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[The following is a fictional story about a young girl named Amber and her experiences with the paranormal. All writings of this story are completely fantasy and do not portray any persons in real life. ]

For as long as I could remember I have seen things move on their own or heard things that didn’t appear to be there. Like one moment a cup would be in one spot then when I looked at it again it would be in another spot. Things like this only seemed to happen when I was alone.

I think it started when I was around five or six years old. Random objects moving short distances without anyone touching them. I would hear footsteps or doors opening on their own. On occasion I would even feel like there was someone touching me.

Around when I turned fourteen, puberty hit me. One night after I had finished having my first period I was lying in bed reading. It was a book I had to read for school and I preferred to finish those kinds of assignments earlier rather than later. The book was flat on the bed and I was lying on my stomach, propping myself up with my elbows. The book was pretty good and I found myself getting really into it as I read, letting the rest of the world dim out in the background.

Everything was in complete silence until I heard the door creak. I quickly looked up from the book to check to see if someone was coming in. Of course no one was there though. The door was slightly open now where it had been mostly closed before. Stuff like that had been happening for years so I suppose I had just gotten used to it by now and easily went back to reading.

Every few minutes or so I moved my fingers to scratch an itch on my face. It felt like my hair was brushing along my skin so I kept pulling it back over my shoulders. As I continued to read it became more and more frequent until I had enough and got up. I grabbed a hair tie from my dresser and walked over to the mirror. I wasn’t much to look at back then. I had simply brown hair about shoulder length and matching eyes. I was pretty thin and my chest was flat while other girls at school had already started to develop.

I finished tying my hair into a ponytail and went back to get comfy on my bed again. This itching on my face seemed to have stopped after fixing my hair and I got back into reading again. Again my mind phased the world out as I read and again my concentration was broken by the feeling of something on my skin. I felt it on my neck this time, like something pressing again it. I moved my hand to rub at it only to feel it on the other side. With a sigh I got up again and went to the mirror.

Both sides of my neck had a small red mark now. As I leaned in closer to look I heard my door softly close. I spun around to look and it was in fact fully closed now.

“Hello?” I called out hoping one of my parents would respond.

I walked over and opened the door and looked out in the hall, but no one was there. I shut the door again and locked it this time even though my parents didn’t want me locking it. I got back into bed again and this time I rested sitting up against my pillows. It took longer this time, but I managed to get back into the book. After some time passed I felt the ‘itching’ on my face and neck again and kept rubbing at them. By now I figured I had probably been bitten by a mosquito or something.

With it getting late I closed the book and got up to use to the bathroom and brush my teeth. I readied my toothbrush and started brushing while looking at myself in the mirror. The buttons on my pajama top caught my eye and I looked down to see that the top three were unbuttoned. I thought back for a minute and I knew for sure that I had buttoned them all since I easily get cold. Once I finished brushing, I buttoned my top back and headed back to my room.

I laid down and got comfortable and even put the t.v on even though I normally didn’t watch it before bed. Before I turned it off I must have fallen asleep because I woke up to the light in my face sometime in the middle of the night. My hands lazily felt around for the controller until I eventually sat up, not being able to find it. As I woke up more I felt a little chill and noticed the blankets were all at the foot of the bed. I was for the most part a very calm sleeper so I found it weird that I would have kicked them all down like that. As I went to lean forward to pull them back up I saw my top hanging and looked down. It was completely open, not a single button was still hooked. I quickly reached up and turned my lamp on, thinking that someone had come in and did this.

My normally little puffy nipples were hard and wet. I couldn’t believe how tensed up they looked. I had gotten used to weird stuff happening but this made me scared.

“Mom, Da-.”

I tried to call for my parents and when I opened my mouth I felt my tongue pulled forward and out of my mouth. It was stretched as far as it could go with the feeling of someone sucking on it. At the same time, another touching feeling was on both sides of my hips, like fingertips on my skin. The waistband of my pajama bottoms pulled out a little then my pants started to slide down. So much was happening so quickly that I froze up, unsure what to do. When I finally tried to move from the bed I felt something pin my arms to my sides and then my pants were quickly removed from my legs and tossed through the air. My tongue was still being held by something and I could feel it being sucked. Since I couldn’t speak I took a breath in and tried to scream. Just as I was about to, a pressure closed around my neck. It felt like a hand choking me. The air I managed to push out was barely a whisper, let alone a scream. The pressure loosened almost right away and I tried to scream again only to feel the pressure tighten once more. I tried again for a third time and that also ended the same way. Some tears were forming in my eyes now while I laid there, defeated.

