Abused by 2 men on the subway

Its 11:45pm on a Friday night and I’m sooo disappointed! I’ve been looking forward to tonight’s date all week and it was a total bust. John looked so cute in his picture. He has a deep strong voice and we totally vibed on the phone. I spent 2 hours getting ready for tonight. Perfect hair, mani, pedi, my short black skirt, just tight enough white top and my new open toe 3 inch stiletto’s.

I walked into the bar for our 9:30pm date and sat next to him not realizing it was him. When he nervously said my name, I looked over and forced a fake smile and sign of appreciation. He’s clearly a decade older and a dozen pounds on top of his picture. Conversation was forced and his sloppy presentation was embarrassing. After three strong cosmos he went to the bathroom. Finally an opportunity! I snuck out of the pub, walked a block to the 6 train, swiped my Metrocard and here I am waiting for the subway.

There are maybe 2 dozen people waiting for the train. A nurse who appears to be going to or from work, a few college kids, an older man, 2 drunk wall street-ish middle aged men and a young couple. I overhead the drunk guys say something about a piece of ass and I feel as if I’m being watched. Thankfully the train quickly arrives, doors open and everyone enters the mostly packed subway. The elderly couple got the last seat and the rest of us were forced to stand. I’m a little upset by not getting a seat, but fortunately I got my own poll so if I lean properly, I can relax my slightly drunk self a little before my stop.

I begin to bat my eyes when the train made a sudden jerk it shook me back awake. Everyone got a bit misbalanced and I felt a nudge temporarily press against my butt. I’m sure it was nothing and begin to close my eyes again. A couple minutes later I wake to the feeling of my clothing being shuffled and shocked to feel a hand rubbing my butt under my skirt. I open my eyes and noticed only a half dozen people are on the train; The elderly couple, some kids and the two Wall Street guys. One of the two was behind me lifting up my skirt and groping me while the other appeared to be on lookout. I froze for a second like a deer in headlights, not sure what to say or do. I tried to lower my skirt back down but he pressed his strong hand over mine, pushed it back up and whispered “shhhhh” as he grabbed my bare ass. His friend looked over, smiled and moved to block view between his friend, me and the few remaining passengers. What is happening? My stop is next? What should I do?

The train comes to a halt and the man behind me holds me by my waist, pushing my butt firmly against him. I can feel his fully erect package pressing into my ass through his slacks. Everyone leave the car except us. I should have said something but his strong hands are controlling me. The subway car doors close and both him and his friend smile. He continues pressing me against him with his right hand and with his left hand, pulls my skirt fully up, shoves hi hand inside my panties and aggressively begins finger fucking me. I freeze in fear but begin getting very wet. He tells me I’m gonna get fucked and there is nothing I can do about it.

He rips my panties in half and they fall to the ground. I hear the sound of a zipper and moments later I feel a long hard cock force itself into my raw ass. While my pussy is still being aggressively, he is now raping my butt. The lookout guy also unzipped his pants, took out his cock and is now jerking it. I can’t help but stare at him stroking himself while his friend is abusing me.

He walks over while stroking it and begins jerking himself inches from my face. Without thinking, I subconsciously grab his cock and put it in my mouth. I put just the head of his cock in between my lips and circle it with my tongue. It’s really big and I’m scared I can’t fit more in my mouth. Also, his friend is doing a number on my ass and fingers tearing my pussy. He grabs my head and forced his huge cock all the way down my mouth. I comply, continue circling my tongue around his shaft and begin sucking hard as I pull out. Both him and his friend laugh. He takes his cock out of my ass and in one hard thrust, pushes it inside my dripping wet pussy. He’s raping me raw from behind and I just take it. In fact it feels so good I begin sucking his friend harder.

I hear them both chuckle and high five and they continue to fuck me. Moments later, I feel the cock in my mouth get very hard and begin to pulse. He pushes my head deep into his cock and begins cumming down my throat. I’m gaging but he keeps my head there. Simultaneously, I feel the cock from behind me cum in my tight, raw pussy. Both are shooting massive warm loads inside me and I take it like a slut. Seconds later, both get soft, pull out and zip up. The train stops and they get off next stop. I’m left here with 2 men’s cum all over me. Not even a goodbye. Fuck I needed that.

Abused by 2 men on the subway