Chapter II By With_lust (Challenge WInner)

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Chapter II Challenge

By With_lust

“Denise?” Tentative knocks on a door, swung it further in with each tap. “Denise… this is hard for me.” Gloria ignored

the, “Get out,” and tried to ignore the, she supposed it was dance music. But the mechanical thrum was nothing

like she had listened to as a teenager. “Did I overhear you saying you were going to make love to a boy tonight?”

“No Ma, I said I was going to fuck him.” The light voice of teenage girl with an edge, “Big difference.”

“Honey, you should be a virgin on your special day, like I was.” Not that she felt different the day after.

“Ha! His ass might be a virgin but I’d doubt I’d keep him cherry that long.” She turned back to her laptop. Clicked on

Iggy and the music changed. “You’re three years to late anyway.”

The older woman slumped against the door. “Three years? But then you were only… you’re only seventeen.”

“Almost eighteen, besides I’ve been on the internet in places you couldn’t dream of.”

“You’ve been sexually active for three years?”

“Yeah, get with the program. The first time was pretty bad. Sad really…” Awkward came to mind.

“But the next one was good. Now the third guy was great. I rode him till I broke him. Of course I didn’t

have a strap on back then so I rode him cowgirl till it wouldn’t work anymore. He was slick with my cum

all the way to his chin. Now I peg them till they squeal.”


“Yeah, strap on a cock and fuck his ass till he breaks. And they break. They all do. You really

don’t know a man till you’ve pegged him to a wall.”

“You fuck them?” It was too much. “Please turn off that music. It’s disgusting. How can you listen

to it? Oh my god, are they talking about…”

“Pussy, They’re talking about eating pussy.” Denise spread her legs and ran a hand below her skirt.

“So were you really a virgin?”


“God what a fool.”

“I’m not a fool.” Her mouth was going dry. She needed a drink

“Well it explains how you got stuck with a dickless wonder.”

“Don’t say that about your father, and how would you know anyway?”

“Family beach time Mom, his moose knuckle looks like a doggy’s paw.”

“Moose knuckle?”

“Do you even know how out of it you are? You’re like a refugee from that Amish show.”

“What Amish show?”

“Pick any of them they’re all the same. Clueless and in need of a good fuck.”

“Why are you saying these things?”

“Maybe I’m tired of this fake family. Pretending everything is great. Maybe because I watched you eat shit

from grandma for years. Maybe I was just waiting for you to get up the nerve to have a mother daughter chat.”

She stared at her mother’s eyes. “Wait are you drunk again?”

“No, I’m not, certainly not drunk…” Her voice fell off, “we’re not fake.”

“But you’ve had a few. Drinks anyway. Ever have an orgasm?”

“No.” Her eyes welled up.

“Fake orgasm, fake family.”

“You can’t miss what you’ve never had. And my mother was a saint.”

“Bullshit! You always miss what you don’t have, even if you don’t know it. And saint? God what a laugh.

I heard her rip you for years. She tore a little piece off you every day of your life, and glued em back on

with spit. One stiff breeze and you’d fall apart. Or are you going to melt in a bottle of Stoli?”

“I’m not…” the heels wobbled a little, “drunk.”

“Ever fuck around? No? No wonder you’re crazy, never had a good lay. Too bad, I always hoped

Daddy wasn’t our father.”

“Then you wouldn’t be here.”

“Oh I’d be here. I’d just be different. Maybe I’d have tits like you. Maybe you wouldn’t be a lush.”

“Dear you’re lovely, you have plenty on top.” Insincerity both recognized.

“All this,” Denise ran her hand across her bosom, “is a well crafted lie. You’ve given me nothing. Maybe I’ll

have Daddy buy me a pair since I’m as small as he. You gave Danny boy a cock as big as your tits.”

“Dan is big?”

“Get out of the bottle and maybe you’d notice him throwing a bone every time he looks at those puppies.”

Denise slid open the desk drawer, “Here’s what you need.” The massive dildo flopped out, jiggling on the desktop.

“Take that to the balls and you’ll… Well then you’ll know.”

“Are you insane?” She focused on the flopping mass of latex. “Who could take that?”

“Yeah I’m crazy. Who wouldn’t be in this place.” She grabbed the dong near the balls and shook the

monster in her mother’s face. “Anybody can take this. You just have to want it.” She tapped her

mother’s tits with it. Nipples prominent through the blouse. “You want it. You just have to admit it. Only one

thing of value in this world and if you touch it right, it’s a pleasure spike straight into your brain.

You’ve let yours go to waste your whole life.” The dildo tapped Gloria under her skirt. “I could turn you

into a pool of jelly. I could blow your brains right through your skull. But you’re still the scared little bitch that grandma made.”

“I’m not a bitch.” She looked down at the floor.

“Prove you’re not some beat down dog. Or do you need another drink first?” Denise held out the

pink pill with a smiley face. “Take this.”

“What is it?”

“Quit being your mama’s bitch and take it or I’ll shove it up your ass.” The helmet ran under the skirt and

along her pussy. “Down a shot with it and meet me by your bed.”

“But-” The dildo stopped her as it jabbed into her crotch.

