – no way was he going to try and interfere with this. The combination of the recent squirt, compliments to my dick, and tightness of doggy style had me where I needed to be so I pulled out and came hard on her back. It had been nearly a week since I had last cum and we had been fucking for roughly an hour to this point so I gave her a proper cum shower – ropes of jizz streamed over her back and stood out against her skin. I felt like the cum was being pulled out of my very soul and electricity bounced from joint to joint throughout my body. If I wasn’t already kneeling, I could have fallen over. I kissed her deeply before telling her I want to watch my friend cum all over her pretty little face and giving her ass a hard smack.

Oliver’s little run to the bathroom had put a lot of gas back in his tank (more than I expected) so he started on bottom, bouncing her up and down his long cock for a few minutes. By the time they flipped and he pulled her over the side of the bed so he could fuck her standing up with her feet around his ears, my dick was starting to get hard again and I regretted cumming first. When she looked back on this night, I didn’t want the last thing she remembered to be Oliver pounding her. Oli started really drilling her again, making the bed bounce into the wall and I could see he was going to blow soon while I just stood there stroking my dick. But he didn’t go right away, he brushed the hair out of his and then pushed her legs so her feet were over her head, giving him unrestricted access to her pussy. They went back and forth: “You’re just a dirty little slut aren’t you? Covered in cum already and you can’t wait to be fucked by me? You like sliding around in another man’s cum while he watches me fuck your tight cunt?” “Yes I can’t get enough of your dick, I’m your little slut tonight, keep fucking my pussy like, you’re so deep! You felt so good in my ass but this is better.” Finally, after 15 minutes without me in the mix, during which time Amy was able to reach another screaming orgasm by rubbing her clit in time to Oli’s pounding, Oli cried out some curses and blew his nuts on Amy’s face. She smiled and wiped it up and licked her finger. I, however, decided that I wasn’t going to be outdone that night and swooped Amy up as she was walking out to the bathroom. I then negotiated her legs around my waist, put my hands under her ass, and lifted her up and down on my re-hardened cock, saying “You didn’t think we were done with you yet, did you?”.

Oli laughed triumphantly and stood behind her and bore some of the weight by lifting her ass and pushing it down in time for a more powerful fuck. He kissed her neck and whispered dirty things about loving watching her get fucked like this and about how we’d fuck her until she couldn’t walk tomorrow. Eventually I got tired and tossed Amy onto the bed where I fucked her missionary as hard as I could until I could feel the cum creeping up my cock again. Oli kneeled by her face the whole time and she sucked on him, but he wasn’t go to get hard enough to fuck her again in time. I asked Oliver where he wanted me to cum on her and said “cover her tits” so I took a last few strokes and then pulled up, stepped over her and stroked my dick fast and hard until another spray (this one kind of piddly) shot out onto her tits. She rubbed it around her nipples and then put her fingers in her mouth again.

Then we collapsed together on the bed, sweaty and disgusting but so happy. Both Oliver and I spent the night, and then we fucked Amy again together in the morning before heading back to our hostel. In the morning we each only came once but she asked that we both creampie her, so I came in her first and then Oli spent a few minutes fucking her with my cum oozing out around his dick and then he blew his load inside her too. She sucked the combination of our cum off his dick and then we got dressed. First thing we did when we got back was to swap into the same room so we could continue “wing-manning” for each other for the rest of our stay in Berlin. From that and two subsequent trips, I have accumulated more than one more awesome sex story involving Oliver (including one where we have sex in adjacent rooms and try to out perform, one where we fuck Amy again but with a friend of hers in on it too, and another one where we go to a straight up sex party). He and I are still friends, and keep in touch. Let me know if you want to hear more of my stories or if there is a “category” of sex you want (i.e. – one on one, cheating girlfriend, threesomes, group, kinkier stuff, etc).

P.S. – After chatting and exchanging nudes for two days with Stella, I was also finally able to seal the deal with her too.