My tongue was freed eventually, but I didn’t try to talk or scream. I could feel a wet sensation on my neck, like another tongue was licking me then I felt it sucking on my skin. The feeling moved down my body; kissing, sucking and even biting moving down my skin. A warm wetness covered over my right nipple and I watched as it pulled up against the air and felt it being sucked on. It was such a weird sensation. The feeling of the sucking changed back and forth from soft to hard over and over and it made me shiver some. When the sucking stopped, my nipple remained very hard. Even the flesh of my breast had risen some.

The sucking started on my left nipple next. Just like the right, it was pulled up firmly into a sucking sensation and once again it made me shiver some. It lasted about the same amount of time until everything seemed to stop. I felt my arms get released and I sat up to look around. I couldn’t help but to look at my nipples again. Both of them were so hard, standing away from my body like they were begging for more attention. The complete flatness of my chest was gone too. There was a slight curve to my breasts now, though probably not noticeable through a shirt.

I sat there for a few minutes trying to understand what happened. I kept trying to tell myself I was dreaming, but I know that I was awake. The thought of a ghost or something touching me like that.. I didn’t know what to think. I finally got up to get my bottoms which hand landed by my mirror. As I bent down to get them something grabbed me and held me in place. It felt like a hand was touching and rubbing my stomach then moving up to grab my breast. Those unseen fingers squeezed both of them and I could see the imprints of it in the mirror.

While my breasts continued to be squeezed I felt my right hand being moved by something. Instinctively I tried to pull away, but it had a strong hold on me. My hand was made to move to my front and slowly between my legs. All I could do was watch in the mirror. My breasts being grabbed and my own hand being forced to move. My fingers slid over my vagina and started to rub back and forth. My middle finger dipped inside of me and pushed in some then slid back out, covered in a little wetness. I tried even harder to pull away, but I couldn’t move at all. My wet middle finger curled back while my index and ring finger spread the skin of my labia open some. My own wet finger kept moving on its own and touched to my clit. The sensation made my hips move forward against the touch some.

I had never masturbated before and somehow my hand was expertly teasing my clit into a hard, aroused state. It kept rubbing and rubbing, gently, but quickly and it was on for several minutes. I was even unable to keep my hips from moving. Again my hand moved down between my legs and I could feel that I was even wetter there now. My hand pulled back and came up allowing me to see the wetness on my fingers. It moved higher and higher, stopping just over my shoulder.

I felt warmth close over my index finger, then sucking, like someone’s mouth was there. Then I felt my hand being moved toward my face. I tried to turn my head only to find that I still couldn’t move. My middle finger slipped through my lips and into my mouth. It moved across my tongue, making me taste myself. I didn’t really find it bad tasting, but it was still very weird and I was scared.

My breasts were released finally, only to feel the hands move to my hips. The pulled back on my some and another pressure made me bend forward. With my reflex, I reached forward and put my hands on the mirror for balance. I felt warmth close against my back and the slight pressure like someone was laying against me. My hips were pulled more, making me stand on my tip toes. Then someone knocked on my door.

“Amber?” I heard my mom call for me.

As soon as the door started to open, I felt everything stop and I was free to move. I quickly picked up my pants to cover my nudity.

“Everything okay in here… oh.” My mom just looked at me speechless for a moment.

“I’m sorry, I just heard some moving in here and I though you would be well asleep by now.”

“Oh no mom, I was just-“ I tried to answer, even though I wasn’t sure what I would say.

“It’s okay. I understand my little girl is growing up. We all have an interest to learn about our bodies at a certain age.”

At this point I was just about dressed again, just finishing up with the buttons on my top.

“I know you just had your first visit.” How did she know about the ghost? I thought to myself.

“All of us girls have to get it sooner or later and I know it can be scary or weird. So if you need to talk more about it or want to talk about sex, you can talk to me.”

“Oh no mom, it’s not like that.”

“Okay okay. Just make sure you get enough sleep for school.”

With a kiss to my cheek, she turned and left the room, closing the door behind her. When I woke up in the morning, I got right out of bed and went to the mirror. I quickly undid the buttons on my top and found my nipples to be back to their normal, soft puffy state. I put my hands against my breasts and even though my nipples were normal, I could feel they had still grown some. It was going to be a long day at school and even the thought of telling anyone about what had happened made me remember the feel of the pressure around my neck. It was going to be my secret, for now at least.