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It was the spring of my eighth-grade year and I was 14 years old. I lived
in a small rural community in the Midwest that had more farm animals than
people. And no, that is not a joke. But sarcasm aside, I really enjoyed
life in this agricultural town. People were neighborly and we all knew each
other. It was impossible to go to town without spending half your time
talking to folks and catching up on their lives.

That year I had decided to get a part-time job after school and on

weekends. There were a number of farmers and ranchers in the area that were

eager to hire teenagers to help around their properties. I landed a job

with a local cattle rancher two miles down the road from my home.

Mr. Williams, the ranch owner, was semi-retired. Over the past few years he

had gradually reduced the size of his herd. He had also transitioned to

some extent to the business side of the ranch rather than the physical

labor side. He was a good-natured man and seemed to be genuinely happy in


I had been working for Mr. Williams for about two weeks. I was familiar

with ranch-hand work, having grown up in an area where nearly everyone was

a farmer or rancher, so I didn’t need a lot of instruction. He basically

laid out my chores and I went to work.

On this particular Saturday Mr. Williams and his wife were waiting in their

pickup truck as I rode up their driveway on my bike. Mr. Williams motioned

to me through his open window. “Good morning, Mr. Williams,” I said.

“Good morning, Evan,” he replied. Mrs. Williams nodded to me. “Betty and I

are headed across the state for some official business. You know, banking

and lawyer shit.” Mrs. Williams huffed her disapproval of her husband’s

language, shaking her head. I had a feeling she shook her head a lot.

“We’ll be back later this evening. You know what do. Have a good day.”

“Yes, sir,” I replied and watched them drive off. I dismounted my bike,

leaned it against the garage, and headed to the barn. I began by dispensing

some hay and feed for the cattle. Whenever I did this the herd always

seemed to know and started moving my way. After that I began tossing some

bales of hay from the upper level down to the ground for stacking and

future use.

After about two hours of work I had to pee. Although there’s an outhouse on

the far side of the barn, I decided to just relieve myself off to the side

of the barn near the fence. The property was set back from the road a

distance and there was no one else around. Walking over to my chosen spot,

I double checked to make sure no one else was around, then unbuttoned and

unzipped my jeans. I stood there peeing for a minute or so, enjoying the

feeling of relief that only a good piss can provide. Upon finishing I did

the compulsory shake/squeeze and was preparing to tuck everything back in

when I sensed movement behind me. I turned and saw one of the younger cows,

about six months old, walking up to me.

“Hey there, gal,” I said. I recognized her as Lucy. Mrs. Williams always

named all the new calves, much to Mr. William’s consternation. *Why in the

world would you name a cow you’re going to eat?* was his way of thinking. I

watched as Lucy walked around to my right and stood beside me. She turned

her head toward me and nudged me slightly with her nose. Every time I tried

to tuck myself back in and zip up, she nudged my hand and messed me up. I

chuckled to myself.

Then suddenly, without any warning, Lucy lurched forward and hit me hard,

her 300-pound body causing me to lose my balance. I fell to my left and

landed on a pile of hay. I rolled from my side to my back preparing to get

up and try to regain some dignity, but before I could do this Lucy moved in

aggressively and put her mouth on my cock!

I laid there for a moment in shock. Cows were known to nudge people with

their noses and maybe even gently nip at their hands, but I had never heard

of or imagined anything like this. I put both of my hands on her face and

tried to push her away. “Scoot! Go!” I yelled, but nothing happened. No

matter how hard I pushed or tried to twist my body away, I couldn’t get out

of her mouth.

Lucy’s mouth had an ironclad grip. She kept sucking on my rod, the suction

of her mouth so strong that she literally lifted me off of my butt. She was

also slathering my cock head with her tongue. At first her tongue felt

really rough, almost like sandpaper, but it quickly began to feel good. As

I laid there on my backside struggling to get up and away, I found myself

strangely conflicted. Even though this scene was perverted and gross, I

couldn’t deny that it felt good, really good.

Despite my initial shock and revulsion, and a good deal of embarrassment, I

stopped fighting Lucy and just laid there taking it all in. My entire cock

disappeared into her hungry mouth, the powerful suction pulling me in all

the way to the root. In fact, her sucking was so strong that she continued

to lift me up off the ground. On top of that her wet, sloppy tongue was

bathing my pole in her thick saliva. She was licking and sucking me for all

she could.

Since she had only recently been weaned from her mother, I assumed that she

thought my cock was a teat and would produce milk. Ironically, she was

right. If she kept this up, I was going to give her a massive load of my

teenage cream. And keep it up she did.

Lucy continued to work me mercilessly for about five minutes. She was

sucking and grunting as she worked my boy teat, and I was grunting and

sweating in response. It wasn’t a warm day by any means, but I was dripping

in sweat. I had never experienced anything like this and was enjoying it


But alas, all good things must end. I felt my orgasm begin to rise deep in

my groin, and I knew Lucy was about to get her reward. Lucy appeared

completely oblivious to my predicament. She just continued to lick, suck,

and tug on my groin. Suddenly it happened.

My penis and groin exploded in pleasure. I leaned back flat and my hips

arched up uncontrollably and I cried out in relief. “Ohh!! Ohh!! Ohh!!

Ugh!!! Argh!!! Argh!!! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!” My teenage reproductive system

spasmed and spurted like never before. I felt long, massive ropes of my

young semen jet from my penis into Lucy’s hungry mouth. My entire body

trembled as she continued that powerful sucking, never easing for a moment.

About 30 seconds after draining my balls, Lucy stopped sucking and released

me. I laid there looking up at her, my head spinning and my eyes nearly

crossed from the intensity of the pleasure. My package tingled in the

afterglow, my sweat-drenched body laying there exhausted as I gasped for


Lucy gave my cock a gentle nudge then turned and walked away. Apparently

she had gotten what she wanted. Damn, that selfish cow!

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