Cousin's wife

I am abhi 25 years. This is a real incident two years ago. I have a cousin brother who got married to sreya, 5.6 feet , fair looking 27 years old girl.
After there marriage both of them visited my home and we went out for site seeing and all.
After some days due to srike my college was closed for 1 week. At that time I decided to to spend those days there. When I reached there we all went out for shopping, hangouts etc. At that time me and sreya beacame to close. After that I came back home. My cousin was working abroad. So after 2 months he went back to his work site. So she got stuck there because there was only his mother. She have no way to go out, because she was new to that place.

At that time my semester got over and when I texted her this thing she invited me to her home, because she was bored. So I went there. When she saw me, she became happy. I talked a lot and played video games together. At night room arranged for me was upstairsand the opposite room was her. I said good night and went to my bed. After half an hour I got a text message from her.."Did you sleep".. I replayed "No"… Then She texted.." If you are not sleepy let’s talk..come to my room".. I got little bit confused to go to her room at this night.

I slowly opened my door, I found that all the lights in ground floor was switched off, So mother went to sleep. I went towards her rrom and knocked. She opened the doorand invited me.

She was wearing a long top and leggings. I dont felt anything towards her. We both sat on the bed and continued talking. She was laying in the bed and I am sitting near by. Suddenly her phone ringed. She turned around to her left. At thta time her top moved little upwards. There I saw her stomach and her panties through the white leggings. She was a MILF. So that seen made me horny.

I starred at her legs. After the phone, she started talking. But in between all these things, I am looking at her legs and panties.

So I ddecided to play a game. I said to her " I am feeling sleepy" and slowly lay on a corner of the bed. She did’t care about that and she continued. Unfortunately I fell asleep.

Suddenly she called me and said "Either go to your room or lay properly" . A spark in my mind and I lay beside her in a sleepy appearance. She switched off the light and lay beside me. I don’t think she had any intension towards me. She consideredd me as a brother . After some time I slowly touches her hand, but she didn’t reacted. That indicates she was asleep.

Then I slowly put my hand on her ass. Then I started moving my hands around her leg. These things make me horny as well as wild. That is the first time, a girl sleep beside me. Then I hugged her tightly, Then she opened her eyes, ath that time I acted as it was happened in between my sleep. She didn’t react. There I can felt the breath because her nose was toching my chest.

That time I couldn’t control myself. I sat over her and started kissing her lips by holding her hands tightly.That kiss lasts for 5 minutes. Then I released her. In an anger and fear she asked me " what did you do"… "I am your cousin sister".

I smiled and said" Nobody will know these..plase co operate". But she refused. But I said "think.. I can make you high".. She kept silent.

I then pressed her boobs, but she din do anything, that made me to remove her clothes completely and I started licking her body from top to bottom. I started fingering her shaved pussy.

She moaned lightly. I inserted my middle fingure deep inside. I can understand the feel from her body. I asked wether any condom..She told me that was in th cupboard. I put one condom and started fucking. I fucked her hard.

We both slept in nude that full night.For the next 2 weeks I was her sex partner and we done so many dirty stuffs also.

Now she is a mother of a 1 years old child..(NB:The child is not mine….)