“Shave that fucking twat too.” Gloria stared at the pill in her hand. “I said, now bitch!” Denise watched

her mother scurry out of the room. “I don’t want to see a fucking hair!”

T-shirt hit the floor. Denise stroked her fat pink nipple seemingly out of place on such a small breast.

Yeah, fake tits would do. Not as big as mom but something to give some shape. She dropped her

shorts and grabbed a garter belt. Black straps were going to frame her ass nicely. A full ass was her

major attribute. That and being forceful. Hose rolled up the smooth flesh of her legs. Locking into the

straps. She grabbed the harness inserting the monster. A small phallus locked into her pussy keeping

the harness from slipping. Black heels to clatter on the floor and intimidate. Delicate hands dug into

the dresser drawer and grabbed a crop and pairs of handcuffs. Bold and firm just like with your best

friend and you own her. Ten inches of manhood lanced before her as she strode toward her parents room.

“Get a move on slut!” She threw the cuffs on the bed.

“Coming.” Gloria emerged from the bathroom.

A gasp greeted Denise. She smiled at the sound. “Get on the bed.”

Gloria was frozen, staring at the massive dong between her daughter’s legs. The biggest cock she’d ever

seen. The only male appendage she’d seen other than her pitiful husband’s. A firm step and the crop connected

to Gloria’s hip breaking her amazement. “Get on the fucking bed!” Another snapping swat put Gloria in motion.

The bed bounced like her boobs. Ass jiggling as the crop made contact for a third time. A cuff slapped against

a wrist dragging it toward the bedpost. Her right arm was quickly captured as well. Head forced down into the pillow.

Gloria resisted but the hand gripped tight and pushed her down. When she stopped struggling the hand moved

back, stroking the older woman’s spine. The fingers felt the shivering, a quaking of the pale flesh. Slaps across

the full cheek of her ass. Gloria jumped as much as she could.

“Spread em bitch.” Knees went wider as the crop slid into the crack of the ass. “I should punish you.”


“Shut up you fucking cunt!” The crop came down squarely on the pussy. “I should punish you.” A sob brought

a daughter’s smile. “I know you resent me. Daddy’s wrapped around my little finger and you hate it.” The crop

slapped against the side of Gloria’s boob. “You always put me down whether you know it or not. Know why

Daddy gives me everything? Because the only woman a pathetic guy can satisfy is a daughter. He doesn’t

have to sexually perform for me.” Just a touch with crop brought a cry. “He just has to give me everything.

Everything I want. I should punish you. But I’m going to be generous. I’m going to make you a woman.”

Fingers ran along the vulva. “Smooth.” A finger slid along the crack. “Has the pill kicked yet. Does my voice feel

like a song?” Frilly pink flesh began to show. “Do you hear the music of my voice slut?”

A heavy moan, followed, “Yeesss!”

“There’s nothing but my fingers touching you, cunt. My fingers own you.” They stroked back and forth

dragging her to arousal. “Get wet for me slut.”

The voice was a lyric in a song about sex. A song Gloria was no longer deaf to. She could feel the voice

as much as she could feel the fingers opening her up. They played with her. They slid in the river

flowing down her thighs. They moved beside her clit. They ran alongside her engorged button. Her moaning

became part of the song and the percussion was starting to build.

“I’m going to own you slut. I enjoy owning people. Daddy gave me taste for it. The internet schooled it.

You’re never going to say no to me again. You’ll beg me to own you.” Denise felt the tremor as the pussy

took her fingers. “Here it comes slut.” Denise climbed behind her mother and slid the cock between moist lips.

It moved along the same path her fingers had traced. The fat head lingered at the edge of Gloria.

A slow thrust moved passed the opening.

Gasps! The moans. The first time she really felt something pushing her pussy apart.

“You’re tight slut. Enjoy it while it lasts.” She pushed, burying a third of the cock into flesh. She held there

while her whore adjusted to the monster. Her hand sank into the flesh of her mother’s ass. Pulling back

and then the plunge. She started to work up a rhythm. Going deeper. She felt the power in her own pussy.

It rocked her with each pump into her mom. The balls began to bang into her mother’s box, she was home.

Gloria remembered being called a slut by her mother. Why didn’t she see it as a challenge. The pressure

pushed her gushing walls apart. The drumming of her clit was vibrating her brain. Rising with every contact

of pelvis to ass. She bit the pillow, stifling the scream. “Oh my god!” Gloria shattered as the orgasm hit

and broke her. It wasn’t over. It would never be over. The song continued. Rising again. The cock between

her legs was everything. Time would never exist again as the velvet shocks came again.

Denise was sweating as she rode her mother down. A body limp on the bed. Sweat dripped onto the form.

Denise unlocked the harness and left the cock buried in her prize. She rolled off. And saw him standing in the

door. Naked. Grinning.

“That was so fucking hot.”

“Think you can do better, brother?”

“Sure I’ll take a ride.”

“You’ll owe me a hundred then. This ain’t free.” She looked at the body. “Got to hydrate my slut first, though.”

“How much to give you a ride then?” The hard flesh pulsed.

Denise wanted him, on her terms, “Just you, as my slave.”